About the Series
    Writing has always been a hobby of mine. I love creating complex characters and putting them in different situations. Even as a kid, I made up characters and stories for PR. This series is a way to bring those characters to life.
    The Psycho series originally started in 1999. Over the years, the writing got better and after the break I took, which is nearing two years, I believe my writing has gotten much better. The current series will go more into the characters' thoughts and fears and do a better job explaining the reasons behind their actions. The stories are written like a cross between Power Rangers and a soap opera. Though they are still involved in battles, their personal lives are much more problematic. I never believed the Rangers should have perfect lives, nor be best friends, as they were in the early years of the TV version. They are living creatures and therefore make mistakes, have regreats, and tragady, like anybody else.
    With the new series comes my first attempt at my own villain, Shard. (Pictured at the right) In the past, I used villains from Sentai and gave them different personalities. This time around, I wanted to try things without any help from the Japanese series. Shard is to me, what Divatox, Astronema, and Trakeena were to Saban. She is a chance to break away from the obvious approach to fan fic writing.
The above picture isn't the best, but
it gives you an idea of what her suit
is suposed to look like. I plan to work
on a better pic in the near future.