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Played By: 
  • Melody Perkins (1998-1999, 2004-Clip Show)
  • Young Karone - Uncredited
    Astronema, known to some as the princess of darkness, was first seen at a gathering of the universe's greatest evils. They had been brought together by Dark Specter, who proclaimed himself their leader. After much debate, Astronema was chosen to carry on the fight against the Rangers, giving Dark Specter the time he needed to drain the captive Zordon's energy. Taking control of the Dark Fortress, the princess set her sights on Andros and the former Turbo Rangers. 
The Dark Fortress
    Astronema, armed with robot soldiers called Quantrons, proved to be a formidable foe for the Rangers. In spite of this, Dark Specter still saw to it that she receive help. Unfortunately for her, this help came in the form of Divatox's nephew, Elgar. His rather silly personality and lack of intelligence was clearly nothing more than an irritation to the princess. Astronema was also aided by a robot named Ecliptor, who had raised her since approximately three years old. She trusted him above all others and thus, he was her second in command.
    The princess is a skilled warrior, whose weapon of choice is her staff. With it, she has the advantage of distance on her enemies. Her other weapon is a boomerang that is held to her leg by a metal brace. Monsters in her army are enlarged by green energy beams called satalasers that are fired from the Dark Fortress.
    The fight between Astronema and the Space Rangers raged for some time and though her forces continued to lose, it was never a total loss. Her goal was partly to keep the Rangers away from Zordon, which unlike destroying them, she was actually successful at. 
    It wasn't until the Silver Ranger, Zhane, was revived from hyper-sleep that Astronema's life began to fall apart. After being rescued, she soon found herself in love with the enemy. Though she fought back her feelings, they were too strong to deny. Once realizing that he felt the same for her, the two had planned to meet. Zhane was held up by one of Ecliptor's monsters and was ultimately rejected by the hurt princess. That was enough to drive her back to the Dark Fortress, but even in anger, she couldn't force the Silver Ranger from her mind. 
Astronema's Letter to ZhaneZhane caring for Astronema
    Still conflicted over her new found love, Astronema began notice a thought that kept calling out to her. In the back of her mind, something was telling her that Ecliptor had lied. She confronted the father figure in her life, demanding to hear again how they had met. Ecliptor reminded her of the day he found her alone on his doorstep. He had raised her as his own ever since, bringing her up in the ways of evil. Growing up, he had always made her believe that her parents and brother had been killed by the Rangers. But now she wasn't so sure. Something told her that her brother was alive. 
    Later, in a fight with Andros, the Ranger tore the locket from Astronema's neck, sending her into a state of panic. She had worn the locket her entire life and inside were two pictures; one of herself as a child and one of the brother she lost. To Astronema's surprise, Andros had a locket with the same two pictures inside. The writing was on the wall. The princess, though evil now, had been born Karone, the sister Andros had lost. The two were playing together years earlier, when Karone was kidnapped by a creature named Darkonda (who Astronema had since met). He had been the one to leave her at Ecliptor's door. Realizing her entire life had been a lie; a million thoughts went through the woman's mind. Not wanting to believe it, she disappeared, but couldn't hide from the truth. Ecliptor had lied to her, but only because he feared losing her. 
Karone Being Kidnapped
    In time, Astronema joined Andros, who welcomed his sister back into his life with open arms. The other Rangers, however, were not so open to her sudden change of heart. In time though, they grew to accept her; going as far as to make her an honorary Space Ranger. Even with their acceptance, it was clear by the pain in Karone's eyes that she still felt lost. 
    Sadly, her reunion with her brother was short lived. Dark Specter, in hopes of recapturing "Astronema", sent an asteroid toward Earth. If she did not return to his service, the world the Rangers fought to protect would be destroyed. Andros wasn't willing to let her go, but Karone had come up with a plan to stop her former master. When she attempted to carry it out, however, she was taken prisoner by a reprogramed Ecliptor. The robot implanted a device in her head and with that, Karone was lost. She had been replaced by a robot; incapable of any emotion. 
Reprogramed Astronema
    The Rangers tried to break Dark Specter's hold over her, but his power was too strong. The chip in her head forced her into a darker place than she'd ever been before. Astronema, having no recollection of who the Rangers really were, created the ultimate weapon to serve her own goal; the Psycho Rangers. Using them, she could take down the Space Rangers and slowly drain Dark Specter to nothing at the same time. Her Psychos proved to be the biggest challenge for the Rangers, but in the end, they were imprisoned in data cards, leaving Astronema again to fend for herself. 
    Finally, the time they had all waited for was at hand. Zordon was near death and Dark Specter's dream could become a reality. Astronema was given the order to attack Earth, sending all her forces in at one time. The Rangers fought, but were unable to fend off the massive army. Meanwhile, Dark Specter's life was taken by Darkonda, thus placing Astronema in control. She, in her now unfeeling form, saw no reason to drag things out. She commanded her newly found legion of followers to take the entire universe. All seemed lost for the human race and others like them. 
    Not giving up, Andros made his way onto the Dark Fortress and a battle ensued between himself and Astronema. During that battle, Astronema suffered a fatal blast, taking her down. Andros and Ecliptor were both horrified at the site of their loved one lying dead on the ground. However, once outside, Karone's life was restored by Andros' tears. She was then free of Dark Specter's control and able to live her life with the Rangers. 
    In November of 1999, the Pink Galaxy Ranger, Kendrix, lost her life in a battle with a resurrected Psycho Pink. Her Quasar Saber then wound up in the hands of Trakeena; the Rangers' enemy. Seeing this, Karone came to the rescue and did battle with Trakeena, receiving the saber for herself. Kendrix's spirit had come to her during the battle, giving her blessing for the former dark princess to carry on. And using the power of the saber, Karone's childhood dream of becoming a Ranger became a reality. She was the Pink Galaxy Ranger. 
Claiming the SaberMorphing
    Despite her seemingly happy life with her new friends, she was still haunted by the ghosts of her past. It wasn't until she was made to return to the site where she had once killed a noble warrior that she was able to find her peace. In order to gain access to a cave and ultimately revive the Red Ranger's powers, Karone had to literally face her past in a battle with the woman she used to be. When Astronema captured Leo at knife point, Karone was left with a choice and offered herself in place of her friend. This proved she had truly moved past all the evil and was ready to start over. Leo was given the keys to restore his powers and Karone was finally free of the curse Astronema had been on her life. 
    Once Trakeena had been defeated, Karone's mission as a Ranger was at an end. She returned the pink saber to the stone, from which it had come and thus returned the planet Marinoi to its former glory. Kendrix was also given a second chance at life, through the power of the sabers. She thanked Karone for all she had done; grateful to the woman for helping the Galaxy Rangers claim victory. Her long journey to find peace and happiness was over and the princess was given the happy ending she always deserved. 

Interesting Facts: 

  • Astronema has no Sentai counterpart in Megaranger. The same is true for Gingaman (obviously).
  • She frequently changes her hair color and style.
  • Astronema/Karone is perhaps the most complex character in PR history.

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