Cast Bios

    This section gives background information on the actresses in Psycho. Since I created their characters myself, a lot of PR fans have probably never heard of these ladies. Here is a little background info on them and why I chose them for the series.

Tamara Braun
"Cerina Morgan"

    I first saw Tamara as the recast of General Hospital's Carly Corinthos. Her acting skill honestly took me by surprise. I was a big fan of the original Carly, Sarah Brown, who also played a VR Trooper. But Tamara soon won me over. Between her beauty and talent, she is IMO the perfect woman to play Cerina.
Billi Bruno
"Niki Morgan"

    Billi's career started on the ABC sitcom According to Jim. She is now in her third season playing Gracie in the series. Since the first time I saw the show, the adorable little girl has continued to impress me. In fact, she is currently my favorite actress. Because of that, I created the role of Niki especially for her.
Leslie Charleson
"Miranda Vice"

    Leslie is a long time cast member of General Hospital, having played Monica Quartermaine since 1977. To this day, she is still one of daytime's most lovely and talented actresses. I chose Leslie to play Miranda because she not only has the look I was going for, but also has the ability to carry out the dramatic story of the character's life.
Susan Lucci

    Susan is often referred to as the queen of Pine Valley. One of the most well know women in daytime, Ms. Lucci originated the legendary character, Erica Kane, on All My Children. She has played Erica since 1970 and continues to do so. With Shard being the first villain I created with no Sentai counter part, I knew I wanted this character to be something special in the long run. Seeing as Shard and Erica have similar qualities, I knew Susan would be perfect for the role.

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