Billi Bruno Online: This is the other site I run, dedicated to my favorite actress! She plays Gracie on ABC's According to Jim.
Power Ranger Related Links:
Rita Repulsa Online: A fansite for the original empress of evil! They layout is great and this is the first Rita site I've seen. 
The Shadow Realm: A cool villain site with profiles from every season! 
Chamber of Command: Another great villain site! Glad to see the forces of darkness growing. 

Evil's Domain: A site with bios of many PR villains. 
Heart of a Villain: This site takes a closer look at the love lives of PR villains, showing that they do in fact have hearts under all that evil and hate. This is an excellent idea for a site! 
Sentai Spoilers: This is a great site to learn more about the Japanese series from which Power Rangers is created. It is also useful for people like myself, who enjoy Sentai, but couldn't understand a word of Japanese to save thier lives.

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