Zedd & Rita
Machine Empire


Queen Machina
Played By 
  • Alex Borstein (Voice) (1996, 1998)
    Machina is the wife of King Mondo and queen of his Machine Empire. She is a woman of class and sophistication, who wouldn't dream of getting her hands dirty in battle. She, like most of the empire, detested organic beings. Machina shared Mondo's racism, believing that robots were superior to all other life forms. Throughout most of her time as queen, she existed only to support her husband and care for their young son, Sprocket. The queen hardly ever took it upon herself to attack the Zeo Rangers. 
    Much to Machina's displeasure, King Mondo was struck down in a battle with the Super Zeo Megazord. This left their empire without a ruler and forced his wife to step foward in his place. She vowed to rebuild him, but lost control before that could became a reality. Louie Kaboom, a creation of Zedd and Rita's, arrived on the skybase and took it over, forcing Machina into submission. He took over Mondo's empire and did his best to seduce the 'metal mamma'. His advances were never returned, however. The queen felt he was trash and because of this, was sentenced to be locked away. 
    Luckily, Machina's eldest son, Gasket arrived to free his mother from the clutches of Louie Kaboom. She allowed him control of the empire while Mondo was being rebuilt. The rightful king did return, but his wife's joy was short-lived. Not long after, she and the others were destroyed by a bomb, givn to them by none other than Rita and Zedd. 
    Machina wasn't seen again until 1998, when she was reconstructed by Dark Specter. Her final mission was to oversee the destruction of the Blue Senturion and Phantom Ranger. When Andros shattered Zordon's energy tube, the machine queen was reduced to dust along with the rest of her empire. 

Interesting Facts: 

  • Machina's actress went on to host Fox's Mad TV.

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