Zedd & Rita
Machine Empire


Played By 
  • Latham Gaines (2004)
    Mesogog is a mutant scientist who is obsessed with idea of returning the Earth to its prehistoric roots. He believes dinosaurs are superior to mankind and thus, in his eyes, the world should belong to them. The powerful creature brings with him mindless slaves called Tranadrones and is stationed on a secluded island fortress. Mesogog has the mind of a genius and, though rarely seen, the strength of an army.
    He is also known as Dr. Anton Mercer; a former coleige of Tommy's. The two of them shared the same goal, until Mesogog took over. Now they are on opposing sides of the war for Earth. Mercer has a son, Trent, who later became the White Ranger. He truly does care for his son, but often is unsure how to show it. He comes off as controling, even though he believes he is doing what is best. He doesn't want to see the boy fail, so is set in planning the course of his life for him.

(The above bio is subject to change as the series progresses)

Interesting Facts: 

  • Mesogog/Mercer are alternate personalities, with Mesogog primarily in control.
  • He was aware of Lothor from day 1 of the series.

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