Psycho Blast

    Above the planet Onyx, a pirate ship floated. It was under the command of the heartless Queen Galaxia. She was the greatest evil in all the universe. She sat on a gold throne with her legs crossed. Galaxia: "Velossa! What planet is that?" Velossa: "That is the planet Onyx. It is home of many villains." Galaxia: "Destroy it." Velossa: "Yes my queen. Lets go!" Twenty-five orange soldiers followed her out of the room. She stopped off at a door. Velossa: "Hey! Brutus!" The door opened and a huge man with copper armor and spikes on giant shoulder pads. Brutus: "What?" Velossa: "Come on. We're going to destroy another planet."
    The orange soldiers flooded the streets of Onyx. Monsters ran for their lives. A blast of energy came out of Velossa's hand. It made a hole in a building. Brutus bloke a support beam with his arm. An entire building crumpled. The soldiers were busting windows and destroying some of the monsters standing by. Velossa: "This is so much fun!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Around the corner, Scorpina watched in horror. Scorpina: "Galaxia's warriors." She ran away. Scorpina: "I've got to find Zedd."
    She ran to the palace. Scorpina: "Lord Zedd? Are ya here?" Lord Zedd came into the room in his human form. Scorpina: "What the heck happened to you?" Zedd: "Zordon turned Rita and I into humans last year. I have no power at all." Scorpina: "That's horrible! But the reason I came back is...well...I need your help." Zedd: "What can I do?" Scorpina: "Onyx is under attack. You need to get your mutant form back and come with me." Zedd: "I need some excitement but how do I get my old self back?" Scorpina: "Well how did you become that bloody piece of meat in the first place?" Zedd: "Well I tried to get the Zeo Crystal. As you know, no evil being can touch it. It fried me. Now that the rangers used it, I don't know where its at." Scorpina: "Great story man." (Rolls her eyes.) Scorpina: "The crystal was returned to the caves of deseption when the rangers got the Turbo power." Zedd: "How do you know." Scorpina: "I hear things. Now lets go get you cooked!" They ran out of the throne room and down to the caves below the palace. Scorpina: "Now touch the darn thing and lets go." Zedd: "You've developed an attitude and I must say...I like it." Scorpina: "What ever. Just do it." He went over to the crystal. Picked it up and well I'm not going to discribe what went on after that. When it was all over and Scorpina had a sick look on her face, Zedd was himself again. Scorpina: "Now come on"
    Zedd: "If we're going to save Onyx, we are going to need more help." Scorpina: "Ya know anybody?" Zedd: "As a matter of fact, I do. After you left my service, I joined the United Allience of Evil. There I met this girl name Astronema. She now working with the Galaxy Rangers." Scorpina: "And she'll help you?" Zedd: "I don't know. She does have a good heart so she might." Scorpina: "You'd better hope the other rangers aren't there." The two of the teleported to Marinoi, right in front of the camp site where Karone and Maya were staying. They were sitting out side in lawn chairs talking when the two aliens apeared. Maya: "What are you doing here?" Zedd: "We need to talk to you Karone." Maya: "Don't fall for it. They want to destroy us." Karone: "Maya, can you give us a minute?" Maya: "Ok. If you need my help, just call." Scorpina: "Nice girl." Karone: "Want do you want Zedd?" Zedd: "We need your help. Onyx is under attack." Karone: "You want me to help a planet of darkness?" Zedd: "Please Karone. I'm not really evil. I just want to help that planet." Karone: "Ok. Maya!" Maya: "Yea." Karone: "Tell Kendrix if you guys get powers again, she can have the pink suit." Maya: "Why? I thought you loved being a ranger." Karone: "I did. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. But I have to help a friend. Onyx is in trouble." Maya: "I understand." Karone: "Oh and Maya, I'll miss you. You were the best I ever had." Maya: "Thanks. If you ever need my help, I'll be there." The two hugged and Karone went off with Zedd and Scorpina.
    Karone: "So this evil queen is attacking Onyx and you think we can stop her." Scorpina: "Well the though crossed my mind." Karone: "We are going to need ranger powers to do that." Zedd: "Are you crazy. Who would be dumb enough to give us powers?" Karone: "I know where we can get some if you promise me that you two are good." Scorpina: "We are." Zedd: "Yea. We just want to save that world." Karone: "Come on." She lead them to the Dark Fortress. It was a mess from Astronema and Andros's fight there. Karone: "When I created the Phycho Rangers, I gave the morphers to some monsters I found. When the orignal Phychos were destroyed, their morphers were set to return here. Now take one." Zedd: "Don't we need two more people?" Karone: "Yea." Lightening came out of Karone's finger. Trakeena and Villimax appeared in the control room of the fortress. Trakeena: "What are we doing here?" Karone: "I've brought you back to life so you can help us." They explained what was going on. Villimax of course wanted to help and they convinced Trakeena to. Villimax: "If we hope to have a chance against Galaxia, we are going to need a ship." Trakeena: "Why not fix this place up?" Karone: "That's a great idea!" Zedd: "Not to much is damaged. We just need to put that wall back up and fix that panel." Karone: "We should be done in a few hours." When they had finished, they drove the ship back to Onyx. They were right above it. Karone: "Its time. Get you morphers and lets go." They all lined up and held their morphers out in front of them. Karone stepped foward. Karone: "Phycho Blast!"
    They appeared on Onyx. Zedd: "Hold it Velossa!" She turns to see the Phychos. Velossa: "Rangers??" Trakeena: "That's right. Now get off our planet!" Brutus: "Swobbies, attack!" Team all at once: "Phycho Rangers!" They flipped of the building they were standing on and began to attack. Karone did twenty back flips and then kicked a swobbie in its face. Zedd: "Man, she's a natural." Trakeena found a chair laying in the street. She broke it over a swobbie's head and then tripped it. Zedd flipped one over his shoulder and punched it in the stomach. Scorpina was surrounded by them. Scorpina: "Now feel my sting!" Sparks flew and all of the swobbies fell to the ground. Villimax was in a sword fight with one of them. He knocked the sword out of the swobbie's hand and had his up to its neck. The Swobbies ran for their lives. Velossa: "This isn't over, rangers. We'll be back to destroy your pethetic world." The two aliens teleported away. Trakeena: "We did it!" Zedd: "I can't believe we're actually rangers." Karone: "Lets go back to the fortress and celebrate." They teleported away.
    On Galaxia's ship, Velossa entered the throne room. Galaxia: "What have you to report?" Velossa: "The Phycho Rangers defeated us." Galaxia: "More rangers!!!! I just can't catch a break. I figured we could attack Onyx because it was a planet of evil. But I can't even get away with that much." Velossa: "We can destroy Onyx and the rangers. Don't worry." Galaxia: "You're right. Rangers, kiss you world good by!"