Pink Power

Guest Staring:

    Trakeena: "Galaxia has sent like an army of monsters to Onyx! We've got to go." Zedd was asleep in a chair with the TV on, snoring loudly. Scorpina went over and tapped him on the shoulder. Scorpina: "Zedd, we have to go fight." He just let out a sick sounding snor. Scorpina stood there for a minute then got an idea. She went to the control panel and turned off the TV. Zedd shot up right away. Zedd: "I was watching that!" Scorpina: "Come on you cronic pain in the neck." Zedd: "Ok you walking nag-O-matic." Villimax: "How is it that they get such pleasure out of joking on each other?" Trakeena: "Who knows." Karone ran into the room. Karone: "I picked up some wierd energy readings on the scanner. I think I should go check it out." Trakeena: "Why not? There's almost of us here right now. We can take them monsters." Dana: "I'll come with you, Karone." Karone: "Thanks." The rest of the Psycho Rangers and the Lightspeed Rangers left for the battle.
    Karone and Dana went to the source of the power. They hid behind a rock and watched. Galaxia and Vyrpa were the messing with some machine. Galaxia: "And you're sure this thing will work?" Vypra: "I'm no scientist. One of Diabolico's servents gave it to me." Galaxia: "You told Velossa that you turned on Diabolico." Vypra: "I just said that to make her trust me. If you haven't noticed, I'm a liar." Galaxia: "I like that in a woman." Dana: "What are they doing?" Karone: "SSSSHHHH, be quiet. If they hear us, we're finished." Dana a little quieter: "Sorry." Vypra: "I can't believe you want to work with Diabolico." Galaxia: "I've heard good things about him. He might just be the ally I need to defeat the rangers. Karone: "We have to stop them before he gets here. If he and Galaxia team up...we've got some real problems." The two of them were about to move closer to hear better. Dana stepped on a stick. Karone: "Please tell me that wasn't you." Vypra turned quickly. Vypra: "Who's there?" She snapped her fingers and some battlings appeared. Vypra: "Spread out and find our unwelcome guests." They bowed and went searching.
    Karone and Dana were running throught the woods trying to get away before they cought them. Dana: "Can't we teleport?" Karone: "They'll see the lights in the sky. Its a dead give away." They kept running but bumped into some battlings. Karone tripped one and flipped another over her shoulder. She jumped in the air and kicked two more in their faces. Dana was punching one in the stomach repeatedly. When she had finished, she slammed its head into a tree. Karone: "Come on!" They ran for what seemed like forever. Dana: "I think we lost them." Karone: "Yea. There's no way they could find us. But why were we running? We have to break that machine." Dana: "We can't do it alone." Karone: "We have to." Dana: "But what can two people accomplish?" Karone: "My brother and his best friend were a two person team back in 96. They did fine until they met Dark Spector."
    They went foward and ended up out of the woods on a cliff. They saw Vypra standing there. Vypra: "What took you so long?" Dana fought some battlings that were hidding in the bushes. Karone and Vypra went at it. The two of them fought wildly. Suddenly, an image appeared in Karone's head. From the day she fought Trakeena. Karone in her head: "The last time I did this, I almost died. Am I crazy??" Because of her distraction, Vypra was able to push her off. She was hanging on the side. Karone: "Is history repeating itself?" Dana came up behind Vypra and threw her out of the way. She helped Karone up. Vypra blasted both of them in the back. Dana: "Lets morph!" Karone: "Psycho Blast!" Dana: "Lightspeed Rescue!" Vypra: "Right. Like two girls in pink tights are going to hurt me." Both rangers ran towards her. Their fists glowing pink, right in front of her face. Vypra: "Stop." Karone: "Are you kidding me?" Vypra: "Fight me if you want but what the point. Right now Galaxia is teleporting Diabolico here. Onyx is doomed. Sorry girls." Dana: "We fell right into her trap!" Vypra: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" She teleported away. Karone: "We've got to get back there. Fast!"
    When they arrived, it was dark all of the sudden with lightening in the sky. Galaxia: "You're to late." Diabolico appeared right then." Galaxia smiled at him. Diabolico: "Good job Vypra. Now that Galaxia and I have joined, no ranger team will stand in our way!" Karone was about ready to run at him but Dana held her back. Dana: "We have to get help. There's no way we can fight them alone." Karone: "Well when you're right, you're right." They teleported away. Galxia: "That's right rangers, run away."
    They ran into the control room of the Dark Fortress at the same time as the others. Zedd: "What happened." Trakeena: "Why did the sky go dark?" Dana: "Its Diabolico. He's here." Karone: "We tried to stop Galaxia from bringing him but Vypra got in our way." Villimax: "Its ok." Karone: "No its not. I don't know if we can defeat them or not."
    Galaxia: "This is my throne room." Diabolico: "Who's that? She looks just like Vypra." Galaxia: "That's Velossa. She's Vypra's sister." Velossa: "Are you trying to kill me?" Galaxia: "He's just here to help. And besides, what do you care? You don't even know him." Velossa: "He's one of them." Vypra: "Look sis, we're not fighting you, we are fighting the rangers. Get that through you head." Velossa: "I'm sick and tierd of you trying to act like you care what happens to us. If you think for a minute I'm buying it, you're wrong!" Vypra: "You are unbelievably parinoied!" Velossa: "Just leave or so help me I'll take that sword, shine it up real nice, turn it sideways and stick it straight up your..." By this time Vypra was attacking her. They were fighting down on the ground now. Brutus: "Can yu guys do this in the mud by chance?" Both sisters: "Shut up!" Brutus: "Just a question." Galaxia and Diabolico looked at each other and sighed.