Raise of the Demon Hunter
The Psycho/Lightspeed Crossover-Part 3

Guest Staring:

    Ms. Fairweather: "Now that Diabolico is free, you are in for the battle of your lives. He and Galaxia together are a deadly combination." Chad: "But we can beat them." Ms. Fairweather: "With luck you will get out alive." Trakeena: "Thanks for the vote of confidence, lady." They turned to see a monitor. Building were blowing up everywhere. Aliens layed in the street. They could have been hurt..or worse. Karone: "Come on. We can't let those freeks win! Psycho Blast!" Carter: "Lightspeed Rescue!" Ms. Fairweather: "Good luck, rangers." They ran out the door. Ms. Fairweather stood in the middle of the room with a concerned look on her face. She sighed.
    Galaxia: "Onyx is our for the taking." Diabolico: "That's right. And those rangers can't stand in our way." Zedd: "Oh yes we can!" Diabolico opened his mouth. Fire came out and hit Zedd. Joel: "You have got to be kidding me. We can't take both of them!" Galaxia: "That's right, you can't. So just give up now." Dana: "Never!" Galaxia and Diabolico joined their hands. Energy came out and formed a monster. It was already the size of a regular grown monster. Scorpina: "Psyhco Megazord Power!" Carter: Rail Rescues online!" They formed the two megazords and began to attack. Galaxia: "While the monster takes care of them, we can continue to destroy the planet." Diabolico: "Lochi!" Lochi: "Yea boss?" Diabolico: "Help Vypra and Velossa destroy things."
    Back on the fortress, Taylor and Ms. Fairweather noticed that Onyx was still under attack. Taylor: "They can't fight the giant monster and those other demons. I'm going to help them." Ms. Fairweather: "Not with out me you're not!" Taylor: "You're a warrior?" Ms. Fairweather: No. But I'm not just going to stand here while your planet is destroyed." Taylor: "We can use all the help we can get."
    Galaxia: "So its the Silver Ranger. And who is this? Your one night stand?" Taylor: "I'd never cheet on Karone." Vypra: "Yea. Because you know she'd kick you butt." Taylor: "So ladies, you going to fight me or not?" The two sisters ran at him and began their fight. Vypra: "Battlings, take care of the geek." Joel from the Megazord: "Oh she shouldn't have said that!" Ms. Fairweather stomped on one's foot to distract it and then punched it. It fell backwards. She shook her hand. Another swoung at her but she ducked and tripped it. Ms. Fairweather: "Maybe this isn't so hard." Diabolico stepped foward. Ms. Fairweather: "Oh dear."
    Meanwhile, the monster was messing up the zords. Sparks flew everywhere. Scorpina: "How are we going to win?" Karone: "We have to get Diabolico back to where he came from." Kelsey: "Right now we've got to get him away from Ms. Fairweather." Joel jumped out and ran to her side. Joel: "Your cowboy's here. Don't worry." Ms. Fairweather: "Just fight! Wait a minute. I've got it! I know how to beet them! I'll be back later." Joel: "What??? You're leaving?" Ms. Fairweather: "I have to." Just then, the other rangers came falling out of their zords. Diabolico: "I told you you were no match for us." Galaxia: "Brutus, chain them up!" Brutus: "As you command." Trakeena: "Get your hands off of me!" After they were tied up: Galaxia: "Now what should we do with them?" Vypra: "Let me finish them here and now." Diabolico: "We could do that, or we could use their technology to find Queen Bansheera." Vypra: "That's perfect. We'll have our queen back and she will get rid of the rangers." Dana: "There's somebody wores than Diabolico?" Galaxia: "Much worse. Bansheera is a legend. She has no heart. The most cruel demon you'll ever meet." Carter: "We can't let them find her!" Joel: "We there ain't much we can do about it!"
    Ms. Fairweather had went back to the fortress. She was messing around with some spare parts she'd found. She looked out the window and saw fire on Onyx. Ms. Fairweather: "I've got to hurry." After hours of work, she held in her hand a new morpher. Ms. Fairweather: "I hope this works. Demon Hunter Rescue Power!"
    By this time, Diabolico had found the right machine and got the knoweloge from the rangers. He was about ready to teleport the queen. Vypra had a big smile on her face. Vypra: "Come on. Do it." Diabolico: "Good by rangers. Forever!" His finger was on the button. Just in time, the Demon Hunter appeared with a gun and shot the machine. It blew up right on Diabolico. Galaxia: "No!!" The Demon Hunter ran over and freed the other rangers. Ms. Fairweather: "Come on. Lets get them." Jeol: "Who are you?" Ms. Fairweather: "Oh I think you know." The rangers spread out and fought the villains. Diabolico ran at Ms. Fairweather. Daibolico: "You'll pay!" Ms. Fairweather: "Come on! Come and get me!" Her visor flashed with a green flame. The flame came out and hit Diabolico. He was teleported away. Vypra: "I just can't win! Why does all the stuff happen to me?" She teleported away. Velossa: "Thank God she's gone!" Galaxia: "Don't be so mean to your sister. I like her." Velossa: "You want me to faint. Is that it?" Galaxia: "Oh come on. We've got to get back to the ship. Those rangers can kill us if we just stand here."
    They all returned to the fortress. Carter: "Its been an honor fighting along side you guys." Karone: "You all are a great team. I'm sure you'll do fine against Diabolico." Chad: "If you ever need us, just call." Villimax: "Same here. We're here for you." Ms. Fairweather: "We had better get going. Captain Mitchell is probably wondering where we are." Dana: "He won't believe you became a ranger." Ms. Fairweather: "I'm not sure I believe it myself." Trakeena: "See ya later." Zedd: "By." They flew off. Karone: "They're nice people." Taylor: "Yea. I wonder if we'll ever see them again." Karone: "Only time will tell."