Evil: The next Generation

Prologue: 15 years in the future, the planet Stregna is still a victim of cruel and unjust rule. After Cyann's death, her daughter Vulca assumed command. She never had full control, because she was only a child. For years she has wanted revenge for her mother's death, and was held back only by Ecliptor. He could see her hatred was being misplaced. He also knew that he could not control her forever. One day, she would act on her own. And no one may be able to stop her.

    Ecliptor stood on the balcony of his late wife's palace thinking. Ecliptor: "If only I could have saved you that day. Stopped Olympius, we could still be together. How could I just stand by and let it happen?" Vulca walked into the room in a long blue dress. Vulca: "You wanted to see me?" Ecliptor turned to face her. She could see he was struggling with something. Vulca: "Dad, what's wrong?" Ecliptor: "I am afraid I cannot guide you any further, my princess." Vulca: "What?" Ecliptor: "I have been called away.... on business. I have no choice in the matter." Vulca: "How can you do this?" Ecliptor: "I know this is hard..." Vulca: "I thought I could count on you. Since I was little, you promised you'd never leave me. And now, all of a sudden that's changed?" Ecliptor: "Believe me, I wish there was some other way." Vulca: "I can't do this without you." Ecliptor: "Yes you can. I have raised you to be a powerful warrior. Your future is limitless, with or without me." He walked over and hugged her. Ecliptor: "I will return as soon as I can. That is a promise I won't break." He kissed he cheak and disappeared. A woman in a in a classy, silver outfit stood behind Vulca. Vulca: "What do you want, Cerina?" Cerina: "What's wrong, my queen? You seem upset." Vulca: "Didn't you hear any of that?" Cerina: "Yeah. Your dad's gone, big deal." Vulca: "You don't understand. I have no family left. My mom was killed years ago and now dad left. Who's left to trust?" Cerina: "You don't need your parents. Just like Ecliptor said, you are a strong warrior. You'll be fine." Vulca rested her head in her hand. Cerina, not wanting to overstep her boundaries, walked slowly out of the room.
    Later, up on a mountain, a woman hid behind a rock. Four black robot soldiers walked by her. She watched them continue to walk. Then breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up quickly to see a robot staring back at her. She punched it in the face, causing it to let go of her. Then flipped over the rock she was hiding behind. Soldier: "Kill the rebel!" Woman: "Da*nit." She kicked one backwards into another. She started to run. She turned and began to run backwards. She pulled a high-tech blaster off her leg and began to fire. She hit two of them chasing her. Another shot her in the leg, causing her to trip. Two more grabbed her. She struggled to get free, but they only tightened their grip. The woman's face turned to an angry scowl when she saw Cerina walking towards them. Cerina: "Some slaves never learn." She leaned over and slapped the woman hard across her face. Cerina: "Don't cause me any more trouble." The robots let her go. Before walking away, the woman flipped Cerina off. Cerina spun her around and kicked her in the stomach. She hit the ground instantly. Cerina: "Disobedient bi*ch." She walked into the distance with the robots following her.
    A man came running toward her after Cerina was gone. He held out his hand to help her up. She took it and climbed to her feet. Woman: "Thanks." Then she looked into his eyes and smiled. She could tell he hadn't been given very much. His expression reflected a hard, unforgiving life. She also felt a strange attraction, but didn't know what to make of it. Man: "I'm Rick. You?" Woman: "Kari." They shook hands. After a moment of accord silence, Rick: "She could have killed you." Kari rolled her eyes. Kari: "I know. I've been fighting Vulca's empire for years. Not that its ever got me anything but grief." Rick: "You're a rebel, aren't you?" Kari: "Yeah. One of the few still alive." Rick: "For what its worth, I really respect what you guys are doing out there." Kari: "Cool. How come I've never seen you before?" Rick: "I can't afford to socialize much." After a minute, Rick began to walk away. Kari: "Hey, what's your hurry?" Rick: "Do you need something else?" Kari: "Well... no. But I thought you might hang around for a while." He stood, deep in thought for a long time. Rick: "Ok." The two of the stood there together, looking off the mountain into the distance.
    Cerina walked back into the throne room to find Vulca sitting on the throne with an old picture of her mother. Cerina: "We encountered a minor problem with a rebel, but it was taken care of." Vulca, without looking up: "Fine." Cerina: "Come on, you're in control of the entire planet. Enjoy it." Vulca: "Just mind your own business, ok." Cerina shook her head and walked back into another room. When she entered, a little girl ran up and hugged her. Cerina lifted her into her arms. Cerina: "Hey." The girl pointed to the table. Girl: "Mom, I drew you something while you were gone." Cerina smiled and walked over to the table. On the paper, she saw drawing of herself with a sword. There was something else in it, but she couldn't tell what it was. Cerina: "What's that below me?" Girl: "A man you beat up for Vulca." Cerina rolled her eyes. Cerina: "I knew I shouldn't have told you what I do for a living." The two of them sat down in a chair on one side of the small room. Cerina's face turned serious as she looked over in the corner. She looked at her daughter. Cerina: "Niki, what happened to that vase?" Niki: "Vulca threw it. She was mad about Ecliptor leaving." Cerina got up quickly from the chair. Cerina: "Wait here." She stormed angrily out of the room.
    Kari and Rick walked along the beach talking. Kari: "I wish there was some way we could get back at the queen for all this." Rick: "There isn't. Her family has ruled this planet for over fifty years." Kari: "I know. Don't you think its time we get somebody on the throne that actually gives a da*n about the planet?" Rick: "Yeah. But that can't happen. Every time a ruler dies, their offspring takes over. It happened with Shou and Cyann." They walked a little further. The wind began to pick up. Kari ran her hand through her hair. Kari: "Ya know, Vulca doesn't have any children. If we found a way to take her out now, the whole empire would crumble." Rick: "Lady I'll give you credit, you don't give up easy. But we can't take her. She was trained by some of the most leathel warriors ever known." Kari: "Well of course we won't beat her if you think like that." Rick: "I'm not being negative. I'm being realistic."
    Ecliptor stood on an old stone platform on top of a mountain. There were torches everywhere. Kitana walked out of the darkness. Kitana: "What are you doing here?" Ecliptor threw his sword to the ground. Ecliptor: "I left Vulca." Kitana's mouth dropped open. Kitana: "What for?" Ecliptor: "I just couldn't do it anymore. The only reason I stayed all these years is my responsibility to her. She's 22 years old. Its time she went out on her own." Kitana: "You could still help her like you did that other girl... uh... Astronema." Ecliptor: "Back when I had Astronema, I still possessed a certain amount of love in my heart. But that love died along with Cyann." Kitana: "Ecliptor..." Ecliptor: "I just can't keep acting like everything is all right. Ever since she died, I never had a chance to grieve. I wanted to be strong... for Vulca's sake." Kitana: "I guess you deserve time to yourself." She walked closer to him. Kitana: "Think you'll ever go back?" Ecliptor: "I'm not sure. But in the mean time... I need your help." Kitana: "I knew it. What is it this time?" Ecliptor: "I want you to look after her. At least for a little while." Kitana: "What? She's got Cerina." Ecliptor: "Cerina has her own life. Her own child to deal with. I can't ask her to do this." Kitana: "And I don't have a life?" Ecliptor: "You don't have commitments or anything. You can still come and go as you please." Kitana: "Yeah and I've kinda gotten used to that freedom." Ecliptor: "I know I've asked a lot of you over the years. This will be the last time." Kitana: "You don't know what you're asking. I've never had to worry about anybody but myself! Do you know how hard this will be on me?" Ecliptor: "I know what an inconvenience this is. But I can't just leave her." Kitana let out a frustrated growl. Kitana: "Fine! I'll go!" Ecliptor: "Thank you. I owe you one." Kitana: "One? Ha! You passed up one a long time ago, buddy boy." Ecliptor sighed and walked away. Kitana noticed that she had said the wrong thing. He clearly wasn't in a joking mood.
    Cerina walked into the throne room, her heals clanking loudly on the stone floor. Cerina: "You threw a vase at my daughter?" Vulca: "Do you really want to start this now?" Cerina walked quickly over to her and snatched the picture of Cyann from her hand. She threw it to the ground, shattering it. Cerina: "Who the he*l do you think you are?" Vulca: "I didn't throw it at her. It was just in her direction." Cerina: "She could have gotten seriously hurt!" Vulca: "I told you when you came to work for me, that girl isn't my problem." Cerina: "So what, you think you can just do anything you want?" Vulca: "Basically yes." Cerina: "Why would you even do it?" Vulca: "I was upset. I lost control." Cerina: "I can't have you endangering her." Vulca: "Listen, you are my warrior. You are in no position to be threatening me." Cerina walked towards her with her fist up. Vulca stood up and punched her down. She hit her head on the floor and passed out. Vulca: "I suggest you watch your mouth next time." She walked out into the hallway and into her room, leaving Cerina be.
    On Earth, Ransik had asked Frax to report to him. Ransik: "Done anything useful? Or just sat on your lazy a*s all week?" Frax: "Actually master, I have a very interesting invention for you." Nadira: "Interesting. Give me a break." Frax shook his fist at her. Frax: "Quiet!" She just laughed at him. Frax: "It is a device that will open gateways to other worlds." Nadira: "Big yawn!" Ransik: "How will this help us against the Time Force?" Frax: "You can use this to retrieve monsters. Possibly as strong as those in the X-Vault." Ransik: "Really? I'm intrigued." Frax: "I will go and see if...." Ransik: "No! I won't let you screw this mission up too. I'll go." Frax: "But sir" Ransik: "Open the portal!" He pushed a button on his new machine and the portal appeared on the wall. Nadira: "Daddy, I want to go too!" Ransik: "I'm afraid you can't. I don't know what's on the other side of the wall. It could be dangerous." Nadira: "I don't care! I've done dangerous stuff before." Ransik: "I'll be back. Don't worry. You just stay here and keep dumb a*s in line." Nadira: "Frax or Gluto?" Ransik: "Which ever." He laughed and walked through the portal."
    Cerina got up hours later and looked around. The room was empty. Totally silent. She knew right away what she had to do. She ran back into her room and found Niki asleep on her bed. She went over and gently shook her. As she woke up, Cerina put her hand over her mouth to stop her from speaking loudly. Cerina: "Shhh." Then removed her hand. She opened the window and signaled for Niki to follow her out. Once outside, they ran into the trees. Niki: "What's going on? Were are we going?" Cerina: "I'll explain later. All that's important now is getting away from this place... and Vulca." Cerina's mind was racing a mile a minute. She didn't know where to go or how to avoid the queen. But she had to stay strong in front of her daughter. Niki was cold and confused. A million questions ran through her head as she followed her mother away from their home. The only place she had ever known.
To Be Continued.....