A Change of Heart

    Nadira sat on her couch with a sad look on her face. A Cyclobot tried to cheer her up by fanning her, but she pushed him away. Frax then came walking over to her. Frax: "Nadira, you should go after your father." Nadira: "What?" Frax: "Yes. As he said, it could be dangerous. He may be in need of your help." Nadira: "Hey, you're right." She jumped up from the couch. Nadira: "He has no right to tell me what to do!" Frax opened the portal on the wall. Frax: "Good luck." Nadira paid no attention to him and jumped through the portal. Frax closed the portal behind. Frax: "You'll need it you spoiled bi*ch." Gluto came walking in with a candy bar in his hand. Gluto: "What's go'n on?" Frax: "Those mutants are such fools." Gluto: "Hey!" Frax: "I just sealed both Ransik and Nadira on the planet Stregna forever. Ha ha ha ha ha!" Gluto: "I won't let you hurt Nadira!" Frax lifted his arm and blasted Gluto back. Frax: "You fool. She never loved you. She can't even stand the sight of you." He began to walk away. Frax mumbling: "For Gods sake, get ahold of yourself."
    A blonde woman walked along the street in the year 3000. She pushed someone out of her way without looking back. The man shook his fist at her. Man: "Hey!" She walked up to Ransik's old hideout. It was deserted. Bullet holes in the wall; a busted out window. Woman: "Where is he?" She went inside. It was dark. Woman: "Hello?" The lights came on instantly. A man with long white hair sat on the floor. He had old ragged out cloths and hadn't shaved in a while. Woman: "Why Ransik, you haven't changed at bit." Man: "I'm not Ransik, miss." Woman: "I know that. Where the he*l is he?" Man: "Who wants to know?" Woman: "My name is Kelly. I knew Ransik a long time ago." Man: "He went to the past. The Time Force followed him." She punched the wall in anger. Kelly: "Da*n!" Man: "You can go to the past too if you want." She walked quickly over and pulled the old guy off the ground. Kelly: "How?" He shook in fear. Man: "Time Force. They have a portal." She dropped him back to the ground and began to run out. Man: "But you'll need a ship!" Kelly: "Screw the ship! I'm going!"
    Back on Stregna, Cerina and Niki were now miles away from Vulca's palace. Cerina looked back to make sure they weren't being followed. Cerina: "Good." She began to pace back and forth. Cerina thought: "Now what can I do? I can't make Niki live on the street." She looked around. She saw nothing but open, empty land. She then looked up at the moon. Praying for some sign of hope. Niki: "Can we go home now?" Cerina knelt down beside. Cerina: "No, I'm afraid we can't." Niki: "Why? I'm tired." Cerina: "I know. But Vulca... she crossed the line today. You shouldn't spend your life with a woman like her. She's pure evil, with no respect for anyone." Niki: "I thought you liked her." Cerina: "Yeah. So did I." She could see she had to find some place quickly. She sat down in the grass. Cerina: "Come here." Niki curled up beside her. Cerina: "We can sleep here for now. Worry about the rest in the morning." Cerina put her arms around her, to keep her warm. Niki went right to sleep, but Cerina couldn't stop herself from worrying. She lay there all night, with sad visions running through her mind.
    Vulca stood on the balcony, staring at the door as one of her black soldiers walked in. Vulca: "Well?" Soldier: "We were unable to find Cerina." Vulca: "Look again." Soldier: "The entire palace has been searched. We fear she has left us." Vulca: "I didn't ask you for your thoughts." A blue ball of energy appeared at the feet of the soldier. Electricity began to rise from it and entered its body. Instantly, the electricity ran through his entire body, killing him. He hit the ground. She turned to face out onto the world and began to think. Vulca: "Maybe he's right though." She signaled for a group of soldiers to come forward. Vulca: "Come on!" She lead the way out the door.
    After looking around for hours, Vulca found them, asleep on the ground. Vulca: "Ah, how sweet." Then she went up to them and kicked Cerina. She bent over, grabbed her arm, and pulled her to her feet. Vulca: "Rise and shine, bi*ch." Cerina jerked her arm away. Cerina: "I'm through with you." Vulca: "Don't kid yourself. Since you came to work for me, your life is no longer your own." Cerina: "You can't control me." Vulca looked Cerina in the eye. Vulca: "Is that so? Well than I guess I'll just have to kill you instead. Drika!" The black Drika warriors prepared to attack. Cerina looked down at her daughter. Cerina: "Get back!" Niki ran and hid. Cerina flipped over the Drika to get more room. Two ran at her. She punched one, then kicked it, sending it flying back into the other. One came up behind her. Vulca cringed when she heard the loud crack. Cerina had busted the warrior in the face with her elbow. A Drika came flying through the air and surprised Cerina. It kicked her back with both feet. When it landed on the ground, she did a spin kick, taking it down.
    Kari and Rick were walking in the distance and saw them fighting. Kari: "What the he*l?" Rick looked at Kari, confused. Rick: "I thought they were together." Kari: "They're probably just trying to get us over there. To feel sorry for Cerina and try to help her. So they can jump us." They watched Vulca use the same move she used on the Drika earlier. Cerina hit the ground. They saw two Drika start beating on her as hard as they could. Rick: "I don't know. Looks real to me." They were caught off guard when Niki came up to them. She began to pull on Kari's arm. Kari: "Hey, wait a minute kid. I'm not helping Cerina." Rick looked down at the kid. Then at Kari. Finally he ran towards the battle. Kari: "Crap!" She went after him. Rick pulled the Drika off Cerina and slammed them into each other. Kari pulled out her blaster and took out the rest of the Drika. Vulca shot a blast at Rick. He jumped over it. Then grabbed her. Kari pointed the blaster in her face. Vulca teleported away. Cerina slowly got up. Rick: "Why were you two fighting?" Cerina started to walk away. Rick grabbed her and spun her around to face him. Rick: "I asked you a question." Cerina: "I don't owe you an explanation." Kari turned to Rick. Kari: "Come on. She's as evil as she always  was." Cerina: "Wrong." They turned back to her. Cerina: "I'm not evil. Regardless of what you may think." Kari: "So why were you working with Vulca all these years? You like the dental plan?" Cerina: "If you must know, I did it to protect Niki." Kari: "Like you give a da*n about her." Cerina: "She's my daughter!" Kari was stunned. Kari: "I didn't know you were a mother." Cerina: "I wasn't going to tell you. That would have made her your target." Rick: "Could you please explain this?" Cerina paused. Cerina: "All right. A few years ago, we ran into Vulca. She was of course upset about loosing her mom. So out of anger, she captured Niki. She would have killed her." Kari had a sympathetic look on her face. Cerina: "I knew there was no way to save her. Unless I could make a deal with the queen. If I gave up my life to be her slave, she'd let her go." Rick: "So why quit now?" Cerina: "I realized she isn't any safer now than she was before." Kari: "I'm really sorry. I just thought..." Cerina: "I know."
    Ransik fell to the ground on Stregna. He looked up just in time to see the portal close. Ransik stood and looked around. Ransik: "Perfect. I've been outsmarted by my own robot." Seeing there was no way out, he let out a loud, angry growl as he threw his sword into the distance. Ransik: "I'll get you for this." Ransik walked alone for hours, unsure of what to do. He thought about Nadira, trapped alone with Frax. Ransik: "What will he do to her? Without me to protect her, she's his next target." His thoughts were broken when he saw Kelly. Ransik's mouth dropped open. Ransik thought: "It can't be. I must be imagining things." She walked closer to him. Finally she was right in front of him. She moved a lock of hair out of her face. Kelly: "Ransik." He stared at her without speaking. Kelly: "What are you doing out here?" Ransik: "Don't even try it. Don't try to act as if nothing happened." Kelly: "I was just..." Ransik: "Do you think I've forgotten what you did so many years ago? Well I haven't." Kelly: "I want to talk about that." Ransik put his hand up to stop her from continuing. Ransik: "I've wasted far too much time on you already." He walked right by her. Kelly: "I came to tell you I'm sorry." Ransik, without turning back to her: "That changes nothing."
    Vulca walked into her throne room and threw her septor down. She saw a tall blonde standing on the balcony. She walked down and headed towards Vulca. Vulca: "Who the he*l are you?" Woman: "Kitana." Vulca: "So what do you want? A handout?" Kitana: "Ecliptor never told me you were such a smart a*s. I like that." Vulca grabbed her arm. Vulca: "You know my dad?" Kitana removed her hand. Kitana: "Yeah. He sent me to help you. Since he had to go." Vulca: "So he thinks you can just take over, huh? So he'll be able to sleep at night." Kitana put her hands on her hips. Kitana: "I don't know, nor do I care, what he told you. I am here to be your warrior, not your parent." A smile spread across Vulca's face. Vulca: "Maybe there is something you can help me with." Kitana: "I'm listening." Vulca: "I just lost my lead warrior. I want to make her pay." Kitana: "Ah, betrayal. Something I know very well." An image of Koro and Celeena flashes through her mind.
    Rick: "You'd better get moving. Vulca won't take this laying down." Kari: "Wait! I've got it!" Cerina gave her a funny look. Cerina: "I am really not used to that kind of enthoueasm from a grown woman." Kari ignored her. Kari: "We all want Vulca off the throne, right?" Rick: "Yeah." Kari: "So, why not work together to bring down her empire." Rick: "We've been through this already. We can't stop her." Cerina: "Hold on." They both looked at her. Cerina: "Did either of you hear the legend of the Psycho Rangers?" Rick: "I heard something about them. Not anything worth remembering." Cerina: "15 years ago, they fought to stop Vulca's mother Cyann. Their powers were amazing. There were six of them." Rick: "So?" Cerina: "So, I know where we can get ranger powers." She stared him down. Cerina: "If you're interested." Kari: "I'm in." Rick: "I just think this is crazy." Kari: "Come on. We need you." Rick looked at her and as hard as he tried, he couldn't tell her no. Rick: "All right. But don't count on winning."
    Nadira: "Daddy!" Her voice echoed through the open air. She began to shiver. Nadira: "Da*n its cold." She wished she had worn more than a thin silver dress. She sat down on a rock and crossed her arms in front of her. Nadira: "I can't believe I trusted that rusty piece of crap." Kelly walked by her, but didn't look down at her. Nadira stood up quickly. Nadira: "Hey, lady! Wait." Kelly turned, with an angry expression. Nadira: "Do you live around here?" Kelly: "No." Nadira: "Well, have you seen a man in black. He's got a metal thing on his face and his hair's a total wreck." Kelly: "Yeah, I just saw him. What, is he dating you?" Nadira laughed. Nadira: "No way! He's my dad." Kelly looked at her, speechless. Her face froze. She didn't move. Didn't even blink. Nadira: "Are you ok?"
To Be Continued....