Darkness Strikes

    Scorpina: "What do you want to do next?" Goldar: "Whatever you want to do." They had been hanging out together all day. Karone and Taylor walked past them. Karone: "Its so nice to see them together again." Taylor: "What seperated them?" Karone: "Mostly Zordon. He destroyed Goldar during my ultimate plan as Astronema." Taylor: "Oh." Goldar and Scorpina were sitting on a bench sharing a milk shake. Scorpina: "This is the most fun we're ever had." Goldar: "Yea, I know. We don't have Rita screaming at us now." Scorpina: "Her voice could wake a dead man." Goldar: "Why did't you just ask her to sing and I could have come back to you a lot sooner." Scorpina: "Sure her singing could have woke you up but it would have killed me!"
    Galaxia: "They're so in love. How sweet." She sticks her finger in her mouth and pretends to gag. Galaxia: "Its sickening." Velossa: "Someone has to put a stop to that." Galaxia: "Oh I plan to. I'm going right now." Velossa: "Good luck." Galaxia signaled for the Swobbies to follow her. They left the ship. Velossa: "I can't wait to see what she's planning!" Brutus: "I know its going to end horribly...for them." Velossa: "Good night, rangers. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
    It was late at night now. Scorpina and Goldar were having dinner outside of a restraunt. Goldar stuck 2 french fries up his nose. Scorpina: "How romantic." The Swobbies ran up to them. Galaxia appeared in front of them. Galaxia: "Attack!" Scorpina: "Anything to screw up our lives." They got up and began to fight. Scorpina jumped on the table, flipped off and kicked one of them down. Goldar hit another one with a chair. A Swobbie ran at them but Scorpina kicked the table over to block its path. Goldar and Scorpina joined hands and blasted one. Galaxia ran in and knocked their heads together. She pushed Scorpina out of the way and started shocking Goldar. Scorpina ran up behind her and punched her. Galaxia tried to blast Scorpina but she flipped out of the way of the blast. Galaxia walked away. Goldar: "Something's up. Villains don't just give up like that." Scorpina: "We can't stay around to see what she planning." They ran in the opposite direction of Galaxia.
    They returned to the fortress. Scorpina: "Guys! Are ya here?" Goldar found a note on the viewing screen. Goldar: "Went to see a movie, be back soon. Signed Villimax." Scorpina: "I guess we're on our own." They didn't know that Galaxia had entered the fortress and few minutes before they got there. Goldar: "I'm going to bed." Scorpina: "There should be a guest bedroom around here somewhere." Scorpina settled in to watch some TV. Scorpina: "Oh cool. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is on. I love this show!"
    A few hours later Scorpina had found an episode of Grace Under Fire to watch and Goldar had fallen asleep long ago. Galaxia silently entered his room. She pulled her sword out. The room was dark. The only light was flash of her eyes. She put the sword to his back and.... Scorpina heard him scream. But only for a second. She ran into his room and found the sword in his armor. She noticed black slime around it. She knew what had happened. Scorpina: "NO!!!!!!!!!" Galaxia was nowhere to be seen but Scorpina knew it was her. She ran out the door and teleported onto Onyx. She ran to a street in a city she had never been to before. She didn't know how but she knew Galaxia would be there. Then she saw her. A smile formed on Galaxia's face. Scorpina: "I know what you did." Her smile grew wider. Galaxia: Have you come here to tell me how crushed you are?" Scorpina: "I wouldn't give you the satisfaction." Galaxia: "Why don't you morph and take me?" Scorpina: "I don't need the powers. You and me, right here, right now!" Galaxia: "You've got guts Yellow Ranger. I like that." Scorpina: "Save it, bi*c*." Scorpina ran at her but she was blocked by a wall of sparks. Then she felt the sting of a sword. She fell to the ground but got back up due to her anger. She charged Galaxia again, kicked the sword out of her hand, cought it and held it to her throat. Scorpina: "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you." Galaxia: "Well for starters, you can't." Galaxia punched Scorpina in the mouth and kicked her knee. She went down. Galaxia: "What now?" Scorpina: "You will pay for this." Galaxia: "I've heard that before. I've killed many people's loved ones. They all say they'll get me and never do. Why should you be any different?" She teleported away leaving Scorpina on the ground.
    The next day all of the rangers were gathered around Goldar's grave. Scorpina: "Can you bring him back like you did before?" Zedd: "If I could, I would. Galaxia made sure the wound was beyond my healing." Trakeena: "I'm really sorry Scorpina. I know what its like to loose someone you love." Scorpina: "How do you know?" Trakeena: "Leo killed my father." Scorpina: "How do you make this bad feeling go away?" Trakeena: "I wish I could tell you it passes. But it doesn't. You just have to learn to live with it." Scorpina: "Did you ever forgive Leo?" Trakeena: "No. I could never bring myself to do it." Scorpina: "I swear some day Galaxia will pay for this." A tear rolled down Scorpina's face. She turned and walked away.