Rangers Divided

Introducing Michael Copon as Lucas

    Kelly and Ransik stood in the kitchen away from the others. Ransik looked confused. Ransik: "What's going on?" Kelly: "Cerina wants me to talk to Nadira about that store she robbed." Ransik laughed. Ransik: "Oh. She wanted a piece of the action too, huh?" Kelly: "No. She's mad because Nadira took Niki with her. She went on with some 'I didn't raise my daughter that way' thing." Ransik: "So she's more less telling us we're bad parents." Kelly flipped a pancake over in the pan on the stove. Kelly: "Not in those words, but that's the way I took it." Ransik: "I don't understand what the problem is. You came from an entire family of criminals and you turned out just fine." Kelly: "And she acts like she's so perfect. She's worked for Vulca! What else can we say?" Ransik put his finger to his lips. Ransik: "Shhh. We don't want her to hear this. We don't need to start problems in the team." She pushed past him and got a carton of milk out of the refrigerator. Kelly: "So do we talk to Nadira or just tell her we did. Or tell her to go to he*l. Makes me no difference." Ransik smiled. Ransik: "That's one of the things I loved about you when we first met. You'll say anything to anybody." Kelly pushed him playfully. Kelly: "Quit sucking up. Answer the question." Kelly went over to the table and layed a pancake in each plate. Ransik walked up next to her. Ransik: "I guess you could say something to her. But make sure she knows that we're not really angry. That way if Cerina asks her, she'll say we did talk to her about it." Kelly: "All right."
    Just then, the rest of the team came into the kitchen. They sat down at the table. Nadira looked over at Ransik, who was sitting next to her. She had a sad look on her face. Nadira: "Daddy, this pancake is burnt." Kelly: "Just eat it. You'll throw it up in 15 minutes anyway." Ransik: "Kelly!" Then he focused on Nadira. Ransik: "I'm sorry sweetheart. You can have mine instead." Cerina rolled her eyes. Cerina sarcasticly: "Great. We get to start the morning off with more of Ransik's excellant parenting." He ignored her. Cerina: "Can't you see how spoiled she is?" Ransik: "I see you want to make this a fight." Cerina: "Kari, am I wrong here? The woman is in her 20's and still acts like a kid. There is something terribly wrong there." Kari scooted her chair over closer to Rick. Kari: "Oh no! Leave me out of this." Rick: "Ok, I'll bite. She's right. Kelly, don't tell me you're not bothered by this." Kelly: "That doesn't matter. Ransik has raised her all these years by himself. I am not going to just but in now." Nadira threw her arms up in the air. Nadira: "Hello! You all act like I'm not even sitting here!" Cerina: "I get that you don't want your little girl to grow up. But someday you're just going to have to accpet the fact that she will." Ransik: "Nadira only wants what she deserves! The best!" Cerina: "Oh please!" Ransik: "Perhaps you should try giving that child of yours what she wants every once and a while." Niki: "Shut up." Cerina and Rick burst out laughing. Kari tried to hold it in, but couldn't. Rick: "Well put." Cerina: "He*l, I wish I'd said it." Ransik got up and pushed his chair up against the wall. Ransik: "I've had enough critisim for one morning. I'm leaving." Kelly got up to follow him out. Nadira got up and went up the stairs to the cave. Niki ran after Nadira. Kari, when it was just the three of them: "That went well."
    Meanwhile, on Earth in the year 3000, the Time Force Rangers were called to a meeting with Captain Logan. They stood at attention. Logan: "Rangers, I have a mission for you. One of you." Jen: "What is it, sir?" Logan: "I want you to go back in Time to capture Ransik." Trip: "But he's in jail. Isn't he?" Katie: "Yeah. We captured him back in 2001. Remember?" Logan: "Ransik seems to have journied to another world in the year 2016. There, he exists outside of time." Lucas: "Meaning what?" Logan began to pace back and forth. Logan: "It means he can still change the future. If he figures that out, it will be as if we never captured him. So one of you must bring the Ransik who exists outside time back here." Jen stepped forward first. Jen: "I'll go. I'm the leader. He's my resbonsibility." Lucas stepped up in front of her. Lucas: "No. The officers need you here." He faced the captain. Lucas: "I'll go." Logan: "All right then. I will have a new time ship ready for you in the morning. Be ready." Lucas soluted him. Lucas: "Yes sir." Logan walked away from him. Jen: "Are you crazy! Why would you volunteer for something like that?" Lucas: "I can handle it." Jen: "It took all of us a year to get him before! If you go alone he'll kill you!" Lucas: "I'm going.... with or without your permission." He walked off. Jen: "I don't believe him!" Katie: "He doesn't need to ask permission from you." Trip: "Besides, it might not be so bad. He is strong." Jen grabbed his shirt collar. Jen: "Shut up!" She stormed out the door. Katie put her arm around Trip to comfort him.
    Vulca stood on the balcony watching Ransik and Kelly. Vulca: "That's it. Attack them while they're angry and distracted." Kitana headed for the door. Vulca turned around quickly. Vulca: "And where do you think you're going?" Kitana: "Out to fight those two rangers, like you said." Vulca: "No. I won't let you mess up another plan." Kitana: "So you don't need me? Is that what you're saying?" Vulca didn't answer at first. Kitana: "Well?" Vulca: "You know what, I don't need you. You have been nothing but a pain in the a*s since you got here." Kitana smiled. Kitana: "All right then. I'm gone." She headed happily out the door. Vulca: "Now maybe something will go according to plan."
    Ransik leaned against the cave wall. Ransik: "I guess now would be as good a time as any." Kelly: "Right." Kelly walked over to the side of the cave. Nadira stood behind a tree. Kelly walked up in front of her. Nadira: "Oh, hi mom. We're playing hide and seek." Kelly: "Your dad and I need to talk to you." Nadira: "Now?" Kelly: "Yes. Come on." They walked back to the front. Nadira: "What do you want?" Ransik: "Before I start, I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not mad." Nadira: "Ok." Ransik: "Cerina has asked us to talk to you about taking Niki on the robbery the other night." Nadira: "Oh not this again! She's fine!" Kelly: "We know. And we have no problem with it. Its just that we don't want to start a fight with Cerina." Nadira: "Oh. Then what was up with breakfast today?" Ransik sighed. Ransik: "I am going to have to fix that. Some how." Kelly: "We can't afford to be fighting with each other. Vulca would kill us all." Ransik: "Yes. Even though I can't stand the rest of our 'team'." Nadira motioned with her hand for them to hurry up. Ransik: "Just if Cerina asks, tell her we did discuss this." Nadira: "Ok." Nadira ran back to the side, where she saw Niki going through her purse. Nadira: "Hey! What do you think you're doing?" Niki looked up at her and laughed. Niki: "What? You taught me to do this." Nadira: "Well... I guess I did." She playfully snatched up her purse. Nadira: "But do it to someone else." Niki began to run off to finish the game. Nadira smiled and held out her hand. Nadira: "And the credit cards." Niki: "Darn!"
    Vulca went back to Boron's work area. He stood and waited for her orders. Vulca: "Red and Yellow are away from the others. I want them out of the picture." Boron: "Choose a monster." He stepped back to allow her a clear view of the wall. Vulca: "That one. It looks like a giant snake." Boron took the tablet and created her monster. It had the head of a snake, but its body was the shap of a human's. Its right arm was missing. In its place were three snakes tied together, which he could move at will. Vulca looked him up and down. Vulca: "Can you take care of two rangers? Or are you as worthless as Kitana?" Monster: "Oh I can do the job, my queen." He teleported out.
    Ransik: "I wonder how long we will have to deal with them." Kelly held her head. Breakfast had given her a huge headache. Kelly: "Probably the rest of our lives. There is no clear way to get back to Earth. We're stuck." Ransik clenched his hand into a fist. Ransik: "I swear I'm going to kill Frax for this!" Kelly: "I know. You said it before. Now please shut up. I feel like someone drove their get away car over my head." Then the monster appeared. Kelly let her arms drop to her side. Kelly: "Oh sure, I really need this now." Monster: "Oh I'm sorry. Did I catch you at a bad time. Tough!" He shot a blast at her. She ducked and rolled out of the way. The blast hit the cave instead. She stood and looked over at Ransik. Both: "Psycho Blast!" Ransik jumped and tried to kick the monster. But it grabbed his foot and slammed him into the ground. Kelly did a flip and landed in front of the monster. Then did a side kick, making it step back. Ransik stood in time to see one of the snakes that served as his right arm begin to grow longer. It quickly wrapped itself around kelly's waist and raised her into the air. Ransik looked up at her, then at the monster. He ran at the snake, but was pushed away. Then it sent green electricity through the long snake and began to shock Kelly. She screamed as the electricity ran throughout her body. Ransik pulled the sword out of his leg and cut the monster's snake off. Kelly began to fall, but Ransik caught her. The monster shot two blasts from his eyes. They hit Ransik in the chest, causing him to fall with Kelly.
    Nadira and Niki heard the fight after a while and came running. Nadira ran over to them. Ransik: "Go get the others." Nadira: "I can't leave. You're hurt!" Kelly sat up, weakly. Kelly: "We'll be dead if you don't go. Just do it." Nadira ran towards the cave, but the monster shot her in the back. She screamed in pain. Ransik: "No!" The monster kicked him in the face. Monster: "What are you going to do now?" Ransik and Kelly both looked at Niki, waiting for her to go. Kelly: "What are you waiting for?" Niki began to smile. Niki: "Why should I help you? You said my mommy wasn't a good parent." Kelly looked over at Ransik angirly. Kelly: "Good job, Ransik!" Ransik: "You can't do this! You see him?" He pointed to the monster, who was standing there watching them. He was enjoying their little arguement. Ransik: "He is going to kill us if you don't go get them." Niki: "When she gets here, tell her you were wrong." Ransik: "Oh all right! Just go!" She ran into the cave. Kelly slowly stood, as did Ransik. Kelly: "Mean little sh*t, isn't she?"
    Cerina looked over as he daughter ran into the room. Niki: "Ransik and Kelly need your help! A monster's got 'em!" Kari and Rick ran up on each side of Cerina. Cerina: "Psycho Blast!" They ran up the stairs and onto the battle field. Kari and Rick ran in together and kicked the monster at the same time. Cerina jumped between them and came flying at him. She punched him with both fists and dropped back to the ground. It shot Kari with a blast out of its mouth. Ransik stood up. Ransik: "Hold him!" The monster tried to avoid the Black and White Rangers, but the were to quick. Then Ransik ran up to him, drew back his sword, and cut off its head. It exploaded, sending Cerina and Rick flying. Ransik ran over to help Nadira up. Ransik: "Are you all right?" Nadira: "I guess. But I got dirty from laying on the ground." Rick: "Not this again." They went back into the cave.
    They unmorphed and entered the living room. Niki grabbed Cerina's arm and pulled her into Cerina's bedroom. Cerina: "What is it?" Niki: "Did Ransik say anything to you?" Cerina laughed. Cerina: "Me, no. He was to worried because his little baby got hurt." Niki kicked the dresser. Niki: "I told him to tell you he was wrong!" Cerina looked down at her. Cerina: "Say what?" Niki: "I wouldn't agree to come get you all unless he said that." Cerina leaned down and picked her up. Cerina: "You really did that, huh?" She shook her head. Cerina: "Looks like you got my mean streak." Niki: "I can't believe he didn't do it." Cerina: "Don't worry about that. You get better at that sort of thing when you get older." She walked back into the living room and sat on the couch. Kelly came walking up to them with a mad look on her face. She put her hands on her hips. Kelly: "I thought you raised her to be perfect. Not the kind of person who would almost get us killed to get her way!" Cerina started to laugh. Cerina: "Oh she's not perfect." Kelly waited for her to continue and possibly appologize for making her talk with Nadira. Cerina: "But she's a he*l of a lot better than your little brat." This took Kelly totally by surprise. She turned and stormed out of the room. Cerina: "Do me a favor and don't ever turn out like anybody in that family. They're nuts." Niki: "I don't like Ransik and Kelly. But Nadira's cool." Cerina: "I could understand that. She acts about your age, after all. But don't get to attached to her." Niki: "Why not?" Cerina: "I have a feeling she won't be around much longer."