Vulca Strikes

    Lucas woke up early and looked around. He saw light coming from Niki's room. He got up and walked inside. She sat on her bed holding a ring. Lucas: "Where'd you get that." She didn't answer him. Didn't even bother to look up. Lucas: "Its cool." Still nothing. Lucas: "Look, I'm sorry I had to do that. But it was her own fault." Niki: "You think I'm going to forgive you? Just because you say you're sorry? Not gonna happen." Lucas: "She was your friend and I understand that. But did she ever tell you about the stuff she did with her father?" Niki: "You didn't arrest her parents!" Lucas: "They have to stay here to help as rangers." Niki: "So they get off cause you need them." Lucas: "Well, yeah." Niki: "Well I needed Nadira! But that didn't matter!" Lucas: "I will take her parents in as soon as they are finished with the fight against Vulca." Niki: "Now what am I going to do? You guys are off fighting and leave me here alone." Lucas: "When they go into battle, I'm still going to be here. If all your looking for is someone to talk to, then..." Niki: "Save it. You're not getting off that easy." She got up, pushed him aside, and walked out the door into the hall.
    Boron walked into Vulca's throne room. Boron: "My queen, I have gained valuable information." Vulca sat on the throne. Vulca: "Go ahead." Boron: "The traitor set up that girl. The daughter of the Red and Yellow Rangers." Vulca: "How so?" Boron: "She got her arrested by the Time Force. She's back in the year 3000." Vulca: "So the rangers must be devistated." Boron: "Those two are." Kitana had been listening from the corner. Kitana: "Should I launch an attack?" Vulca: "No. Not yet. I have a way to make their lives even worse." She stood up and smiled. Then teleported away. Kitana: "She just leaves without giving us any idea where she's going. That's real nice." Boron: "Oh her mother did the same thing. She always explained herself after the fact. Never beforehand." Kitana nodded. Kitana: "That's actually pretty smart."
    Kari saw Ransik sitting on the couch. When Kari walked into the room, Rick instantly got up and left. She didn't seem to notice him though. Kari: "Are you all right?" Ransik: "All I can think about is Nadira. Since the moment she was born, we have never been truly apart. And now... now I'll never see her again." Kari: "What will the Time Force do with her?" Ransik wiped a tear from his eye. Ransik: "She will be given a trial. Then frozen like all the others." Kari: "Where's Kelly?" Ransik: "I don't know. But I'm worried about her. With those rangers running around here, she can't risk going out alone." Kari looked at the wall for a minute, thinking. Then turned back to Ransik. Kari: "What I don't get is, how they knew where to find her. I mean, no Time Ranger has every been to Stregna before. Not to my knowlage anyway." Ransik: "They're smart. Too smart. It wouldn't take much for Alex to find us." Kari: "Alex?" Ransik: "Their leader. He's the main threat." Kari: "Oh."
    Nadira was being taken down a long dark hallway. On both sides, she could see ugly, evil looking monsters beind the cold steal bars. She looked at one of the armed guards at her side. He didn't smile. Didn't blink. When they reached an empty cell, one opened the door. Then the other pushed her inside. They slammed it and walked away. She sat down on the bed and looked sadly at the bare walls. She sighed. At that moment, she heard someone walked up to her cell. Nadira: "Come to gloat?" Jen stood in full uniform on the other side of the bars. Jen: "I told you one day you'd end up here." Nadira: "Don't count me out yet. My father..." Jen: "Don't you get it? Ransik can't help you! Your trial is tomorrow. He's got now time." Nadira: "He'll get rid of you one day!" Jen laughed. Jen: "Please! Now that you're here, all we have to do is get him and Kelly. Now there's five of us and two of them. Do the math." Alex walked up beside Jen and looked in at their prisnor. Then walked away silently. Jen smiled at Nadira and the followed Alex.
    Boron saw Kitana looking down from the balcony. Boron: "You can't attack without the queen's order. You do know that." Kitana turned and shook her head at him. Kitana: "You act like you know me so well." Boron: "I'm learning." She picked up her sword. Kitana: "Then you should know I wait for no one's orders." He stepped in front of her. Boron: "What are you doing?" Kitana: "I am going after the rangers. Remember, those people she hates?" Boron: "I just think that..." Kitana: "She wants them dead and I plan to deliver. If you have any problems with that, talk to Vulca." Boron sighed. Boron: "Don't think I won't." Kitana laughed as she walked out into the hall. Kitana: "I wonder how many pieces you'll end up in."
    Lucas sat with Cerina in her room. Cerina had is disgusted look on her face. Cerina: "Weather or not Niki likes you shouldn't bother you this much." Lucas: "I think if we go out together, it might change her mind." Cerina: "What are you talking about?" Lucas: "The three of us. We go find something to do here." She didn't respond. Lucas: "Come on. What did you used to do for fun?" Cerina: "I don't know." Lucas: "Cerina." Cerina: "Her dad used to like searching caves. Never really something I enjoyed, but hey. I haven't done anything fun in years." Lucas: "So lets do that." She laughed. Cerina: "You actually want to go down in some dark, damp cave just to get close to her?" He nodded. Cerina, still laughing a little: "All right." Lucas: "You should probably change." Cerina stood and looked down at her shiny silver cloths. Cerina sarcasticly: "Oh, do ya really think so?"
    It was night in the year 3000. Captain Logan entered his room headed for his bed. He looked out the window for a moment, thinking about the upcoming day. Logan: "We finally got you. After all these years." He turned and sat down on the bed. He reached for the light and flipped it off. Just as the room became dark, the captain felt a hand over his mouth. He tried to break free, but couldn't. Next, he felt cold metal smash into the back of his head. He was out cold. The light came back on a few seconds later. Vulca stood next to his bed, looking down at his body on the floor. Vulca: "Somehow I thought this would have been more difficult." She leaned down to get a good look at him. After a moment, she stood back up. Her eyes flashed green and her form changed to match that of Logan. Two Drika soldiers appeared in front of their transformed queen. Vulca/Logan: "Take his body and hide it. Make sure no one finds it. At least until I'm finished here." They nodded and picked him up. Then teleported away. Just as they left, Vulca heard a knock at the door. Logan: "Come in." The door opened slowly and Trip entered. Trip: "I'm sorry to bother you so late sir." Logan: "Not a problem. What's on your mind?" Trip: "Well, its Nadira. I'm worried about her. I know she's Ransik's daughter and all and she's done some bad things. But can we really put her up to a trial? She was only following her family." Logan: "You care about her?" Trip: "She deserves a chance to live a normal life. And if you put her up against the council tomorrow, she is garunteed nothing but criogenic detainment." Vulca pretended to think for a moment. Making Trip believe his captain was considering his request. Logan: "I am not sure I can grant her freedom. But I do agree with you." Trip: "You do?" Logan: "Yes. She shouldn't face the council." Trip wasn't sure what to make of this. He waited for Logan to continue. Logan: "In fact, she won't have to." He paused for a moment. Logan: "I here by call off the trial. Nadira will be put to death at sunrise."
    Kelly on the roof of a building downtown. She held a cigerett in her right hand. The smoke blew up into the air. Kelly: "I wish I could have gotten to know her better. I can't believe I left her before. What the he*l was I thinking?" Kitana flipped off the fire escape of another building and landed on the roof with Kelly. Kitana: "I just came to see how you were holding up. With  your daughter's arrest and all, I was a little worried." Kelly gave her a dirty look. Kelly: "Don't start." Kitana walked a little closer. Kitana: "Having a bad day? Well I'm afraid you don't get to pick and choose when we fight." She kicked the ranger in the side, causing her to fall to the floor. Kitana: "Morph now." Kelly thought about running, but knew her mission. Kelly: "Psycho Blast!" Before she even had time to adjust to the change, Kitana was attacking. She cut her with the sword, making her step back. Then she threw a punch, but Kelly ducked. Kitana jumped up and spun around in the air. She landed behind Kelly and cut her in the back. She screamed in pain. Kitana only laughed. As she was about to strike again, the ranger kicked the sword from her hand. Kitana: "Oh, good one."
    Cerina came out in camouflage paints and a black sleeveless shirt. Lucas nodded in approval. Lucas: "You should try that look more often. It really suits you." Cerina: "This?" Lucas: "What?" Cerina: "This turns you on? Of all things!" Lucas: "Its just not something I'd imagine you in. Its... a nice change you could say." Cerina: "Whatever." She stuck her head into Niki's room. Cerina: "Hey, come on." Niki stood up. Niki: "Where are we going?" Cerina: "I thought we'd go explore a cave. Just for something to do." Niki: "Ok." She walked behind her mother into the main bed room. But she stopped dead in her tracks. Niki: "He's going?" Cerina turned around. Cerina: "Well yeah." Niki: "Forget it. I'm not going anywhere with him." Cerina: "You are not going to have any fun if you just sit here thinking about Nadira. She's gone and you're going to have to accept that some time." Niki: "Why should I do anything he wants?" Cerina decided to go with Lucas's plan. Cerina: "If you don't go for him, how about me? I'd like your company in that big, scary cave." Niki: "You're not scared of anything." Cerina: "Maybe not in the city, but when you get out in nature, you never know." Niki: "Ok." Cerina leaned over and whispered in Lucas's ear: "Don't let her get to you. It still might work."
    Trip: "Captain you can't! She has the same rights as everyone else!" Logan: "I am in charge here. And the way I see it, Nadira gave up her rights when she followed in her father's footsteps." Trip: "I'm not going to let you do this. And the others won't either." Just then, Alex came walking up beside Logan. Alex: "I agree with him, Trip." Trip: "But I don't..." Alex: "You are not here to question us! Go tell the others to be ready! Understood?" He hesitated. But finally gave in. Trip: "Yes sir." He soluted them and walked out of the room. Logan: "Thank you." Alex: "It is simpler this way. No tax money is wasted if we execute her."
    Trip went running to Jen's room. He knocked on the door. Jen: "Come in!" He opened the door and saw the rest of the rangers were there as well. Trip: "Guys, we've got a problem." Jen looked concerned. Jen: "What is it?" Trip: "Its that Captain. He wants to kill Nadira!" Jen: "I don't think its right. But its not our place to stop him." Katie: "Yeah. If he hires someone to get rid of her, its his butt in a sling. Not ours." Trip: "You can't be serious." Jen: "What did Alex say?" Trip didn't answer. Jen: "He's with Logan, isn't he?" Trip: "Well yes, but he always take his side." Jen: "It isn't our problem. Just sit down, grab something to eat, and forget about it."
    Kelly saw her chance to get away. She took out her blaster and shot at the ground near Kitana's feet. This caused her to jump up. When she did, Kelly shot her off the side of the building. She ran to the side to see where she landed, but she was gone. Kelly: "Of course." She just shrugged and started to walked back inside the building. As she walked back inside the building, she saw a woman with her child. Instantly, she thought of Nadira. The child began to pull on the woman's sleeve. Child: "Please, mommy! Can we go buy a toy?" Kelly thought: "Why couldn't I have been there when Nadira was growing up? I had to leave. I couldn't just be happy with a loving husband and child. Oh no, I had to have more." She continued to feel sorry for herself as she walked further into the building. Kelly stopped somebody who was passing her. Kelly: "What is this place?" Man: "Its the hospital." Kelly: "Oh, I didn't know we had one of those." Man: "Yeah. Vulca finally allowed it, after her troops needed one." She nodded and kept walking. Kelly thought: "I can't even imagine the pain Ransik must be feeling. She was his whole world. I barely even knew her." She went into another section of the hospital. Then she began to think of her mistakes once again. Thinking of all the special occasions she missed; holdiays; birthdays; ect.
    Cerina walked up to the opening of a cave. Then pulled a flashlight off her belt. Cerina: "You guys ready?" Niki ran ahead of the adults and into the cave. Cerina: "Don't go to far!" Cerina smiled at Lucas as they walked inside. Lucas: "Isn't this nice?" Cerina: "Yeah. Now that Nadira's gone, I can relax. Actually enjoy life for a change." Lucas: "Was she really that bad?" Cerina: "You have no idea! You may have fought her, but you've never had to live with the bi*ch." Lucas: "True." They walked deeper in and came to what they thought was a dead end. Until Niki poked her head out of an opening in the wall. Niki: "Are you coming?" Cerina: "Down there. I think not." Lucas grabbed her arm. Lucas: "Girl, live a little." Cerina quietly: "You owe me." She got down on her hands and knees and crawled into the hole. When she looked ahead with light, all she saw was a long, narror tunnel. Cerina: "Oh great." Lucas came in behind her. They crawled slowly though it. Cerina: "Sh*t!" Lucas jumped. Lucas: "What's your problem?" She ran her hand through her hair. Cerina: "Spider webs." Lucas: "Come on. Niki's probably already out. We don't want to lose her in here."
    The next moring in the year 3000, the Time Rangers stood at attention in a large, well-lit room. Captain Logan (Vulca) came walking in and stood in the center. He snapped his fingers and two guards walked Nadira inside. Logan: "I am pleased to announce that our war with Ransik is one step closer to its end. For today we take a very large step towards victory... with the death of his daughter." Trip: "Sir." Alex elbowed him. Alex: "Shut up." Logan turned to the guards. Logan: "Strap her down." They tried to pull her over to a chair, but she fought them. They eventually got her strapped in. Nadira: "You can't do this!" Logan: "Oh but we can. There is no one here to save you. You parents are a million miles away. And your henchmen; they couldn't care less what happens to you." He faced the Time Force again. Logan: "As much as I wish Lucas could be here to pull the switch, he was unable to attend. He is still on Stregna working on the capture of Ransik and Kelly. Therefor, I will be doing the procedures myself." A worried expression formed on Nadira's face. She began to realize she may not be able to get out of this. Logan's hand moved slowly to the switch. As he grabbed onto it, a tear ran down Nadira's face. Logan looked coldly into her eyes. Suddenly, she saw the evil. The black heart that lied beneath the captain's form. Nadira: "You're not their captain." A smile spread accross his face. Then, he pulled the switch. Nadira had no time to scream. Before anybody knew what had happened, her body was limp.
    Kelly walked slowly into the nursery. She looked at all the babies laying there and just broke down. Tears poored down her face. She leaned against the wall and covered her face with her hand. She looked up after a minute when she felt a hand on her shoulder. A man stood in front of her. He looked caring. Man: "What's wrong?" Kelly: "I... I don't want to talk about it." He lead her to a chair and sat down beside her. Man: "Would you like me to go find a doctor? Or is there someone I can call?" Kelly: "No. I just need to be alone." She looked down at the baby in his arms. Then it seemd clear. An idea flashed in her mind. Kelly: "Could you run down and get me a cup of coffee?" Man: "Oh, of course." He walked over and place the baby in one of the cribs. Then walked out the double doors. Kelly stood and walked quietly over to the crib. She looked down. Kelly: "This is perfect. The one way to fill the empty part of mine and Ransik's lives."
    Jen walked forward. Logan began to laugh. Softly at first, then louder. Jen: "Who are you?" Vulca returned to her true form and turned to start Jen in the face. She and Alex exchanged terrified glances. The, without speaking, Vulca disappeared. Jen: "I don't believe it." Katie: "We stood by and let someone comitt murder." Trip: "Who was that?" Then they all focused on Nadira's lifeless body. And even Alex seemed a little sad. Jen sighed. Jen: "Guards, take her out of here." Katie: "What about Ransik? We have to tell him. We owe him that much." Jen: "I'll contact Lucas and have him tell Ransik."
    Kelly leaned down and picked up the baby. She looked at the door and saw that nobody was around. She mad a dash for the door. She ran down the hall as fast as she could, kicked the door open and ran into the street. She didn't stop for a long time. When she got far enough away, she stopped to comfort the child. It was crying loudly. Kelly: "Shhh. Its all right. Ransik and I are going to take good care of you." She looked lovingly at it. Kitana stood on the side of a nearby building watching her. Kitana: "That woman is nuts." She teleported away. Kelly began to walk back to the base.
    Cerina came out of the tunnel and into a small part of the cave. Lucas followed. Niki sat looking down at somthing. Cerina: "What's that?" Niki: "Some kinda jewel thing." The two of them looked down to see a beautiful blue diamond in the rock. Lucas: "I've never seen anything like that before." Cerina: "Its rare to find them. But they're worth a fourtune if you can manage to get ahold of one." Niki: "Can I have it?" Cerina: "Well, I don't..." She was cut off by the sound of rumbling. They tried to get up, but jumped back against the wall as rocks started to come down in front of the tunnel. Cerina grabbed Niki and protected her from the falling rocks. Lucas tried to make it to the hole, but couldn't. One of the rocks hit him and he jumped back. Blood ran down his face as he looked over at the girls. The hole was completly covered. They didn't say a word, but knew they were in trouble.
    Vulca bumped into each other at the enterance of the palace. Vulca: "Where have you been?" Kitana: "I went out for a little action. But never mind that. What were you doing?" Vulca smiled. And waited a while to answer. To keep Kitana in suspense. Finelly, Vulca: "I killed Nadira." Kitana dropped her sword. Kitana: "What?" Vulca: "The Red and Yellow Rangers' daughter is no more." Kitana nodded in approval. Kitana: "Boron said when you left without saying anything, that it was something good. But I never would have imagined this." She paused. Kitana: "Do they know? Ransik and Kelly, I mean." Vulca: "Not yet. But those Time Rangers will probably let them know." They walked inside and the door slammed behind them. Vulca: "Oh you should have seen the Pink girl's face! It was classic!" Kitana: "Next time, I'm going with you." Vulca: "Nope. Can't do that." She looked at her funny. Vulca: "Mom taught me never to take someone else on a murder mission. She said it was easier with just one person. You don't have to keep an eye on someone else. Just go in, get the job done, and leave. No problems." Kitana: "You learned a lot from her, didn't you?" They were getting close to the throne room. Vulca: "She and Velossa taught me everything I know. I only wish she was still around. I know there was so much more I could learn from her." Kitana: "It may be sad, but her death made you the strong leader you are today. If that hadn't happened, you'd have wound up as soft as your dad." Vulca gave her a dirty look. Vulca: "Watch it." Kitana: "I'm sorry, I'm just saying he's not the most evil man I've ever met." Vulca: "I know. But he loves me. You can't put him down for having a heart." Kitana: "I guess you're right." Vulca waved as she and Kitana went their seperate ways in the hall.