Beauty Times 2

    Karone to herself: "What can I get Taylor that will really suprise him?" She was walking towards a mall on Onyx. She went into the store and started looking around. Karone: "Food? No. Tools? No. Cloths? No. Oh hey! I'd look great in that! No. Focus. I've got to find him a present." She walked up to the service desk. Karone: "Excuse me?" Girl behind the counter: "What do ya want lady? I'm on my break!" Karone to herself: "Just like Trakeena. Goes to work but is "on her break" all day." Karone: "Do you carry weapons?" Girl: "I don't know. Do we?" Karone: "Oh never mind."
    Galaxia: "I can't seem to defeat them no matter what I do. But I know how to get to Karone. Velossa: "What's the plan this time, my queen?" Galaxia: "I know you don't really care but I'm going to tell you anyway." Velossa: "I figured that." Galaxia: "Karone has always hated the person she used to be. Ashamed of the horrible things she did. Well why not bring those memories back? Make them fresh in her mind. She won't think she's cut out to be a ranger because she's too evil." Velossa: "So how are you going to remind her of the old days?" Galaxia: "By creating another Astronema." She snapped her fingers and an exact double of Astronema appeared. Galaxia: "You will will go get into a fight with you other half." Astronema: "Karone won't live to see another sunrise." She walked out of the room. Velossa: "Brutus, you're drooling!" Brutus: "Huh?"
    Karone: "I'll take a walk and think about what to get him." She left the store and headed down the sidewalk. She thought she saw something in the allie beside the mall. Karone: "What in the world?" She ran over to the looked around the corner. Astronema was standing there waiting for her. Astronema: "Remember me?" Karone: "No. This can't be happening." Astronema: "What's the matter? Not happy to see me? Don't you remember all the fun we had. Like attacking the rangers, fighting with Divatox, and nearly killing you brother." Karone: "I'm not evil anymore!" Astronema: "Once evil, alway's evil." Karone: "You're wrong!" Astronema: "We'll see. Swobbies, attack!" Karone called for the sword Taylor had given her. Karone: "Battle Blade!" She cut right through the Swobbies and headed for Astronema. Astronema kicked Karone out of the way. Astronema: "Some day when you least expect it, you'll return to the side of evil. Just wait and see." She teleported away. Karone sat up. Karone: "How am I going to fight myself?"
    Karone went back to the fortress. Trakeena: "What's wrong?" Karone just walked past her. She went to her room and pressed the botton to lock the door. She layed on her bed looking up and the ceiling. After a few minutes, she fell asleep. The next thing she knew, she was in the park. She walked through some trees and saw some steps with a black rail beside them. Then Astronema walked up. Astronema: "Maybe I'll take a ranger out myself." Andros: "You can try!" Karone: "Oh no." Astronema and Andros started fighting. Karone ran away. Lightining flashed. She found herself on board the Dark Fortress. She heard yelling from the next room. She looked in and saw Andros and Circuit Astronema fighting. Astronema: "Good bye, brother!" She ran from this too. She then saw a balcony where she and Ecliptor were standing. Astronema: "When we're finished, there will be no good left in the universe. No love, no happiness. Only caos, anger, greed! Fight strong and destroy all the forces of goodness. Especially the Power Rangers. Go now and spread the wrath of Dark Spector!" Karone: "I was a real bi*c*." Lightining flashed again. Karone saw her former self throwing the boomerang. It hit all of the rangers. Astronema: "Its a beautiful day for destruction." Then there was a scene of Astronema laughing. Karone woke up screaming. She was breathing hard. She got up and teleported away.
    She was running down the street on Onyx. Galaxia on her ship: "We've done it! She's running away!" Then, from out of nowhere, green lightining flashed around Karone. Karone: "What in the world?" The lightining formed a face. The face materialized. An entire body formed and it walked toward her. Karone: "Ecliptor!!!" Ecliptor: "Hello my princess." Karone: "I've missed you so much!" Ecliptor: "I am hear to help you." Karone: "I really need someone to talk to." Ecliptor: "I know everything. Galaxia is playing with your mind." Karone: "I'm not fit to be the Pink Ranger." Ecliptor: "You are kind hearted person. All of that evil is in the past." Karone: "How do you know. I might still have darkness in my heart." Ecliptor: "No. Just look at all the good you have done." He raised his hand and a screen appeared in the sky. The scene of Astronema helping helping the rangers escape Darconda appeared. Cassie: "...and we've decided there's only one thing to do...and that is to make honorary Power Ranger. Karone: "I think I may know a way. I can get on the Dark Fortress and reprogram it." Andros: "I've spent my entire life trying to find you. I won't loose you again!" Karone: "It might be the only way to stop it. Astronema: "1 million." Man: "You bid 1 million dollars for the Quarsar Saber?" Astronema: "Or I get the saber and all of you...kepp you lives." Karone: "Lights of Orion, activate!" Karone: "Zord transforme now!" Karone: "Go galactic!" Kendrix: "Thanks for everything you've done." Karone: "I wouldn't have missed it for the world." Karone: "Psycho Blast!" Ecliptor: "See. Your life as Astronema is over. You are the Pink Ranger. Don't forget that." Karone: "You're right. I'm not going to let that witch Galaxia screw my life up!" Ecliptor was about to disappear. Karone: "Wait! Do you really have to leave?" Ecliptor: "Yes. I've done a million more evil thing than you have. Now I have to pay for my crimes." Karone: "But why?" Ecliptor: "I'll be back some day. Make me proud my princess. I love you." Karone: "I love you too." Ecliptor disappeared. Karone teleported back to where she had first saw Astronema.
    Karone: "Come out!" Astronema: "So, facing you fears?" Karone: "Skip the small talk. Psycho blast!" She pulled out her sword. She and Astronema had a fight using their weapons for a while. Then Karone knocked the septor out of Astronema's hand. Velossa ran up. Velossa: "You're problems are about to get bigger." She stuck her sword in the ground. Sparks flew. When they stopped, Astronema had grown. Karone: "Psycho Megazord power!" The other rangers ran into the zord control room. Zedd: "What's going on?" Karone: "Just another monster." Zedd: "That's one good looking monster!" Scorpina: "Shut up and drive." Astronema shot the megazord. The blast flew right off the of it. Karone: "Psycho megazord saber!" The megazord struck Astronema. She fell to the ground and exploaded.
    Galaxia: "How could that fail?" Brutus: "I don't know." Galaxia: "I have to cheer myself up. Brutus, give me you wallet!" Brutus: "Here." He took the money out and gave her the empty wallet. Galaxia: "What the he*l is this?" Brutus and Velossa were laughing hard now. Galaxia: "Shut you mouths or I will stick this some place that will hurt you! Velossa: "Good night everybody!" They backed out of the room.