Phase 1
(Silver Wolf Saga - part 1)

    It was about 8:00 the next morning. Cerina called the others to a large computer screen in the base. On it, Boron stood waiting for them. Cerina: "Fine, they're here. Now what do you want?" Boron: "I have some reather interesting news to share with you. You Blue Ranger was caught breaking in to a hospital last night. In hopes to return a child you had taken." Ransik and Kelly looked at each other with worried expressions. Boron: "She currently locked up; charged with kidnapping." He saw great fear spread through the group. He let out a low laugh. Boron: "I can see you're deeply disturbed, so I'll leave you now with this one thought. Its only the beginning." The screen went black. Cerina turned back to Ransik and Kelly. Cerina: "Oh now you've done it! Kari is in jail charged with the crime you comitted!" Ransik: "This was not our intention." Kelly: "Yeah. He even tried to stop her from going." Rick didn't say a word. He just starred at Ransik. Ransik took a few steps back from him. Kelly: "Why do you care if she's here on not? You don't care about anybody else." Cerina leaned up against the wall with one arm. Cerina: "I don't care about her specificly. We need a full team to have a chance of fighting Vulca." Rick finally spoke up. Rick: "We have to get her out of there." Kelly: "What and risk us getting caught too? I don't think so!" Rick: "There is no other choice! I won't leave her there!"
    Scorn: "I have just the way to start the war, Vulca." She walked up next to him and put her arm around him. Vulca: "Go on." Scorn: "The way I see it, an all out war against the rangers won't do any good if they run away after each attack. So why not take down their home base?" Kitana: "Because we can't find it." He laughed. Scorn: "Ah, but I have found it." Vulca's eyes lit up. Scorn: "Kari was foolish enough to trust me. She lead me right to it." Vulca: "So what do you propose? An attack with the Drika?" Scorn: "No. Its too easy to stop. All they would need to do is seal the doors off." He stood in thought for a moment. Both women looking at him eegerly. Scorn: "I say we use a bomb. Not a large one. It would be too easy to spot. Instead, a very small, ineffective bomb." Kitana: "And that's going to do what?" Scorn: "Nothing if left alone. But when gasoline is spread around the base by your soldiers...." Vulca: "Yes! And if the rangers are inside, our problems are over!" Scorn: "Exactly." A black bomb appeared in Scorn's hand. He handed it to Vulca. Vulca: "Kitana, take the Drika and see that this succeeds." Kitana: "This seems like such a waste of time. A direct approach would be so much more..." Scorn cut her off. Scorn: "Don't be a fool! If you go in there that way at first, they will stop you for sure!" She looked at Vulca, hoping for some backup. Vulca: "He's right. We've tried that before. They have defeated us every time." She snatched the bomb from her and and headed for the door. Vulca: "Well great. Now she's pi*sed off." Scorn: "A matter of little importance. All that matters now is your victory. Her feelings can be delt with after we are finished here."
    Cerina went into her room and slammed the door. Niki and Lucas were on the bed talking. They both stopped when she came in. Lucas: "What's going on?" Cerina: "Once again, Ransik has royally screwed us! Kari is locked up because she returned that baby Kelly was stupid enough to take!" Lucas: "What are you going to do?" Cerina: "I don't know. We need to get her back, but we can't risk sending another ranger in after her." After a minute, she had an answer. Cerina: "I have to go. Its the only way." Niki: "No! What if Vulca catches you?" Cerina: "She won't. Not if I'm lucky anyway." Lucas: "I don't know if that's such a good idea. She's right, you could get caught. And you know she wouldn't let you go after what you did to her." Cerina: "I don't care. I'm the only one who knows the layout of the palace well enough to get through quickly." Niki got an idea, but kept quiet about it. Lucas: "When are you going to do it?" Cerina: "In a few hours. If I do it right away, she'll be expecting me." He left the room again. Niki looked up at Lucas. Niki: "Can you go get me a drink?" Lucas: "Couldn't you get it yourself?" She had a cute look on her face as she continued. Niki: "Please." Lucas: "All right." He got up and headed out into the hall. A few seconds after he left, Niki jumped off the bed and ran down the hall. She stood at the back door, looked around to make sure no one saw her, then ran outside. She tore down the path as fast as she could.... right towards the palace.
    Kitana walked up to the cave a few minutes later. She leaned down and set the bomb for five minutes. Kitana: "Go! Spread that sh*t so we can get out of here!" The scattered in all directions pooring gas from big, grey cans. Kitana: "I can't believe they'd reather do this than fight them. This is so boring." The Drika returned to her and turned their cans upside down. They were empty. Kitana: "Good. Lets go before that thing goes off." They teleported away.
    Cerina got ready to leave. She walked towards the door just as the bomb reached zero. A huge explosion came rushing through the hall. She fell, but quickly got back up to run. She ran into Rick on the way out, and they both headed for the door. Once outside, they saw the others. Cerina looked over in the bushes and saw Lucas. They watched as rocks came falling down. Their home became nothing more than a pile of ruble. All of a sudden Cerina gasped. She started to run back towards the cave, but Rick grabbed her. She struggled to get away. Rick: "What are you doing?" Cerina: "Niki! She's inside!" Rick tried his hardest to hold her, but she kept trying to break free. Cerina: "No! Let me go!" Rick: "Its too late! Its gone! We watched it burn!" She tore away from him and fell to the ground. Tears ran down her face. Ransik: "We can't be positive she was in there." Cerina: "What else could have happened? She was in there with all of us last time I saw her and now.... now she's gone." They all stood silent for a long moment. Unsure of what to say. Kelly walked up and put her arm around Cerina. She spun around and threw her arm off. Cerina: "Don't touch me!" Kelly: "I was just..." Cerina: "Save it!" She turned and ran into the woods. After she had gone, the others stood there confused. Rick: "What are we going to do for a base? We can't stay out here of Vulca will nail us for sure." Ransik: "And now Kari and Cerina are both gone." Kelly: "Cerina will come back. She always does. But Kari is the problem. We can't even hope to free her now. If someone goes after us when we do it, we have no place to run to." They all looked worried. Rick looked up at the big, dark palace. His face saddened. He missed her more than he would ever admit.
    Vulca looked down and laughed. The sight of the burning remains of the cave brought a feeling of victory to her. Vulca: "Its working! We're really doing it!" Scorn: "Calm down. It was only the first strike. There are many more before we can start celebrating." Kitana came walking through the door. Kitana: "I did it. Are you happy?" Vulca: "Very. Just look. They're all standing around without a clue." Scorn looked down and scratched his head. Scorn: "Hummm." Vulca looked at him. Vulca: "What is it?" Scorn: "Something puzzles me. Cerina ran off screaming something about the daughter you said she had. But we didn't authorize anything to do with her." Kitana: "Don't look at me. I didn't see the kid." Vulca: "Something's wrong. She should be there." Kitana: "Don't tell me you're worried. She's six!" Vulca: "Age has nothing to do with it! She is Cerina's child. Therefore she is a threat." Scorn: "Find her." Kitana: "Who are you to give me orders?" Vulca: "Don't question him. Just go." She walked out yet again to do their bidding, but getting reather fed up with them.
    Niki ran up to the palace and started for the front door. She stopped. Niki: "What's wrong with me? I can't go in the front." She ran around the side and into the back door. She looked a long dark hallway, which was normal for the royal palace. Niki: "Now where was the jail?" She had only been there once in her life. When Cerina had captured one of the lead rebels from Kari's original team. She tried to think back to that day. To remember something about the room. Niki: "It was dark and cold." She was going to continue, but ran around the corner when she heard some Drika coming. They passed by without seeing her. She went back around the corner and noticed a big, stone door. She tried to pull it open, but it was to heavy. She pulled harder, and fell. When she looked up, she saw Boron staring down at her. Boron: "You again."
    Rick gathered the others together. Rick: "We have to go into hiding. If we wait for the others, we will all end up dead." Ransik: "Well, where do you propose we hide?" He didn't respond, just started walked on a path into the woods. Kelly leaned close to Ransik as they walked. Kelly: "We're trusting this guy. There's something terribly wrong with that." Ransik: "I know, but we don't have a choice. Vulca will kill us if we stay here." Kelly: "He could kill us just as easily. We have no idea where we're going." Ransik: "There are two of us and one of him. He can't take us alone." As they continued, Kelly realized something. Kelly: "If we go out here alone, maybe we'll get lucky. Cerina might not find us. And lord knows we could use a vacation from her." Ransik: "As far as I'm concerned, all three of them can burn in he*l." Kelly laughed. Kelly: "Hold on. Lets take this one step at a time."
    Niki looked up at him with the same evil look he often saw on her mother's face. Niki: "Get on of my way." Boron laughed. Boron: "What are you doing back here? Forget you doll?" Niki: "I don't have to explain sh*t to you. Now move!" Boron: "Oh you're more like Cerina every day." She started to push past him, but he pushed her back. Boron: "Not so fast." She sighed. Boron: "You want that girl back. The rangers were scared and you came in instead." She didn't answer. Boron: "I'll bet they don't even know you're here." Niki: "Is there a point to all this?" Boron: "I could easily turn you over to Vulca right now." He paused. Boron: "But I don't think I will. As a matter of fact, I'll help you." Niki: "Why should I trust you? You were a jerk before." Boron: "Vulca and Kitana treat me like I'm not even here. The only time they say a word to me is when they need something." She nodded. Boron: "So I see no reason to help them win." Niki: "Fine. Where is she?" He opened the stone door and walked inside. They went around a corner and saw a cage built into the wall. Kari ran to the bars. Kari: "Niki, what are you doing here? Where are the others?" Niki: "They're not here. I came to get you out." Kari: "If you so much as think of hurting her..." Boron: "I'm not here for that." He went over and broke the lock on the cage. He opened the door and Kari ran to Niki's side. They both jumped when they saw a knife go flying into Boron's back. Kitana stood in the doorway. Kitana: "Traitor."
    Rick stopped when they got to a waterfall. It had rocks on each side of it and a place where some of the dirt had washed away. There was enough space under that to hide. Kelly gave him a dirty look. Kelly: "I don't think so." Rick: "Would you reather stay out there in the open?" Kelly: "What I'd reather do is have Nadira back and go home like none of the mess ever happened." Rick: "Its to late for that. Nadira's gone and you're not going anywhere. Not until Vulca is defeated."
    Boron turned slowly to face Kitana. Boron: "You caused this. Not me." He ran at her with all his strength and tackled her. Boron: "Go! Get out of here now!" Niki ran to his side. Niki: "What about you?" Boron: "Its to late for me. Get out and stop Vulca." Kari saw the blood running down his armor. Kari: "The knife is to deep. He's right." She got up ran for the door. Kari was behind her. Boron with his last breath: "One day you'll pay for what you've done, Kitana. One day, you lack of honor will be your undoing." With that, he died. She pushed his dead body off into the floor and stood up. She looked down at him and laughed. Kitana: "What a waste." She pulled the knife from his back and put it back into the strap on her leg. Then headed back up to the throne room.
    Kitana went back up to her masters. She couldn't help but laugh. Scorn and Vulca were talking about their victory when she entered. Scorn: "What do you want now? Your inturruptions are getting tiresome." Kitana: "Oh excuse me, but I thought Vulca might like to know that Kari is gone." She groaned. Vulca: "How?" Kitana: "You're really going to love this." She didn't seem amused by Kitana's attitude. Kitana: "Niki freed her.... with Boron's help." Vulca: "And you let them get away?" Kitana: "Yes, they got away. But I killed Boron." Vulca: "Get out." Kitana: "Fine. It wasn't my fault." She walked out of the room once again. Vulca: "Now what?" Scorn put his arm around her. Scorn: "Don't worry. She may have escaped, but she has no place to run. Remember?" Vulca: "I can't believe that little brat did this. I should have killed her when I had the chance!"
    Kari and Niki found Cerina a few hours later. She stood at a stream, looking down at the water. Niki: "Mom!" Cerina turned and saw her running towards her. She put her arms around her and held her tightly for a long time. Cerina: "Do you have any idea how worried I was? I thought you were dead!" Niki: "Don't worry about me. I freed Kari. Now we're a full team again." She nodded at Kari. Cerina: "That's no excuse. Don't ever run off like that again." Cerina stood up and looked at Kari. She didn't say anything. Kari: "What happened?" Cerina: "Its the cave... Vulca destroyed it." Kari: "What? How? She doesn't even know where it is!" Cerina: "I don't know any of that. It just blew up. Almost with us inside." Kari jammed her fist into the palm of her hand. Kari: "That was our only escape from her." Rick came running at them at that moment. He saw that Kari already knew about their base. The look of anger combined with worry gave that away. Rick: "We have somewhere to go. But its not a permenant solution." Cerina: "How'd you find a place so fast?" Rick: "Its just a place out in the woods." Cerina and Kari both looked at him like he was crazy. Cerina: "She found us in a state of the art facility and you think some kiddy fort in the woods is going to save us!" Rick: "We can hide behind the waterfall until we find a better place. We're out of options." They started to head back to the hideout. Cerina: "Do you think all of this happened by coincidence? I mean, she captures you and destroy our base. Its like she's trying everything at once." Kari: "You were her warrior. What do you think?" Cerina: "I've never seen her act on two things at the same time." Kari thought for a moment. Kari: "Ya know, neither of these seem like big things. Both were resolved pretty quickly. Either she's getting sloppy, or...." Cerina: "Or this is part of something bigger." Kari: "Exactly. There's no way she'd do two little things like this and then stop. There's got to be something else." Niki: "A secret weapon." Kari: "Yeah. Any idea what that could be, Cerina?" Rick had gotten pretty far ahead of them, in a hurry to return to hiding. Cerina: "I don't think its something I know about. She'd know better than to use that stuff against us." Niki: "So she kept stuff from you? You were her second in command." Cerina: "She's smart. There's no way she'd reveal all her secrets. Not even to me."