Dawn of the Silver Ranger
(Silver Wolf Saga - Part 3)

    Ice felt the plane slowly sink down. As she glanced around, worried, she felt it hit the ground. Not as a crash, but a soft landing as if she had done it herself. Slowly, she climbed out and looked around. She was in a huge field. She threw the helmet to the ground and walked a few feet from the jet. Ice: "What is this place?" She looked down at the pink grass and felt totally overwelmed. Ice: "Hello?" She looked at her watch, but it was scrambled like the controls in the jet. Ice began to think back to her time as a Psycho Ranger. Ice: "Could Hevesta have come back? Is this her world?" She looked at her wrist and gasped. She saw her morpher disappear. Ice: "This is to weird!" Frightened, she started to run. Unsure of where she was going. After a minute, she stopped dead in her tracks. Her hands went into tight fists. Ice: "I should have known it was you."
    Kari went over to Cerina. She looked at Ransik and Kelly. Kari: "Do you know what's going on with them? They came back in a few minutes ago. They look upset." Cerina: "I saw them leave earlier. They went to find whoever's been leaving them those clues. Lucas said it wasn't the Time Force." Kari: "Then who?" Cerina: "I don't know, but I'm about to find out." She walked up right in front of them. They were sitting on the ground with their arms around each other. Cerina: "What happened out there?" Kelly: "Mind your own da*n business." Kari came up beside. Kari: "Cerina's not trying to be cruel. Really, what's wrong?" Ransik finally answered. Ransik: "Vulca took Nadira." Kari: "Took her?" Kelly: "She's dead, ok!" The women were shocked. Cerina walked away after that. Kari: "I don't know what to say, I..." Ransik: "You were right. She is pure evil and she must be stopped." Kari: "She has killed thousands on this planet. I tried to tell you that." Kelly: "It never mattered to us. Never had any reason to." Ransik: "Until now. We have a reason to fight." Kari: "I won't pretend to know how you feel right now. I can't even begin to imagine. I'll be around if you need anything." Ransik: "All right."
    Kitana stood in front of Ice with her sword drawn. Kitana: "We meet again, Blue Ranger." Ice: "Where am I and what happened to my morpher?" Kitana didn't answer, just prepared to attack. Ice turned to run, but Kitana grabbed her. She spun her around and punched her in the face. Kitana: "Not so tough without the others, are you?" Ice kicked Kitana back and started to run again. When she came up on her, Ice kicked her in the stomach and took off. Kitana looked up to see her running. Kitana: "You won't escape! I know this entire planet, Ranger!" Kitana's words began to sound distant as she ran.
    Vulca looked egerly at Scorn. Vulca: "Are you ready?" He nodded. Scorn: "Yes." He strapped the morpher to his wrist. Vulca: "I can't believe Kitana would miss this." Scorn: "She said she had to take care of something. It isn't our concern." Vulca: "I guess." The morpher began to glow. The silver suit flooded over him. He laughed as the helemet formed making the costume complete. Scorn: "They're done for."
    The two of them walked up to the rangers' camp. Kari was the first to spot them. Kari: "Guys, come on." The ran outside ready to fight, but stopped. Cerina put her hand over her mouth. Vulca smiled. Cerina: "A silver ranger?" Vulca: "You didn't think you knew all my secrets, did you?" Ransik didn't pay any attention to her ranger. Just kept his eyes focused on Vulca. Kari: "Psycho Blast!" The rangers morphed. Vulca stepped slowly back giving Scorn room for battle. Cerina stepped forward first, but before she knew it, Scorn punched her back. He ran up beside her, knocked her to the ground, and kicked her in the side of the head. Kari came up behind him, but was thrown the moment she got within arm's reach. Rick tried to through a punch, but Scorn grabbed his fist and squeezed. Rick began to scream. His hand was making the same noises as the Drika's neck had made earlier. Kelly jumped into the air and tried to kick him. He let go of Rick, grabbed her leg and threw her. Ransik tried to go after Vulca, but Scorn did three filps in the air and landed between them. Scorn: "You deal with me." He jumped and kicked Ransik in the chest. As Cerina started to get back up, he pointed his fist at her. Then fired six silver energy balls at her, one after the other. She goaned in pain as she hit the ground once again. Scorn: "You call yourselves rangers." He came up beside Rick. Scorn: "Get up you sorry son of a bi*ch." When he did, Scorn jammed his elbow into his face and thew him. He went through the air like he weighed nothing at all.
    Niki and Lucas sat off away from the battle. He had taken her away from the camp when Vulca first came. Niki: "Are we ever going to get to go home?" Lucas: "The cave might be able to be fixed, but it would take more time than they've got. Vulca won't let up long enough." Niki: "Hey, who was that silver guy with her?" Lucas: "A monster?" Niki: "No. I know every monster she has." She whispered: "I used to play with the tablets they're made from when she wasn't looking." Lucas laughed. Niki in normal tone again: "This guy looked like one of you. A ranger." Lucas thought back to the glimpse he had gotten of him. Lucas: "Oh my God." He stood up quickly. Lucas: "It was a ranger! Vulca has another Psycho!" He started to run to help them, but Niki ran in front of him. Niki: "No! You can't let Ransik and Kelly see you! Remember?" Lucas: "Da*n. I forgot." Before they could think of what to do, they saw Ice come running towards them. She almost ran past, but Lucas grabbed her. She took his arm with her other hand and slammed him to the ground. Lucas: "Hey lady, what's wrong with you?" She stopped when she got a good look at him. Ice: "Lucas?" Ice had met him once when Ransik teamed up with Hevesta in an attempt to destroy them. She helped him to his feet. Ice: "I'm so sorry." Lucas brushed himself off. Lucas: "What are you doing here?" She sighed. Ice: "That's what I'd like to know. One minute I'm flying a new jet and the next I'm stuck here." She looked at the two of them. Then at the sky in all its colors. Ice: "Where is here anyway?" Niki: "This is Stregna." Ice: "I... I don't understand." Lucas took her hand. Lucas: "Sit down. You need to calm down. Then we can try to figure this out."
    Kelly got up and ran to Ransik. Kelly: "How do we beat this guy?" Before he could comment, Scorn shot energy blasts at them, knocking them both back down. Scorn: "Simple. You can't!" Cerina: "I don't know who you are, but you can't do this! She's using you! And she'll throw you away like all the others!" He kicked her in the mouth. Scorn: "Silence!" Kari prepared to shoot to a blue wave at him. He laughed quietly and turned to face her. Standing perfectly still, he signaled for her to fire. She was confused, but did it anyway. As the blue water washed over him, Kari hoped he was finished. But when he cleared, he stood just as he was, laughing at them all. The rangers all ran together. Scorn: "Perfect." He sent another ball of energy at them. This one bigger than the last. It hit them all, sending them flying into the air. Vulca raised her septor into the air with a victorious scream. When the landed, their suits were covered in burn marks. None of them tried to move. Scorn turned to Vulca. Scorn: "They're finished. For now." She walked over to him, thrilled with his performance. Vulca: "Excellant work."
    After Ice had calmed down, she began to explain things to Lucas and Niki. Ice: "I went up in this new jet and everything was going fine until... the sky starting changing color. I don't know what went wrong." Lucas nodded, but didn't comment. Ice: "I knew some people who lived here not too long ago." Niki: "Who?" Ice: "They were rangers. Fought Cyann." Niki suddenly looked very confused. Ice: "What?" Niki: "That was 15 years ago." Ice: "Huh?" Niki: "Cyann's been dead for 15 years. Vulca is in charge now." Ice: "That's not possible. It was just last year I worked with them." Lucas: "That plane, how fast were you going?" She had to think for a minute. Ice: "I'm not really sure. All I remember was passing the record speed and then... its a blur." He sighed. Lucas: "I think that might be it. If that was fast enough, it would be capable of time travel. As for ending up here, probably just a glitch." Ice: "I don't believe this." Lucas looked at his watch. Lucas: "Go back to the camp, Niki. Take Ice with you." Ice: "What?" Lucas: "My girlfriend will take care of you. She's a Psycho Ranger too." Ice: "All right."
    Scorn layed in bed while Vulca removed her blue helmet. She ran her hand through her hair. Vulca: "That was absolutely amazing!" Scorn: "I told you I could handle them." He looked down at the morpher, still attached to his wrist. Scorn: "But this was very helpful." Vulca: "Do you think they're awake yet?" Scorn: "No chance." Vulca: "I wish I could be there when they do. And finally realize I have the power to kill them whenever I choose." He laughed. Scorn: "We can make our next move tomorrow." She came over and layed next to him. Vulca: "And what will that be?" Scorn: "I have an idea. But there's no reason to worry with it right now. Just go to sleep." Vulca: "You always do that! You get me talking about it and then you won't tell me sh*t!" Scorn: "I enjoy watching you speculate. Like a child waiting for present." She playfully elbowed him in the side. Then turned the light out.
*  *  *
    The next morning, the rangers were all up late. Cerina stood away from them thinking about the Silver Ranger. Niki came running over to her. Niki: "Where did that ranger come from?" Cerina: "Vulca had another morpher. One she didn't tell us about." She looked over at the others, who were as beat up as she was. Cerina: "He nearly killed us last night. We don't stand a chance if he attacks again." Ice came walking over to them with a concerned look on her face. Cerina: "And who are you?" Ice: "A friend of Lucas'." Cerina: "From the future?" She shook her head. Ice: "No. We only met once. But now that I'm stuck here, he offered to help me." Cerina: "Oh really." She looked down at Niki. Cerina: "Go wake up the others." She could tell Cerina just wanted her to leave them alone for a while. She quietly walked away. Cerina: "So you just show up here from out of nowehere and he offers to help you. Why?" Ice: "I don't know! What's your problem?" Cerina: "Do you think I was born yesterday? I'm not buying any this." Ice: "Any of what?" Cerina: "The only reason you're here is Lucas. And I've got some sad news for ya, honey. He's taken." Ice: "I know this looks bad, but I don't want to take him away from you. I just need a place to stay." Cerina: "Oh please!" Ice: "Its the truth weather you believe it or not." Cerina: "Let me guess, you're one of those rich girls who think they can't get whatever they want. Well its not happening this time. Not with him." Ice: "You couldn't be more wrong. I have never got anything the easy way." Ice: "Don't give me some long story of your life. Just stay the he*l outa mine." She turned and stormed off. Ice stood there watching her, completely blown away.
    Kelly: "Well it looks like we won't be taking down Vulca any time soon. Not with that silver guy around." A breathed an angry sigh. Ransik: "She did this on purpose. She told us knowing she'd have him to protect her. So now she can sit there and watch us suffer." Kelly: "We have to put our efforts into beating the new ranger. After he's gone, Vulca won't have any defenses. I won't let Kitana stop us, so he is our only real problem." Ransik: "If he beat the whole team, we have no chance of taking him alone." Kelly: "I never said alone. Just let the others come up with a way to beat him. There's no reason we should waste our time." Ransik: "True. That way we'd have saved ourselves for the queen." Kelly: "Now you're getting it."
    Later, Ice went to see Lucas. Lucas: "So did you explain everthing to Cerina?" Ice: "I tried to. But some how she came up with the idea that I'm trying to take you from her." Lucas: "What?" Ice: "That's what I said." Lucas: "I'm sorry about whatever she said." Ice: "Its all right. Its not your fault. But I don't see how you can stand that woman." Lucas: "She's really not that bad. She just over reacts sometimes." Ice: "She needs to learn to keep her mouth shut." He started to laugh. Lucas: "Her shut her mouth? No chance." Ice: "She does this a lot?" Lucas: "She will shoot her mouth off whenever she feels the need. And there isn't one person on this planet that can stop her. But that's what I like about her. That fire makes things interesting." Ice: "Then tell her to save the 'fire' for the bedroom, cause I sure as he*l don't need it." Lucas: "Okay, but you do need try to be nice to her. Other wise you'll never get anything from her but an attitude." Ice: "I don't know if I can do that. You know how she comes off and..." Lucas: "She's not a bad person. I'm telling you. You just have to get past all that other stuff." She didn't respond. Lucas: "Do you think she was all rosy with me the first day? No. As a matter of fact, I thought she threatened to kill me when we first met." Ice: "So what changed your mind?" Lucas: "As I said, I find that side of her attractive. But when I saw her with her little girl, I knew there was more to her than that. She tries so hard with that kid. I just had to respect her." Ice was silent for a moment. Ice: "Well... she did she pretty well behaved." Lucas: "Yeah, and that's because of Cerina." Ice: "Wow. That is so hard to believe." Lucas: "I know, I know." He looked over at the path that lead to the camp. Lucas: "I'll go find her. You just stay here till I get back." Ice: "Okay. You want a bullet-proof vest or something?" He smiled and started to follow the path back.
    Vulca got up that morning to find Scorn was missing. She climbed out of bed and put on her usual blue gown with the helmet. Vulca: "Kitana!" She came walking in a few seconds later. Kitana: "What?" Vulca: "Where's Scorn?" Kitana: "He said he was going to start the next part of the plan." Vulca: "Without me? How dare he!" Kitana: "Relax. If he wants to do all the work, let him. You can kick back and enjoy yourself." Vulca: "I guess so." She headed for the door. Vulca: "Hey, wait a minute. What about you?" Kitana: "I've got something I have to do." Vulca: "Same thing as yesterday?" Kitana: "Yeah. I failed before, but not today." Vulca: "Can I ask what you're up to? Or would that be overdoing it?" Of course she didn't really care weather she overdid it or not, seeing as how Kitana was her warrior. Kitana: "Oh you can ask. I just don't necessarily have to answer you." She shrugged and headed out into the hall. Kitana followed her part of the way. Kitana: "When I first got her you never would have let me get away with that. What's going on?" She smiled. Vulca: "Love does strange things. Not that you'd know anything about that." Kitana: "You've only known Scorn a few days. How can you be in love with him already?" Vulca: "Its fate I guess. I held out my whole life. Never once did I bother to go on a date. I knew what I wanted and no man in my life ever had that." She paused. Vulca: "Until now. He is everything I've ever dreamed of. Pure evil, but with a romantic side. His plans are well thought out and those eyes! God da*n!" Kitana: "I've noticed that. When I butted in when you were on the ship, he gave me this cold star. I thought he was going to try to have me killed or something!" Vulca: "That's him." Kitana: "Keep in mind I said 'try to kill me'. Not that he'd succeed or anything." Vulca dryly: "Right." The ladies went in their seperate directions.
    Lucas walked over to Cerina, but she didn't give him time to speak. Cerina: "I want her gone. And I mean now." Lucas: "You're wrong about her. Just listen to me for a minute." Cerina: "She thinks she can just march her little blonde..." Lucas: "Just listen! Okay?" She didn't answer, but decided to shut up. Lucas: "She was a ranger years ago. We met when our teams worked together. Ransik made an allience with Hevesta (series 3 villainess) and we had to stop him." Cerina: "And you're willing to help her just because of that?" Lucas: "Yes. Its nothing more than that." Cerina: "I just don't see how you two could cross paths after all this time. Unless she planned it this way. Get in close and the seduce you." Lucas: "Ice isn't like that." Cerina: "Sure she's not. She may be in a uniform now, but I'm telling you I know a slut when I see one." Lucas: "She is a good ranger. And she may even be able to help us against Psycho Silver... if you let her." Cerina: "No way! I'm not taking help from her. Not even against him!" Lucas: "Do you really think I'd let her steal me away?" Cerina: "You told me how you are with women." Lucas: "Women I didn't care about, yes. But you're different." Cerina: "How do I know that? What if this is just another smooth line. You could be playing me like all the others." He looked at her adoringly. Lucas: "I wouldn't put up with this from any woman put you. Doesn't that tell you how devoted I am?" Cerina: "Fine. I believe you wouldn't cheat on me. But that doesn't mean she won't try to take you anyway?" Lucas: "Honestly, where do you come up with this stuff? Not seen enough of Ransik so you have to bust my a*s too?" Cerina: "I don't like. That's it. Now just leave it alone."
    Rick was looking off a mountain into the distance when Ice came up behind him. Ice: "What's wrong with you?" Rick: "So you supossed to help us with that ranger?" Ice: "Yeah, how'd you know?" Rick: "I know more than I let on." Ice: "But I asked you a question." Rick: "Its none of your business." She walked up next to him. Ice: "Maybe not. But I might be able to help you." Rick: "I don't need help from anybody." Ice: "Don't tell me you're going to bite my head off too. The girl in the white tank-top already did that." Rick: "Oh Cerina. You'll get used to that after a while." Ice: "That's what everybody keeps saying. But I really don't see how." He laughed softly. Rick: "Just be thankful you're not Ransik." She gave him a clueless look. Rick: "The old guy." She nodded. Ice: "Oh." Rick: "She punched him right in the mouth a while back." Ice: "Da*n. What'd he do?" Rick: "Who can remember? But whatever it was, I'll bet he never does it again." The were silent for a minute. Rick: "I didn't think a girl that size could pack a punch like that." Ice: "Don't give me that. Women can do anything a man can do, reguardless of size." He looked a little surprised. Ice: "I spent my whole life trying to prove that." Rick: "Really." Ice: "When I was a little girl, all I ever wanted to do was fly. But everybody said that was a man's career. That I should stay home, have kids, that kinda stuff. But I wouldn't listen. I kept on pushing until the finally let me in the air force. After working my way up little by little, I met cournal Bill Kelly. That one was the trick. Convincing him I had what it took to fly was the hardest thing I ever had to do. But I did it. Took me years, but I did it." Rick: "I've got the wrong attitude. I get it."
    Lucas: "The reason you don't like her is completely crazy!" Cerina: "I told you, leave it alone." They were cut off by the sound of screaming. Voice: "Noooo! Mom!" Cerina: "Niki!" She took off running full speed towards the sound of her voice. Lucas tried to follow, but he was pretty far behind her. When she found her, the Silver Ranger had one arm around her throat and the other holding her arms behind her back. Scorn: "You know what we want, Cerina." Cerina: "Let her go you son of a bi*ch!" She charged at him, but he vanished with Niki just before she got to him. Cerina: "No!" She was breathing hard. She just kept staring at the spot where they stood. She couldn't take her eyes off of it.