Dream's Reveal
(Silver Wolf Saga - Part 5)

    Kari and Scorn walked down at dark ally one night. Kari: "Where are we going?" Scorn: "You'll see. I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise." The kept walking until they hit a dead end. A brick wall at the end of the ally. Kari: "Would you please tell me what we're doing here?" Scorn: "Oh, you don't really want me to spoil the end do you?" Kari: "John, come on. You're creeping me out." Scorn: "Do you have some place to be?" Kari: "Uh, yeah. I have to meet..." He grabbed her shoulder and pushed her against the cold wall. Scorn: "You're going nowhere." He pushed harder until she screamed in pain. Her eyes grew wide when she saw fire in his eyes. Scorn: "You're mine Kari... mine... mine....
    Kari: "No!!" She sat up quickly and looked around. She was on the ground at the camp. Her face was drenched in sweat. She got up slowly, shaken by the dream. Then walked over by the water fall. Kelly stood watching the water. The smoke from her cigarette rising into the air. She turned and saw Kari walking up beside her. Kari: "What are you doing up?" Kelly: "I'm always up at this time. Something about that midnight smoke I can't live without. What about you? You're usually out cold by now." Kari: "I just had the weirdest dream." Kelly: "Oh yeah?" Kari: "You know that guy John I've been seeing?" Kelly: "Oh sure. I heard you on the phone with him the other day." Kari: "Well he was in it, but... he was different." Kelly flicked some ashes to the ground. Kelly: "Different how?" Kari: "Like.. evil." She nodded. Kari: "I don't understand where something like that could come from. We've been doing so well lately. And all of a sudden, this." Kelly: "I don't know if I necessarily believe this, but I heard dreams can look into the future. Somehow tell you what's about to happen. Or in this case, what's been happening all along." Kari: "I don't know." Kelly: "My Psychology teacher in high school. Like I said, it might be a crock of sh*t. Just trying to help." Kari: "But he seemed so perfect. He couldn't be evil. Wouldn't he have shown some signs? Given me some kinda hint or something." Kelly: "Usually. But if he's smart, he could have had you fooled." She threw the cigarette into the waterfall. Kelly: "You going back to bed?" Kari: "No. I couldn't go back to sleep now." She headed back towards her section of the camp. Kari: "See ya."
    Meanwhile, Ransik sat in a bar. He was alone in a booth thinking about Nadira. Karone came walking in about half an hour after he did. Karone: "Water." Bartender: "Water in a bar?" Karone: "I don't drink. And you're the only place open." Bartender: "No problem." She sat down on the stool and started looking over a piece of paper Ecliptor had given her. Karone: "Cyris Crystal? What is that?" The bartender overheard her mumbling as he brought he water. Bartender: "What do you want with they Cyris Crystal?" Karone: "Its a secret. But I need it." Bartender: "You won't get it. Vulca's got it locked up." Karone: "Vulca." In her head: "I wish I could go up to the palace and explain all this to her. Then getting the Crystal would be no problem." Karone: "Locked up where?" He began to wipe off the bar. Bartender: "Are you serious? You're really going to go for it?" Karone: "I have to. Do you know where it is?" Bartender: "Well yeah. A little ways north of here, there's a big compound. Electric fences, guard dogs, everything. Its inside." Karone: "Ooch." Bartender: "If you're smart, you'll stay away from there. If the queen ever caught you trying to steel it, she'd throw you in jail for the rest of your life." She sighed and looked down at the picture of it on the paper. Karone: "What does it do? I mean, why the big fuss?" Bartender: "Nobody's really sure how much its capable of. But its pretty much just a power source." She nodded. Bartender: "I can't say any more. I shouldn't have even told you this much." Karone: "I understand. Thank you for your help." She got up and headed for the door. Ransik turned his head slightly. Ransik: "Hey, you. Come here."
    Niki and Lucas sat together in the dark. Neither one could sleep. Niki: "Guess what?" Lucas waited for her to continue. Niki: "Last night Ice said she'd teach me to fight!" Lucas: "She did?" Niki: "Yeah! Then I can go into battle and everything!" Lucas: "Did Cerina hear this?" She nodded. Lucas: "And she's okay with it?" Niki: "No. But I think we can convince her." Lucas: "We? Hold on!" Niki: "Don't you think its a good idea. You said they needed help with the Silver Ranger." Lucas: "Its to dangerous." Niki: "That's what everybody says." Lucas: "I don't see the problem with her teaching you. But for you to go out and ask for trouble afterwards... no way." Niki: "Oh please! You have to convince mom! She'll listen to you!" Lucas: "I can't. If something happened to you, I'd be responsible." Niki: "No you wouldn't!" Cerina came walking out of the darkness. Cerina: "Stop pestering Lucas and get in bed." Niki came up and whispered in his ear: "Please, please, please..." Cerina: "Go to bed." Niki: "What bed?" She had forgotten they were still stuck outside. Cerina: "Fine. Go to sleep!" She ran off into the woods. Lucas: "She's not sleeping, you do know that." Cerina: "Of course not." Cerina sat down beside him and put her arm around him. Cerina: "So what was all that about?" Lucas: "She wants to fight with you." Cerina: "Oh that again. Its Ice's fault. She put the idea in her head." Lucas: "The idea was there from day one when she wanted a morpher. Ice just reminded her of it." Cerina: "Well that didn't help at all." Lucas: "She didn't do it on purpose. She just wanted to be nice." She slammed her hand on the ground. Cerina: "Why do you always defend her?" Lucas: "Because she hasn't done anything wrong yet!" Cerina: "First she shows up here after you. And now she wants to endanger my daughter." Lucas held his head. Lucas: "You warned me about the headaches going in, but I didn't listen."
    She looked surprised. Slowly, she walked over to his table. Ransik: "Sit down. I may be able to help you out." She was reluctant, but sat. Ransik: "So you want to steel that thing?" Karone: "Yeah. You know somebody that can help me?" Ransik: "You're looking at him." Karone: "You?" Ransik: "I've been steeling things my entire life. I had to do it to survive. Believe me, I can get your silly crystal." Karone: "Why should I trust you?" Ransik: "You probably shouldn't. But what other choice do you have?" She thought it over. Karone: "You have a point." Ransik: "So do you want my help or not?" Karone: "Yeah." She held out her hand. Karone: "I'm Karone." She shook it tightly. Ransik: "Ransik." She smiled at him. Karone: "So before we get started, can I ask you something?" Ransik: "Why of course." Karone: "Why are you willing to do this? You heard that guy say how dangerous it is." Ransik: "I going through a rough time now. I need to focus on something. Try to keep my mind off of my problems." Karone: "I see. So where do we start?" Ransik: "I find I do my best work without planning. Just take things as they come." Karone: "I was kinda hoping for more secure approach." Ransik: "Don't worry about it. I never get caught.... for longer than five minutes at a time." Karone: "So you're that good?" Ransik: "Yes. My wife and I are the best." Karone: "Oh, you're married? How long?" Ransik: "Well technically we're divorced. But we're working things out." Karone: "That's great. I hope everything works out for you two." He nodded his head. It surprised him that he found himself liking her.
    Kari laid down and tried to go back to sleep. She tossed and turned for a few minutes, until a voice woke her. Rick: "Something wrong?" She sat up slowly. He could tell she was scared of something. Kari: "I think you were right." Rick: "About?" Kari: "John. You warned me. I should have listened." He sat down next to her. Rick: "What happened?" Kari: "I had this dream earlier. And now every time I close my eyes, I see him. Just staring at me. Haunting me." Rick: "What are you going to do?" She started to shiver from the cold night air. Kari: "I'm not sure. If I break it off with him, he could try something. But if I stay with him, I'll never know when he would try something." Rick: "You can't stay with him. He's dangerous. I'm telling you he's the one who totaled the cave." Kari: "But what if we're wrong? What if these dreams are just... bull sh*t and he really is the great guy I thought he was?" He shook his head. Rick: "No way. Its all too perfect with you and him. It can't be real." Kari: "So I was too blind to see it." Rick: "It wasn't you're fault. You say what you wanted and you went for it. That's natural." Kari: "But why me?" Rick: "You're single and even though you don't admit it, you trust people. Just look how quickly you took to me. I saved you one time and automatically you wanted to get to know me." Kari: "I know. I'm bad with that." Rick: "It wouldn't be such a bad thing if so many people weren't jerks."
    Ransik: "So why would a nice girl like yourself want to rob someone? It doesn't make sense." Karone: "Its not for me. My dad needs it." His expression saddened. Karone: "I'm sorry. Was it something I said?" Ransik: "No. I've been like this for days." Karone: "I hope you don't think I'm being nosy, but what happened?" Ransik: "I lost my daughter the other day." She put her hand over her mouth. Karone: "That's awful." Ransik: "That heartless monster killed her right in front of the Time Rangers." Karone: "Who was it?" Ransik: "Vulca." She gasped. Ransik: "You've heard of her?" She didn't know how to answer at first. Karone: "Uh.. yeah. She's the queen, right?" Ransik: "What passes for royalty around here." Karone: "Why would she kill her?" Ransik: "She's evil. She doesn't need a reason! She just does whatever she wants, no matter who it hurts!" Karone remembered the sweet little girl she helped back in 2000. She had taken her to a scientist who made her age seven years. That way she would be safe from Olympius." Karone quietly: "I don't believe it." Ransik: "I would do anything make her pay for that. Nadira was my life... and she took that from me. She has no right to rule this planet! The only person she cares about is herself!" Karone was silent. Ransik: "I'm sorry. I guess you didn't really want to hear all of that." Karone: "Oh don't be. I can imagine how you feel." Ransik: "Do you have a child?" Karone: "Yeah. She's twenty. Just moved out on her own." He nodded. Karone: "I found her in an ally one day when I was with my friends. They tried to tell me to leave her, but I couldn't. It broke my heart to see such a innocent child left alone." Ransik: "An ally huh?" Karone: "Yeah." Ransik: "The same thing my parents did to me." Karone: "My boyfriend was a little shocked in the beginning. But I got through to him. We looked for her parents for a while. I was hoping we wouldn't find them though." Ransik smiled a little. Karone: "It was selfish, but I wanted her." Ransik: "That's not selfish at all. You did what any good hearted person would do. You took her away from a lonely life on the streets. Digging through the trash for whatever food was left. Never knowing if your family knew you were alive, or if they even cared." Karone: "Your parents were fools to do that to you."
    Lucas: "Wouldn't it be good if Ice taught her to fight? You never know when she's going to need that skill. Like the other night. Nobody could have seen that coming." Cerina: "I don't mind that. I think its a good idea. But Ice doing it. That's the problem." Lucas: "She's got the best chance of teaching of any of us." Cerina: "I could do it myself. I don't want her anywhere near Niki." Lucas: "You'd go easy on her and so would I. You may be a warrior, but you couldn't put your own child through that." Cerina: "So I let some stranger put her through hell?" Lucas: "She trained people for a living. She knows how to do it without any real pain." Cerina: "Its the army! No pain? What are you thinking?" Lucas: "I'm sure she'd tune it down for her. Being that young." Cerina: "No. I'm not going to keep going over this with you. She's not going to do it." Lucas: "What about what Niki wants? That usually means something to you." Cerina: "She wants to fight with us. And that has nothing to do with little miss queen of the sky!" Lucas: "Do you hear yourself right now?" She stood up. Cerina: "I said no, I'm her mother, now drop it." She turned and walked off. Lucas listened as her heals tapped loudly on the rocky ground. He always knew she was mad when he could hear her coming.
    Karone looked down at the locket around her neck. Karone: "Here's a picture of her." She took it off and opened it. In one side was a picture of Sarah, and the other side, one of Andros. Ransik took it and looks closer. Ransik: "You say you just found her? She looks just like you." Karone: "My brother there..." She pointed to the picture of Andros. Karone: "...is her birth father." Ransik: "That was strange. He just left her and his sister found her." Karone: "I know. I was pretty lucky, huh?" Ransik: "He had no right to leave her out there like that." Karone: "He didn't do it to get rid of her. He and Ashly, his wife, loved her a lot. They did it so Dark Spector's soldiers wouldn't find her." Ransik: "Doesn't seem like a good enough excuse to me." Karone: "I told them they could have handled it better. But they were being chased. They didn't really have time to think it through." He took another drink of his beer. When he picked the bottle up, she noticed the morpher on his wrist. Karone: "You're a ranger?" Ransik: "Yes. Not by choice however. I just got pulled into it." Karone reached into her pocket and pulled out her old Psycho morpher. Karone: "Me too." Ransik: "Really?" Karone: "Yeah. I always keep this with me." She laughed. Karone: "Even though it doesn't work anymore." Ransik: "It meant a lot to you, huh?" Karone: "It was a dream come true. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be ranger. Me and Andros both." Ransik: "I don't know what I dreamed of being. It was so long ago. But whatever it was sure didn't happen." Karone: "It still could. I didn't get to be a ranger right off either." She shook her head, somewhat amused with the trouble she had went through. Karone: "Ya know I started out as the Princess of Evil! Pretty strange. Then to be a ranger!" Ransik: "It never used to bother me that I didn't make anything of myself. I had Nadira and that's all that mattered." Karone: "I'll be you were a great father." Ransik: "I don't know about that. But I really tried." Karone: "That's all you need." Ransik: "I would have given her the world." Karone: "My dad's the same way. He wouldn't do anything until he knew I was happy." Ransik: "What did he do?" Karone: "He used to be a warrior for Dark Spector. But before going into battle everyday, he gave me whatever I needed. And when he came home, he'd bring me the weapon of the person he struck down." Ransik: "How sweet." Karone: "Yeah."
    Vulca walked up behind Scorn and saw him looking off the balcony. Scorn: "Ha ha ha ha ha!" Vulca: "What are you doing?" Scorn: "Showing Kari the true meaning of fear." Vulca: "So she knows you're the Silver Ranger?" He turned and walked down the two balcony steps. Scorn: "No. I didn't want to give it all away. But she knows there something evil about me. I gave her a dream about me and the rest worked itself out." Vulca: "What are we going to do about the plan?" Scorn: "I'm going to end it all. Tomorrow morning." She walked up closer to him. Vulca: "What are you going to do?" Scorn: "Take them out. One by one or all together. It makes no difference. But by this time tomorrow, you will be in complete control. There will be no one left to stand in your way." She gave him a hug. Vulca: "You have made me the happiest woman on Stregna!" Scorn: "As you should be."
    Kari: "If he was the one who destroyed the cave, why would he?" Rick: "He's probably working for Vulca. If you've been getting that feeling about him, that's probably why. He's the reason we're out here and the reason that Silver Ranger nearly killed us." Kari: "I was dating one of Vulca's men. I can't believe I was so stupid!" Rick: "Don't be so hard on yourself." Kari: "I got us here." He tried to defend her, but could. Rick: "That you did." They heard a tapping on a tree behind them. Rick turned quickly. Kari: "What's that?" He got up and headed toward the noise. Rick: "I don't know. I'll check it out." She rolled her eyes. A few minutes later, he came back out of the woods. Kari was standing up, staring at him. Kari: "You never change. I leave your sorry a*s and you still can't see the light." Rick: "You wanna give me a clue what the he*l you're talking about?" Kari: "This!" She around them with her arms. Kari: "All this! The lying, sneaking behind my back, refusing to tell me stuff!" Rick: "It was..." Kari: "An animal, I know! Heaven forbid you tell me the truth!" Rick in his head: "Why am I attracted to this woman? She drives me nuts!" Kari: "This is why I left you. Keep that in mind the next time you try to find a date, cause I guarantee she won't put up with this either!" She ran under the waterfall.
    Ice stood in front of Cerina. Ice: "This has to stop." She looked up angrily. Cerina: "Lucas already pi*sed me off tonight sticking up for you! I really don't think you wanna push me any further!" Ice went up and grabbed her shirt. Ice: "Lets get one thing straight! I am not afraid of you! If you fight, come on! But you will not stand there and talk to me like I'm your da*n dog!" Cerina pulled away from her. Cerina: "I don't know what Lucas sees in you. You're nothing but a tramp." Lucas came running between them. Lucas: "That's it! This is going to stop!" Cerina: "So I'm supposed to step aside and let her have you? I don't think so?" Ice: "I don't want Lucas! Or anybody for that matter." Cerina flipped her hair behind her. Ice: "When my co-pilot Burner died, that part of me died with him. I couldn't fall in love again if I wanted to." Cerina didn't say anything. Ice: "Even if that weren't true, I wouldn't just take take him away from you. I don't play that way." Cerina: "How do I even know Burner really exists?" Ice took the dog tags off her neck and handed them to her. Cerina: "Captain Butch Barnes, 1960 to...." Her voice trailed off. She just stood there looking down at them for a long time. Then finally handed them back to her. Cerina: "I don't know what to say. I'm really sorry." Ice: "Can we please start over?" She held out her hand. Cerina shook it. Cerina: "I guess I just over reacted." Ice: "I'll say." Cerina: "I do that. Sometimes over the stupidest stuff." Lucas: "Well I'm glad that's over." Cerina: "Yeah. Now I can go back to hating Ransik and Kelly and everything will be right again." Ice: "What did they do?" Cerina: "Long story." She sighed. Ice: "That's what he said."
    Karone: "So when do you wanna go in?" Ransik: "Tomorrow night. Meet me on the trail in front of the compound." Karone: "I really can't believe you're doing this." Ransik: "I told you, I need something to do." They both stood up. Ransik: "Come on." Karone: "But we didn't pay yet." Ransik: "If you want to steel that crystal, you have to start small. Like steeling water, beer, or..." He looked at the table next to him. A man sat at it smoking. As he was about to put the cigarette into the ashtray, Ransik snatched it off the table. Ransik: "... this ashtray." Karone laughed. Karone: "I don't believe you." Man: "Hey!" Ransik kicked the door open and walked out into the cold. Ransik: "And that is how you steel something." Karone: "You're kidding, right? They all say you do it." He nodded. Ransik: "True, but did anyone get up to stop me? I think not." Laughing, she slapped him on the back. Karone: "I'll see ya tomorrow. Try not to land yourself in jail before then."
    Niki came running out of the woods and looked up at Cerina. Niki: "Does that mean she can teach me to fight?" Cerina looked at her watch. Cerina: "Have you seen a clock recently?" Niki ignored her. Cerina: "Okay." She grabbed onto Ice's arm and started jumping up and down. Niki: "Come on!" Ice: "I think we should start tomorrow. Its a little late." She turned back to her mother. Niki: "Can I have a morpher?" The adults were amused by her. Cerina: "Aren't you getting a ahead of yourself." Niki: "You hate Kelly! Can I have hers?" She looked at Lucas. Cerina: "Ya know, that's not a bad idea." Lucas: "Cerina." Cerina: "Lets see how you do. If you like it, I think about it. Then in a few years, we can rip that morpher right off her law break'n a*s." Niki: "Yay!" Lucas: "You're such a fine influence." Cerina: "Yes, aren't I."