From Beyond the Stars

Sarah Brown as Shelona &
Rika Nanase as Nemeen

    A woman in tight black cloths stood in front of a gigantic window, overlooking a blue planet. She nodded her head. Then turned to face a man with long dark hair. He too was in black. Shelona: "What planet is that?" The man looked at a computer screen next to him. Caster: "KO-35. It has a very large population." She gave it one last look. Then stepped down and picked up blaster. Shelona: "That will be the next one we destroy." Caster: "I believe a being called Dark Spector already tried to destroy it. He was unsuccessful." Shelona: "I don't care! I am not Dark Spector... whoever the he*l that is. I won't stop until that entire planet and everyone on it is dust." He stood with no expression, as a soldier would. Shelona: "Fire a few warning blasts on its surface. Let them know we're here." She teleported out, leaving only Caster and some robots on board the ship.
    Vulca stood on the balcony when Kitana came walking into the room. She bowed her head. Kitana: "I'm sorry. We... we didn't find him. No body, no weapon, nothing." Vulca: "Its not possible. He fought them right there." Kitana: "He's gone." Vulca: "I never should have stopped watching him." Kitana: "You didn't know something like this was going to happen." Vulca: "It doesn't matter! Because I chose to look away, I don't know if he's alive or dead! He could be out there hurt somewhere. Or..." Kitana: "Or he could have left you like he did the rest." Her eyes saddened. Kitana: "I didn't wanna say it, but you heard his story. He left hundreds of women. Slept with them, then broke their hearts. I just don't see why you'd be any different." Vulca: "He said he loved me. He said I was the only one that mattered to him." Kitana: "I'm sure he said that to them too." Kitana paused for a minute. Kitana: "Did you sleep with him?" Vulca: "Yeah." Kitana: "Now he's gone. Same old story." She slowly sat down on the throne. Kitana: "You never should have trusted him." Vulca: "You're right. You were right all along. If he was capable of love, he wouldn't have destroyed all those other women." She didn't respond. Vulca: "I was a fool to think I'd changed him. He's the same monster he always was. I was just to blind to see it." Kitana: "Don't take it out on yourself. Take it out on the rangers. They deserve it." Vulca: "The rangers. He actually played me and Kari at the same time. God how could have not seen it? No man is that charming!" She threw her septor across the room. Vulca: "I didn't trust him in the beginning and it turns out I never should have." Kitana: "If I ever see him again, rest assured I'll take him down." Vucla: "I know you will. Thank you."
    Scorn woke up in a strange bed. Around him were walls made of old wood. He tried to sit up, but didn't have the strength. His mind filled with a million questions as a woman in colorful armor walked into the room. She carried a cup of water and sat down on the edge of the bed. Scorn: "Who are you?" Woman: "Shh. Drink this." She slowly poured it into his mouth. Scorn: "I asked you a question." Woman: "I'm Nemeen." Scorn: "Where am I?" Nemeen: "Don't worry yourself. You're badly hurt. You need to rest." He closed his eyes and saw the bullet coming at him. The bang of the gun echoed in his ears. Scorn: "How?" She paid no attention. She was wetting a washcloth in a bucket across the room. He glanced around once more, completely thrown by his surroundings. She came back over and placed it on his head. Scorn: "Am I dead?" She shook her head. Nemeen: "No, you're not. But you almost were." Scorn: "How could I survive?" Nemeen: "Don't worry. Just rest. I'll explain it all in time." She leaned over and kissed him. Then walked out onto the deck.
    The rangers walked back to the remains of the cave. Stones and scrap metal lay everywhere. Rick: "What do you think we'll find here? This place is history." Kari: "Not the way I see it. The cave was destroyed, yes. But the base below might still be livable." Kelly: "If we can find the entrance." Ransik: "If it could still be there, why were we out 'camping' all this time?" Kari: "Because we didn't have time to deal with it. Not with Scorn on our a*ses constantly." Cerina: "Hey! I think I found it." Ransik walked over and lifted a big piece of metal off the ground. Cerina: "There it is." They walked down the half broken steps into the cave that was once their home. Everything was destroyed. All the furniture was crushed by fallen rock and debree. Niki: "You're wasting your time. Its to messy." Cerina: "I don't know. Everything we had is gone, but it still serves as a shelter." Kari: "We're going to need it. Its going to get a lot colder before we see any signs of Summer." Ice: "Does it snow here?" Cerina: "Oh yeah! Too much." Ice: "I don't know about that." Cerina looked over at Niki. Cerina: "That reminds me, did I ever tell you about the day you were born?" Niki: "No." She sat down on the ground and Niki sat next to her.
    It was snowing hard and had been for days. Jim came out of the bedroom with a shovel. Cerina was on the couch. Cerina: "What are you thinking?" Jim: "I'm going out." She looked at him like he was crazy. Cerina: "The snow goes up past the window! What's wrong with you?" Jim: "It would be something to do." He opened the door and started to shovel some snow away. Since he couldn't throw it outside, he just threw it onto the carpet. Cerina: "Stop you..." She stopped short. Then began to breath hard. He turned. Cerina: "I think its time." He started to dig faster. Cerina: "There's no time for that!" Jim: "I can go fast!" Cerina: "She'll be starting school by the time you get that door way cleared!" He dropped the shovel and ran to her side. She started to scream. Jim: "So you're just going to have it right here?" Cerina: "I guess so." He pulled the table aside and Cerina sat in the floor. He bent down with her and held her hand. Jim: "You're doing great. Just hang in there." She gave him her typical evil look. Cerina: "James, this is all your fault!" He backed up a little.
    Shelona appeared on the steps of a building as Caster fired blasts from the ship. She laughed as bombs exploded all around her. Two police officers ran towards her. She took the blaster off her belt shot them, one after the other. People ran in all directions, screaming. Shelona: "Why run? Soon everything you see will be destroyed." Man: "Where are the Space Rangers?" She walked down the steps and held the blaster in his face. Shelona: "What are Space Rangers?" Man: "Uh.. well..." Shelona: "Cough it up!" Man: "The protected us twenty years ago. When Dark Spector..." Shelona: "Here we go again." Man: "...attacked our planet. He sent us all into hiding, but they helped us regain control." He shook in fear. Shelona: "Thank you. You've been very helpful to me." Before taking her next breath, she shot him in the chest. He fell dead to the ground. Shelona: "Nobody move." The all stopped cold in their tracks. Shelona: "Good. Now can anyone tell me why I shouldn't blow this place sky high?" They were too scared to answer her. Shelona: "Any one?" Finally a woman stepped up. Woman: "All we want to do is live in peace. We mean no harm to you." She shot and killed her as well. Shelona: "Anyone else?" She let out another evil laugh.
    Karone sat outside Ecliptor's lab when her communicator beeped. Karone: "Yes?" It was Andros, who like Karone, was much older than before. Andros: "Karone, we need you!" Karone: "What? What's going on?" Andros: "KO-35 is under attack." She stood up. Karone: "But who's doing it? Nobody's attacked there in in years." Andros: "I've never seen her before." Karone: "Can you tell me anything? I may have met her as Astronema." Andros: "She's got long hair. She's thin and dressed in black. She carries a blaster." She shook her head. Karone: "Doesn't ring a bell. I'll be right there. Just hang on." She pushed the button and stuck her head inside the door. Karone: "I have to go. Andros needs me." Ecliptor: "But what about the crystal tonight?" Karone: "I'll get it. But not now. Someone's attacking KO-35." She didn't wait for him to respond. Instead teleported from the door. Ecliptor after she had gone: "I thought you had finished saving worlds."
    Jim lifted the new born Niki up and handed her to Cerina. She looked up lovingly at her husband. Cerina: "She's so beautiful." He had a tear in his eye. Jim: "Its hard to believe we could have made something so perfect." Cerina: "I know." She shook her head. Cerina: "Hope we don't screw her up too bad."
    Niki: "You didn't say that!" Cerina: "That's what I was thinking. You know how I am." Ice: "So it really snowed up to the window?" Cerina: "Yeah. It gets really bad some years." Kari looked around them at the curshed furniture. Then at Ransik and Kelly. Kari: "I never thought I'd say this, but can you do something for me?" Ransik: "That depends what it is." She hesitated. Kari: "I... I want you to steel some new furniture." Kelly: "Seriously? You're usually against that sorta thing." Kari: "I know. But look at this stuff. Its gone. We need to start over and there's no way we can afford to pay for anything new." Ransik: "We can do that." Cerina: "Are you sure you can trust them?" Kelly: "Stay out of this." Kari: "Stop it. You two go out and do your thing. We'll stay here and try to get rid of this junk." Ransik: "Fine." The went back up the steps. Rick: "So what are we gonna do with it all?"
    Scorn: "Nemeen!" She came running back into the room. Nemeen: "Is something the matter? Can I get you anything?" Scorn: "All I want from you are some answers." Nemeen: "I wish you would rest first. That fight took a lot out of you." Scorn: "You saw what happened?" Nemeen: "Yes. Don't you remember?" He thought for a moment. Scorn: "No.. I don't." She sat down on the edge of his bed. Nemeen: "You were fighting my father." Scorn: "What?" Nemeen: "When you told him about our wedding, he didn't take it well. And you wouldn't accept his forbidding it." Scorn: "So I fought him for you?" She nodded. Scorn: "You were so brave. It almost makes me want to marry you right now." He didn't say anything. Just laid there with a blank look on his face. Nemeen: "What's wrong?" Scorn: "None of this makes sense. I don't remember the battle or this place... or you. Its like a dream or something." Nemeen: "Its real all right. You'll remember in time." Scorn: "I'm marrying you?" Nemeen: "Yes. You snuck on board the ship the other night and proposed. We were both so happy. Until he came. My father wants nothing to do with you. And wants the same for me." Scorn: "Won't he stop us again?" Nemeen: "No. You killed him in the battle. With your last ounce of strength, you kicked him off the side. And now we can stay together forever. Living in never ending happiness." Scorn: "What?" It was all he could get to come out. Nemeen: "Don't bother yourself with that now. Our wedding will go as planned. But right now you need to rest. If you don't regain your strength, you won't be up for it." She stood and walked back towards the door. Nemeen: "Try to get some sleep. It will make more sense tomorrow."
    Karone ran up in the crowd of people and looked at Shelona. She jumped up over two people and landed right in front of her. Shelona: "So you wanna be a hero?" She snapped her fingers and Caster appeared beside her. She folded her arms in front of her. Shelona: "Teach her a lesson." He threw a punch. She took his arm and tried to flip him over, but he landed on his feet. Then spun around and kicked her in the head. She stumbled back and glared at him. Caster: "You don't know who you're messing with." Karone: "You don't scare me." She kicked him, but he blocked. He grabbed her arm with one hand and punched her with the other. She fell hard on the ground. As he was about to strike again, Shelona stopped him. Shelona: "That's enough. Return to the ship and continue firing." He disappeared instantly. Karone slowly walked back into the crowd. She looked over and saw that Shelona wasn't paying attention to her anymore. She managed to teleport away without her noticing.
    Ransik and Kelly were walking around back of a furniture store. Ransik: "There's the loading dock." She stared at it for a moment, trying to figure out his plan. Ransik: "There should be a truck arriving soon. It comes every day around this time." Kelly: "How do you know that?" Ransik: "Remember when I stopped off at that gas station." Kelly: "Yeah. Something about a cup of coffee." Ransik: "I called them and said I was looking for something that I knew they wouldn't have. So they said there would be a truck coming in." Kelly: "And you had to lie to me, why?" Ransik: "Would you be this impressed if I hadn't?" She sighed. Then noticed the truck pulling around the other side. Kelly: "There it is." They ran up to it. Kelly wasn't sure what they were going to do. Ransik waited for one man to get out of the driver's side. Man: "What do you want?" Ransik punched him in the mouth. He looked up angrily. He was about to attack him when Kelly knocked him out with the door of the truck. They both looked down at his body on the ground. Ransik: "Have I told you recently how much I love you?" Kelly: "Save it for the road. We gotta go before this guy's buddies come out." Ransik hopped in the driver's seat and Kelly ran around to this other side. They turned around sharply and tore out of the lot. Ransik looked in the rear view mirror. He saw two guys standing on the dock watching them. Man: "Hey!" Kelly: "Looks like they spotted us." She stuck her hand out the widow and flipped them off. Ransik laughed while picking up speed. Ransik: "We make a he*l of a team."
    Rick and Kari sat on the ground. Rick held her hand. Kari: "Did you ever think of having kids?" Rick: "Not really. But I never had anybody in my life before. There was no reason to consider it." Kari: "I know they were annoying, but when I saw Ransik and Kelly with Nadira, I couldn't help but think I wanted that. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone that's a piece of us both?" Rick: "It would, but it isn't something we should worry about right now. We're in this war pretty deep. We don't need to bring another kid into it." Kari: "It might not be the worst idea. Think about it. I'm 24 years old and not getting any younger." Rick: "How long have you been thinking about this? It seems so sudden." Kari: "I'm not asking you to take me to bed right now. I was just wondering what you thought of the idea." Rick: "I'm not against it. Some day I think we'd make good parents. But right now isn't the time." She had a scared look on her face. Rick: "If you want a kid now, play with Niki. She's already here." Kari: "That's another thing. Cerina and her. Just look at them over there. She loves her so much." Cerina held Niki in her arms. She was saying something to her, but they couldn't here from that distance. Kari: "Some how she managed to raise her during all this mess." Rick: "They were on the opposite side of the war for most of her life. It wasn't a big risk for them then. And now with Ice teaching her to fight, everything is fine. But us. If we had a baby, it would be defenseless." She sighed. Rick gave her a strange look. Kari: "What?" Rick: "Is there something you're not telling me?"
    Kelly grabbed onto Ransik's arm and looked at him adoringly. Ransik: "When was the last time we did anything like this? I can barely remember." She thought for a moment. Kelly: "Probably our wedding day." Ransik: "Oh yes. After the we took our vows, we beat up the preacher in the bathroom." Kelly: "He was human. You know how you feel about them." Ransik: "That was one of the best days of my life." Kelly: "Mine too." She smiled. Kelly: "I still have that gold band you gave me." Ransik: "You kept that after all these years?" Kelly: "I could never part with it. You took all that time to pry it off the preacher's wrist." Ransik: "Remember his face? He was totally stunned!" She looked behind them through a window. She could see into the back of the truck. Kelly: "Do you think that's enough?" Ransik: "Who knows? If its not, we can always come back." She looked out the side window and watched the other cars go by. Ransik looked over at her and noticed something. Ransik: "She has your eyes, you know." Kelly: "You're thinking about Nadira too?" Ransik: "Yes. We used to go out like this all the time. I wish you could have been there." Kelly: "I'm sure she was a great kid." Ransik: "The best." He continued to look at her. Ransik: "I miss her more every time I look at you. There's so much about you that reminds me of her. Your face, your hair..." Kelly: "Honey, her hair is pink." Ransik: "That's not real. When she was little she was a blonde like you." Kelly: "So that was kind of a teenage thing." Ransik: "I suppose. I did bring out her armor though, didn't it?" Kelly: "Yeah."
    Kari: "What? You think I'm pregnant?" Rick: "The thought crossed my mind. Just listen to yourself." Kari: "No. I'm just thinking about it. Its something I wish we could do now." Rick: "Just add that to the list of things Vulca has stopped us from doing." Kari: "Yeah, right up there with being free and happy." She paused. Kari: "Its a good thing Scorn is gone now." Rick: "I know. If Ice hadn't killed him, he may have been able to have a child with Vulca." Kari: "Then all of this would have been for nothing." Rick: "I don't get how that family can keep having crazy children. Is that just a trait they pass down or what?" Kari: "Not necessarily. Shou may have been nuts, but that's one out of a whole bunch. Then her influence on Cyann drove her to that point. And the same with Cyann influencing Vulca. Though that was to a lesser extent." Rick: "She didn't have a whole lifetime with her, but she is traumatized on top of everything else." Kari: "That did it. Olympius killing her mother messed her up bad. That's why this planet is in worse shape than its ever been." Rick: "I wonder who the father was." Kari: "Cerina said she'd met him before. Said he wasn't a bad person, but he didn't bother to stop Cyann. He just let her do anything she wanted with Vulca because he loved her." Rick: "He just stood there while she turned her into a killer?" Kari: "I'm sure not. But there wasn't a lot he could have done. Try to show her what's right. But face it... evil is more fun. Its naturally what a child would rather be a part of." They were interrupted by a noise from above them. Ice got up. Ice: "I'll go see what it is."
    She walked up the steps and saw Karone. She was walking through the rocky mess. Ice: "Hey, what are you doing way out here?" She looked up surprised. Karone: "I'm... looking for someone." Ice walked over to her. Ice: "Who is it? Maybe I can help ya find him." Karone: "Ransik. I was supposed to meet him later tonight, but something came up. Do you know him?" She nodded. Ice: "Yeah, I know him. I live with him." Karone: "Where is he?" Ice: "Out right now. I'll tell him you came by." Karone: "Wait." Ice turned back around. Karone: "I'd rather wait for him if that's all right. Its kinda important." Just as they were walking down the steps, they saw the truck pull up. Ice: "That's him now." She went back down into the base. Ransik climbed out of the truck. Ransik: "I didn't expect you so early." Karone: "I need to talk to you." Kelly came around and stared at her. Kelly: "Who are you?" She held out her hand. Karone: "I'm Karone." Ransik: "Could you give us a minute?" Kelly: "Sure." Karone after she was gone: "I need your help." Ransik: "I already agreed to help you get the Cyris Crystal. You don't need to beg anymore." Karone: "No. Not that. My home planet is under attack. And need you to help me fight the people doing it. You and the other rangers." Ransik: "I'd be glad to help you. But... I can't exactly convince them." Kari came up behind them. Kari: "You don't need to. Guys, come on!" The came up slowly and joined them. Kari: "We just got another mission." Cerina: "You're kidding. You think we're just going to drop everything and help some lady we don't even know." Ransik: "I know her. She'd do it for us." Cerina: "All the more reason we shouldn't. If she's your friend." Kari: "I'm not turning my back on them." Rick: "I'm with her." She smiled at him. Kelly looked at Ransik. Kelly: "Do you really wanna do this? We're risking our lives here." Ransik: "Yes." She thought for a moment. Kelly: "All right. I'm in." Ice: "Cerina? changed your mind yet?" Cerina: "This is crazy!" Niki looked up at her with her hands on her hips. Niki: "Mom, you said you wanted to be a better person. When you left Vulca that night, you wanted to show me you'd changed. Now help them and you'll prove that to me."
    Karone teleported them onto the Dark Fortress. Cerina: "And what is this?" Karone: "You're home until we can't get rid of Shelona." Niki saw the throne Astronema had used and sat down in it. The models of the Space Rangers still sat on the table in front of it. Niki: "Cool, toys!" Cerina: "Don't break those. They're not ours." Karone: "She can play with them. I don't need them anymore." An image of KO-35 appeared on the viewing screen in the other room. They followed her in. Karone: "It is a good distance away from here, so we have some time. Get used to the ship and get ready for battle."
    Cerina walked into the throne room and the door closed behind her. Niki had the model of the Blue Ranger in her hand. Niki: "What about Lucas?" Cerina folded her arms in front of her. Cerina: "That's why I didn't want to do this. There's no telling how long we'll be gone. And with him down there alone, Vulca could attack." Niki: "Does she know he's still there?" Cerina: "I don't know. But we should hope not." She looked around the room. Cerina: "I wonder who she is. This blonde Ransik was so bent on helping. He never mentioned her before." Niki: "She got a weird ship? What are those symbols? The diamonds." The door on the other side of the room opened and Karone walked in. Karone: "Those were my sign as Astronema." Cerina: "Do you always listen in on people's conversations?" She ignored her. Niki: "What's Astronema?" Karone: "I was Astronema. About 20 years ago, my father and I were a part of a huge army." Cerina rolled her eyes and walked out of the room. Karone: "It was lead by a being called Dark Spector." Niki: "So what are these?" She pointed to the models in front of her. Karone: "Those were the rangers I fought." Niki: "You were evil!" Karone: "Yeah. Its not something I'm proud of. But for years I was the Princess of Darkness. I did whatever Dark Spector asked without question. Biggest mistake I ever made." The little girl's face showed interest. Karone: "He even had me fighting against my own brother." Niki: "Why did you do it? Just tell him off." Karone: "I didn't know he was my brother at the time. Because my dad said that my brother was killed." She looked confused. Karone: "He thought if I knew the truth, that he was the Red Ranger, then I'd leave him and join the rangers." Niki: "Oh."
    Rick found Ice standing against the wall in a dark room. Rick: "Do you know what's going on with Kari?" Ice: "What do you mean?" Rick: "She was talking about wanting a baby earlier. But she seemed shaken. Like something was wrong." Ice: "Maybe she just passionate about it." Rick: "It seemed like there was something else. Like she was hiding something from me. But I'm not sure." Ice: "You don't wanna blow this. You just got her back. If you accuse her of lying to you, it could ruin what you fixed yesterday." Rick: "I know. I don't really want to say anything to her about it. I already asked her once. But it just doesn't feel right." Ice: "If she wants you to know something, she'll tell you. Until then, I think you should leave it alone."
    Karone: "I eventually did join them. After my dad was destroyed by a wave of good energy, I had went back to Earth with them." Niki: "How does Ransik know you?" Karone: "We met in a bar the other night. I was looking for something and he offered to help me." Niki: "Ransik wanted to help you?" Karone: "What's wrong with that?" Niki: "He's mean. You shouldn't trust him." Karone: "He seemed okay to me. What's he done to you?" Niki: "He yells at my mom all the time. Him and his wife. She reminds me of a chimney." She laughed. Karone: "Really?" Niki: "I wish they'd just leave and make me a ranger. I'll bet I can do better than she does." Karone: "That was a dream of mine too when I was little." Niki: "It'll never happen. Mom won't let me go into battle." Karone: "It could. I got to." Niki: "You did?" Karone: "Yeah. Twice. Once I got to be the Pink Galaxy Ranger after Kendrix died." Niki: "That's sad. How'd she die?" Karone: "One of my old warriors, the original Psycho Pink, killed her. But she came back." Niki: "How?" Karone: "I'm not sure. But she's doing fine now. She lives on Marinoi with her new husband Leo." Niki: "What was the other time?" Karone: "I fought this queen named Galaxia as the Pink Psycho Ranger. It was amazing. I met my best friend Trakeena and my husband Taylor while I was there. Pretty weird 'cus Trakeena and I used to hate each other. She was the one I fought as a Galaxy Ranger." Niki: "You have a confusing life!" Karone: "Tell me about it." Niki: "But its pretty interesting." Karone: "I'll have to tell you more sometime. You haven't even heard the half of it."