No Way Out

    Out in the woods on Onyx somewhere, Velossa and some Swobbies stood making a plan. Velossa pulled her sword out. Fire came out of it and formed a monster. It was a woman in black leather and chains. She had blond hair and black lipstick. Shakarrie: "What is it, Velossa?" Velossa: "Well my old friend, I want you to use your powers to bring the Silver Ranger here." Shakarrie: "Wait a minute. Did you just call me old?" Velossa: "Come on. We've been trying to get at the rangers for a long time. I want to suprise Galaxia. She'll flip when if I bring Taylor back to her!" Shakarrie: "Oh all right." She closed her eyes and concentrated. A green circle appeared on her forhead. It blinked a few times. She opened her eyes again. Shakarrie: "He's on his way."
    Taylor was sitting at his computer. Taylor: "Now which of these "I love you" cards should I send to Karone's mailbox?" Suddenly he got up without a word and headed towards the door of the ship. Zedd stepped in his way. Zedd: "So where are you off to?" Taylor, with and expressionless look on his face, pushed Zedd out of his way. He teleported off the ship. Zedd: "Well someon's having a bad day."
    He walked into the woods where the two women were waiting. Velossa: "You did it!" Shakarrie: "You doubted me?" She released the spell. Taylor: "Hey! What's going on? Where am I?" Velossa walked out from behind a bush. Taylor: "I had to ask. Let me guess, you want me to serve Galaxia again." Velossa: "I did. But now I think I'd rather kill you. Swobbies!" Two of them ran at him. He flipped over them and kicked them in the back. Shakarrie: "Why do you use those fools?" Velossa: "I don't know." Taylor dropped to the ground and tripped one of them. He kicked the sword out of one's hand. It flew up in the air and hit it in the head. Velossa: "Don't just stand there, attack!" Shakarrie took out here sword, spun it around, cutting a stick into a thousand pieces. Taylor: "Oh crap." She jumped and kicked him in the chest. When he tried to sit up, she kicked him in the mouth. Blood started to come out of his mouth. Shakarrie: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Taylor got up and started running. After he thought he lost them, he backed up against a tree. Then a sword came flying at him. It cut the side of his face and stuck into the tree. He quickly put his hand over the cut. When he looked up, he saw Shakarrie walking towards him. He tried to morph. Taylor: "Psycho Bl...." Sharkarrie kicked the morpher from his hand. Shakarrie: "You're history ranger!" Velossa: "Wait! Lets bring him back to Galaxia." Shakarrie: "You change your mind much?" Velossa: "Just do it!" Shakarrie: "Ok, ok. Don't have a fit." She drug him away. Suddenly, the other rangers appeared. Karone: "Taylor!" He groaned. Shakarrie dropped him and shot a beam of fire at the rangers. They all fell backwards. Villimax got up and started to fight with Shakarrie. While he did this, Taylor crawled away. Shakarrie threw Villimax back to the ground. Shakarrie: "Next!" Scorpina and Zedd ran at her. They were spread apart thinking she couldn't hit both of them that way. Two lasers came out of her eyes going in the directions of both rangers. They were down. Karone took out her sword and began to fight with the Velossa's monster. Karone almost had her but Shakarrie knocked the sword from her hand and pushed her down. Trakeena tried punched her. Shakarrie put her hand up creating a shield. Trakeena soon got so tired of punching that she just fell over. Shakarrie, seeing she had won, teleported away. Karone: "Where's she going?" Zedd: "Probably to destroy Onyx." Scorpina: "Come on." They went back to the ship.
    Galaxia had seen that battle and was waiting in the city for Velossa and her monster. Galaxia: "Those rangers are no match for her!" Velossa: "With them hurt, we are free to kill everyone on the pethedic planet!" A monster was running past Galaxia. She stuck her sword right throw him. Galaxia: "Let the fun begin!"
    The rangers had went to their rooms. They were trying to come up with ways to defeat Shakarrie. Karone looked down at her bed. Taylor layed their, not moving. They had fixed what wounds they could. The rest would just have to heal themselves. Clearly he wasn't going to be able to help them stop her. Villimax came into the room with a book of war stragities. Villimax: "How about this one?" Karone: "We tried that in the last battle. It didn't help." Villimax left. Scorpina came in right after he left. Karone: "What?" Scorpina showed her a new design for a sword. Scorpina: "What do you think?" Karone took the sword and threw it. Karone: "We tried fighting her! Because of that, Taylor's hurt! We can't beat her that way!" Scorpina walked out. Zedd: "Well?" Scorpina: "She's to worried about Taylor. We shouldn't bother her with this." Trakeena ran in and turned on the TV. Trakeena: "Look at this!" On the TV: "1,000 people were killed today at the hands of the pirate queen Galaxia. We fear millions more are to follow." They showed pictures people on the ground dead or wounded. Zedd: "Turn this off. We don't need to be reminded."
    Galaxia: "I think we should screw with the rangers' heads a little bit." Velossa: "What do you have in mind?" Galaxia wispered it in her ear. Then teleported away. The entered the Dark Fortress. Trakeena: "How did you get in here?" Villimax: "Oh no. Under all the preasure, I forgot to put up the shields." Scorpina: "Good one." Galaxia: "Silence. I'm here to make a deal with you." Karone entered. Karone: "We're not interested in your deals." Galaxia: "Oh I think you will be. If you give me your morphers, I'll leave what's left of Onyx alone." Zedd: "Oh yea like we're really going to trust you." Galaxia: "The way I see it, you don't have much choice." The rangers went into the kitchen and discussed it. When they came back out, Karone stepped foward. Karone: "We can't let you hurt any more people. Here are our morphers." Galaxia: "I knew you'd see it my way." Zedd: "But you have to promise not to hurt anyone else." Galaxia: "Oh I promise." She snapped her fingers and a box appeared. Galaxia: "Put your morphers in here." Once they had, she slammed thel lid." An image of Velossa appeared on the wall. Galaxia: "Velossa, do it. Kill them all." Villimax: "You gave your word!" Galaxia: "My word means nothing. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" She teleported away with the morphers. Trakeena: "How could we trust her?" Zedd: "I don't know. But now we've got to find a way out."

To Be Continued.......