Wicked Games

    Kelly and Ransik were in a hallway of the fortress. It was early the next morning. Ransik: "Where are you going?" She smiled. Kelly: "Out with Kari. We're going shopping for the baby." Ransik: "What?" Kelly: "I told you I could do it. She thinks I'm completely harmless now. I gave her this story about my childhood to play with her emotions." Ransik: "The one you told me when we met?" She nodded. Ransik: "But you said you couldn't tell anyone about that." Kelly: "Sure, its painful. But it got the job done." Ransik: "I can't believe you shared that with her. It had you in tears before." Kelly: "I had to. If I didn't, she would have never trusted me." She leaned back against the wall. Ransik: "What if Cerina gets in the way? She could ruin your entire plan." Kelly: "You already warned me about her." She looked down the hall. Kelly: "Even if she tried to convince Kari of what I'm really like, it wouldn't work. I had her eating out of the palm of my hand. You should have been there." Ransik: "I think you're forgetting that the two of them are close. They trust each other more than anyone else here." Kelly: "Can you ever just have faith in me? You're always so da*n negative." Ransik: "I'm only being careful. I don't want to see that woman crush your dreams." Kelly: "I'm not going to let her. So stop worrying." She looked up quickly and saw Kari walking towards them. Kari: "Hey! Ya ready?" Kelly held out her hand. Ransik: "What do you think you're doing?" Kelly: "Money Ransik. Come on, cough it up." Kari laughed. Ransik: "You have plenty." She grabbed onto his armor and pulled him down level with her. Then kissed him for what seemed like forever. When she stopped, he quietly took out his wallet and handed it to her. Kelly: "Thank you." She and Kari headed off down the hall. Kelly: "And that's how its done." Ransik sighed. Ransik: "This better work."
    Niki was on KO-35 in a forest somewhere. She was looking down at a stream of clear blue water. She had never seen water that color, being from Stregna. She kneeled down and let it flow over her hand. She looked around and seeing no one, began to think of Nadira--
    Nadira: "Come on! I got some money off dad. We can go shopping now." Niki: "Mom won't let me. You know that." Nadira: "She's in there fighting with my parents. She won't even know you're gone." She thought for a moment. Nadira: "We're not doing anything wrong. We'll even pay for the stuff this time. She can't get mad." Niki: "Okay." Excited, Nadira picked her up off the ground and ran out the door. --
    Niki: "Why'd those stupid rangers have to get you?" She picked up a rock and threw it into the stream. Niki: "Thanks to Lucas I'm alone. Mom won't pay attention to me now. Kari's got her new baby. And Ice hardly gives me the time of day." She breathed an angry sigh. Behind her, Caster laughed quietly. Slowly she stood up. Niki: "Who's there?" She turned around and their eyes locked. Before she could move, he shot two lasers from his eyes, knocking her down into the stream. He walked out slowly from the trees. Caster: "Well little girl, what are you going to do now?" She looked up at him, confused. Niki: "I.. I thought you were.. a robot." He laughed. Caster: "No, I too am flesh and blood. But we have one difference... you have a soul." He kicked her in the head. She got up quickly and tried to run, but he grabbed her. Caster: "You're not going to get away from me." She struggled, but he wouldn't let go. Caster: "Shelona will reward me greatly when I capture he niece."
    Kari and Kelly were walked down the street. They saw buildings with busted out windows and blood stained the sidewalks. Kari sighed. Kari: "Do you really think we can help these people? Look at all this." Kelly: "I have no idea why Ransik even wants to help them. Karone is nothing to him. But he still drags us all out here for her." Kari: "I don't know if she's nothing. He seems to like her." Kelly: "Well he shouldn't. Guess he doesn't know she's human." Kari: "I just don't think we can stop Shelona. She has killed half this planet already and we've done nothing but stand by and watch." Kelly: "What's Cerina been saying to you?" Kari: "Not much. But she probably won't be a lotta help. Its her sister. She's not gonna kill her." Kelly: "I think I'll try to get Ransik to go back to Stregna tonight." Kari: "Really?" Kelly: "If I wasn't his wife, I'd have already left his a*s here." Kari: "I hate to abandon these people, but we're not helping." Kelly: "You're right. She is to strong. Now if we don't leave now, we're going to die with them. I'm not willing to take that risk." They walked a little further in silence. Kelly: "I don't think it'll be hard to convince him. If we both want to leave and Rick will follow you, then its just him, Cerina, and Ice." Kari: "I can change Cerina's mind. Then Ice and Ransik would be outnumbered." Kelly: "Then its settled. We're outta here."
    Ransik was sitting in a chair thinking of Kelly's plan when his face grew cold. He looked at Cerina standing in the doorway. She walked in slowly and slammed the door behind her. Cerina: "What the he*l are you and that little slut try'n to pull?" Ransik: "You're accusing me of something, but I'm not exactly sure what that is." Cerina: "Oh you know da*n well. Kelly and Kari go out shopping like their the best of friends. As if they've known each other forever." Ransik: "Did it ever occur to you that they could have made up?" Cerina: "Cut the crap cause I ain't buy'n it. What did your wife say to her?" Ransik: "I don't know." Cerina: "You're up to something and I'm not leaving here until you tell me what it is." He stood up and stared at her. Ransik: "Ya know what your problem is? You think everybody's out to get you. You think we wake up in the morning and the first thing on our minds is how to screw you. Well you're not our lives my dear." Cerina: "I'm not worried about myself this time. Now its Kari I'm looking out for. She's out there with that psychopath and who knows what she's gonna do?" Ransik: "Don't talk about her that way again." Cerina: "Or you'll what? Rob me blind? Lord knows that's all you two are good at!" Ransik: "Face it, Kelly is being a good friend. And that's more than you're doing." Cerina: "What?" Ransik: "You claim to be such a good friend to her. That you in here busting my a*s because you care about her. Well if that's true, why are you here and not helping her prepare for the baby?" Cerina: "She didn't ask for my help. Because Kelly filled her with some load of bull before she could." Ransik: "All right. Sure, we're pure evil and you're a saint. I think I understand things now." Cerina: "I'm not saying I'm a saint. But I'm closer than you. Now what are you up to? Why did she take Kari out?"
    Niki kicked him. When he let go, she took off into the trees. He ran after her instantly. She turned back and saw him right behind her. Caster: "You can't hide from me!" He fired two more eye lasers, knocking her to the ground. She turned, still on the ground, and looked up at him. Niki: "What do you want with me? Tracy doesn't care about me." Caster: "You are a ranger and you're in her way. Therefore, you must be destroyed." Niki: "God, how can you work for her? All you do is go around killing people! You can't think, you can't feel! You just spend your life taking her orders!" He laughed. Caster: "I am not going to take a speech from a child." Niki: "You don't have to serve her. Just run. Leave her!" Caster: "Shelona is my master and I will do her bidding." Niki: "She treats you like dirt!" Caster: "Silence!" He made another advance towards her. She held out her arm with the morpher attached. It shot a blue energy blast at him. Then she got up. Niki: "Psycho Blast!" Caster: "Five rangers couldn't stop me. What chance do you have?" Niki: "Please don't do this. What do you ever get out of it?" He walked up and punched her. Then fired a blast from his hand. It sent her flying back into a tree. Caster: "Don't try to play with my emotions. I have none." Niki ran and jumped into the air. She attempted to kick him, but she had no effect. She just fell down at his feet. Caster: "That was cute. Now stop playing. I have no time." He grabbed her again, but she punched him in the face. He growled and stumbled back. Blood was running down his face when he looked up at her. Caster: "You shouldn't have done that." He gave her an evil look as the blood started to drip down onto his black shirt.
    The ladies walked into a store full of fancy cloths. Everything around them was made of gold. The railing, the counter, ect. Kelly: "Why's this place so empty?" A woman stood behind the counter watching them. Woman: "Shelona ran everybody off... or killed them." Kelly: "Oh. Of course." Woman: "Why are you two out? Its dangerous to leave your houses." Kelly: "She's having a baby. And we're not going to let some woman with a pre-midlife crisis stop us from enjoying this." They walked a little further into the store. Kari: "This is to much! Everything here costs more than the fortress!" Kelly: "Don't worry about it. I'm writing a check." Kari: "I thought you said we were paying for this stuff." Kelly: "Oh we are... as far as they know." She smiled. Kelly: "By the time these fools realize our little check bounced, we'll be long gone." Kari: "This is illegal." Kelly: "Nope. Its only illegal if they catch us. And if they want to come to Stregna and arrest us they're more than welcome to. Vulca will kill them before they take three steps on her land." Kari: "I know we can get away with it. But I don't think its right." She shook her head at Kari. Kelly: "Honey do you want this kid to live in style.. or look like Ransik?" They laughed. Kari: "You've made your point." She went over and looked at a shiny silver outfit. Kari: "Why does he look like that if he's got all this money?" Kelly: "What are you talking about? We don't have a dime. Its just that he can't steal a haircut and some plastic surgery." Kari: "And the cloths?" Kelly: "I figure why waste our time getting him nice cloths when his face looks like a train wreck. Its defeating the purpose." They laughed once again. They actually seemed to be forgetting their problems. And the dying planet around them.
    Ransik: "My family's activities are none of your business." Cerina: "They are when they involve my friend. Now why is she doing this?" Ransik: "Do you really think I'm going to tell you? You don't scare me. All you are is a skinny little tramp with an attitude problem. The only thing I feel for you is pity. Not fear." Just as she was about to go off on him, Ice ran up and grabbed her arms. She tried to pull away, but she wouldn't let go. Ice: "Cerina stop!" Cerina: "Let go!" Ice jammed her elbow into Cerina's back and she fell to her knees. Ice: "Ransik, get out." Ransik: "Its my room. I'm not going anywhere." She grabbed his arm and threw him out there door. Cerina looked up at her from the ground. Cerina: "What did you do to me?" Ice: "Its a move a learned back at the base." She held out her hand and helped her up. Ice: "What's the problem?" Cerina: "I can't stand him. I come in here trying to look out for Kari and he turns me into some lunatic." Ice: "You can't let him keep doing this to you. Lucas told me about the time you and him got into it at breakfast." Cerina: "I hate him so much. He always manages to bring out the worst in me." Ice: "You should really watch what you say to him. He's a big guy." Cerina: "Come on. He couldn't do anything to me if he wanted to." Ice: "Well I'm pretty sure he does." She went over and sat on the bed. Ice: "Try to calm down. Don't let him get to you this way." Cerina: "Its not that easy. His whole family has this way of making my life Hell." She fell backwards onto the bed and ran her hands through her hair. Cerina: "Sometimes I just wanna kill them all." Ice: "You can't go that far. Then you couldn't call them bad people. You'd be worse." She suddenly froze, staring up at the ceiling. Ice: "What is it?"
    Frightened, Niki tried to run again. When she turned her back, a fire ball appeared in his hand. He threw it at her, causing her to scream in pain. He walked up beside her and kicked her while she was down. After about three times he stopped. Caster: "I should kill you right now and take your dead body back to Shelona. She wouldn't mind to much." Niki: "Ya see? This is what working for her gets you." He was about to strike again when she locked her legs around his waste and threw him over her. He landed a next to a rock. She jumped to her feet and turned to face him. He used the rock to help himself back up. Caster: "You are really beginning to annoy me." She jumped into the air and drove him back into a tree. As she held him there, he punched her in the face to free himself. Then blasted her while she was still stunned. She shot a blast of blue energy from her hand, but he blocked it. In return, he kneed her in the stomach, causing her to fall backwards. He got on top of her and began using all he had to fight her. She eventually managed to break free and throw him off. She got up slowly, badly hurt. Then thought back to a move she had seen Kari use. Niki: "This has to work." She jumped up into the sky. A big wave appeared behind her and washed over Caster and the forest. When she returned to the ground, he was walked slowly away from her. Caster: "You will see me again." He disappeared. Niki smiled, pleased that she had beaten him on her own.
    Cerina: "If I'm having these thoughts... I'm no better than Tracy." Ice: "Now wait..." Cerina: "I'm really not. I sit here dead set on killing Ransik and Kelly and then go out and yell at her cause she's doing the same thing." Ice: "Tracy is evil. You know that. But you... you're just fed up. That's all." Cerina: "Don't make excuses for me. I may try to hide it, but she was right that night. She told I was just like her. That I enjoyed my time with Vulca." Ice's face grew serious. Ice: "But you didn't, right?" She didn't answer. Ice: "You couldn't have." Cerina: "I knew it was wrong, but the excitement was there. The only reason I stopped is for Niki." Ice: "At least you stopped. That's more than your sister did." Cerina: "Ice, I think I need to be alone for a while." Ice looked confused. Ice: "Well, all right." She walked slowly from the room. A few minutes after she left, Cerina went running out the door.
    Kari: "You're kidding! I could never wear that!" She held up a black shirt that looked almost like a bra. It had silver glitter all over it. Kelly: "Why not? This would look great on you!" Kari: "I thought we were supposed to be shopping for the baby." Kelly: "There's no reason we can't get some stuff for ourselves too. Ya know, for after you have it." Kari: "I still couldn't wear something that bad." Kelly: "Rick would love it." Kari: "I don't doubt that, but still." She took it out of Kelly's hand and but it back on the rack. Kelly: "Fine. Be that way." She smiled. Kari: "So what about the baby?" Kelly: "We can keep looking. We've got all day if we need it." Kari: "I guess."
*  *  *
    Caster walked back onboard Shelona's ship. Before he could get past the entrance, two robot soldiers grabbed him. They drug him into her throne room and threw him down before her. He looked up at her, but didn't speak. Shelona: "You are here for one reason; to do my bidding. I think you know that. But based on your actions earlier, it doesn't appear that way. You go out there, without my order, to battle my niece. And what's worse, you were defeated." Caster: "I'm sorry." Shelona: "Don't speak." She crossed her arms in front of her. Shelona: "A six year old girl beat you in battle. Now I want you to tell me why I should keep you here. After that display, I start to question your usefulness to me. And your right to breath." Caster: "I made a mistake. You have my deepest apologies. I promise that..." She held out her hand. Shelona: "That's enough." She glanced over at the robot soldiers standing on the wall. Shelona: "Guards!" They walked slowly towards her. Shelona: "You will pay for your disloyalty. And your failure." They picked him up off the floor and held him. Shelona walked closer to him. She gave him a smile and slide her finger nails down the side of his face, drawing blood. Shelona: "I will see to it that you never act without my permission again." She looked at the guards. Shelona: "Take him away. You know what to do." He was silent as they drug him away from her. His face was expressionless once again.
    Cerina walked down an empty city street. It was cold. She looked up at the sign on a building. Then walked behind it. Four big, muscle-bound men stood staring at her. They were covered in tattoos. Anthony: "Why'd you call us here? You said you were through with us." Cerina: "Don't take that tone with me, Anthony. I may not be Vulca's assassin anymore, but you still work for me. That will never change." Another one decided to speak up. Man: "So what does the White Ranger need with us? Can't you do your own fighting?" She gave him a dirty look. Then reached into her purse and pulled out a gun. She shot him in the chest and watched as he hit the ground. Cerina: "Anybody else have anything to say?" The remaining three stood perfectly still and silent. Cerina: "Good." She put the gun back into her purse. Cerina: "I've brought you here to take care of a little business for me. Nothing too difficult. Only a nagging problem I can't seem to get rid of." Anthony: "How can we help?" Cerina: "I was thinking you boys could... teach this man a lesson. You were always so good at that in the past." Anthony: "Whatever you wish, Cerina." Cerina: "Now that's what I like to hear." Anthony: "Who is he?" Cerina: "His name is Ransik. He's a crime boss from the future." He shook his head. Anthony: "When we're done, he'll have not future."
    Kari and Kelly came walking back in at about 6:00. They were loaded down with shopping bags. Ransik stood in the control room waiting for them. Ransik: "I see you ladies had a successful trip." Kelly: "It was so much fun! I can't believe we left!" Kari: "Wouldn't have if we didn't run out'a money." Ransik: "You spent it all?" Kelly: "Yeah, but look at this." She pulled a little blue dress out of the bag. Kelly: "Oh and I loved this." She also got out a shirt that read 'ladies man'. Ransik laughed. Ransik: "You know you're only going to be able to use one of those." Kari: "Of course we know that. But we don't know what its going to be, so... we just bought everything we saw." Ransik: "Great." Kelly smiled at him. Kelly: "Don't use your credit card, by the way." He looked at her without saying anything. Kelly: "They kinda cut it in half." Ransik: "Really? And why would they have done that? Could it be the ungodly amount of crap you..." Kelly: "I know, I know, I know. We'll pay it off." Both Ransik and Kelly burst out laughing. Ransik: "Oh, us pay! That's rich!" She fell into his arms laughing. Kari: "I'm going to go show some of this stuff to Rick. I'll see ya later." Kelly: "Okay."  Ransik kissed Kelly as Kari left the room. She looked up at him with a naughty look on her face.
    Cerina: "I don't want you to kill him. Just scare him a little. Make sure he knows where he went wrong." Anthony: "How far can we go?" Cerina: "A few bumps and bruises are fine. Maybe a broken bone if it moves you. All I'm saying is don't kill him.The rest is yours to decide. Be creative." Anthony: "Understood." She walked back around to the side of the building without further acknowledging them. She looked up at the sky and noticed a deep, empty feeling inside her. Cerina: "God, I haven't changed at all." It was the same feeling she had daily while working for Vulca. She looked back, thinking of changing her mind. Making her men stop. Cerina: "No. I'm going to do this. Ransik deserves everything I can throw at him." She turned quickly when she heard the sound of high heals clicking on the pavement. Her face filled with anger. Cerina: "I'm not going to fight you now, Tracy. Just get away from me!" Her sister smiled. Shelona: "I'm not here for a fight." She walked around her, looking her up and down. Shelona: "I saw what you did just now. And I am very proud of you. I can see you're not going to be stepped on by anyone. Not with that dark side." Cerina: "Don't talk to me like that. Ransik is evil. He has to pay." Shelona: "Sure. Is that what you're going to tell yourself? Whatever helps you sleep at night." Cerina: "Shut up!" Shelona: "Such hostility. We're two of a kind, sis." Cerina: "Da*nit, just shut up! I'm not like you! I'm not!" Shelona: "You can't fool me. I know evil when I see it and I see it in you. You were cold-blooded back there. There's no denying it. You killed that guy without a second thought." Her hands began to shake as Cerina stepped away from Shelona. Shelona: "He's dead and there's no turning back. You're a killer just like me." Cerina: "NO!!" Filled with rage, Cerina pushed her to the ground. She stood over her with her hands balled into tight fists.
    Rick was sitting at a table near the back of the fortress when Kari found him. He had money spread out all over it. Kari: "What's that?" Rick: "Cash... from the Dexicon. I wanted to make sure we have enough before the baby comes." Kari: "Are you really going to keep selling after we become parents?" He nodded. Rick: "We need money. This is the only way to get it." Kari: "You're wrong. There are other ways." Rick: "Really? Like what?" She stalled. Kari: "Well I don't know. But there has to be something else out there. A real job where you're not ruining people's lives." Rick: "They choose to become addicted. That's not my fault." Kari: "Are you telling me you never introduced the stuff some them? That you haven't pushed it on to them?" Rick: "Some. But if they didn't want it, they could have said no. They didn't. End of story." Kari: "You can't keep doing this. What kinda example will it set?" Rick: "If I stop, we'll be broke. That kid will be eating out of trash cans his whole life. Now I don't think you really wanna raise 'Ransik Junior' do ya!" She tried to think of something to say, but she couldn't. He stared at her, rubbing it in that he thought he was right.
    Ransik: "You're a genius, my dear. She doesn't suspect a thing." Kelly: "I told you I could pull this off." They were both filled with excitement. Kelly: "I can't wait till she has it! Then all this work will pay off." Ransik pushed her back against the wall and kissed her. Kelly: "You devil, what do you think you're doing?" Ransik: "Making love to my beautiful wife." Kelly: "God, not out here!" She tried to push him away, but he proceeded. Kelly: "Are you out of your mind? Cerina's kid's here! What if she sees us?" Ransik: "I don't care about her. Only you." Kelly: "No, really. We can't go any further in here." Ransik: "You're so attractive when you're conniving." She put her hand over his mouth to stop him from kissing her. Kelly: "Its 6:00. At least wait a little while. Its not even dark yet." He groaned. She put her hand on the side of his face. Kelly: "I'll tell ya what. I'm going to take a shower. How bout you join me?" She let her hand go down onto the armor on his chest. The two of them walked, holding each other, into the bathroom.
    Shelona looked up at her, laughing. Shelona: "You see? You proved my point." She stood slowly. Shelona: "Stop running from the truth. Just accept it. Your life would be so much better." She had a picture of the dead man in her mind. Upset, she turned away from Shelona. Cerina in a low voice: "How could I do that?" Shelona: "Don't hide from this. Its who you are. Who we are. You have real talent and I don't want you to waste it being a ranger." Cerina: "Murder is not a talent. Its sick." Shelona: "Then what's the in your purse?" She saw she couldn't keep fighting with her. She couldn't justify what she had done. Not to Ransik or the thug. Shelona: "You just remember what I said. The next time you want to stop me, keep this in mind. You have no right to tell me how to live my life. Because, honey, your heart's as black as mine." She smiled and disappeared. Cerina took off running into the distance, her long hair blowing in the cool air.
    Kari: "These people could have futures and you're taking them away. When our kid asks you what you do for a living, what are you gonna say? Can you look him or her in the eye and tell them you kill people." Rick: "I have never killed anyone. Stop trying to pull this stuff out of thin air." Kari: "Okay, you don't. But the drug does. And you sell it. That makes you a killer too." Rick: "Da*nit just let this go. I know you hate what I do. You told me that before, but I can't change. Not even if I wanted to. I was on my own my entire life. I didn't have any fancy schools to help me get anywhere in life. I don't have anything close to a formal education. This is all I've got." Kari: "You could do so much more though. I want our child to be proud of you. Don't you want that too?" Rick: "Yes, but you have to face reality. I'm not somebody to look up to." She looked over at the bag of cloths she had dropped in the floor. Kari: "Look, I didn't come back here to fight with you." Rick: "Could have fooled me." Kari: "I wanted to show you what I bought today. But if you're to busy with this sh*t..." Rick: "Kari stop. I want to see the stuff. I also want to be able to have a pleasant conversation with you. Can we do that? At least once?" She didn't say much at first. Kari: "I guess we can't keep fighting like this in front of the baby." Rick: "That's right. I don't plan to come right on and say what I do. Because, believe it or not, I'm not proud of this. But I have to do it. We can raise this kid fine on the money I bring in. Sure, its not ethical. You're going to have to get over that though. If you want this to work, forget about it. Forget that you even know." Kari: "Its not that simple. Every time I see that money, I think about the people you've hurt to get it. It makes me sick inside." Rick: "You knew who I was when we first started dating. You didn't seem to have as much of a problem with it." Kari: "I never liked this before. But it didn't bother me as much till now. It didn't affect anyone but us before. Now we're bringing another life into the world. And I don't want to bring them into this kinda world." He stood up. Rick: "That's why I told you to wait. Its to dangerous." Kari: "You said Vulca was dangerous. You never even considered any of this!"
    Ransik and Kelly stood in the shower in each others arms. Steam rose off their bodies as the water poured down. Kelly: "There's no reason we should stay here tonight. Lets get out for a while. Like we did before." Ransik: "That's a good idea. We haven't spent much time together since we stole that furniture for the cave." Kelly: "Then when we come back, I promise I'll make your night unforgettable." Ransik: "I see." Kelly: "Rick and Kari aren't the only ones who can rock this ship."
    Rick: "I told you my life wasn't right for raising a child. Because of both Vulca and the Dexicon. I told you it wasn't right the time. But you insisted." Kari: "If not now, then when would we have done it? You just got through saying you'd never be able to change So if we waited for your life to be better, we'd wait forever." Rick: "I can't help that. You wanted to do this with me. You knew who I was. I can't change my life over night because of this." Kari: "So you won't even try to change? You could go out and look for other jobs. At least that would she me you care." Rick: "You know I do." Kari: "No I don't! Right now you're acting like you couldn't give a da*n!" Rick: "I want our child to have the best. And that's not gonna happen with another job." Kari: "Well maybe if you had a little confidence..." He threw up his hands. Rick: "Forget it. You don't have a say in what I do. I'm not your slave. I don't answer to you." He turned and walked out, leaving the money on the table. Kari: "God da*n! He's impossible!" She pushed the money into the floor.
    Cerina sat in a restaurant at about 8:00 in a booth by the window. It was dark out. She reached into her purse and pulled out a cell phone. She dialed a number and listened to it ring. Lucas: "Hello?" Cerina: "Lucas, Tracy's right." Lucas: "Cerina? What do you mean?" Cerina: "All that stuff she said the first time we saw each other. That there was still darkness inside me. That I'm as bad as she is." Lucas: "Why are you letting her get to you like this? Its not worth even thinking about." Cerina: "Why am I kidding myself? Ever since those years with Vulca I've been... different. She changed me somehow." Lucas: "I know who you really are. And you're not a one of them." There was a long silence on the line. Cerina: "I crossed the line today. I finally proved to myself what kinda person I really am." He sighed. Cerina: "I'm a killer, Lucas. Plain and simple." Lucas: "What happen?" Cerina: "I took someone's life. For no reason or anything. I just killed him." He didn't speak. Cerina: "I thought I had changed over the years, but I was wrong. When I get mad there's no reasoning with me. I go into this place, this state of pure evil. And there's no way to get through to me like that." After a long time, Lucas spoke again. Lucas: "I wish I could help you. I really do." Cerina: "There's no helping me. You managed to get me to control it. When we were together, I thought I was the person you saw. The loving person, fighting to save a world. But that was all a lie. I had to keep telling myself that because I couldn't face the truth." Lucas: "Do you want me to come find you? I can leave now if you need me to." Cerina: "No, stay there. I don't trust myself like this. You have to stay as far away from me as possible." Lucas: "What if I can help you control it? The way I did before." Cerina: "Don't bother." He was surprised by her attitude towards it. Cerina: "If you did, it wouldn't last. I'd just be lying to myself again. I'm not going to keep doing that." Lucas: "So... what are you going to do?" Cerina: "I'm gonna finally accept it. I hate the person I've become, but I can't change. So I'm going to have to learn to live with it." Lucas: "You can't. If you stop fighting these feelings..." Cerina: "I can't fight them! Don't you see that! I tried and that guy still ended up dead!"
    When Ransik and Kelly came out into the living room of the ship, Niki was sitting on a day bed by the window. Ransik: "Why did we land?" Niki: "Karone wanted to save fuel." They looked out the window and saw that it was storming. Kelly: "Of course! I finally get my hair the way I want it and it rains! That was a lovely waste of time." Niki stuck her tongue out. Niki: "Too bad!" Ransik: "Quiet." Niki: "Or what? What are you gonna do?" Kelly: "Ignore her. Do you still want to go out or not?" Niki: "You should. You could use a bath." He sighed. Ransik: "I have just taken a shower, thank you." She held her nose. Niki: "Then take another one." Kelly: "Shut up." She turned back to Ransik. Kelly: "Well what'll it be?" Ransik: "I don't mind going if you don't." Kelly: "Its either that or sit here listening to her." She picked up a diamond bracelet off the table and put it on. They started toward the door. Niki: "Hey Kelly, take an umbrella. You don't wanna melt."  They walked outside and shut the door. Kelly: "Da*n I'm glad she's not our kid."
    Lucas: "Remember why you left Vulca in the first place? Niki. If you give up what would she think?" Cerina: "I can't go back there. If I get near her, I could go off again. I couldn't live with myself if anything happened to her." Lucas: "Okay, I've heard enough. You're being to hard on yourself. You may have killed that guy. And that is wrong. But you can't cut yourself off from the people who love you." Cerina: "So what? I go back there and act like it didn't happen?" Lucas: "You don't need to bring it up. All you need to do is go home and calm down. Don't throw away everything you've worked for over one mistake." Cerina: "I killed him. How can I forget that?" Lucas: "I... I don't know. But you have to try." Cerina: "He was only trying to help me. Why would I do that to him?" Lucas: "What?" He paused. Lucas: "You knew him?" Cerina: "Yeah. He was one of my guys from Stregna." Lucas: "Then it doesn't matter. He didn't have any reason to live. None of them do." Cerina: "Oh so you think he's evil, but I'm not. That doesn't make any sense." Lucas: "You do things without thinking. I'll admit that. But you're not evil. That guy is worthless. He'd do anything for a buck." Cerina: "That's enough. I'll go back. But I don't think its a good idea." Lucas: "You'd never hurt Niki. I know that. You don't have to worry about that." He thought for a minute. Lucas: "Why were you with those guys before?" Cerina: "I sent them after Ransik. To rough him up." Lucas: "See. You did that for Niki. And because you want to be a good mother. That proves you're nothing like your sister." Cerina: "I sent them because I hate him." Lucas: "And that's because of what his daughter did with Niki." She started to calm down a little. Cerina: "Is there anything I can do that you won't defend?" Lucas: "No. I love you. It doesn't matter what you do. Or what kind of monster you think you are. I'll always love you."
    Ice came up behind Niki. She was soaking wet. Water dripped from her hair onto the floor. Niki turned away from the window to face her. Niki: "What happened to you?" Ice: "I was out jogging when I started pouring. I had to run almost three miles back here in the rain." She laughed. Ice sarcastically: "What a blast." Niki: "Karone'll be mad if she sees you get water on the floor." Ice sat down beside her. Ice: "At this point, I don't care what Karone wants. Lets see her perky a*s run through that." She looked around the empty room. Ice: "How long you been sitting here?" Niki: "A while. I'm waiting for mom to come back. She's been gone a long time." Ice: "Yeah she has. Last I saw her she was fighting with Ransik." Niki: "Him and Kelly just left. He actually took a shower!" Ice: "You gotta admit they're made for each other. His looks could scare a dead guy and she smells like an ash tray. What a pair." They laughed. Niki: "Can we change the locks while they're gone? We don't need them anymore. You're here. And Karone can take the other suit." Ice: "We can't do that. Besides, I have a morpher." Niki: "I know. But we only really need five rangers." Ice: "Keep dreaming. Maybe one day your mom will let Lucas arrest them."
    Cerina: "You are way to good to me. I killed a man and you're sitting there telling me how much you love me." Lucas: "You have a dark side. Its not a big deal. Its one of the things I like about you. That doesn't mean you're as bad as Shelona." Cerina: "After looking at her... I'm scared that's what I'll end up like. If I keep doing this stuff its bound to happen." Lucas: "You will never be like her. You have a heart. You care about people." Cerina: "Maybe you think I do." Lucas: "I know it. Shelona takes peoples lives. But you gave me back mine." Cerina: "Excuse me?" Lucas: "You freed me from my old life. All I did before was work. I was on duty every day of the week. I had no real life until I met you." Cerina: "You had dates then. Tons of them. How can you say you didn't have a life?" Lucas: "Those dates were empty and meaningless. I was lucky if I even remembered their names the next day. You changed all that for me. You gave me a reason to keep going. You showed me there's more to life than work."
    Kelly and Ransik walked down the  street holding hands. Ransik: "Why don't we go find the most expensive restaurant in the area?" Kelly: "Sounds nice." Ransik: "And after we've eaten... we run like he*l before the check comes!" Kelly: "You're always thinking." Ransik: "You deserve the best, my dear." Kelly: "Yeah. Nobody said we had to pay for the best though." Ransik: "Exactly my point." They walked a little further. Then stopped when Cerina's guys walked out in front of them. Kelly: "Excuse us." She tried to walked by the two in front of them, but one pushed her back next to Ransik. Man: "I don't think so." Ransik: "You heard the lady. Now move." The other one shook his head. Kelly turned around to go the other way and Anthony stood behind, staring at her. His eyes looked dead. He clearly taken some drug within the past hour. One of the ones in front walked up beside. The other two quickly grabbed Ransik. They knocked him around a few times. Kelly tried to help him, but the one next to her grabbed her arms. Ransik came in close to Anthony to make a move, but he was to quick. Before Ransik knew it, he had pulled a knife out of his jacket and stabbed him. He fell to one knee in pain. Anthony: "Don't ever mess with the boss again." The three of them took off running into the dark ally. Ransik fell the rest of the way to the ground.
    Cerina took her attention away from Lucas for a minute and looked outside. She watched the rain pouring down in the parking lot. She thought about Niki, who she figured was doing the same thing she was. She put the phone back to her ear. Cerina: "Do you think Niki's worried about me?" Lucas: "Yes. She always is. Go home and see her." Cerina: "I miss her. But I can't help but think she'd be better off if I didn't come back. I'm not a good influence on her. Not after everything I've done. Everything I'm still doing." Lucas: "That doesn't matter. Sure, you're not perfect. But she needs you." She looked outside again. Cerina: "This isn't the first time you've talked me out of something like this. Thank you." Lucas: "I know how convincing Shelona can be. She is your blood. But remember, you're nothing like her. No matter what she says or what you think. You could never be that evil." Cerina: "Uh.. right. I'm gonna go." Lucas: "All right. Take care." She hung up the phone and put it back into her purse. Then stood and looked out the window. The man she had killed left her mind and Ransik filled his place. She thought of her men attacking him. A smile spread across her face. Cerina: "I may not be pure evil. But I'm no saint. I should stop trying to act like I am. I have loyalty to one person in this world and that's Niki. And you Ransik. You're about to see what this mother is capable of." She walked out of the cafe and into the rain.