Guest Staring:
Kirstin Norton as Hevesta

    About an hour later, Karone was up by the front desk on a pay phone. Ecliptor was on the other end of the line. Ecliptor: "How are things on KO-35? Has the threat passed?" Karone: "We haven't been able to get rid of Shelona yet. She never does her own fighting. So its going to be really hard." Ecliptor: "I don't mean to push, Princess. But...." Karone: "I know. You need the Cyris Crystal. I'm sorry. I've been so busy here trying to keep some peace." Ecliptor: "I understand. But there isn't much time. You must gain access to the crystal before its too late." She was silent. Ecliptor: "Is something wrong?" Karone: "Uh..." Ecliptor: "There's something else stopping you isn't there?" She didn't know how to continue. Ecliptor: "Tell me what it is. Maybe I can figure something out." She was silent a little longer. Then broke down and told him. Karone: "I don't know if I'll be able to help you at all."
    Rick went and found Kari looking up at the ceiling in another waiting room. She looked impatient. Rick: "What's going on." She looked down at the cast on her arm. The one she had got after the battle with Scorn. Kari: "I'm hoping I can get this thing off today." Rick: "Its a little early, isn't it?" Kari: "Well yeah. But I thought while we were here." Rick: "Makes sense." She looked around for a minute. Kari: "The bad thing is we're going to have to come right back in like a week; week and a half." Rick: "Lets hope Shelona will hold out while you're having the baby." Kari: "I doubt it. She'd almost have to take advantage of this. We'd be completely off guard." Rick: "Like we are now." Her eyes grew wide, having never realized it until he spoke up. Kari: "My God, you're right! If we're all here in this hospital she could strike whenever she wants." Rick: "She doesn't know we're here. Not yet anyway." Kari: "He*l, its not like we could stop her before this happened." Rick: "True." She remembered the conversation she had with Kelly while shopping. Kari: "What if we just left? Said screw it and got out of here." Rick: "Could you really do something like that?" Kari: "Kelly and I discussed it. I hadn't really given it a lot of thought though." Rick: "Doesn't bother me. I only come cause you did." Kari: "I don't want to leave these people like this. But we're not helping them anyway. Where were we when Shelona destroyed the capitol? Or when she murdered all those civilians in the street? We were nowhere to be found." Rick: "We did try to get there." Kari: "Yeah, but that's not good enough. We haven't stood in her way, I mean really put a dent in her plans even one time. We're running around in circles while she laughs her a*s off."
    Niki continued to run down a bunch of empty, white hallways until she found and exit. She ran through the door, sending it flying back into the side of the building. Out in the parking lot, she looked around for a minute. Niki: "Caster!" She got no response. Niki: "I know you can hear me! Come out!" He walked calmly out from the side of the hospital. Niki: "I don't understand why you want to keep fighting me, but here's your chance." Caster: "Why would you set yourself up for this?" She smiled. Niki: "This is fun. I needed something to do other than sit in that stuffy hospital all day." Caster's expression was filled with confusion. Caster: "Fun? You're kidding, right?" Niki: "Nope. I like kicking your butt." He thought: "I don't care what Shelona says. I'm not going to take this from anyone. Her niece or not." As he was about to attack, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Niki started to laugh. He turned around to see Shelona. Shelona: "Don't even think about it." Caster: "My... my queen... what are you doing here?" Shelona: "I've come to pay my sister a little visit." She glanced over at Niki. Shelona: "You go back to the ship and leave the puny ranger alone." She started to walk towards the building. Caster: "We're not finished here." She stopped and turned back to face him. Shelona: "You dare talk back to me?"
    Cerina walked slowly up to the window of Ransik's room. It was empty. She opened the door and entered. Cerina: "You're looking well.... for a man on his death bed." She went up beside the bed and looked down at him. His eyes were closed. Cerina: "I'm almost sorry it had to come to this. We could have been a team before. Back when we first became rangers. But you wouldn't have that. The only thing that stood between us back then was Nadira. And you refused to control her. Now look at us. Two adults reduced to these childish games." She shook her head. Cerina: "But I guess we were never meant to get along. If it wasn't Nadira it would have been something else." She was silent for a moment. Cerina: "I almost wish you'd wake up now. Open your eyes one last time to see where your actions landed you. I wish you could see that I was the one who put you in here. I'm the one who finally shut you up." She looked over at the plug on the wall. As she stared at it, her mind wondered. First she saw Niki back when Nadira was still alive. Cerina thought: "The world would be a better place without you. " Then she saw Lucas with the other Time Rangers battling him. Finally she envisioned all the people Ransik had robbed and killed in his life. Cerina's thoughts continued: "You don't deserve to live. Not after all the evil you've done." She leaned down and put her hand on the cord. Cerina: "Burn in hell, Ransik."
    Ice woke up in a big clearing. Trees surrounded her. She was on the ground, tied up with three thick ropes. She tried to get free, but couldn't move at all. She looked around for Hevesta, but she wasn't there. She started to struggle again, but stopped when she heard something in front of her. Footsteps. Then a woman stepped out from the path in front of Ice. She wore a tight black t-shirt and camouflage paints. She had shoulder length brown hair and a tattoo of an eagle on her arm. Ice: "Blaze." They stared at each other for a while. Ice was trying to figure out if she was real or another one of Hevesta's tricks. Before she could make up her mind, Blaze walked over to her and smacked her as hard as she could. Blaze: "Don't give me that look. I'm real, Jensen. And I've come to pay you back." Ice: "Pay me back for what? You ruined your own life back at the base. Your jealousy is your own fault." Blaze: "You are in no position to take that tone with me." Ice: "I am your superior officer. Now untie me." Blaze kicked her in the mouth. Blaze: "Maybe you were. But now I call the shots."
    Ecliptor: "You must. You're my only chance." Karone: "I wish I could, but it may not be possible." Ecliptor: "Why?" Karone: "Its Ransik. The man I told you was going to help me." Ecliptor: "Yes?" Karone: "He's dying." He didn't respond. Karone: "I'm at the hospital with him now. The doctors don't know anything yet." Ecliptor: "I'm sorry." Karone: "All we can do is hope he pulls through. If not, there's not way I can get the crystal for you." Ecliptor: "Let me know as soon as you hear anything." Karone: "All right." He hung up the phone. Karone sat down the receiver slowly and rested her head against the wall. Karone: "What am I going to do? I can't let him down. Not after all he's done for me. But without Ransik... I don't have a chance."
    Caster looked at her. Then at Niki. Caster: "Its because she's your niece. That's why you won't let me kill her." He waited for a response. Caster: "That's it, isn't it?" Shelona: "She means nothing to me." Caster: "Then why keep stopping me? Its pointless. If you want them gone then let me do my job." Shelona: "If you want to keep breathing, I suggest you be quiet." Niki stood watching them, wondering if he was right. Niki thought: "What if she does care? Then mom might have been right in the beginning. There could still be good in her somewhere." Shelona pointed to the silver ship floating in the sky. Shelona: "Go back to the ship." He let out and angry sigh and walked off. Niki: "Why do you keep stopping him?" Shelona: "I don't need him to think. He is to follow my orders and that is it." Niki: "He has a mind of his own ya know." Shelona: "If I wanted his opinion on how to win a war, I'd give it to him." She walked past her. Niki: "If you really wanted to win you'd have killed us by now." Shelona glanced back from the corner of her eye. Niki: "You may act like you don't care but somewhere inside you still do." Shelona: "I won't call him off forever."
    Rick: "Ya know if we go back now we're going right back into the hell we left. Stregna has never given either of us anything but pain." Kari: "Yeah but at least its our world. Vulca is our enemy. We have a reason to fight. Sure these people need help. We're just not the ones to give it to them. Its not our fight." Rick: "So we're agreed?" Kari: "We leave as soon as Ransik recovers." Rick: "I wish we could leave him behind with this planet." Kari: "I know you don't like him. But we need him." Rick: "I was thinking out loud. I know we can't leave him here." An image of Karone flashed in her mind. Kari: "I feel so bad for Karone though. Look what's happening to her home." Rick: "You said yourself we can't stop this." Kari: "I wish there was some way we could win. She seems like such a sweet woman. Its ashame to make her face all this alone." He leaned over and kissed her. Rick: "Don't think about her now. We have to worry about us. She can take care of herself." Kari: "I'm gonna do this. I am." Rick: "Its gonna be hard for you to leave. You're not the kind of person to turn you back on people in need. But it has to be done. You're going to be a mother. The well-being of our baby has to come before anything else. And if that means letting these people die, well that's how its going to have to be." She rested her head against his chest trying to forget about their pain. Kari: "How do you do that? You can close off your heart with no trouble at all. I wish I could do that. You're like a steel wall. Nothing gets through." Rick: "When you spend your entire life alone, struggling to survive, you learn to put yourself above all else." Kari: "There's no way I could ever be that strong." Rick: "Don't try to fight that part of you. I admire that about you." Kari: "You told me that. But it seems like its just getting in the way." Rick: "You have to ignore that for a time because of the baby. But don't ever loose it. Its what makes you who you are."
    Kelly came walking into the room holding a vase of flowers. As Cerina pulled the plug on the life support system, the long, loud tone spread through the room. She dropped the vase and pushed Cerina out of the way. With a trembling hand, she plugged it back into the wall. Then stood back up. Kelly: "What the he*l do you think you're doing?" Cerina: "What I should have done a long time ago. Ransik has caused nothing but pain for everyone he's ever come in contact with. I just can't see a reason why he should be allowed to recover." Kelly: "You're a monster." She didn't dignify her with a response. Kelly: "You would kill him because of the way he used to be? He has turned his life around since becoming a ranger." Cerina: "He can't change." Kelly: "Why are you doing this anyway? He never harmed you! He didn't even know you back then!" Cerina: "His crimes made Nadira. The woman who almost turned my daughter into one of you." Kelly: "So there it is. The same old story. Get over it! She's gone!" Cerina: "If he lives, he's only going to ruin someone else's life. Like he did Nadira's and almost Niki's." Kelly: "You have no right to make him pay for any of his sins. Because no matter what he's done, I know you've done something ten times worse." Cerina: "I made my mistakes. He made his. That's all fine. But when his mistakes effect my child, things change." Kelly: "What about your own actions? You say Nadira was such a bad influence on her. Well look at yourself there honey! You don't control her! You don't teach her! She is still going to end up in the same place you say she would have with Nadira. Only it'll be your fault!" Cerina: "She's knows what's right and wrong. And if she treats you two like dirt that's fine by me! I'm glad she's smart enough to see you for the kinda people you are. Even if she couldn't see that in Nadira." Kelly: "I'm so sick of you acting like you're a saint! If we're so bad then you sure ain't no better!" Cerina: "No, I'm not a saint. Far from it. But I will never sink to your level." Kelly: "You would have committed murder just now if I hadn't stopped you. Now think about it. You're already sinking to what we used to be. And your precious little princess is watching ever minute of it."
    As Ice stared up at Blaze she remembered their fight on the mountain:
<Scene from "Wounds of War"; PR Psycho Series 3>
    Blaze stood there with the sun beating down on her, ready to fight. Ice: "Why did you call me here?" Blaze: "You know why. To end this once and for all." Ice: "I don't wanna fight you!" She didn't respond. Instead, she charged. She threw a punch, but Ice blocked it. Then another. Ice: "We don't have to do this!" Blaze kicked her in the stomach with her knee. Then in the face, sending her falling back onto the hard ground. Blaze: "Its because of you that I couldn't fulfill my dream. You were always there to be just a little bit better." Ice: "You could have been better than me! If you'd have spent your time training instead of attacking me!" Ice climbed to her feet. Ice: "Stop this." Blaze: "Never!" Blaze charged once again. This time Ice was able to grab her arm and twist it behind her back. She was in submission. During those seconds, Ice looked into her eyes and saw that she wasn't who she used to be. It was like something snapped inside her. Blaze broke free and quickly took Ice's arm, flipping her to the ground. She then jumped on top her and fought wildly. She would have given up, but in the back of her mind she heard Burner's voice. Burner: "You can do this, Ice. You can beat her." With all her strength, she was able to throw Blaze off of her. Blaze: "I'll show you." While Ice's back was turned, Blaze pulled a gun from a strap on her leg. Ice quietly: "I don't think so." She spun quickly and kicked the gun from her hand. It went flying into the air. Both women looked up at it, but Ice jumped up and grabbed it. When she hit the ground again, she pointed it at Blaze. Ice: "Now, are you ready to call off this stupid feud?" With fury on her face, Blaze grabbed Ice and tried to throw her off the mountain. Desperate, she reversed it. Blaze stood on the edge. She glanced over at what seemed like and endless drop. Ice: "Its over." Blaze: "That's what you think." She punched her as hard as she could, sending her back. But the force of her own hit caused Blaze to loose her balance. She started to slip. Ice's mouth dropped open when she saw her fall off the edge. She got up and ran to her. She was hanging on to the side of the mountain, but just barely. Ice: "Give me your hand!" She reached out as far as she could, but Blaze made no attempt to reach back. Blaze: "I don't need your help, Jensen. And I never will." Calmly, she let go of the side and fell silently down through the sky. Ice: "NO!!!" She looked down until she couldn't see her anymore. Tears ran down her face as she sat there on the mountain top. She slammed her fists into the ground. Ice: "Why? Why did you give your life for something so meaningless. You could have been so much more."
<End of Flashback Scene>
    Niki came back into the hospital after Shelona. She looked around, but she was nowhere in sight. Niki: "I have to find Mom before she does!" She took off running down the hall. She finally caught up with her as she was getting onto the elevator. Shelona: "Stay out of this." Shelona shot a blast at Niki, slamming her into the wall. The blast hit just as the elevator doors closed. She ran up and started banging on them. Frustrated, she finally ran to the stairs.
    Cerina: "She knows why I'm doing this." Kelly: "Yeah. So do I. Because you're a hypocrite. You can stand there and almost kill a man. Actually figure out a way to justify it. And everything's fine. But when somebody else does the least little thing, you're raising hell." Cerina: "What I do to Ransik he brought on himself. When we first met I had nothing against him. Or any of you! We could have gotten along perfectly. Maybe even have been friends if it weren't for your actions." Kelly: "Doubtful." Cerina looked over at Ransik in the bed. Cerina: "You blew it, Ransik. You showed me the truth about you. And now you're paying for it." Kelly: "That's it. I want you out of this room now." Cerina: "The truth hurts doesn't it?" Kelly: "Get out now. Or I'm calling security." She shrugged. Cerina: "Fine." She walked over to the door. But before leaving, gave Kelly and evil look.
    Ice stared up at her for a long time. She couldn't believe her eyes. Ice: "How is this possible? You died that day on the rocks. I saw you fall." Blaze: "You're wrong. I've been alive and well this whole time. Waiting for the day I could take my revenge." Ice: "But how? There's no way you could have survived the fall." She thought for a moment. Blaze: "I guess I owe you this much. After a fell from the mountain I had given up. I thought I was a goner. But then... then something took me away. Right out of the sky." Ice gave her a strange look. Blaze: "The next thing I knew, I was in a dark cave. The only light was from two glowing eyes. Then I heard a woman's voice. Hevesta. She saved me in exchange for my loyalty." Ice: "So you're doing her dirty work now." Blaze: "Its not so bad. The only thing she asked of me was to get rid of you. Which I would be more than happy to do regardless." Ice: "So why now? Why show up 20 years down the road. You could have finished me the next day if you wanted." Blaze: "I planned to spend six months in training before the attack. But then Hevesta killed herself to save Demosi. There was nothing I could have done." An image of Hevesta holding the golden dagger above her chest flashed in Ice's mind. Ice: "Okay, so she saved you. But how is she here?" Blaze: "Her species can never die. Not completely. Their souls will always haunt the Earth looking for vessels to return to them to the world of the living. As Burner was to Demosi." Ice: "So that's not really Hevesta?" Blaze: "Oh its her all right. She took the body of a woman and fed off her goodness for many years. Now she has corrupted her to the point where her body no longer exists. Only Hevesta's." Blaze grabbed the rope that was around Ice and pulled on it, throwing her roughly across the ground. Blaze: "That's enough talk. Your time is up."
    Later, Kelly called Kari and Karone into Ransik's room. She looked the door behind them. Karone: "What's going on? Did something happen with him?" Kelly: "I know who did this. I finally figured out who ordered the attack." Kari: "Well who?" She took a hit off the cigarette and proceeded to answer. Kelly: "Cerina." Karone didn't look surprised. But Kari couldn't believe it. Kari: "Are you sure?" Kelly: "Yeah. It had to be her. Who else would have?" Kari: "I don't know if she'd really go that far." Kelly: "You didn't see the look she gave me earlier. She's rubbing it in my face. That's the only reason she's here at all." Karone: "That's awful." Kelly: "It gets worse. When I came to bring him flowers about an hour ago, I found her ready to pull the plug. She would have killed him if I hadn't been there to stop her." The other ladies could tell Kari was hurt. Karone put her arm around her. Kari: "I can't believe she'd really do it. After all the things she done to get away from her past." She paused. Kari: "She told me she'd changed. That she wasn't going to go back to the way things used to be." Kelly: "You can't trust her. She would to anything to get what she wants, no matter who she hurts." Kari: "I thought she was my friend." Kelly: "She only sees this as attacking us. You probably didn't even cross her mind." Kari: "Well its over now." She went over and unlocked the door. Then slammed it behind her as she went down the hall. Karone: "You have to make sure she doesn't come back in here." Kelly: "I'm not leaving his side until this is all over with." Karone: "Me neither. Ransik is too good a man to have to deal with someone like that."
    Cerina was now a few floors above Ransik's room. She had been there trying to decide on her next move. She looked up as the door in front of her opened. Cerina: "Tracy please. Not now." Shelona walked through the double doors and looked down at her sister in the chair. Shelona: "There's no reason to make this a fight. That's not why I came here." Cerina: "I guess you want me to ask you why. Like I care." Shelona: "I saw what you did earlier. It was a good effort. But it would have never worked. Too obvious." Cerina: "So what? Now you're going to give me advice on how to get rid of him?" Shelona smiled. Shelona: "It always worked when we were kids." Cerina: "But why? I thought I was nothing to you." Shelona: "I never said that. All I said was..." Cerina: "...that you'd kill me if you had to." Shelona: "If you got in my way! But that doesn't mean I wanted to!" Cerina: "When we met on the battle field my first day here, you said you didn't give a da*n about me. So why all of a sudden do you wanna help me?" She was silent. For a second, Cerina saw a glimpse of the sister she had known. Shelona: "I guess after seeing you again, I... I remembered how we used to be. True Mom and Dad were demanding. They never cared what I wanted. But that wasn't your fault. You were only a kid." Cerina: "I was right. There is still a part of you in there, Tracy." Shelona: "Don't jump the gun. I'm not going to stop any of this. This destruction sets me free. I won't go back now. Not after all I've done." Cerina: "But why? If you found it in yourself to care about me, then why not the rest of the world?" Shelona: "If I do that I'm opening the door for them. I'm giving them permission to walk all over me. I will never let that happen again." Cerina stood looking at her for a long time. Shelona: "What?" Cerina: "I can't believe you're finally willing to let me back into your life." Shelona: "Don't push me. That's all I'm telling you. Don't ask me for anything because I probably won't do it." Cerina: "I don't need anything. I'm grown up now. All I want is for us to be a family again." Finally, they hugged. For the first time in years. Outside, Kari stood with her mouth open. She had been watching them through the window in the door.
    Back on Stregna, Vulca and Kitana stood in the throne room of the palace. Vulca took a drink of the red stuff in her glass. Vulca: "I don't know where those rangers went and ya know what, who cares?" Kitana: "Exactly. There was no reason to search for them these past weeks." Vulca: "I had to be sure." She walked over to the balcony and looked down onto the planet. She saw the Drika lining people up like soldiers. They were beaten and in chains. She smiled. Then turned back to Kitana. Vulca: "At long last I can finally avenge my mother." Kitana: "Cyann would be proud. You're ruling this planet the way she would have wanted." Vulca: "I only wish she could see me now. I can almost imagine the look on her face." Kitana: "She knows what you're doing. Wherever she is, she's watching you." The wind suddenly began to blow harder. Vulca gasped when she saw two giant eyes in the sky above the balcony. She stepped back a little. The wind blew Kitana's long blonde hair back behind her. She looked up with a cold expression and waited. Soon the eyes disappeared and a cloud of smoke filled the balcony. When it cleared, Hevesta stood in its place. Vulca moved slowly to the door. Hevesta: "Don't bother to call the guards. You'll be dead before they get in here." Vulca: "You can't come into my palace and talk to me like some slave." Kitana looked back at her. Kitana: "I can handle this. Wait in the other room." Vulca: "What? You know her or something." She nodded slightly. Kitana: "Its fine." After a minute, Vulca left them alone. Kitana: "Hevesta? You're alive." She stepped down from the balcony. Hevesta: "That's right. I have returned to take my revenge." Kitana dryly: "I'm happy for ya. So what do you want with me?" Hevesta: "You're coming with me."
    Ice managed to jump to her feet. She headed for the path, but Blaze blasted her. After she hit the ground, she turned back in shock. Smoke rose up off Blaze's hand as she laughed in Ice's face. Ice: "An energy blast? But..." Blaze: "Another little gift from Hevesta. I'm like her now. Immortal and stone cold." Ice: "It can't be." Blaze: "It is." Ice: "Don't you think she wants something from you?" Blaze: "Only for me to take you out." Ice: "No. There's something else. She wouldn't have given you that power for nothing." She fired another blast, but this time Ice knew it was coming. She moved slightly making the blast hit the rope, burning it. She got free of it and stood back up. Ice: "I don't know why she's doing this, but you have to get away from her. Something's not right." Blaze's expression didn't change. Blaze: "Don't you ever get sick of being perfect? Even when I'm about to kill you, you still have to act superior. 'Oh I'm so big. I'm going to try to save her even though she hates me'. Give it a rest, Jensen." Ice: "You're right. I'm am trying to save you." Blaze: "Don't bother." Ice: "I couldn't save you that day on the mountain. But I can sure as he*l save you now. If you'll ever listen to somebody other than yourself!" Blaze: "I told you then and I'll tell you know, I don't need your help." Ice: "Do you think she cares about you? Ya think she'll keep you around after I'm gone? For what? Let me try to explain this to you. You kill me, she kills you. Is that what you want?" Blaze: "I'm immortal. I cannot die." Ice: "Maybe that's what she told you. But that doesn't make it the truth. She'd say anything to get you to kill me." Blaze: "She already gave me a second chance at life. And I won't fail her."
    Cerina: "How do I tell the others? They'll never understand this." Shelona: "You don't. If you tell them that, they'll know I was right." Cerina: "That we're the same." Shelona: "Exactly. Make them believe you still want to stop me." Cerina: "I kinda do. I love you, but what you're doing to these people is sick." Shelona: "Its my choice. If you want to be a part of my life you're going to have to except that." Cerina: "There's no reason to keep doing this. Haven't enough people suffered yet? When will it end? When will you finally admit you've had enough?" Shelona: "Never. There's a thrill in this life that I never had before. Knowing that I can take away an life I choose at any time. I won't give this up for anything. Not even you." Cerina sighed. Shelona: "So what'll it be? Stay out of my way or stay out of my life?" Cerina: "You know what I have to do." Shelona stood there waiting for her to continue. Cerina: "I hate this part of you. But its a part of me too. No matter how much I've denied it. Sure, I'd never destroy entire worlds for fun. I was forced to do that under Vulca's command and I hated every minute of it. But there's still a part of that in me." Shelona: "So you're can stay out of the way?" She hesitated. Cerina: "Fine." At that moment, Kari came the door, letting it slam into the wall. Kari: "How can you do this? You're going to stand there and do nothing while she lets this world go to hell! I thought I knew you!" Cerina: "This doesn't concern you." Kari: "The he*l it doesn't! How many times have you told me you were better than her? That you would never end up like that? Huh? Now look at yourself! Closing your eyes and letting her keep doing this is just as bad! You might as well load the blaster for her!" Cerina: "She's my family. I can't fight her anymore. This planet... it means nothing to me." She paused. Cerina: "Or you! Why do you care so much?" Kari: "I admit it. I was ready to leave. Rick and I were going to give up and go back to Stregna. But not because we didn't care." Cerina: "I don't like what she does any better than you do. But I can't fight my own sister for something I did myself once." Kari: "Once? You would have did it to Ransik about an hour ago if Kelly hadn't stopped you!" She shook her head. Kari: "I thought we were friends, Cerina. I really did. I confided things in you I would never tell anyone else." Cerina: "We are friends. You  know that. This doesn't have anything to do with us." Kari: "If you let Shelona do this, we're through."
    Kitana: "Excuse me?" Hevesta: "You are coming back with me. I'll be in need of your services after Ice had been illuminated." Kitana: "You can't show up outta the blue after 20 years and expect me to drop everything for you. I've moved on. I have a life here on Stregna." Hevesta: "You are my general and you'll do as I say." Kitana: "Maybe I was. But not anymore." She looked around Vulca's palace. Kitana: "Do you think I care what kind of a life you've built? It doesn't make one da*n bit of difference to me. You are mine. Like it or not." Kitana: "If you want help so badly, go find Kylara." Hevesta: "As I told that ranger, Kylara is nothing to me. She decided to run and give up the perfect life her father and I had planned out for her. I'm not going to let you get away from us so easily." Kitana sighed. Kitana: "Look, back then I would have agreed with you. War was everything to me. But I'm not the same person now. Things change." Hevesta: "So what changed you? That little witch in blue you're running around with. She is a waste of your time." Kitana: "She is my friend!" Hevesta laughed. Hevesta: "You never had any need for friends before? Why now?" Kitana: "She and her father have given me a new life." Hevesta: "You mean you've gone soft." Kitana: "Don't go there." Kitana: "Its true. When you came to work for us, you were a warrior and nothing else. You barely ever spoke. You knew your mission and you carried it out." She looked her up and down. Hevesta: "Now look at yourself. You're standing here in this palace preaching to me about being a changed woman." Kitana: "I have learned so much since I left your empire. I'm still a warrior, but that's not what I live for anymore." Hevesta: "You're no warrior. If that were true, you would have taken me down the minute in came in here." She shook her head. Hevesta: "You couldn't do it. You're weak." Kitana said nothing, waiting for her to continue. But she didn't. Kitana: "You said what you wanted to say. Now get out." Hevesta: "I don't think so."
    Blaze came at Ice, jumping into the air. As her leg came flying toward her, Ice grabbed it and flipped her to the ground. She jumped back up instantly, throwing four punches. On the last two, Ice caught her fists. To get free, Blaze kicked her. She let go and was struck across the face with Blaze's arm. Blaze: "Too bad you got so used to morphing. Its made you soft." Ice jumped up and did a flip in the air. Blaze spun around before she could get the jump on her. As Ice was about to make her move, Blaze beat her to it. She punched her in the mouth. The impact made a loud crack. Ice thought: "I have to run. Its my only chance right now." When Blaze came at her, Ice slammed her into a tree and took off. She ran as fast as she could, dodging the fireballs that were coming at her.
    Cerina: "You don't understand." Kari: "Oh I understand perfectly! When we first met, I hated you for doing Vulca's dirty work. I thought you were the lowest, most vile person on Stregna. I thought after you left her service you had seen what I saw. That maybe you were trying to change. But you're the same as you always were." Cerina: "I can't control her life! If she wants to do this, there's nothing I can do about it!" Kari: "But you're no better! I've always known you and Ransik didn't get along. And I even thought you were right in the whole thing. Nadira was a bi*ch! But I never thought you would have tried to kill him." Cerina: "He's not some innocent man. He's evil!" Kari: "There's evil around her all right. And I'm look'n at it. Kelly told me what kinda person he really is. And if you'd take the time to listen to him maybe you could work this thing out." Cerina: "Kelly? How can you believe a word that comes out of her mouth?" Kari: "I didn't at first. But then you proved her right. I stood up for you in that room. I told her and Karone that you never could have pulled that plug! But all I did was make a fool of myself." She started for the door. Cerina: "Kari wait!" She turned back quickly. Kari: "Its over! I don't wanna see you, I don't wanna hear you, and I don't wanna know you!" She ran up and grabbed her shoulder. Cerina: "Please, can't we..." Kari jerked away. Kari: "Stay the he*l away from me." She then walked quickly out of the room, leaving Cerina in the waiting room.
    Hevesta: "I am going to return you to the woman you were. So you can serve us again." Kitana: "Us? Demosi is dead! Why can't you except that?" Hevesta: "I will never except that." Kitana: "He has been dead for thousands of years. Locked away in that time warp. But you refused to let him go. You kept dragging it on like there was some hope. He's gone, Hevesta! There's no changing that!" Hevesta: "I wouldn't be too sure about that." Kitana: "God let him rest! You have been forcing his spirit to return her for so long. And every time he goes right back to that same dark place. Don't you think its time you let him go? Move on with your life." With a loud cry, Hevesta blasted Kitana back with a purple ball of fire. She landed on her knees across the room. Hevesta: "He will live again!" Kitana: "He was my friend and I wanted him back too... for a time." Hevesta: "You might be willing to give up. But I'm not. There is nothing in this world that will keep me away from my beloved." Kitana stood back up. Kitana: "Its hopeless."
    Cerina stood there in the doorway, trying desperately not to cry. But she couldn't stop herself. She covered her face to try to hide it. She thought back on her time as a ranger. Cerina thought: "Kari was the only who trusted me. The only one who really accepted me for who I am." Her thoughts were interrupted by a voice. Niki: "Mom." She sounded very confused. Niki: "What's going on?" Niki looked over at Shelona across the room. She stood there with her arms folded in front of her chest. Her face looked as evil as it always had to her. Niki: "Mom, why are you crying?" Cerina tried to stop and wiped the tears from her eyes. Niki walked up and put her arms around her. This helped her, knowing she still had her daughter on her side. Cerina: "We need to talk."
    Hevesta looked at her silently. Then after a minute, her image began to fade. In the same cloud of smoke as she had come, she was gone. Kitana looked out into the sky, feeling sorry for her. Outside the palace, Hevesta reappeared. She looked up at the dark sky with determination on her face. Hevesta: "I will never let you go, my darling. You are my world. And soon we will finally be in each others arms again. I swear it."
    Inside the palace, Vulca came walking back into the throne room. Vulca: "Who was that?" Kitana: "My former boss. Hevesta." Vulca: "Oh. I remember you telling me out her a while back." She suddenly looked confused. Vulca: "Didn't you work for her on Earth? How could she get here?" Kitana: "I don't know. I didn't get a chance to ask her anything like that. She kept going on and on about her dead husband." She ran her hand through her hair. Kitana: "She honestly believes she can bring him back." Vulca: "That's kinda sad." Kitana: "I know. After all this time she is still obsessed with him. I tried to get her to stop. But she wouldn't hear of it." Vulca: "Didn't you say they couldn't die?" She thought for a minute, looking for the words. Kitana: "I... I honestly don't know. I mean, you've got Hevesta who stabbed herself with a golden dagger. I saw her lying dead on the floor in a puddle of blood. Now she's walking around as if it never happened. But Demosi... his spirit still lives. I'm guessing its their bodies that can die. Their spirits live forever." Vulca: "Weird." Kitana: "Tell me about it." Kitana went over and sat down next to the wall. She put her knees up and rested her head on them. Kitana: "She wanted me to come back with her. To be her general again." Vulca looked worried. Kitana: "I told her no." Vulca: "Good." Kitana: "I thought she would have pushed more than she did. Not just disappear like that." She took a very long pause this time. Kitana: "I think I may have finally gotten to her."
    Cerina and Niki sat down on a couch in the waiting room. Shelona was in a chair  that faced them with her legs crossed. Niki: "Why is she here?" Cerina: "Since we got here I've been saying there might be some good left in Tracy." Niki: "Yeah..." Cerina: "I was right." Niki stared at her for a minute, thinking about the battles they'd had with her. Niki: "I don't get it." Cerina: "I guess the simple way to say it is, we're not fighting anymore." Niki: "We do this for a couple weeks and now, suddenly its over? How?" Cerina: "Did you ever think about what we were fighting her for? We don't have any reason to keep doing it." Niki: "Yeah we do. What about those people?" Cerina: "She's Karone's enemy. Not ours. She is my sister. And I can't keep fighting her only to help them." They were silent again. Cerina: "Don't you have anything to say to your aunt?" She shook her head no. Then went over by Cerina. Cerina quietly: "Its okay. Really." Niki: "Can I go please?" Cerina nodded. She turned and walked away without even looking back at Shelona. Cerina: "This is probably going to take her some time. She's never known any other family besides me." Shelona: "I don't blame her. It has to be scary. Yesterday I was trying to destroy you all. And today...." Cerina: "She'll come around. I've seen it happen before." She thought of Lucas as she said it. Shelona: "Its going to take some getting used to for all of us. You're going to have to take me as I am. I won't change for you." Cerina: "I know that now." She looked over at the door Niki had left through. Shelona: "I should probably go." Cerina: "What about Ransik? You said you were going to help me with him." Shelona: "I'll talk to you about it later. Now I... I need to think. This is a big shock. Not playing the heartless leader all the time. That's all I've done for years. I never let out any emotion before. Never had anyone to care about. And now there's you. And Niki if she'll let me into her life." Cerina: "Are you actually going to go back to that ship? After all this." She stood up. Shelona: "I told you, that part of my life will not change. I'm going back there to rest right now. But the attack on this planet will not stop." Cerina made no effort to respond. Shelona: "Get out of here. Before its too late." With that, she turned and walked out of the room.