Mega Power

Guest Staring:

    The rangers were in the lounge of the Dark Fortress. They were trying to think of ways to get their powers back. Scorpina: "We can't just go to Galaxia's ship and take them." Zedd: "I'm sure we could get on, but we'd never get off." Trakeena: "We can't just let her win!" Villimax: "Well if you have any suggestions as to how we can stop her, I'd love to hear them." Trakeena: "No I don't have any." Karone: "Maybe I do." Scorpina: "We're listening." Karone: "When I created the Psycho powers, I knew there was a chance they could be destroyed. I made these things as back ups." Zedd: "But how will back ups help us. Our orignal powers didn't stop Shakarrie." Karone: "These have extra power. Like the Lights of Orion with the Galaxy powers." Trakeena: "So what are we waiting for? Lets go get them!" Karone: "There's one problem. We will have to go to Dark Spector's home." Zedd: "But Dark Spector is dead. You watched him die." Karone: "Yea. But his servents are probably still alive." Scorpina: "Zordon's wave didn't get them?" Karone: "I didn't get you! I'm sure they got out of the way of it." Villimax: "If we ever want to save Onyx, we have to try." Scorpina: "He's right. Lets go." Karone: "We're going to have to take the fortress there. Since we don't have powers, we can't teleport." Karone let the room, heading towards the control room.
    They flew to Dark Spector's planet. Trakeena: "Ready to land." They landed in a forest, crushing several trees. Scorpina passed out some swords she had found in the supply room. Scorpina: "We'll need these." Karone: "I'll use the one Taylor got me." Scorpina: "Ok." They went to the door. Zedd: "Be careful. We don't know what's out here. Dark Spector commanded some ugly creatures. The rest of the rangers turn and look at him. Zedd: "Not me! The monsters!" The planet was quiet. Without another life in site. Villimax: "Do we even know where to look?" Karone: "No. He never let me come to his home. He knew I'd just tell somebody where it was." Trakeena: "A home of someone that big can't be that hard to find!" Scorpina: "Clearly its a big planet. Its like looking for a needle in a hay stack." They kept walking for what seemed like days. Trakeena: "I remember when I used to send warriors out on these kind of missions. I miss those days." Villimax: "I don't!" Trakeena: "Sorry." Suddenly, they heard something. Scorpina walked over to see what it was. Scorpina: "Warriors! They're going up that way." Zedd: "They'll probably lead us to Dark Spector's place." They followed them until they saw a big dark castle. Karone: "This must be the place." They began to walk toward it.
    Inside the castle, a woman in white with pink hair watched them. She pushed a botton on the panel in front of her. The warriors turned and faced the rangers. Right away, the warriors charged. They were robot creatures. The rangers went into battle with the creatures. Karone shot pink electricity out of her finger. The warrior blew up. Karone: "All right, it still works!" Scorpina: "I've got to try that!" Four warrior stood in front of her. Scorpina: "Now feel my sting!" They too blew up. Zedd shot a beem out of his visor, destroying three of them. Villimax and Trakeena joined their hands and shot at a group of them. Villimax: "This fighting unmorphed stuff is fun!" Karone: "We don't have time to fool around. Come on!" She ran up towards the castle. When they got to the door, there was a small problem. Villimax: "The door is locked." Trakeena: "Well what are we going to do, just ring the bell?" Zedd: "Avon calling!" Karone looks at him. Karone: "I worry about you sometimes." Scorpina: "Look! That window's open!" Karone: "Right, I can use telaconsesus to lift you guys up there." She did that. Trakeena: "What about you?" Karone: "Well I've never tried to lift myself. I guess I can." She pointed two fingers at her self and concentrated. Zedd: "You're doing it!" She got into the window and looked around. Villimax: "Which way do we go?" Karone: "When I gave them to Dark Spector, he said he'd put them in the one place where he knew nothing would happen to them." Trakeena: "And that would be?" Karone: "There's only one person he thought could never fail him.....his wife." Zedd almost fell over. Zedd: "He has a wife!" Karone: "Yea. She's just as crazy as he is." Villimax: "Where's she at?" Karone: "Probably her room." Karone started running.
    When they reached the door, it opened right away. Scorpina: "That was a little to easy." A woman in white with pink hair stood facing a mirrior. Woman: "Come in. I've been expecting you." She turned and shot a laser. It held the rangers up against the wall. Woman: "I've been waiting for you, rangers. I will finish what my husband started." They broke away from the wall. Trakeena ran at her. She tried to punch her, but Desponda blocked her fists every time. Zedd tried coming up behind her but she stuck her foot out and tripped him. Karone: "Guys, go find the morphers!" Villimax: "Can you hold her off by yourself?" Karone: "I'll have to. Just go!" Scorpina: "Look. I see a door on the other side of the room." They went through the door and into a long, dark hallway. Trakeena turned back to see if Karone was ok. Zedd pulled her ahead. They saw another door at the end of the hall. Opened it and saw a table in the center of a big room. It had 5 morphers on it. Scorpina: "Yes!" Zedd: "Psycho Blast!" They ran back to the room where Karone was. She was on the ground, backing away from Desponda. Trakeena: "Karone!" She through her morpher to her. Desponda: "NO!" Karone: "Psycho Blast!" Villimax: "So what's this new power you were talking about?" Zedd: "Yea. We don't have time to fool with this lady. Our planet's in trouble." Karone: "Mega Blast!" The rangers reappeared with shiny new armor. Each rangers' fist started to glow with their color. Then a huge blast came out, joined together and hit Desponda. She exploaded. But in the flames, her face formed. Desponda: "Thank you, rangers." She disappeared. Trakeena: "Did she just thank us for killing her?" Karone: "Yes. I guess she wanted to be with Dark Spector." Zedd: "How romantic. Can we get going?" They teleported out.
    Back on Onyx, Galaxia had rounded up the aliens that she didn't kill. They were chained to the ground. Velossa: "I know what we can do! Why not put a big bomb right in the center of Onyx and blow the whole thing up?" Galaxia: "We just might do that." The rangers then teleported in. Karone: "Not today you're not!" Galaxia: "How in the world?" Karone: "Psycho pink! Zedd: "Psycho red!" Trakeena: "Psycho blue!" Villimax: "Psycho black!" Scorpina: "Psycho yellow!" Velossa: "Shakarrie, get them!" She fired a big blast of energy at them. They walked right through it. Zedd and Scorpina jumped and kicked her, landing on one side of her. Then Trakeena and Villimax did the same, landing on the other side. Karone jumped at her from the center and struck her with her sword. Sparks flew as she fell backwards. Karone: "Now to finish the job. Pink fire appeared in the visor of her helmet. Her sword turned into a bright pink flame. She through it at Shakarrie. It went right through her and came back to Karone in sword form again. Karone stood with her sword in the air. Shakarrie exploaded behind her. The others ran up beside her and all started talking at once. Galaxia: "Perfect monster, oh please!" Velossa: "It was!" Galaxia: "You a**!" They telepoted away, still fighting."
    When the rangers came back to the fortress, Taylor was waiting for them. Karone: "You're ok!" Taylor: "Yea. So I saw you destroy the monster on the news. How did you kill Shakarrie so easily? Trakeena: "New power." Taylor: "Cool. Where's mine?" Karone: "Do you want to tell him or should I?"