Karone, Scorpina, and Trakeena were at the grocery. Scorpina: "You know the minute we walk in the door, Zedd is going to eat everything in this cart." Karone: "I know you like to mess with Zedd, but think about it. How could he eat everything with that silver thing over his face?" Scorpina: "Oh yea." They got in line to check out. Trakeena looked in the cart of the woman ahead of them. Trakeena: "Guys, look at this. We're going to be here untill we turn 30!" She got stuff out of her cart so slowly! Scorpina: "Hey lady, are you about done. Or should we walk around the parking lot 92 times while we're waiting? Old woman: "Well young lady, I have a lot of stuff. You are just going to have to wait you turn." She turned back around. Trakeena got an evil look on her face. Karone: "What are you thinking? You're not going to drop kick her, are you?" Trakeena: "No." Trakeena took some chewed up gum out of her mouth. Then she stuck it in the old woman's hair. Karone and Scorpina took magizines and put them infront of their faces. Then started laughing so hard they almost fell over.
    About a half hour later, they were walking back to the Fortress. Scorpina: "How long were we in there?" Trakeena: "Lets today, tuesday?" They looked over and saw that Karone wasn't with them. Trakeena: "Karone!" Karone: "Over here!" They ran to an alley beside. Karone knelt down beside a baby. Scorpina: "What are you doing?" Karone: "It was just laying on the ground." Trakeena: "Yea, so?" Karone: "I don't see anybody around." Trakeena began to walk back to the street. Karone: "We can't just leave it here!" Scorpina: "She's right. The took the baby and went back to the fortress.
    When they got home, Villimax was reading a book and Zedd was in the kitchen. He ran into the lounge with a flaming pan. He tripped over a chair, sending the pan flying. It hit the wall with a bang and fell to the floor near the couch where Villimax sat. Villimax looked calmly up from his book. Villimax: "Oh hello. I didn't know you were home." Trakeena: "Did you see that?" Villimax: "See what?" Scorpina: "Oh never mind." Karone: "Look what we brought home!" Zedd, still on the floor, sat up. Zedd: "If I can't cook it, I don't care." Karone held the baby up for the men to see. Villimax: "What the he*l is that?" Karone: "Its a baby. Where's Taylor?" Just then, he walked into the room. Taylor: "Where's lunch, Zedd?" He glanced at the mess of burnt food on the floor. Taylor: "Forget I asked." Karone: "Look!" Taylor: "I know we're in love, Karone, but don't you think we're moving a little fast!" Trakeena: "She found it while we were on our way home." Zedd: "It figures. I ask for chips and you ladies come back with a child." Villimax: "What is it?" Trakeena: "What are you, stupid? Its a baby for the fifth time!" Villimax: "No. I mean is it a boy or a girl?" Scorpina: "Um..." Karone: "Good question. Zedd, you find out." Zedd: "Me???? What's stopping you?" Karone: "I have to clean up your little solute to kitchen fires." Zedd slowly did what she asked. Zedd: "Its a girl." Scorpina: "You know that's probably the most action you've got in years!" Villimax: "Madam, you're sick." Scorpina: "You know I'm joking." Zedd: "Seriously, what are we going to do with this girl?" Karone: "Can we keep her?" Taylor fell backwards.
    Galaxia: "Oh good lord! She wants a kid now!" Velossa: "I say we go kill the rangers and the baby." Brutus: "Velossa you can't mean that. I'm sure at one point you wanted one of your own." Velossa: "Yea...for target practice." Galaxia: "Shut up! Both of you! We can use this to our advantage...without killing it." Velossa: "Girl, you're no fun!" Galaxia smiled. Galaxia: "You'll get the rangers' blood on your hands soon enough. In the mean time, fight Brutus." Velossa ran towards him. He got up and started running. Brutus: "I want my mommy!" Galaxia burst out laughing.
    Taylor: "I checked around on Onyx. Nobody's reported a missing baby." Karone: "Yes!" Scorpina sat on the control pannel with her leggs crossed. Scorpina: "You really want to keep her?" Karone: "Yea!" Scorpina: "Your partying days are over then." Karone: "I thought about that. How many partys could I go to anyway. Who has the time. Every time I'd try, Galaxia would just send another monster. Trakeena was leaning up against the wall, filing her nails. Trakeena: "Where are we going to find a sitter? We can't afford to lose a Pink Ranger because of this." Karone: "I'm not going to quit being a ranger. Its the best part of my life."
    Later that night, the rangers sat relaxing. Karone came into the room. Karone: "I finally got her to sleep." Villimax: "What are you going to name her?" Karone: "I'm going to talk to Taylor about that. I mean, some day we're going to get married and she'll be his kid too." Trakeena: "You're going to talk to him about marriage? Are you trying to kill the poor guy?" Scorpina: "I don't think this will be a problem for him." Zedd: "He turned on Galaxia for you. I'm sure he's thought about marriage too." Villimax: "He might have thought about it right there on the battle field." Zedd: "Trust me, that wasn't what he was thinking about." Karone: "I guess I'll go find Taylor." Zedd: "Why not take some suggestions from me?" Karone: "I'm not naming the baby after a type of beer!" Zedd: "How'd you know what I was thinking?" She just walked away.
    Galaxia sat thinking. Velossa came in. Velossa: "Why don't you want us to kill the kid?" Galaxia: "Ok. Fine. A couple years ago, I was married to this guy named Captain Mutiny. We were so happy together. One day, I even found out I was going to have his baby." Velossa: "You? A kid?" Galaxia: "Yes. He was a great father. Until one night. I was taking care of our kid. He came in drunk. He took my son from my arms. At first I thought he was playing but then he got his hook out. I ran towards him, but he cut me before I could do anything." She showed Velossa the scar. Galaxia: "While I was trying to get rid of the blood, he killed him. Right in front of my eyes." Velossa: "I'm sorry." Galaxia: "I left him that night. I don't think he ever noticed I was gone. I took some Swobbies and Barberax's brother. He always liked me more than Mutiny." Velossa: "So that's when you made this ship." Galaxia: "Yea. Then I met you." Velossa: "Well I heard that Queen Trakeena killed Mutiny." Galaxia: "I know. Remember when Brutus and I were gone late on night?" Velossa: "Yea." Galaxia: "I had him go on Mutiny's grave!" Velossa started clapping. Velossa: "That was a good one!" Galaxia: "I've never forgive him though. I loved that kid more than life itself." Galaxia began to cry. Velossa: "If it will make you feel better, we can dig up his remains and have Brutus go directly on him." Galaxia: "That's sweet. But no." Velossa: "Will you be ok?" Galaxia: "I'll be fine." Velossa: "Well all right." She bowed and walked out. Galaxia looked out the window at the stars. Galaxia: "I'm sorry. I wish I could have saved you."