Working Girl

    Karone was in her room reading a book. The door flew open and Trakeena ran in. Trakeena: "Karone! Guess What!" Karone: "What?" Trakeena: "I got a job! Now we don't have to worry about food and stuff." Karone: "Really! Where at?" Trakeena: "The bar. I start tomorrow as a waitress." Karone: "Well its a start." Trakeena: "I'm so excited!"
    Galaxia: "So bug girl got a job. Velossa, go get rid of  who ever runs that bar." Velossa: "What good will that do? I thought we needed to get rid of the rangers." Galaxia: "Don't ask questions, just do it." She left and headed for Onyx. Once there, she stormed into the bar. Velossa: "Who runs the place?" A drunk man lifted his head off the table and pointed to a pink bug. Velossa went over to him. Bug: "Can I help you?" Velossa's eyes flashed green. The bug fainted. She drug him back to the ship. Velossa: "What are you going to do with this weak thing?" Galaxia stood up off her throne. Galaxia: "Shape Shifter!" A monster entered the room. Galaxia: "Take his shape. Now go to that bar and destroy Trakeena." Shape Shifter: "Yes Galaxia." He teleported out.
    The next morning Trakeena was up at 4:30 A.M. Zedd was on the phone to Rita when she came into the control room. Zedd: "Yes dear. Yes dear. Rita: "Zedd sing to me!" Zedd: "But I can't sing." Rita: "I want to hear "wind beneath my wings". Zedd: "Then jump off the roof!" He hung up the phone. Zedd: "Oh hello Trakeena. I didn't know you were up." Trakeena: "Got to go to work." She wore a stupid looking uniform with flowers all over it. She was about to leave when... Zedd: "Say, Trakeena. Did a green house throw up on you?" Trakeena: "Go take a long walk off a short peer." After she had lef... Zedd: "I wonder what's bothering her."
    When she got to the bar, it was packed. The bug ran up to her and haded her two trays of food. Once she had them both, he stuck another one out in front of her. Trakeena: "What am I going to do with that?" The next minute she was balancing it on her head. Trakeena thought to herself: "Oh this is going to be a wonderful day!" Being sarcastic of course. Later that day, a family of aliens came in to eat. Trakeena came up to them. Trakeena: "Excuse me. This is a bar. You can't bring you kids in here." The man pointed a gun in her face. Trakeena: "On second thought, what'll ya have?" The man and woman ordered. Their kids thought about it for a minute. Kids: "We'll have that." Trakeena came back with the food. Kids: "We changed our minds. We'll have that." Trakeena went back. Trakeena: "How's this?" Kids: "We don't like that. We'll have this." Trakeena: "Number 1, that's not on the menu, that's the name of the chef. And number 2, I don't care if you eat this or use it for a hat, you're taking it. When she had finished with that, she went to the bug. Trakeena: "I'm going on my break." Bug: "Not untill you clean that up." He pointed to the floor. Trakeena: "What in the galaxy is that?" Bug: "I think its a mix of beer, bugers, and about 62 candy bars." Trakeena groaned but did it. When she had finished, she was about to go outside for her break. A man raised his hand. Man: "Miss. Bring me another beer." Trakeena: "Are your legs broken?" Man: "I demand some service. Now bring me a beer!" She poored some beer into a glass. Trakeena: "Here you are sir." She poored the beer on his head and broke the glass on the floor. Trakeena: "Will that be all?"
    She headed for the door again. Bug: "Trakeena. Can I have a word with you in the back room?" She rolled her eyes and went. Trakeena: "Yes sir." Bug: "I have a little suprise for you." Trakeena: "Please tell me its a raise or a day off." The bug shot lightening at her. She flew accross the room. Trakeena: "What the..." The bug turned into Galaxia's monster." Shape Shifter: "Hello Blue Ranger!" Trakeena: "Perfect. Phycho Blast!" She turned into Phycho Blue. Trakeena: "I feel I should warn you, don't mess with me today." Shape Shifter: "I'm really scared. Ha ha ha ha ha!" Trakeena kicked the monster through the wall. It fell on the ground outside. The monster made sparks fly out of its hand. Trakeena fell to the ground and rolled out of the way. She then jumped and kicked the monster. Shape Shifter: "You won't defeat me." Trakeena: "Phycho spin!" The monster was hit 5 times with that. Trakeena: "Phycho Ax" It flashed with blue energy. She held it over her head and struck the monster. The monster fell to the the ground and exploded. Trakeena: "Yes!" The other rangers ran up to her. Zedd: "We got here as fast as we could." Karone: "Oh yea. We found this guy in the ally next to the bar. He claims to run the place." Trakeena: "Sir, we're sorry about the monster." Real Bug: "" Villimax: "We'll take you back to the bar. Phycho Blue, don't you have somewhere to be?" Trakeena: "Oh right! Thanks." She ran off.
    Trakeena had unmorphed. She ran into the bar and up to the bug. Trakeena: "Hi! I'm your new waitress Trakeena." Bug: "Nice to meet you. Can you take this tray to table 7?" Trakeena: "Sure." Trakeena thought to herself: "Well at least he didn't fire me." Then a group of people came up to him. One stepped foward. Person: "Can we talk to you about your waitress?" Trakeena: "Of course."