The Surprise of a Lifetime

Introducing: Cane

    Galaxia's ship had landed on Onyx. It had been storming all morning. Galaxia was looking out the window when she heard a voice behind her. Voice: "Galaxia." Galaxia: "What? Who's there?" A monster in gold armor stepped out of the shadows. He bowed at Galaxia's feet. Gold Monster: "I am Cane. I have traveled a great distance to serve you, my queen." Galaxia: "Why are you so set on working for me? There are tons of villains out there." Cane: "Well you see, that isn't my only reason for coming." Galaxia: "If there's something else, spit it out." Cane: "For years you have thought your son was killed by Captain Mutiny. But in fact, he lived through that." Galaxia: "Explain." Cane: "Well after you ran out with the Swobbies and Brutus, Mutiny followed you. Your son was hurt badly, but not dead." Galaxia: "So where is he?" Cane: "I don't know. All I know is that he was taken by one of the Psycho Rangers. They could have put him anywhere. Or even killed him themselves." Galaxia: "The Psycho Rangers." Velossa came in. Velossa: "Don't tell me you're buying this. This guy could just be making this crap up as he goes." Cane: "I assure you miss, I'm not making this up." Galaxia: "If the rangers have him, I want him back.
    Karone: "I finally did it. I hired a sitter." Trakeena: "You'd better not mean me." Taylor: "No no Trakeena. Allow me to introduce you to Amy." A very attractive Japanese woman walked in. Amy: "Hi everyone." Villimax wispered to Zedd: "That's the new sitter. I think I've died and gone to Heaven." Karone: "Don't mind them." Amy: "So where's Sarah?" Karone: "She's asleep." Scorpina: "Only took us 6 hours to get her that way!" Amy: "6 hours! It shouldn't take 6 hours if she drank an entire pot of coffee." Scorpina: "Well you see, the smell from Zedd's arm pits could keep anyone awake." Zedd elbowed her in the side. Zedd: "Shut up, Scorpina." Amy went into Karone's room. Trakeena: "We make a he*l of a first impression."
    Galaxia: "Cane, can you fight?" Cane: "Yes ma'am." Galaxia: "Good. You and some Swobbies go get the rangers to give me back my baby." Cane bowed and left the room. Velossa: "There's something about him I don't like." Galaxia: "You worry to much. He seems like a nice guy." Velossa: "Don't say I didn't warn you."
    Amy: "Rangers, there's a gold monster on Onyx!" Zedd: "Thanks. Lets go!" Karone: "Right. Psycho blast!" The ran into the city where Cane was killing innocent monsters. Villimax: "Leave them alone!" Cane: "I knew killing these worthless creatures would bring you out. I am Can, servent of the pirate queen Galaxia." Trakeena: "I don't care who you are. You're going down!" Cane: "Swobbies!" Scorpina: "Is anyone else getting sick of fighting these things?" They fought all of them off and then ran towards Cane. He held out his hand. A big black energy blast came out sending the rangers to the ground. Cane: "You rangers have no chance of defeating me." Zedd charged ahead. Cane pulled a sword out and cut Zedd's suit. Karone and Villimax ran up at both sides of him. He slammed their heads together. Energy beams shot from his eyes and took out Scorpina and Trakeena. With the rangers on the ground, Galaxia appeared in front of them. Galaxia: "Good job, Cane. Rangers, you have something I want." Karone: "We are not going to give Onyx to you." Galaxia: "Give me back my son!" Zedd: "We don't have him." Cane: "They must have killed him." Galaxia: "Yea. I know." Karone: "We didn't do anything with your kid!" Cane: "They lie." Galaxia snapped her fingers and a big rock monster appeared. Galaxia: "Destroy them!" The rangers got up slowly. Villimax: "Psycho Megazord power!" The Dark Fortress transformed into their Megazord. The rangers jumped inside. The rock monster made big boulders form in his hands. He through them at the zord. The rangers tried to punch the monster, but he blocked it. He opened his mouth and flames came out, burning the zord. Galaxia: "Yes!" Karone: "Psycho Megazord Saber!" She swoung it at the monster. When it hit, it bent the sword up. They tried again and it broke. Zedd: "Oh lord!" Taylor was back on the ground. Taylor: "I've got to help them." Then he saw something on the monster's foot. A dark grey place. The rest of the monster wa black rock. Taylor: "I wonder." He pulled out a sword and stabbed the monster in the grey place. The monster stood still for a minute. Then it just suddenly blew up, sending rocks flying everywhere. Galaxia kneeled close to the ground with her hands over her head. When the rocks were through, she stood back up. Galaxia: "You'll pay for what you did!" She teleported away. Scorpina: "She liked the monster that much?" Villimax: "No. She means about her son."
    Back at the fortress, the rangers had just walked in the door. Amy: "Mommy's home." Amy gave Sarah to Karone. Trakeena: "Why would Galaxia think we killed her son?" Taylor: "Who knows why that woman thinks anything?" Karone: "Well there's nothing we can do to convince her we didn't."  Scorpina: "All I'm worried about is if she thinks we did that, that only makes her more bent on killing us."