The Saber of Darkness

    Velossa: "With this new Cane guy here, I've got to stay on Galaxia's good side." Brutus: "How are you going to do that? He seems powerful. Plus he told her son." Velossa: "The only way I can stay her lead warrior is to destroy the rangers. And I have just the plan to do it." She leaned and whispered in Brutus's ear.
    Karone came into an office like room of the fortress. She had Sarah in her arms. Karone: "Hey Villimax! What are you doing?" Villimax: "I'm going through a villain data base on the internet." Karone: "What for?" Villimax: "I'm trying to find out where this Cane person came from." Karone: "Any luck?" Villimax: "No. But there is a nice picture of you in here!" Villimax pointed to the photo. Villimax: "Look, there's you mother back when she was a bi..." Karone: "Don't say that to her!" Villimax: "Come on, you were." Karone: "I know, but lets not get off track. We need to know some weakness for him." Villimax: "You're right. I'm sorry." Karone went over and sat in a chair next to a file cabinet. A few minutes later, villimax found something that cought his eye. Villimax: "Come here." Karone: "What?" Villimax: "Look at this. Its a powerful sword. It says here that only someone with a heart of pure evil can take it." Karone: "That rules us out." Villimax: "Yes, but not Galaxia and her crew." Karone: "You think they know about it?" Villimax: "I'm sure they've heard of it. It says over 50,000 villains have tried to get it and failed." Karone read further down. Karone: "When they fail, the saber destroys them." Villimax: "Sounds like one bad weapon."
    Velossa was about to leave, but was stopped by Cane. Cane: "Where are you going?" Velossa: "Out." Cane: "Does Galaxia know about this?" Velossa: "No. Its a surprise." Cane: "You can't leave without the queen knowing first." Velossa: "Watch me." She turned and started to walk away. Cane turned her back around. Velossa: "Touch me again and I'll tear off your hand and feed it to a shark." She walked out the door. Cane growled.
    Velossa appeared in front a stone. It had the saber stuck in it. Back on the fortress, Amy ran into the office. Amy: "Velossa has been sighted on Onyx. The other rangers are waiting for you." Karone and Villimax ran to the control room. Zedd: "Psycho Blast!" Karone handed Sarah to Amy. Karone: "Lets go!" They met up with Velossa  quickly. Velossa: "You won't stop me!" She reached for the Saber. Flames came out in the shape of a man's face. Man: "You want the saber?" Velossa: "Yes. I am a servent of Queen Galaxia." Man: "If you want it, you must pass a test." Velossa: "I'll do it. Whatever it is." The flames formed a child. Man: "Kill the child and its yours." Velossa: "This may be a problem for Galaxia, but not for me." Velossa pulled out her sword and held it over the child's head. Trakeena: "No! Don't do it!" Velossa looked at them. Then looked down at the child. An evil smile formed on her face. She stabbed the child and watched it fall to the ground. Velossa: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" The child disappeared. Man: "You have done what many others could not. You are evil to the core. Take the saber." The man disappeared. Velossa reached out and pulled the saber from the stone. She threw her old one down. Velossa: "I wonder what this thing can do." She pointed it at the rangers. Instantly, they were trapped in a wall of flames. Sparks flew. When the flames died out, the rangers were on the ground with burned suits. Taylor got up and ran at her. She cut him with the sword. A big red cut could be seen running down his arm. Scorpina: "Mega Power!" She ran a Velossa. The flames from the sword first didn't do anything to Socrpina, but they got through after a few seconds. She fell foward and hit the ground. From out of nowhere, Cane appeared. Velossa: "What are you doing here?" Cane: "I see you've almost destroyed the rangers." Velossa: "Yea." Cane grabbed the saber. The hand that he held the saber with turned red. Within a few seconds, the saber broke in half. Velossa: "What the he*l are you doing?" Cane: "I know what you're trying to do. It won't work. Only one person can be Galaxia's lead warrior....and that's me." He disappeared. Velossa: "That annoying peice of sh**!!!" Brutus ran up to Velossa. Brutus: "Come on. Lets go back." Velossa: "I am going to kill that guy!" She stomped her foot on Brutus's foot. Brutus: "OOOWWWWW!!!!!" They teleproted away. Trakeena: "What in the world happened?" Zedd: "We got off easy." They went back to the fortress.
    Velossa: "Galaxia! Guess what Cane did!" Galaxia: "No need to shout." Velossa: "Sorry. Well I was about to kill the rangers when he broke my weapon." Galaxia: "Why would he do that?" Velossa: "I don't know." Cane: "I did no such thing. She just wants you to kick me out so she can be the only warrior." Galaxia: "Is this true?" Velossa: "No! How can you believe him?" Cane: "I have been here the entire time. Ask anyone." Galaxia: "Brutus?" Brutus: "He did! He messed up her plan!" Cane: "They are setting me up because they don't want me here." Galaxia: "All right you two. Stop it. Cane did nothing to you. You will give him the respect you give each other. End of story." Velossa: "But..." Galaxia: "No. Just stop." Velossa: "Yes my queen." She and Brutus left the room. Cane came up behind them. Velossa pushed him against the wall. Velossa: "You lieing ba*te*d! I suggest you watch your back. One day when you least expect it, I'll strike. Your days are numbered." She walked away. Brutus ran after her. Cane: "We'll just see who kicks the bucket first, my dear. Ha ha ha ha ha."