The Double-cross

    Galaxia: "Cane!" He ran into the room. Cane: "Yes my queen." Galaxia: "I want you to capture the rangers. I'll kill them myself once they are chained up." Velossa walked up. Velossa: "He's not strong enough to capture them!" Galaxia: "How do you know?" Velossa: "Stop kidding yourself! He'll never pull it off!" Cane: "Shut up you winged ho!" Galaxia: "Both of you just please stop. You're acting like children and I'm sick of it! Cane, go get the rangers! Velossa, just get out. I'm sick of the site of the two of you.!" They walked out of the room pushing each other.
    They rangers were going camping. They were hiking up to the camp site at about 10:00 in the morning. Scorpina: "Its so great to get out of that ship!" Karone: "Oh I know! We've been so busy with Galaxia, we need a vacation." Villimax: "This looks like the place." Trakeena: "Zedd, set up the tents." Zedd: "Why did we need 3 of them?" Trakeena: "Well Karone, Taylor, and Sarah are in one. Scorpina and I in another, and you and Villimax in the third." Zedd: "You just want more work for me!" Karone: "Ok Zedd. Villimax, Scorpina, go gather wood for the fire." Trakeena: "I'll get the stuff out of these bags." Taylor: "Karone and I will set up that play pin thing." Villimax took out his sword and cut down some trees. They came back carring the logs to find Karone and Taylor playing with Sarah. Trakeena was sitting in a lawn chair. Scorpina: "This is so peaceful." Zedd: "Excuse me!" Everyone turned to see Zedd tangled up in three tents. He struggled and then fell over. They all laughed. They helped him up. Trakeena: "Its a very simple process." Zedd: "I'll do it." Karone: "Sarah could put those tents up before you could!" They all had to help him. Trakeena put their stuff into the tents. Villimax: "Zedd, I have a poster for our tent." Zedd: "Oh really." Villimax pulled it out of his backpack and unrolled it. It was a woman in a tight swin suit. Zedd: "Oh yea!" Trakeena walked over with the baby in her arms. Trakeena: "Can you say pig?" Zedd: "Stop talking about yourself!" Trakeena tripped him.
    Meanwhile a few sites over, Cane and some Swobbies discussed a battle plan. Cane: "Now I want two of you on each side of the rangers' camp site. After a minute, I'll jump down in the center of the battle. Got it?" They shook their heads. Then they split up. Velossa watched from behind a bush with an evil look on her face." The Swobbies ran out from the trees. Two of the ran towards Karone. She did the splits in the air kicking them down. Scorpina was hanging on a tree limb. She swong back and forth kicking 4 of them several times. Trakeena picked up a stick and fought them off with it. Cane entered the battle. Cane: "Now Swobbies!" Black electric chains appeared in their hands. They tied the rangers to the trees. Cane: "I told Velossa I could pull it off." Cane walked off. Velossa ran out from behind the bushes. Velossa: "Cane, destroy the rangers. I don't think so." Zedd: "So what are you going to do? Kill us yourself?" Velossa: "I could do that, but I'd rather make him look like a total fool. She pulled out her sword and cut the rangers free. Velossa: "Go." Karone: "So you're turning good too huh?" Velossa: "No. I'd do anything to kill you all right now. But first I have to stop Cane from winning. Now get out of here before I change my mind." They ran off. Velossa walked back into the trees. Karone grabbed Sarah and the rangers ran away from Velossa. Cane: "Velossa." Velossa: "What, you big god terd?" Cane: "I saw what you did. You screwed up my entire plan. Now I have nothing to give to Galaxia." Velossa: "I know I'm good. You don't have to tell me." Cane: "How could you?" Velossa: "What can I say? I love my work. And I'm going to stay the best at it. Cane: "I should destroy you for this." Velossa: "You want me. I'm right here." Cane shot at her. She jumped out of the way, jumped and kicked him. She pulled her sword on him. He blocked it. They had a long sword fight. Cane had her on the ground. She pretended to back away scared. He came closer. Then she kicked the sword from his hand, jumped to her feet, and struck him with her sword numerous times. The sword turned blue when she hit him with the final blow. He fell to the ground. A piece of his armor fell off revealing a strange symbol. Seeing that he was down, she ran off.
    Back at Galaxia's ship, Velossa and Brutus were alone in Velossa's room. Velossa: "When I was fighting Cane today, I saw a symbol. I've never seen it before, but I know it means something." Brutus: "How are you going to find out what?" Velossa: "I need to look for more clues. I just know there's something more to this guy." Galaxia: "Velossa!" She ran into the throne room and saw Cane laying at Galaxia's feet. His armor was fixed, but he didn't have much power. Galaxia: "Why would you do that? He could have killed the rangers!" Velossa: "Well...." Galaxia: "Never mind. I don't care what your excuse is. I have put up with your fighting because it didn't interfier with my plans. Now it has. I could be destroying Onyx right now if it wasn't for you! Either you two get along, or you will both be looking for jobs!"
    Taylor: "Well should we try this again." Karone: "She usually won't attack twice in one day. The rangers sat down that night by the campfire. Zedd: "Velossa must really hate that guy." Karone: "Yea. They remind me of Ecliptor and Darconda." Scorpina: "What were they like?" Karone: "They hated each other so much! I couldn't get anything done." Taylor: "So Galaxia must be in the same situation you were in." Trakeena: "You can bet she won't put up with that for too long." Villimax: "That might be our problem. If it wasn't for their fighting, we'd be dead right now."