Enemies from the Past

    Trakeena was cleaning up the fortress one morning. Villimax: "How did you get me into this? Its your week to clean." Trakeena: "Oh grab a mop and shut up!" The door opened on the other side of the room. Amy: "Hey, I've got some guy on the phone for you, Trakeena. He's got a really deep voice." Trakeena: "Thanks." She walked over to a nearby panel. Trakeena: "Yea?" An image of her father appeared on the screen! Trakeena: "Oh my God....Dad! But I thought you were...." Scorpius: "Don't worry about that, my dear." Trakeena: "I've really missed you." Scorpius: "I'd like to see you." Trakeena: "Where can I meet you?" Scorpius: "The black forest on Onyx." Trakeena: "No problem. I'm really close to Onyx." Scorpius: "I know. A friend told me you were the Blue Ranger. It came as a shock, but I'm really happy for you." Trakeena: "Good. I was worried you'd be disappointed in me....since I've turned good and all." Scorpius: "Oh no. I'm glad you found peace." Trakeena: "I'll start heading towards the black forest now. Bye Dad!" Trakeena ran over and hugged Villimax.  Trakeena: "I finally get to see my father again! I've got to get moving!" Villimax: "Wait. I hate to rain on your prade, but this might be a trap. We both know Scorpius is dead. Leo killed him." Trakeena: "We were dead too. You see how long that lasted!" She smiled at him and then headed for the door. Villimax: "I know I can't stop you. Can I at least come with you?" Trakeena: "If it is a trap, I can take care of myself." Villimax: "I know. Then how about for someone to talk to. Its a long walk." Trakeena: "Ok. Come on!" Trakeena stuck her head into Karone's room. Trakeena: "Villimax and I will be back later." Karone: "Ok. Lord why won't this kid burp?" Zedd: "Buuurrrrppppp!!!" Karone: "Zedd that's not funny!" Trakeena: "Lets get out of here."
    They teleported to Onyx. Trakeena: "Its great to get away from the ship. I'm so sick of hearing crying!" Villimax: "Do you mean Sarah or Karone when Sarah won't sleep?" Trakeena: "Oh pick one!" Villimax: "Its nice to be alone with you for once. We were very close back in 99." Trakeena: "Oh I know. That was nice. I needed someone like you to get me through Scorpius's death." Villimax: "Its no problem at all. Glad to be of help". Trakeena: "I'd like to apologize for killing you again. I know I've said it many times, but I was so crazy that day." Villimax: "I understand. It was Deviot, not you." Trakeena: "You're so nice! How did you make it in the bar on Onyx?" Villimax: "I might be a nice guy to people I like, but if I don't like you, you'll get your a*s kicked." Trakeena: "I know what you mean. You defended me a lot against the rangers and Deviot. I wish I knew you when Scorpius had Treachron as a general. He tried to kill me once." Villimax: "If I ever meet him, I'll kicked his butt into the ground." Trakeena: "Oh don't worry. Leo killed him." Villimax: "Leo killed a lot of people!"
    They walked and walked. Villimax: "The sun is beginning to set." Trakeena pulled out a map. Trakeena: "We're almost there." The walked a little further, then saw the forest. Trakeena pulled out a flashlight. It was pitch dark by then. They heard a stick break ahead of them. Villimax: "What was that?" Scorpius: "Trakeena." Trakeena: "Dad!" Scorpius: "Come here my sweet daughter." Trakeena saw him sitting on a stone. Trakeena: "I brought a friend. I hope that's ok." Scorpius: "Its fine." Trakeena: "I've got so much to tell you. I'm fighting this girl name Galaxia, Karone had a baby...I mean not had one...she found one...ally..shopping.." Scorpius: "Slow down." Villimax saw several dark figures in the trees. Villimax: "Ok Scorpius, who else is here?" Scorpius: "I thought I could keep a secret from you. I guess not. Come out my warriors!" Deviot was the first to come out. Trakeena's mouth dropped open. Then Treachron walked up. After him was Furio. Treachron: "So, you thought you could walk all over us and get away with it?" Furio: "Its payback time." Deviot: "Fitting that the last thing you shall ever see is the blad of my sword cutting into your flesh. The world spinning, growing darker. Good bye my queen." Villimax: "I won't let you horrible creatures harm her." Scorpius: "As if you had a choice." Trakeena: "Dad, why?" Scorpius: "I know you just wanted my power for your own. I can see now I was a fool to have ever cared for you." Trakeena: "No! I've changed. I used to just want your power, but your death opened my eyes. Please don't do this. I love you." Scorpius: "Don't bore me with your heartless lies. You've lied to me since the day you were born. It ends now." Furio stepped toward Trakeena. Villimax: "Morph!" Trakeena and Villimax: "Psycho Blast!" Scorpius: "Very impressive." An orange laser came out of his tenticle. It shocked Villimax. Trakeena ran to pick him up, but Treachron came up and sliced her with his sword. Deviot: "You're mine you honorable fool." Villimax: "You won't defeat me." Deviot blasted him with the gun on his arm. Furio held Trakeena in place while Treachron cut her many times. Deviot kicked Villimax to the ground and stomped on his back. Scorpius: "Back off you two. Trakeena is mine to destroy." Trakeena: "I don't want to hurt you!" Scorpius' tenticle wrapped around Trakeena's ankle and made her trip. She got back up and started to run. Scorpius attached his tenticle around her waist and pulled her close to him. Trakeena: "Mega Power!" He fist turned blue. She punched her dad's tenticle. It fell to the ground releasing her. She ran to Villimax. Deviot tried to get in her way, but she punched him away. Villimax: "I don't know if we're going to get out of here." Trakeena: "How did all of these guys come back? I know they're all dead!" Furio: "If we're dead, then you're going to join us!" He shot Trakeena and Villimax. Villimax got up. Villimax: "Mega Power! I think we can take out Furio and Treachron with our combined powers. They joined hands and fired. The two monsters tried to jump out of the way, but they weren't fast enough. Trakeena: "Now what about those two?" Deviot: "You won't kill me with that cheep trick." Trakeena ran at Scorpius. Trakeena: "I'll give you one chance to surrender." Scorpius: "I have no reason to surrender. Not from my own daughter." Trakeena: "I'm not your daughter any more. You saw to that when you called me here. All you are to me is another da*n monster." A sword appeared in her hand. Without hesitating, she held it above Scorpius' head and stabbed him. He exploaded in a huge ball of fire sending Trakeena flying back into a tree. When the smoke had cleared, she and Villimax got up. Villimax: "Where's Deviot?" Trakeena: "I don't know and I don't care. Lets just get back home." Villimax: "Right."
    After they had left, something started moving on the ground. Pieces of Scorpius coming back together. But not as the bug they had been.....but as Cane! Cane: "You're a fool, Blue Ranger. You fell for it. Now in your mind, not even your own father loves you. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! He teleported away. Velossa walked up to where he was standing. She looked up at the sky. Velossa: "Enjoy your victory while it lasts, Cane. For soon your pathetic shall come to an end.
    Back at the fortress, the others where just getting up for breakfast. Karone: "Where have you been? Were you gone all night?" Trakeena: "Yea." She walked away. Scorpina: "Villimax, what happened?" Villimax: "Don't worry. I'll talk to her." Zedd: "Well that just cleared everything up!" Villimax: "Its not your concern." He walked over to Trakeena. She was standing by the window looking out at Onyx. Villimax: "For what its worth, I'm proud of you. It took a lot of guts to kill your own father like that. That's something not many people are strong enough to do." Trakeena: "I know. But....did I do the right thing? He was mad at me for all of the stuff I did in the past. He was just trying to pay me back." Villimax: "You are a changed woman now. You did horrible things in your past. But its the past. It won't happen again." Trakeena: "Well, now my dad is gone for good, I never met my mom. I don't have any family left." Karone: "Trakeena, we're your family. We're the ones who really care about you." Villimax: "Just forget about Scorpius. He tought you to be evil. Now what kind of father was that?" Trakeena: "What I said back in the forest was right. He's not my father. Not any more."