The Trap

    Scorpina ran into the control room, very excited. Zedd: "What's with you?" Scorpina: "I overheard Galaxia. She knows we didn't kill her son!" Karone came in cleaning gunk off of her face. Karone: "Sarah won't eat anything." Scorpina came over and tasted the food. Scorpina: "Oh come on! Would you eat this crap?" Karone: "Ok, you've got a point." Scorpina: "As I was saying, I overheard Galaxia..." Karone: "At least she won't try to kill us for it." Scorpina: "She's searching for someone with her race's blood." Karone: "What are you going to do?" Scorpina: "I'm going to finally pay her back for what she did to Goldar." She walked over and picked up her sword. Scorpina: "Velossa's blood. I can use this to trick Galaxia into coming to my world. When she gets there, I'll kill her." Karone: "I really don't think this is a good idea. We are supposed to be the good guys. We don't go around tricking the villains." Trakeena was on the phone in the corner of the room. Trakeena: "Hold on." She faced the others. Trakeena: "What would you do if she did that to Taylor?" Karone thought for a minute. Karone: "You're right." Villimax on speaker phone: "Good luck Scorpina." Scorpina: "Thanks." Zedd: "Where is Villimax anyway?" Villimax yelling into the background: "Shake it, baby!" Zedd: "How could he go there without me?" Scorpina rolled her eyes and walked out. Trakeena: "Men are such pigs." Villimax: "Excuse me madam, how much for a lap dance?" Trakeena: "Oh lord!"
    Galaxia: "Did you find anything?" Velossa: "Not yet. We'll keep looking." Brutus: "I've got something!" Galaxia ran over to him. Galaxia: "What?" Brutus: "A faint reading in another dimension." Galaxai picked up her sword. Galaxia: "I'm going."
    Scorpina had arried back in her home deminsion. It was the jungle that was in MMPR on her first day. She rolled through it when she was in "rock form". Scorpina saw a white beam of light. Scorpina: "She's taken the bate." A tiny scorpion crawled up her arm. Scorpina: "Hello." She looked around. Scorpina: "I've really missed this place. Its so quiet. I'm the only being in the universe that comes here." She sate down next to a bush and relaxed. Meanwhile, Galaxia was searching for the blood that set of her signal. Galaxia: "Where do I start? This place is huge!" She came up on Scorpina, but didn't see her. Scorpina: "I won't attack yet. Wait for her to let her guard down." She turned into the big grey rock. Galaxia walked past her. After a few minutes, Scorpina decided to show herself. Galaxia had her back turned. Scorpina transformed back to human form. Scorpina: "Galaxia." Galaxia: "What are you doing here?" Scorpina: "Your son isn't here. I set you up." She showed her the bloody sword. Scorpina: "This is just the blood of your warrior." Galaxia: "No!" Scorpina: "Now you're going to pay for what you did." Galaxia: "You think I'm so bad just because I killed you da*m boyfried. You are no better than me. You killed millions when you lived here." Scorpina: "You're right. As a matter of fact, you opened my eyes. When you killed Goldar, you showed me the hell I put people through." Galaxia: "So I think you owe me a thank you." Scorpina: "Just because I realized the horror in what I've done doesn't justify you taking his life." Galaxia: "He's dead, move on. I killed many before him and I'll kill many more after him." Scorpina: "That's where you're wrong. You're going to pay for what you did with your life." Galaxia: "I think that's a challenge." Scorpina: "Yea. Psycho Blast!" Scorpina charged at her. Galaxia hit her in the head with the end of her sword. Scorpina used her sword to block Galaxia's next move. Galaxia kicked her down. Galaxia: "Ya know something, this is the same sword I used that night. Ah memories." Scorpina: "Ah shove it." Galaxia picked up a rock. Suddenly it was covered in white fire. She through it at Scorpina. It hit her with great force. Scorpina got up. Scorpina: "Bi*c*, feel my sting." Sparks flew everywhere.
    Back at the fortress, the rangers sat together. Zedd: "I hope she's ok." Trakeena: "She's tough." Karone: "Yea, but we don't know how powerful Galaxia is. No matter how much we think we know about a villainess, they always hold something back. Some power that we knew nothing about." Trakeena: "Like the cocoon." Karone: "Right." Villimax, who had finally returned: "But she probably won't waste it on one ranger." Taylor: "Yea, she might not need to."
    Scorpina and Galaxia had lost each other. Scorpina planned a way to kill Galaxia. Meanwhile, Galaxia stood on the edge of a cliff looking at the sky. She didn't care about Scorpina. All she wanted was her son back. Galaxia: "How am I ever going to find him? If I do, will he even care about me?" Scorpina came up behind her. Scorpina: "Your life ends now." Galaxia: "Look, I don't want to fight you." Scorpina: "I don't give a da*n what you want!" Scorpina threw her sword at Galaxia. It cut her arm. Galaxia: "All I want is to find my son!" Scorpina: "The pain of losing him, losing your husband, you deserved every bit of it!" Galaxia: "You know what, kill me. Do it! I don't care!" Galaxia paused for a minute. Galaxia: "But if you kill me, you're no better than I am. Now do you really want that?" Scorpina stood there, not moving. Because she knew she was right. Scorpina: "Rot in hell, bit**." Scorpina teleported away. Galaxia thought: "I don't have to. A life my family is hell enough."
    Scorpina came back to the fortress. Karone: "Did you kill her?" Scorpina: "No." Zedd: "Why not?" Scorpina: "She'll get what's coming to her." Taylor: "That's a very healthy attitude."
    Galaxia came back to her ship and sat on her throne. No expression on her face. Velossa walked in. Velossa: "Did you find him?" Galaxia: "No. The rangers set me up." Velossa: "We'll keep looking." Velossa left. Galaxia: "Why did I have to leave him there? I didn't know if Mutiny killed him or not. What kind of mother am I?"
    Scorpina was visiting Goldar's grave. She layed down some flowers. Scorpina: "I'm sorry I couldn't stop her. I know I probably should have killed her today." Zedd came up to her. Zedd: "You have to forget about it." Scorpina: "How can I just forget?" Zedd: "I know Goldar. He would want you to be happy. Not spend you life missing him." Scorpina: "Galaxia will pay. I don't know how, but she will."