Galaxia's Lost Child-Part 1

    Galaxia: "Search the next Galaxy." Velossa: "Can we take a break? We've been searching for this kid for months now. Can I please go kick someone's a*s?" Galaxia: "Ok. I appreciate all the help. You didn't have to do this since I hired you to fight." Velossa: "I know, but I'm not just your warrior. I'm your friend. I want to help you. Just not this much!" Galaxia: "Go have fun." Velossa: "Thanks." She ran out the door.
    Karone: "What do you want to do today?" Trakeena: "I don't know. I've never had this much free time. Its like Galaxia's just given up." Taylor: "There's no chance of that." The alarm went off. Zedd: "Darn, so much for another day of relaxation." Karone called for Amy. Karone: "You know the drill." Amy: "Good luck." Zedd: "Psycho blast!" Velossa: "Long time no see, rangers." Trakeena: "Not long enough!" Karone made her sword appear and went to fight Velossa. Velossa knocked the sword away. Velossa picked Karone up by her neck and threw her. Taylor ran to her. Taylor: "Are you ok?" Karone: "Yea, I'm fine." Velossa shot him in the back. Velossa: "I'm not playing around. You're not going to live through this one." Velossa's face appeared in fire in front of her. Huge flames came out hitting the rangers. Velossa: "Ha ha ha ha ha!" Taylor ran towards Velossa. She fell onto her back, put her legs around Taylor's neck and flipped him over. Velossa: "Since you're down there..." She did "The People's Elbow" on him. Scorpina: "Demons watch wrestling? That's new."
    Meanwhile, Galaxia was sitting on her throne with her usual expression. Suddenly a voice come from the computer. Voice: "Possible match found." Galaxia got up in a snap and ran to the panel. Galaxia: "Oh please be real! Oh by the way Brutus, how's Galaxia doing?" Brutus was watching the fight on a monitor. Brutus: "Really good. She might be able to defeat them this time! Galaxia: "Good. Tell her to keep up the good work. I'm going to Onyx to find my son."
    The Rangers were down. Velossa: "You're no so tough now, are you?" Villimax: "You can't stop us, Velossa." Velossa: "Oh I think I just did." The rangers saw Galaxia come out of the trees. Velossa: "My queen! What are you doing here?" Galaxia: "I got a reading on my son." Velossa: "That's great!" Galaxia listened to the beeping scanner in her hand. She noticed a puddle of blood on the ground. Galaxia: "That's it. It has to be." Amy: "Hold it!" Galaxia: "What?" Amy: "I can't let you find him." Karone: "What do we care?" Amy: "If she finds him, it will mean one more warrior in her army." Trakeena: "Its a baby!" Galaxia: "You're wrong. I lost my child to Captain Mutiny 23 years ago. When I find him, you're all screwed." Zedd: "We can't stop her." Amy: "You want to find him, you're going to have to go through me!" Galaxia: "You? You're not even a ranger. What threat are you?" Galaxia noticed that Amy had Sarah with her. Amy: "You won't touch me. I know you have a soft spot for Sarah." Galaxia: "Oh crap." Velossa: "She might not want to hurt that kid, but I could care less." Velossa shot at Amy. Galaxia: "No!" Velossa: "You are a nicer person than I am, Galaxia. You can't stop me." Galaxia: "Why hurt a child? She's no problem for us." Velossa: "I have no heart. You know that. No child will stand in my way." She threw a dagger, cutting Amy's face. Velossa: "You and that baby bi*c* are dead meat." Galaxia ran up to Velossa and punched her. She fell to the ground. Galaxia: "I've let you get away with anything because of our friendship. You forget that you are my warrior. You do as I say." Velossa: "But..." Galaxia: "Leave the kid alone. The rangers are our only problem." Velossa: "If we let her live she'll become a ranger, you fool!" Galaxia pulled out her sword and cut Velossa's arm. Galaxia: "Don't you ever talk to me like that again! Go back to the ship!" Velossa: "But the rangers are nearly dead!" Galaxia: "I said go!" Velossa teleported away. Karone got up and came over to Galaxia. Karone: "Why do you care? What is it about Sarah that saves her from your blade?" Galaxia: "I won't kill kids." Scorpina: "But you can kill people's families with no problem! If you think this little act of kindness is going to save you from burning in hell, you're wrong!" Galaxia: "I could kill you all right now, but I have better things to do." She got a sample of the blood on the ground and teleported away." Trakeena: "I don't understand her. Velossa was right, Sarah probably will be a ranger some day. Why doesn't Galaxia kill her?" Amy: "Consider youselves lucky. She's safe. We don't have to worry about losing her." Karone: "Maybe not to Galaxia, but Velossa has no morels.
    Velossa: "Can you believe her, Brutus?" Brutus: "I don't understand her either, but I think you should apologize. Galaxia and I are the only friends you have. I don't think you want to lose her." Velossa: "You're right. You two are all I have. Any other friends I've had, I've killed and my family...that's a joke." Brutus: "What's wrong with your family?" Velossa: "My whole life, my parents have always like my sister better than me. What does Vypra have that I don't?" Brutus: "Well she looks great." Velossa: "We're twins." Brutus: "Oh yea." He stared at her for a long time. Velossa: "Will you stop imagining us in swimsuits for just a minute?" Drool ran down his chin. Velossa: "Never mind!"
    Velossa: "Galaxia, I need to talk to you." Galaxia was testing the blood sample. Galaxia: "Go ahead." Velossa: "I'm sorry about what happened earlier. It is your choice who we kill. I shouldn't have questioned you." Galaxia: "That's ok. I could never stay mad at you. You're my best friend." The computer spoke: "Match found." Galaxia and Velossa ran to the screen to see who it was. Their mouths fell open. Galaxia: "Oh my God!"
To Be Continued......
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