Galaxia's Lost Child-Part 2

    Velossa: "It has to be a mistake. There's no way this could be true!" Galaxia: "The computer doesn't make mistakes." Velossa: "So that means...." Galaxia: "The Silver Ranger is my son." Velossa: "I can't believe he's been right under our noses this whole time!" Galaxia: "How am I going to tell him? Will he ever believe me?" Velossa: "You won't know if you don't try."
    Karone was sitting at the kitchen table looking at some old photo albums. Taylor sat down in the chair next to her. Taylor: "What's going on there?" Karone: "That's Ecliptor teaching me how to hold a sword. Here's one of us taking turns shooting the megaship." Taylor: "You were cute as a little girl." Karone: "I remember this. It was the first time I had ever killed anyone. Ecliptor was so proud of me." Taylor: "I wish I had parents like that." Karone: "What do you mean?" Taylor: "I never knew my parents. I survived on my own." Karone: "Why didn't you ever tell me that?" Taylor: "Its not something I like to talk about." Karone: "I'm sorry."
    Later that night, at about 1:00, Taylor and Karone were watching a movie together. Taylor: "What? I thought he killed her." Karone: "No. They just wanted it to look that way. She's working with him." A beeming sound started. Taylor: "I'll get it." Karone: "You'll miss the best part." Taylor: "Pause it." He pushed a button on the panel in the next room. Galaxia's image appeared. Galaxia: "Meet me outside the bar in five minutes. I'll explain when we get there. I don't want to fight." She didn't give him time to reply. Taylor thought for a minute. Taylor: "I'll be back later." Karone: "What? Where are you going?" Taylor: "The bar." Karone: "Just like a man, we're in the middle of a romantic movie and you want to go drinking!" Taylor: "First of all, I'm not going to drink. And second, I wouldn't call Scream 4 a romantic movie." Karone laughed. Karone: "Hurry back."
    Galaxia was leaning up against the wall of the bar when Taylor ran up. Taylor: "What do you want?" Galaxia: "There's no easy way to say this." Taylor: "Lady, I don't have time for this. Just say what you called me here to say." Galaxia: "You've spent your life alone, with no family of your own. Cold endless nights on the streets." Taylor: "Don't remind me." Galaxia: "I came here to say I'm sorry." Taylor: "What? What do you care?" Galaxia: "I'm your mother. When I was married to you dad, he got drunk. I thought he killed you. I ran away. But somehow you survived." Taylor: "Am I supossed to buy this?" Galaxia: "I know its hard to believe, but you are my son!" Taylor: "If you are my mother, what planet are we from?" Galaxia: "KO-35. Want more proof? It was attacked many years ago by Dark Spector and your girlfriend. They destroyed nearly everything. In 1998, after Dark Spector's destruction, the people of KO-35 went back to try to rebuild their lost home." Taylor: "I still don't believe you. How can I? You have spent almost a year trying to kill me!" Galaxia: "If I had known you were my son, I never would have done that." Taylor: "Go tell your lies to someone else. I'm out of here." Galaxia: "Wait! Please!" He kept walking. Galaxia sighed and teleported away.
    Velossa: "So? What did he say?" Galaxia: "He didn't believe me. My own son doesn't believe me." Velossa: "You need to find a way to prove it." Galaxia: "I know. But how?" Velossa walked back to her room. Velossa: "Brutus, our days of destruction are over." Brutus: "Are you drunk?" Velossa: "Ask me that in 5 minutes." She took the beer bottle from his hand. Brutus: "What's going on?" Velossa: "The Silver Ranger is Galaxia's son! She'll never let us kill him now!" Brutus: "You could just send a monster yourself. Just don't tell the queen." Velossa: "I guess I'll have to." She snapped her fingers. A monster with silver armor appeared. His face couldn't be seen through the opening in the helmet, just darkness. Velossa: "Go kill Taylor. Without him, Galaxia will be back to her old self again. But don't tell anyone I sent you. Got it?" Monster: "Right!"
    Taylor was walking home. Taylor: "Does she think I'm crazy? How am I supossed to believe that?" The monster appeared with some Swobbies. Taylor: "Psycho Blast!" The monster blasted him. He flipped backwards 3 times. The blasts missed him. The monster ran up to him and punched him down. He kicked Taylor over and stepped on him. Monster: "Ha ha ha ha ha!" Taylor managed to throw the monster off of him. The monster threw his sword and hit Taylor in the head. He fell to the ground. The monster put his hand around his neck and drained his power. The Silver suit disappeared. Monster: "Say good night, ranger!" A blast hit the monster from out of nowhere. He flew backwards. Taylor looked up and saw Galaxia standing there. Taylor: "You!" Galaxia: "I couldn't let some monster kill my own son." Taylor: "The why did you send it in the first place?" Galaxia: "I didn't." Galaxia jumped into the air and kicked the monster. Her fist turned pink. She punched the monster. It stood there for a minute, then exploded. Galaxia: "Now do you believe me?" Taylor: "I guess I have to." Galaxia: "I'm sorry for everything I've done to you. Leaving you with Mutiny and trying to kill you all this time." Taylor: "How could you have known? Come on. Now that you helped me, you can't go back to your ship." Galaxia: "I wonder what Velossa's going to do." Taylor: "Don't worry about her right now."
    Karone was laying on the couch asleep. Taylor walked in the door. Karone sat up. Karone: "Oh hi. I tried to wait up for you." Taylor: "I have some incredible news!" Karone: "What?" Galaxia walked in. Karone: "What's going on? What is she doing here?" Taylor: "She's my mother, Karone." Karone: "Trakeena!" Trakeena came into the room. Karone: "Hold me back before I do something I'll regret." Taylor: "Karone please, she proved it. She really is my mom." Galaxia noticed something on Taylor. Galaxia: "You still have the scar from when Mutiny cut you." Taylor: "Oh is that what that is. I've wondered about it."
    Velossa: "Oh my God! I didn't think she'd do it! She said she'd never become good. But she just so...did it anyway!" Brutus: "Get ahold of yourself." Velossa: "She's nuts! Freakin nuts!" Brutus: "We have to come up with a plan to get her back." Velossa: "I don't want to put a spell on her. She wouldn't be the same." Brutus: "How about what Darconda did to Astronema?" Velossa: "No. That's just like a spell. We need to find a way to get her back her willingly." Velossa walked out of the room. Brutus: "If she doesn't think of something, we're doomed."