Rita's Revenge

    In the Lunor Palace, Rita paced back and forth. Rita: "Zedd left me, Scorpina is a ranger, Goldar's dead. What's left for me here?" Finster came out from his workshop. He was old and worn out looking. Finster: "All of our monsters are gone, evil one." Rita: "I have to think of something." Finster: "Why not go live a normal life? Since you look normal now." Rita: "I could. But that would just be giving up. I don't want to do that." Finster: "I'm sorry about the love potion. It should have worked better than it did." Rita: "I'm going to get revenge on Zedd. He left me her alone in the rotting old palace while he goes off with his friends." Finster: "What are you going to do?" Rita: "I will join Galaxia's army. Since that Cane guy died, she should be in need of a new warrior." Finster: "You, a warrior?" Rita: "I have to do what I have to do."
    Taylor sat on the couch. He hadn't moved much since he lost Galaxia. Karone came in and sat down beside him. Karone: "Cheer up. I'm going to take Sarah to the park. Want to come?" Taylor: "No. Not today." Karone: "You can't just sit here for the rest of your life. We'll get her back. I promise." Taylor: "Ok. Why not." He walked out the door slowly. Karone looked down at Sarah. Karone: "I really hope we can make him feel better."
    Velossa: "So then I wrote Lentar's bad in bed in the sky! You should have seen his face. Come to think of it, you should have seen his girlfriend's face!" Galaxia: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Brutus entered. Brutus: "You have a visitor." Galaxia: "Fine." Rita entered. Galaxia: "Well if it isn't the orignal queen of evil herself. What are you up to?" Rita: "I want to attack the Red Ranger." Galaxia: "If you want my help, you've got it." Rita: "Good. Zedd ran out on me when he became a ranger. Now I want to pay him back." Velossa: "Spare us your life story." Galaxia: "Do whatever you want. But whatever you do, it better work."
    Zedd walked into the lounge with a huge bag of chips and a soda. He sat on the couch and began eating. After he finished, he fell asleep. He began to dream. Finster: "Do you Rita take lord zedd to be you lawfully wedded husband?" A flash of white light appeared. Zedd: "I've been thinking about a new addition to our family." Another flash. Rito: "Maybe ol' Edd really does love Rita." Flash. Zedd: "Come on, Scorpina. Lets get out of here before Rita comes." Flash. Rita: "Zedd, how could you? I actually loved you." He woke up quickly. Zedd: "That's what I get for eating so much." Rita: "No. It wasn't the food. I wanted you to remember everything that has happened in our past." Zedd: "What? How did you get in here?" Rita: "Karone left the door unlocked." Zedd: "Rita, I can explain." Rita: "Save it! You broke my heart when you left me. You are the only man I ever loved." Zedd: "I'm sorry. I just wanted to have some fun." Rita: "I bet you kicking yourself now." Zedd: "Well yea. You were dressed as the whitch when I left. But now..." Rita: "This is what you could have had." Zedd: "Is it to late?" Rita: "Yes. You left my heart like you left our palace, cold and empty. You are going to pay for what you did to me." She pulled a knife our of her purse. Zedd: "Don't. Please." Rita back him up against the wall. She swong at him. He ducked out of the way. The blade went into the wall. Zedd held both of Rita hands so she couldn't do anything. He eyes flashed red. Zedd flew backwards and landed on the coffee table. The table broke. Rita: "Good bye, my love." Zedd: "Psycho Blast!" Rita: "That's right. Use your powers. How could you become the thing we fought for so long? For 6 years we fought to destroy them!" Zedd: "I don't know what to say." Rita: "Save you breath. You can't justify what you did." Rita kicked zedd 3 times. He bent over in pain. He looked up in time to see Velossa teleport in. Zedd: "I should have known you and Galaxia had something to do with this." Velossa: "She's going to kill you with or without us. Galaxia and I just wanted to get in on it." Rita's septer appeared. She shot Zedd with a big red fire ball. Rita: "Ha ha ha ha ha!" Just then, the door opened. Taylor: "Stop." Velossa: "You!" Taylor: "Leave him alone." Velossa: "Keep out of this!" Karone ran in behind him. Velossa: "Come on." Rita: "When next we meet, you won't be so lucky." They teleported away." Karone: "Rita! What did she want?" Zedd: "She works for Galaxia now. She's trying to kill me." Taylor: "I can't stand this. My mother is doing all this. She's the reason our lives are so screwed up." Karone: "Don't worry about it. She's your mother, but she's as evil as she ever was. Thanks to Velossa."
    Galaxia: "Why didn't you kill them?" Velossa: "It wasn't a big enough room for all of us to fight." Galaxia: "You have given me a lot of excuses since I've known you, but this is one of the worst. If you weren't going to fight, you could have spent the time coming up with a better one." Rita: "I will kill him next time. No matter what." Galaxia: "Fine." Velossa went over to Brutus. Brutus: "That thing from Mutiny really worked." Velossa: "I know. I was expecting it to backfire." Rita overheard this. She stood there for a minute, then walked away.