Till Death Do Us Part

    Rita was back in her palace. Galaxia had given her the freedom to go where she wanted, but she was still working for her. Rita: "If I can get Zedd to come here, I'm sure I can kill him!" Finster: "I hope you kill Zedd soon. So you can return here." Rita: "Once he's dead, I might try to get my power back." Finster: "How?" Rita: "I heard Velossa say that Galaxia was under some kind of spell. If I figure out what the spell is for, maybe I can get rid of her."
    Zedd was walking back and fourth across the floor. Villimax: "You don't have to worry about her, Zedd. We can stop her from doing anything to you." Zedd: "You're wrong! The combination of Rita and Galaxia is to strong. If she really wants me dead, she'll kill me!" Villimax: "With an attitude like that she will." Zedd: "Rita was part of the United Allience for 6 years. I don't know that we are strong enough to defeat someone with that much experience."
    Back at the palace, Rita was looking at Onyx through her telescope. She heard a voice behind her. Rita: "Finster?" Voice: "I don't think so." Rita turned quickly. Rita: "Who are you?" Voice: "My name is Cane. I am an enemy of Galaxia and Velossa." Rita: "So you heard that I want to get my empire back." Cane: "Yes. I am willing to help you." Rita: "How can you possibly help?" Cane: "They think they killed me. I can take them by surprise." Rita: "I need to get rid of Zedd first." Cane: "I can help you with that." Rita: "Thanks anyway, but he's mine." Cane: "Alright. What's your plan?" Rita: "I'm going to convince him to come here. Then I can fight him without his ranger friends getting in the way."
    The phone rang on the fortress. Zedd answered it. Zedd: "Hello." Rita: "Its me. I want you to meet me at our old palace." Zedd: "Do you think I'm stupid?" Rita: "I sorry about the last couple days. I want to apologize face to face." Zedd: "Oh alright." Zedd hung up the phone. Zedd walked out without telling anyone. He teleported to the palace. He entered in a large empty hall. Zedd: "She's probably in her throne room. He walked until he saw the big swinging clock thing that was in the back of her room. He walked into the room and saw Rita standing next to the telescope. Rita: "Hi." Zedd: "What, no knife?" Rita: "No. But you were right about one thing. I didn't bring you here to make up." Zedd: "I didn't think you'd give up so easily." Rita: "You are here so we can have one last battle. The winner is whoever is left standing." Zedd: "If that's the way you want it." Cane watched from a dark corner. Rita: "Put your morpher away. I want this to be fair." Zedd: "Fine." He threw his morpher to the floor. Rita blasted Zedd. He blocked it and ran at her. She quickly punched him in the check 6 times. He tried to return a punch, but she cought his hand. Rita: "I'm not going to let you live through this." Zedd slammed his head into her's. Then he kicked her to the floor. She got back up right away. She stood on the balcony rail and jumped off, kicking Zedd. He tried to get up, but she kicked him back down.
    Scorpina noticed that Zedd was gone. Scorpina: "Where did he run off to?" Scorpina ran to the bathroom. Karone was giving Sarah a bath. Scorpina: "Have you seen Zedd?" Karone was drenching wet. Her hair filled with soap. Karone: "Does it look like I've seen Zedd?" Scorpina: "I can't find him anywhere." Karone: "He probably went out for beer or something." Scorpina: "He would have said something. I think Rita might have something to do with this." Karone stood up with a concerned look on her face. Karone: "Should we go look for him?" Scorpina: "I know where they are." Karone: "How?" Scorpina: "Rita and I were friends for years. I know how she thinks." Karone: "What should we do?" Scorpina: "I'm going to help him." Karone: "Ok. If you need us, just call." Socrpina ran out the door. Karone: "What was Zedd thinking when her married her?"
    Rita had Zedd up against the wall. She punched him. He ring hit his visor and broke it. For the first time, his alien face could be seen. Scorpina was outside watching this. Scorpina: "Zedd!" Rita turned quickly. Rita: "You! What do you want, Scorpina?" Scorpina: "Leave him alone, bit*h!" Zedd: "No. This is between us. Stay out of it." Scorpina: "Get up and hit her then!" Zedd: "I deserve this. I ran out on her to become a ranger." Rita: "Don't give me that! I don't want your sympathy! I loved you once, but not anymore!" Zedd broke free from Rita. Zedd: "I didn't want to do this. But its clear that I have no choice. You'll destroy the entire universe if I don't." Scorpina's mouth dropped open. Zedd held his hand out. His septer appeared. He attempted to hit Rita once, but she was able to block it. The second time however, he stuck it right through her. Scorpina was horrified. Zedd: "I'm sorry. We should have never let it go this far. Good bye Rita. We had our disagreements, but you have my respect. You were a fine villainess." Rita fell to the ground. Zedd pulled he septer out of her. Scorpina: "I didn't think you had the guts to do it. Why did you go that far?" Zedd: "I know what she can do. Back when we fought Zordon on Eltar, I saw her do things that would make the devil sick." Scorpina: "I blocked that time from my mind. Now that you brought it up, we were the same way." Zedd: "I know. But we changed. Her anger towards me just made her more dangerous." Scorpina: "Lets go home. I don't ever want to see this place again."
    After they left, Can walked out of the shadows. Cane: "To bad. She could have been a great partener. But her death gives me an idea. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" He turned into an exact clone of Rita. He teleported away. He went to Galaxia's ship. Galaxia: "Well did you kill Zedd?" Rita: "No. He got away. I will kill him some day. Count on it." She walked off. Cane to himslef: "Kiss your queen good bye, Velossa." A smile spread accross Cane/Rita's face.