The Impossible Choice

    Six weeks had passed since Galaxia turned good. She and Karone had become good friends. Velossa hadn't attacked since she talked with Galaxia. Today, Karone, Taylor, and Galaxia were out having fun. Karone: "So what do you guys want to do next?" Galaxia: "How about hiking?" Taylor: "Ok. Lets go!"
    Velossa: "I can't believe she's still gone." Brutus: "Galaxia has found happiness with the rangers." Velossa: "What? We weren't good enough?" Brutus: "Just forget about her and Onyx. We should move on." Velossa: "No! I can't leave without her!" Brutus: "She's not coming back. You just have to deal with that. There's nothing we can do to change her mind."
    The three rangers had reached the top of a mountain. Galaxia: "Lets rest here for a minute." Galaxia: "Its really great to be doing something other than ruining people's lives." Karone: "You've started a new life. All of that evil is in the past." Taylor: "Yea. You're one of us now." Galaxia: "Thanks. You don't know how much this means to me." They got up and were about to walk away. Suddenly, a ball of fire fell out of the sky. Karone and Galaxia were startled. They shook a little. Galaxia lost her balance. She grabbed onto Karone for support. They both fell off the mountain. When they were falling, Karone grabbed a plant that was sticking out the the mountain. Galaxia climbed up and grabbed it too. Taylor: "Are you ok?" Galaxia: "Help!" Velossa was watching from above. Velossa: "Oh no. Brutus come here. Look at this." Taylor reached down. The plant began to rip out of the mountain. Karone: "It won't hold!" Taylor tried to help them, but the plant came out to soon. They both began to fall. Taylor quickly grabbed Karone's arm. He didn't have time to get Galaxia. Taylor: "Mom!" Galaxia: "Help!!" She hit the ground hard at the bottom. Taylor pulled Karone up. Karone: "Oh my God!" Taylor: "No!!!!!"
    Later, Taylor and Karone returned to the fortress. Amy: "So, how was your day?" Karone: "Galaxia's gone. We were hiking up a mountain....and she....fell." Amy: "I'm so sorry, Taylor! Is there anything I can do?" Taylor: "No. Thanks for asking." Karone: "There was nothing you could do." Taylor: "If I were just a little quicker, this never would have happened." Karone: "Its not your fault."
    Velossa went down to where Galaxia was. She saw her laying there and bent down beside her. Velossa: "Galaxia. Are you ok?" No response. Velossa knew what had happened. She looked down at her former master and began to cry. For the first time in her life, Velossa cried. The tears hit Galaxia. Like all people from KO-35, Velossa's tears had a strange effect on Galaxia. Her eyes slowly opened. Velossa: "Galaxia! You're alive!" She hugged her. Galaxia: "He let me fall. Taylor let me fall." Velossa saw this as the opertunity she had been waiting for. Galaxia finally had a reason to return to being evil. Velossa: "I can't believe he did that." Galaxia: "Its clear how much he really cares about me." Velossa got up and helped Galaxia to her feet. They teleported to their ship. When they returned, Brutus came up to the queen. Brutus: "Why not pay him back for letting you fall?" Galaxia: "Yea. That's exactly what I'm going to do." A monster entered the room. It had shiny blue armer with silver spikes all over him. Monster: "I am ready." Galaxia: "Good. Come on."
    Villimax saw the monster and Galaxia go to Onyx. Villimax: "You're not going to belive this, but your mother is alive." Taylor: "Don't play games with me." Scorpina: "No. Really. Just look." Taylor: "I have to go talk to her." Karone: "I'm coming too." Taylor: "I'd be crazy to try to stop you." Karone: "You know me so well!"
    Taylor: "Mom! You're ok!" Galaxia: "No thanks to you." Taylor: "I wish I could have saved you. I didn't have time." Galaxia: "Oh, but you had plenty of time to save her!" Taylor: "I wanted to save both of you!" Galaxia: "You lie! You only cared about her!" Taylor: "Listen..." Galaxia: "Just stop. Hey you, spike dude or whatever your name is, get him!" The monster threw spikes at the ground. When they hit, they exploaded, sending Taylor and Karone flying. Karone: "We can't just stand here." Taylor and Karone: "Psycho Blast!" The monster spun them around and threw them at a building. Karone got up and attacked again. But he threw four spikes at her. The got stuck in her suit and exploaded. Taylor tried to help her up, but Galaxia shot him. Galaxia: "Ha ha ha ha ha!" The monster picked Taylor up off the ground and hit him six times. He tried to pull out his weapon to stop the monster, but Galaxia came up and knocked it away from him. Galaxia: "Ya know what I just realized? You don't have a zord, Silver Ranger. So can you guess what I'm going to do now?" Taylor: "I've got an idea." Galaxia: "That wasn't a serious question. Monster, go ahead and grow already." Karone: "I think you'd better let me handle it from here. Guys, we need Psycho Megazord power, now!" Galaxia: "You'd better be strong enough to take care of one zord!" The monster blasted the megazord. He punched it twice leaving big dents in the front of it. Zedd: "I don't think this one will be easy do beat." The rangers tried to punch the monster, but it grabbed the zord's arm and tore it off. Trakeena: "That's not good." He began hitting them with the detached arm. Zedd: "This is embarrassing! He's beating us up with our own arm!" Scorpina: "Come on. We can't win this. We have to retreat." Karone: "She's right." They turned back into ship mode and flew off. Galaxia shot the back of the ship as they were leaving. Villimax: "We've been hit...again!" Galaxia: "My monster will finish you next time, rangers."
    Karone: "Your mom was really serious today." Taylor: "I don't think there's any getting through to her now." Trakeena: "Put yourself in her shoes. It really does seem to her that you tried to save Karone and not her." Taylor: "But I didn't!" Trakeena: "There's no way to prove that. We are just going to have to stop treating her like she's a ranger. She more dangerous now than ever before." Karone: "You know who her prime targets are. You and me." Zedd: "I think she beat the crap out of all of us." Karone: "But we are the ones that were involved. She just fought you guys because you were there." Villimax: "We have to keep our guard up. Even if she says she's not evil like she did a while ago, we can't trust her. Its to big of a risk." Taylor: "You're right. You're all right. Galaxia is our enemy again. This isn't one of Velossa's spells. She really hates us now."