Love's Second Chance

    Galaxia was going through some stuff in a box. She was in the bottom of her ship. Velossa came down. Velossa: "What are you doing down here? I guess a better question is, why don't you throw this junk out?" Galaxia: "I'm just taking a trip down memory lane." She pulled out a picture of Taylor when he was a baby. Velossa: "What are you going to do with that?" Galaxia took the knife that was hanging from Velossa's belt. She stuck it through the picture. Galaxia: "I want to get rid of any memory of that little bast*rd." Velossa knelt down beside Galaxia. She pulled out an old box with a heart carved in it. Velossa: "What's this?" Galaxia looked at it for a minute. Galaxia: "This is a box of old love letters Mutiny gave me." Velossa: "Shall I get me matches?" Galaxia: "No." She opened it and began to read one. Velossa sat there, confused. A tear ran down Galaxia's face. Velossa thought to herself: "Oh sh*t! If she reads those and finds any more crap from Mutiny, she's going to fall in love with his a*s all over again!" Galaxia put the letters down and pulled out a picture. Galaxia: "This is Mutiny and me on our wedding day." Velossa: "How did he get a tux that big?" Galaxia smiled.
    Karone came up to Taylor. He was taking a walk on Onyx. Karone: "How are you doing?" Taylor: "I'm fine. I have to move on with my life. Galaxia is gone." Karone: "Yea. You had a great life with no mother at all." Taylor: "Besides, I still have the most important woman in my life. He kissed Karone. Karone put her arm around him.
    Later that day, Velossa told Brutus her theory about Galaxia. Brutus: "I don't know." Velossa: "The only thing she hated him for was hurting her da*n baby. I don't think that's going to be a problem anymore." Brutus: "You could be right." Galaxia from the other room: "Velossa, come in here!" Velossa to Brutus: "Here it comes." She went into the throne room. Velossa: "Yea?" Galaxia: "I've been thinking. I was kind of hard on Mutiny. He didn't do anything wrong." Velossa: "He hurt you and your baby." Galaxia: "He was drunk that night. If I can get him to stop drinking, he'll be ok. It wasn't all his fault anyway. Sometimes I tested my limits. Just to see how far I could go before he'd hit me." Velossa: "Well..." Galaxia: "As for Taylor, I wish he would have killed him." Velossa: "I have to tell you something." Galaxia: "I don't like the way you said that." Velossa: "When you turned good, I was out of ideas. I called Mutiny back from the dead to put a spell on you. Then I killed him." Galaxia: "So since you brought him back before, I can't just bring him back again?" Velossa: "That's not as easy the second time. I don't understand why. That's just how the universe works I guess." Galaxia: "So what do I have to do to get him back?" Velossa: "I've heard a legend. There is said to be a dagger in the temple of Athena." Galaxia: "That goddess?" Velossa: "No, Athena the vacuum cleaner saleswoman. Of course the goddess! Anyway if you get Athena to give you that dagger, you can bring anybody back from the dead that you'd like. The tricky part is getting Athena to agree." Galaxia: "And getting those rangers off my back." Velossa: "Don't worry. I'll take care of them."
    Velossa went to Onyx with a new monster and Brutus. Zedd: "Velossa's back!" Villimax: "Lets go." Karone: "Wait. Its just Velossa and two guys. There's got to be more to it. I'll stay back and make sure Galaxia doesn't try anything." Scorpina: "Good thinking." Taylor: "I'll stay too. Can you guys handle them?" Trakeena: "The only tough one is Velossa. Give us a little credit." Karone: "Good luck." Trakeena gave Karone a high five and ran out the door. Zedd: "Give up, Velossa!" Velossa: "Just the fools I wanted to see. Attack!"
    Galaxia was on Onyx looking for the temple. Galaxia: "I hope that homeless guy selling maps was for real!" Homeless Guy: "Are you sure you're busy tonight?" Galaxia just kept walking. Back on the fortress, Amy noticed that Galaxia was out. Karone: "Well come on." Taylor said good bye to Sarah and Amy and left. The teleported in right in front of Galaxia. Taylor: "Mother." Galaxia: "Get out of my way!" She blasted them. Karone: "Psycho Blast!" Taylor got in front of her. She pushed him aside and kept walking. Karone ran up and punched her to the ground. Karone: "I don't know what you're up to, but you are not going to get away with it!" Galaxia: "I have to do this!" She ran on. Karone was about to run after her, but Taylor stopped her. Taylor: "Wait. Lets see where she's going." Karone: "Ok."
    Hours later, Galaxia came upon a big gold temple. Galaxia: "This has got to be the place." She went inside. Karone: "What in the world?" Taylor pointed to something above the door. Taylor: "That's Athena's symbol." The two of them ran in, but stayed out of Galaxia's sight. Galaxia saw the dagger in the center of the room. Galaxia: "I wonder if I can just steal it." She went up and touched it. Blue electricity ran through her body and she flew backwards. Galaxia: "Ok, I think I've made a mistake." She looked at the far wall. There was a throne with torches on each side of it. Athena appeared. Galaxia got up and kneeled at her feet. Galaxia: "I need something from you." Athena: "What is it?" Galaxia: "I need your dagger." Athena: "Why should I give it to you?" Galaxia: "I need it to bring my x-husband back from the dead." Athena: "Your x-husband? I think you're looking for Aphrodite." Galaxia: "Please. My warrior already brought him back. Now I need your dagger. I'll do anything." Athena: "Anything? Now you're talking." Galaxia: "What do you want?" Athena: "I think I'll hold on to this favor for a while. But some day I will come to collect." Galaxia: "Thank you." Athena: "Hold out your hand." The dagger appeared. Karone: "NO!" Athena: "Who are you?" Galaxia: "The Psycho Rangers. Also known as multi-colored pains in my a*s." Athena: "I haven't fought in hundreds of years." She stepped off her throne. She popped her knuckles. Karone and Taylor weren't stupid. They teleported away. Athena: "Darn. I was looking forward to that." Galaxia: "May I go?" Athena: "Yes. Go and destroy." Athena returned to Olympus. Galaxia: "Nice person, isn't she?"
    Galaxia ran up to Velossa. Galaxia: "I got it!" Velossa: "Cool! Looks like are battle has ended." The rangers were on the ground. Their suits were burnt and torn. The villains ran away. Karone and Taylor teleported in and help their friends up. Trakeena: "What's up with the dagger?" Karone: "It will bring Captain Mutiny back." Villimax: "Oh just wonderful." Taylor: "You guys won't believe what else happened. We almost had to fight Athena!" Scorpina: "I've met her before. You're lucky you didn't have to. She could kill us all if she wanted to." Karone: "She's going to ask a favor of Galaxia some day. That really worries me."
    Galaxia came out on top of Athena's temple that night. She held the dagger up in the air and recited a wierd chant. Thunder boomed and lightining stuck everywhere. Velossa stood in the background with a worried look on her face. Captain Mutiny appeared after the chant was over. Mutiny: "What's going on here?" Galaxia came up close to him. Galaxia: "Hi Mutiny. Its been a long time." Mutiny: "Yes." Galaxia: "I was wondering if we could put our past behind us. Start all over again." Mutiny: "I'd like that. Death is very lonely. This way I get my life back and the woman I love." Mutiny held out his hand. It had Galaxia's wedding ring in it. Mutiny: "Here." Galaxia put it on. She hugged him. Even though she couldn't get her arms all the way around him! Velossa came up to them. Velossa: "At first I was a little against working for Mutiny. But if he makes you happy, I'll put up with him." Galaxia: "Thank you." Galaxia turned back to Mutiny. Galaxia: "Welcome back, my love." They kissed. If you looked hard enough, you could almost see the smiling face of the goddes of wisdom in the sky.