Soul Snatcher-Part 1

    Mutiny and Galaxia were talking. They were really happy together. Galaxia: "Remember how we used to conquer worlds in a weekend? Well I've been fighting this same team of rangers for a year! Can you believe that?" Mutiny: "I'll take care of those rangers for you. Starting with the one that screwed up my plans." Galaxia: "When was this?" Mutiny: "When we were separated, I fought Karone in the Lost Galaxy. She and the other Galaxy Rangers stopped me from getting more slaves for my camp." Galaxia: "So what are you going to do to her? You know she's not an easy target." Mutiny: "Yes. I am well aware. I have the perfect monster for this job." He signaled for Velossa to open the window. When she did, a weird red fog entered the room. It formed a face. Mutiny: "This is my soul snatcher." Snatcher: "What can I do for you, Captain?" Mutiny: "Galaxia, you just sit back and watch as all your troubles disappear. Here's the plan...."
    Amy came into Karone's room. Karone was cleaning up some toys. Karone: "Oh, hi." Amy: "I'd like to talk to you about something." Karone: "Go ahead." Amy: "I'd like some vacation days." Karone: "Oh sure. Take a few days off. Its no problem." Amy: "Great! I've been meaning to explore the galaxy." Karone: "Have fun." Amy: "I'll go pack. I'll be back to work on Monday." Karone: "Ok." Trakeena came in after Amy left. Trakeena: "You know you have to watch your own kid now." Karone: "I know. If it were up to me, I'd take care of her all the time. But with Galaxia out there, I just can't do that." Trakeena: "Ok. I don't know why you'd want to do that though." Karone: "You don't plan to have kids do you?" Trakeena: "Oh lord no! Motherhood isn't my thing." Karone: "I can tell." Trakeena: "I see myself as more of a career woman." Karone: "You work in a bar!" Trakeena: "Right now. I plan to get into a better line of work soon."
    That night, the rangers were all getting ready to go to sleep. Zedd: "Scorpina, can you set my alarm?" Scorpina: "Sure. What time?" Zedd: "2:00 PM." Scorpina: "Huh?" Zedd: "You heard right. I want to be lazy tomorrow." Scorpina: "As opposed to any other day?" They went to sleep. Karone was still awake putting Sarah to bed. Karone: "Good night. Try not to cry at like 3:00, ok? That really bothers the others." Karone kissed her and went over to her bed. Trakeena was already fast asleep. Karone: "God, the girl sleeps like a log and complains that you wake her up. A pack of wild banshees couldn't wake her up!"
    Karone got up in the middle of the night. Karone: "Its like a sauna in here." She opened the window and went back to sleep. The red fog entered her room a few minutes later. It headed towards Sarah. When she opened her mouth to yawn, it entered her body. Here eyes flashed red. Then she went back to sleep. Mutiny back at Galaxia's ship: "Part one of my plan is complete. Now we can just sit back and watch the show."
    Karone got up the next morning and headed for Sarah's crib. Karone: "I'll bet you want breakfast." Trakeena sat up. Trakeena: "Make me something while you're at it." Karone laughed. Karone: "Good morning." She went out to the kitchen. She filled a bottle with water. Karone: "Here, start with this. She took it and began to drink. Quickly, she spit it back out. Karone: "Ok. So much for 'no thanks'." The alarm went off. The other rangers came running. Villimax: "Guess who." Taylor: "Velossa?" Villimax: "Of course." Zedd: "Its 8:00. I should be snoring." Scorpina: "Oh you did enough of that last night." They ran into battle. Karone of course stayed with Sarah. Karone decided to take this time to clean up her room. She put Sarah in a chair and then started going through some old folders.
    Mutiny: "Its time. She doesn't expect a thing." Karone had her back to the baby. Sarah's eyes turned red. Two red beams came out and hit Karone. She screamed in pain. Then turned. Karone: "Ok. Who did that?" She didn't see a monster. Karone: "What is going on here?" She turned back around. Sarah shot her again. Karone turned fast enough to see Sarah's eyes flash. Karone: "Oh my God!" She shot at her once more, but Karone got out of the way this time. She ran out of the room. Karone: "How am I going to fight my own child?" She stood and thought for a minute. Karone: "The water!" She ran to the kitchen and filled up a bucket. She went back to her room and poured it on Sarah. Smoke started coming off of her. Karone heard the monster scream. Then it left her body. Karone looked at the red fog, confused. It came together and formed a monster with red scales. Karone: "Is there anything Galaxia won't try?" Snatcher: "Actually I'm Mutiny's monster." Karone: "Whatever. Psycho Blast!" She looked around. She wasn't in her room any more. Snatcher: "Welcome to my world, Pink Ranger." She saw the monster from all sides. Karone: "Perfect, he brought his brothers!" All of the monsters forms blasted her. Then it went back to one creature. Captain Mutiny appeared next to the monster. Mutiny: "Hello Karone. Did you miss me?" He ran at her and cut her with his hook. She pulled out her sword and tried to cut Mutiny. Karone: "Who am I kidding?" She dropped the sword and started to run. But the monster appeared in front of her. While she was looking at the monster, Mutiny shot her with his cannon from behind. Galaxia came into the strange world. Karone: "Who's next?" Galaxia came up and kicked her. Then she picked her up by her throat and threw her. Galaxia: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Galaxia went over to Mutiny. Galaxia: "Once we kill her, how do we get the others?" Mutiny: "That's the beauty of my plan. We don't kill the others...she does." The monster knew his signal. He turned back into the red fog. Karone tried to shot it, but of course it just went through it. The monster floated over to Karone and invaded her body. A few seconds later, she got up and bowed to Mutiny and Galaxia. Karone: "I will destroy the rangers for you." Galaxia: "You're as good in battle as you are in bed!" Mutiny: "Thank you! Thank you very much!"
    Velossa got word to pull out. Velossa: "Its been fun. But I've got to go." She flew off. The rangers were hurt badly, like most of the times they fought her. Velossa went back to the ship to find Karone standing in the throne room. Velossa: "What did you do, guys?" Galaxia: "Mutiny is a genius! What better way to destroy the rangers than to have the most dangerous one of them do it for us?" Velossa: "I've got to hand it to ya, that's a good plan." Mutiny: "I told you I know what I'm doing." Karone: "When can we attack?" Mutiny: "Soon. Very soon."
    The rangers came back to the ship and found Sarah alone. Trakeena: "And she says I'm not the mother type. At least I'd know better than to leave the kid alone!" Villimax: "I don't think she did this on purpose. It was probably Galaxia." Zedd: "I hate to think what she and Mutiny are capable of together."
To Be Continued.....