Soul Snatcher-Part 2

    Scorpina: "How are we going to find Karone?" Trakeena: "We can't. We'll just have to wait for Galaxia to make a move." Taylor: "If my mom even lays a hand on her, I swear I'll...." Villimax: "Don't worry. She will be ok." Taylor: "I don't think she'd just keep her around. She would probably y just kill her on the spot." Zedd: "I hope you're wrong." Taylor: "So do I."
    Karone walked in the center on the street. A child was playing with a ball. He lost it and it rolled in front of Karone. She blasted it with her purple electricity. The little boy started to cry. Karone: "Ha ha ha ha ha!" A man came up to her and asked for some money. He was homeless. She turned with the sad look on her face. Suddenly she slapped him. Karone: "Get out of my way." She kept walking. A man drove up beside her. Man: "Hey, you doing anything tonight?" Karone: "I can't go out with you." Man: "Why not?" Karone: "Won't your hand get jealous?" Galaxia and her crew were watching this. Galaxia: "She is so evil!" Velossa: "I know. She's great!" Mutiny: "Welcome back, Astronema! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
    Scorpina: "Look, its Karone!" Zedd: "What's she doing?" Scorpina: "Just walking down the street." Trakeena: "They must have let her go." They went to meet up with her. The rangers ran up in front of her. Karone: "What is this, the gay pride parade?" Trakeena: "What's wrong with her?" Villimax: "Who knows." Karone: "Actually you are just the bunch of losers I was looking for." Scorpina: "No wonder she was Dark Spector's favorite!" Karone: "Galaxia and Mutiny have asked me to put an end to you." Trakeena: "Have you lost your mind? You aren't evil anymore!" Karone: "I'm sick of being good. Always doing stuff for others and getting nothing in return." Villimax: "I don't want to fight you!" Karone: "To bad." The boomerang she used to use appeared in her hand. She threw it at the rangers. It hit all of them, then came back to her. Trakeena: "Come on guys. We can't just lay here and take this. Psycho Blast!" Trakeena ran at her. Karone kicked Trakeena, dropped to the ground and tripped Zedd. Karone flipped in the air and landed in front of Scorpina. She took her by surprise. She back handed her, spun around and kicked Villimax in the stomach. Villimax: "God she's good!" Taylor: "Karone! Please stop!" She ran over to him and flipped him over her shoulder. She stepped on his chest. Every few seconds, she increased the pressure. Taylor groaned in pain. Scorpina got up and came at her with her sword. Karone pulled out her sword. They went back and forth with the swords a few times. Finally, Karone knocked the sword away from Scorpina. She cut her four times. Karone: "You're all such fools!" Zedd got up and tried to run, but Karone shot him in the back. Karone: "You're not going anywhere!"
    Captain Mutiny appeared. Mutiny: "How do you like your pink friend now?" Trakeena: "What did you do to her?" Mutiny: "That's not important. I have come to make an offer. Its clear you can't defeat her. She took you down and she's not even morphed. Surrender now and I'll call her off." Trakeena: "We're stuck. We can't win this." Zedd: "She's right. Fine Mutiny, do what you want." Mutiny: "Swobbies, take them to the ship!" Karone: "I almost feel bad for them. Defending a planet for so long only to see it destroyed." Mutiny: "You're not going good on me, are you?" Karone: "I said almost. Velossa, Brutus, kill the civilians! Then blow up the planet!"
    Back on the ship, Mutiny walked in very pleased with himself. Galaxia: "You did it! You actually did it!" Mutiny: "I told you I would." Galaxia: "I heard Karone down there. She's a good commander." Mutiny: "What shocked me is that Velossa and Brutus listened to her." Karone walked up behind them. Karone: "I don't know what's so hard to believe. They are scared of me." Galaxia: "As they should be." The Swobbies walked in with the other five rangers in chains. Galaxia ran over to them. Galaxia: "So how does it feel to be on the losing side?" Taylor: "Mom don't do this!" Galaxia: "Don't start that again. That's it Mutiny. Next time you're using protection!" Mutiny: "I won't make the same mistake twice!" Galaxia: "But what to do with them now?" Mutiny: "Lets discuss it over a nice glass of whine." Karone walked back out the door.
    Back on the fortress, Amy ran in. She found Sarah where the rangers had left her. Amy: "What are we going to do? Your mom has gone nuts!" She stood there for a while. Then made up her mind. Amy: "We can't let this happen." She took Sarah and ran out the door.
    Karone: "In a few hours, this planet will be nothing more than space dust." Amy: "Karone, stop." Karone: "Well if it isn't the nanny." Amy: "You are not evil." Karone: "The rangers already tried that." Amy: "Would you kill your own daughter?" Karone: "Caring is for the weak." Amy: "God, you sould like Velossa!" Velossa looked up form stabbing someone. Velossa: "Say what?" Karone shot Amy. Amy: "Oh that's it!" She ran up and tried to punch Karone, but of course that didn't work." Karone: "The rangers couldn't do it. You don't have a chance!" Karone walked over to Sarah. Karone: "And as for you..." Sarah had a bottle in her hand. She ended up squrting Karone. The Snatcher left her body. Karone fell to the ground. Amy got up. Amy: "What the he*l just happened here?" After a minute, Karone got up. She knew exactly what went on. Karone: "The water. The creature hates water." Amy: "Lucky thing I gave her that before we left." Karone: "Yea. Thanks. I hate to think what would have happened if I had stayed evil." Amy: "What about your friends. I saw them on the news. They were taken to Galaxia's ship." Karone: "She doesn't know I've turned good. By the way, can you stop Velossa and Brutus from killing anyone else?" Amy: "Yes. I'll try." Karone teleported off.
    Karone walked into the throne room. Galaxia and Mutiny were off drinking still. Karone went to the rangers. Villimax: "What now? Would you like to laugh in our faces again?" Zedd: "Traitor!" Karone: "It wasn't me, guys. It was a monster of Captain Mutiny's." Trakeena: "You're yourself again?" Karone: "Yea." Trakeena: "So don't just stand there, untie us!" They were about to leave when Mutiny and Galaxia came back. Galaxia: "Stop them!" The other rangers stood on both sides of Karone. She stepped forward. Karone: "Psycho Blast!" Karone and Taylor hugged. Taylor: "Good to have you back." Karone: "Thanks." She ran towards Galaxia. Galaxia: "Mutiny I think we should just go." Mutiny: "One of these days rangers..." Galaxia: "Oh shut up!" They teleproted away. Scorpina: "Cool. We scared them!" Zedd: "There was only two of them." Karone: "Oh shoot!" She remembered Amy.
    When they got back to Onyx, they found Velossa and Brutus running away. Karone: "What did you do to them?" Amy: "Just because I don't fight doesn't mean I can't." She picked up Sarah and handed her to Karone. Karone: "Lets get out of here." Amy: "We have to help them." She pointed to the hurt monsters on the ground. Zedd: "A ranger's work is never done!"