Scorpina's Romeo

    Mutiny: "Whatever the cost, I want him stopped!" He slammed down the phone. Galaxia came in just in time to overhear. Galaxia: "What's going on?" Mutiny: "One of my rivals from the Lost Galaxy has come here!" Galaxia: "Who?" Mutiny: "Tricon. I battled him for years. We would stop at nothing to see each other dead." Galaxia: "So now you're worried he might actually kill you?" Mutiny: "No. God no! I'm worried if he finds the Psycho Rangers, all our lives might be cut short." Galaxia: "Velossa, go find this guy!" Velossa: "Yes my queen!" She ran out the door.
    A warrior in in shiny black armor was running from some Swobbies. He had a gold mask over his mouth and gold shoulder pads. His boots and gloves were also gold. The rest of him was black. He turned and a gun appeared in his hand. He shot at the Swobbies while running backwards. Velossa appeared behind him. He ran into her and fell over. Velossa: "So you're the new powerful warrior, huh? Kill him!" A Swobbie pointed its sword at him, but he kicked it out of its hand. He stood back up quickly and faced Velossa. He put his fist up in defense. Velossa: "Don't make me laugh." She punched him in the face with all her strength. He fell quickly and landed on the ground with a hard thud. Velossa: "Ha ha ha ha ha!"
    Villimax: "Look, that guy needs our help!" Trakeena: "But my nails aren't dry yet!" Karone pulled on her antani. Trakeena: "Alright, alright!" They ran up them. Zedd pulled out his staff and blasted Velossa. Velossa: "Rangers! What the he*l are you doing here?" Karone: "Screwing up your plans. Its what we live for." Scorpina went over to help the warrior up. Tricon: "And who might you be?" Scorpina: "Scorpina. But don't hit on me, I'm taken." Trakeena hit her. Trakeena: "He's dead, remember?" Scorpina: "Remember? That's all I can think about!" Tricon: "I am Tricon. Sworn enemy of Captain Mutiny." Karone had been fighting Velossa and got her to run off. Karone went over to Tricon. Karone: "Nice to meet you. We're the Psycho Rangers." Tricon: "I know. I've heard of you. I came to see if you'd help me kill Mutiny." Taylor: "Sure." Tricon: "You! You're the offspring of the pirate bast*rd!" Taylor: "Wait, no! Well, I mean I am. But that pirate bast*rd was no father to me. I can't stand him." Tricon: "Oh. Sorry." Zedd: "Like he said, we'd be glad to help you." Scorpina stood off from the rest of them with her arms folded." Zedd went over to her. Zedd: "What's wrong?" Scorpina: "Oh, nothing."
    The rangers invited Tricon back to the fortress. Zedd went into Scorpina's room. Zedd: "Don't tell me nothing. You're passing up dinner." Scorpina: "I'm not hungry." Zedd: "What's your problem? Usually you're sucker punching me over the last cressent roll!" Scorpina: "Ok fine. Its Tricon." Zedd: "What about him? Don't you like him?" Scorpina: "That's just it. I think I might like him a little too much." Zedd: "What do you mean?" Scorpina: "I keep having these thoughts about the two of us. Thoughts I shouldn't be having. I mean with Goldar and all." Zedd put his arm around her. Zedd: "He would want you to move on. He knows you'd be with him if you could." Scorpina: "You really think he wouldn't mind?" Zedd: "I know how close you two were. He wouldn't want your life to end just because his did. Go ask Tricon out. We all know he likes you." Scorpina: "I'll think about it." She got up from the bed. Scorpina: "Thanks. I needed someone to talk to." Zedd: "Any time." She and Zedd went to get dinner.
    Velossa: "I'm sorry, but I failed. The rangers got there to soon." Mutiny: "Fool! He held his hook up above her, ready to strike. Galaxia: "Mutiny, no!" She grabbed his arm. Galaxia: "Don't worry. We can go down to Onyx together and take him. We are nearly upstoppable as a team." Mutiny: "Ok. I hope you're right." He walked out of the room. Velossa: "That was a close one." Galaxia: "I know. He had that look in his eye. The same one he had everything time he was about to hit me. I couldn't let him do the same thing to you." Velossa: "But he's not even drinking this time!" Galaxia: "That's what really bothers me."
    After dinner, the rangers had went to their rooms. Scorpina went to the guest room where Tricon was staying. She knocked on the door. Scorpina: "Can I come in?" Tricon: "Sure." She paused for a minute, standing in the doorway. Tricon: "Yes?" Scorpina: "Look, I know I was a little cold to you earlier. I'm sorry. I guess I should explain." Tricon: "If you want to." Scorpina: "About six mounths ago, Galaxia killed my boyfriend. So when you hit on me, I didn't want to get into something like that. But I have to admit, a relationship would be nice." Tricon: "Still wanted to honor his memory, huh? I know what that's like. Mutiny killed my wife and kids many years ago." Scorpina: "I'm sorry." Tricon: "I've been able to put that behind me." Scorpina: "How about we start over? Want to get a cup of coffee later?" Tricon: "That would be nice." Scorpina left the room. Zedd was standing outside the door. Zedd: "Well?" Scorpina: "It might work out. He seems like a nice guy." Zedd: "I'm glad you finally found someone."
    Scorpina and Tricon went to a coffee shop on Onyx. They were having a great time. Galaxia and Mutiny appeared outside. Galaxia: "Wait until they come out. That way we can take them by surprise." Mutiny: "Fine." After they had been there for a while, Scorpina looked at the clock. Scorpina: "Its 2:30 in the morning!" Tricon: "I guess we'd better get going." The went out the door. Galaxia came up behind Tricon and put her sword against his throat. Galaxia: "Don't move, Yellow Ranger!" Scorpina turned to run, but bumped into the Captain. She fell. Scorpina: "I feel like I ran into a big blimp. Oh, hi Mutiny." Galaxia: "Come on you fool." She started to pull Tricon away. Scorpina: "You already screwed up on of my relationships! I won't let it happen again!" Scorpina jumped and kicked Galaxia down. She let go of Tricon. Mutiny came up ready to fight. Tricon: "Battle blaster!" A huge cannon appeared. He balanced it on his shoulder. Tricon: "Fire!" He blast of energy hit Mutiny sending him flying. Scorpina: "Kind of brings a new meaning to the term 'when pigs fly'." Galaxia kicked her down. Scorpina got back up quickly though. Scorpina: "Feel my sting!" Scorpina then kicked her hin the mouth three times. Galaxia got up and went over to Mutiny. Galaxia: "Come on. They've beat us." Mutiny stood up, but fell back down like a fool. Mutiny: "No they haven't!" Galaxia: "How many fingers am I holding up?" Mutiny: "I only have on eye to begin with. How am I supposed to know?" Galaxia: "Speaking of fingers." She flipped off her two enemies and teleported away.
    Later, Mutiny had called Galaxia into the throne room. She had been talking to Velossa at the time. Galaxia: "What?" Mutiny: "How could you pull us out of battle like that?" Galaxia: "I didn't think we could win." Mutiny: "Save it! That was pethetic!" Galaxia: "We will do better next...." Mutiny punched, giving her a black eye. She got up and ran away. Galaxia later that night: "I was a fool to think I could change him. All these years I blamed the beer. But in fact, it was all him." Velossa: "So what are you going to do? You can't let him stay here? You'll loose your selfrespect if he keeps knocking you around like this." Galaxia: "I've been down this road before. I not going to let this continue."
    Scorpina: "So it looks like you two aren't the only one who can have a good love life." Karone: "I'm really happy for you." Taylor: "Yea. Tricon's great. He sucks at pool, but other than that..." Tricon: "I want I rematch." Taylor: "You got it." Villimax: "I only wish I could find love that easy." Trakeena: "Yea, me too." Karone came up and hit the both in the back of the head. Karone: "Am I the only one who sees the odvious here?" Trakeena and Villimax look at each other. Trakeena: "It would be to weird." Karone: "You're kidding right?" Villimax: "Yea, she's just a friend." Karone: "Whoever said romance is dead must have been looking at the two of you."