Galaxia Takes Charge

    Velossa: "So what are you going to do?" Galaxia: "Oh I don't know! I wanted so much for this to work out!" Velossa: "You can't let some guy get away with treating you like that." Galaxia: "Of course you're right." Brutus walked up. He had been standing off to the side, listening. Brutus: "I'm sorry to butt in, but couldn't you talk to him?" Galaxia: "Every time I try, I come back with an ice pack!" Velossa: "What if Brutus and I stay nearby. Look at this guy." She pointed at Brutus. Velossa: "He's huge!" Galaxia: "Ok, I'll try." She went into the kitchen where Mutiny was reading a magazine. Galaxia: "We need to talk." Mutiny: "What do you want?" Galaxia: "Do you think this marriage is going well?" Mutiny: "Yes. Get me a beer." Galaxia: "Well I don't." Mutiny: "What's your problem? We're fine." Galaxia: "No, we're not. We don't talk. When we fight the rangers, I don't feel any passion. And your idea of foreplay is turning over and going 'Hey, want to do it?'. This is a sorry excuse for a relationship!" Mutiny: "Look, you can't demand that kind of stuff from me! I have a life!" Galaxia: "Look, if we can't work through this, we are going to have to end this." Mutiny: "I thought you loved me." Galaxia: "That's what I thought too. But as much as I'd like to have a husband, this isn't going to work. I need a man who cares about me. A man who feels something for me in his heart instead of just his di*k!" Velossa: "Dang, she's giving it to him!" Mutiny: "Who are you trying to fool? I do love you!" Galaxia: "Bull sh*t! When I was in a ship wreck a few years ago, did you ask if I was ok? He*l no! All you cared about was you da*n dinner!" Mutiny: "So?" Galaxia: "Oh that's the last straw! I thought we could make this work, but now I can see I was wrong. Good bye, you selfish bast*rd." She turned and walked away. Velossa and Brutus ran after her. Mutiny: "She'll miss me when I'm gone." He picked up a glass case with a blade in it and threw it on the floor. It shattered all over the place. He teleported out of the room.
    Galaxia went to her room. Velossa: "Brutus, you'd better wait here. If we both go in, it might be to much at one time." Brutus: "Right. I'll clean up the mess in the Kitchen." Velossa: "Thanks." She opened the door. Velossa: "Are you ok?" Galaxia: "Yea, I'm fine. I just wish one of my relationships could work out. We've known each other since we were kids. Have I ever met a nice guy?" Velossa: "When we were kids, we weren't looking for nice guys. Are you sure that's what you want now?" Galaxia: "You know what I mean. I want a guy that's nice to me, but cruel to the rangers." Velossa: "I guess we made some mistakes. You've had some bad marriages. Me, I've never even been married." Galaxia: "If only someone had told us not to be such sluts it high school, maybe we'd be happy right now." Velossa: "Yea. My parents tried to warn me, but I just killed them." Galaxia: "I know. I was there. Come to think of it, I hid the the bodies while you and Vypra were in a fist fight." Velossa: "Yea you did. Thanks." Galaxia: "No matter what happened, we've always had each other." Velossa: "You're just about all I've ever had." Galaxia: "I'm glad you're here at a time like this. I could use a friend." Velossa: "Oh its no problem. And ya know what? I'm not the only friend you have. Brutus is here too." Brutus pooped his head in the door. Brutus: "Did someone say my name?" Galaxia: "Thanks guys."
    Karone was on the phone. Karone: "Yea, so you're going to finally come back Amy. Good. Its been kind of hard to go into fights with you on vacation." She hung up a minute later. Trakeena: "So you're finally going to put the kid back off on her huh?" Karone: "Yea." Later, Amy came back. Villimax: "So how was your vacation?" Amy: "Oh it was wonderful! You wouldn't believe all the places I went!" Zedd: "Here we go again. It Captain Mutiny. He looks really mad." Scorpina: "Lets go guys!" All: "Psycho Blast!"
    Mutiny: "Rangers, just the multicolored pains in the a*s I was looking for." Trakeena: "And what a very big a*s it is too." Zedd: "Get out of here, Mutiny!" Mutiny: "I don't think so. You see I'm having a pretty bad day and killing you would just make all my troubles go away. Swobbies!" Karone: "I wish he wouldn't waster our time with these Swobbies." They suddenly disappeared. Mutiny: "When you're right, you're right." The hook on his are shot off with a chain connected to it. It pulled Karone up to Mutiny. He punched her several times. Taylor ran up and tried to help, but he cut him with the hook. Trakeena and Zedd tried to shoot him with their powers, but Mutiny got his cannon out and shot them first. They flew up in the air with a huge ball of fire beneath them. Scorpina jumped and kicked him. She flew backwards after she made contact. Scorpina: "Oh yea, that won't work on somebody that big!" Galaxia and Velossa came up to watch. Galaxia: "This should be an interesting battle." Velossa: "Whatever the outcome, we win!" He went over to Karone and stepped on her. Karone: "I feel like a house landed on me!" Villimax: "Face me!" Mutiny lifted his eye patch. A blast came out of his eye. Villimax dodged it and ran at him with his sword in the air. Mutiny pulled his sword out and they went back and forth with them for a while. Mutiny's hook turned red suddenly. He struck Villimax. He fell down. Galaxia got an idea. She smiled at Velossa. Then ran out to Villimax. Galaxia: "Here. I have something for you." Villimax: "Why would you help me? You hate me and my friends, remember?" Galaxia: "I just went through a bad break up with him. I hate him more than you all right now." Villimax: "I can never call a woman a liar. I'll take whatever it is." Mutiny shot a fire ball from his cannon. Galaxia blocked it. Galaxia: "Oh go away. We're busy!" She turned back to Villimax. She held out her hand. A ball of white energy floated up to him. It went into his chest. Galaxia: "This will give you the power to defeat him." She ran back over to Velossa.
    Karone: "How do you feel?" Villimax: "I've never felt such power! Its unbelievable!" Karone: "All right! That's great!" Villimax: "Your time is up, Captain." Villimax's fist turned into a white beam of light. He fired to white balls of energy at him. Mutiny fell backwards. He got back up. Villimax held out his sword. White electricity came out and shocked Mutiny. Then Villimax turned his sword into a while beam and threw it through the captain. Taylor: "Good job, man!" Zedd: "Finish him off!" Villimax: "Right." Villimax turned himself into a huge white energy beam. He flew through Mutiny and landed behind him. Mutiny turned around and stood there for a second. Then he fell over and exploaded. The rangers all ran over to Villimax to congratulate him. Villimax: "Excuse me a moment. Galaxia, thank you for..." He noticed that she was gone. Villimax: "That's strange."
    Back on the fortress, the rangers were talking excitedly. Scorpina: "You were really great out there." Trakeena: "Yea, you really showed him who's boss." Villimax: "Thanks, but I couldn't have done it without Galaxia's help." Karone: "Maybe she's not all bad." Taylor stood silent for a moment. Taylor: "You're right. Maybe there's still hope for her."
    Velossa: "So, you're finally free." Galaxia: "Its such a relief." Brutus: "So we can get back to trying to kill the rangers now?" Galaxia: "Yes, of course. As a matter of fact, my next plan has already started. Now lets watch it unfold. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"