The Deadly Mistake

    It was early in the morning. Karone and Taylor were looking at a book with houses in it. Karone: "If I ever settle down, that's the kind of house I'd like." Taylor: "I was thinking a small house out in the woods would be nice. It would be quiet and no neighbors to bother us." Karone: "What if we need something, then you'd have to walk a mile." Taylor: "Where did you come up with me?" Karone: "Oh trust me, it would be you." Trakeena: "I hate to interuppt whatever it is you two are doing, but has anybody tried to wake up Villimax?" Karone: "Not me. I thought you did." Scorpina: "Save it. I'll do it." She knocked on his door. Scorpina: "Hello." She opened the door and went over to the side of his bed. Scorpina: "Villimax." No answer. Scorpina: "Villimax! Oh lord, you know you hear me." No response. Scorpina: "VILLIMAX!!!!!" He woke up slowly. Villimax: "Yes." Scorpina: "Who late were you up last night?" Villimax: "Not very late. Why do you ask?" Scorpina: "I nearly blew out my own ear drumb and you have to ask?" Villimax: "I'm sorry. I guess I'm just a little out of it. Scorpina: "He's up." Zedd: "So is the rest of the galaxy! I didn't know you could yell that loud." Karone: "Yea. The last time I heard someone yell like that was when Dark Spector gave me a ring for my service to him. Divatox yelled until her face turned blue!"
    Galaxia: "I need someone to go fight the rangers." Brutus: "Let me do it. Velossa always gets to go." Galaxia: "Very well. Take the Swobbies and bring them out." Brutus: "You won't regret this." Velossa after Brutus had left: "You said you had some plan in the works? When is it going to show itself?" Galaxia: "Very soon. Just watch the fight."
    Brutus: "Come out rangers!" Trakeena: "You want us, you got us!" Brutus: "Swobbies! They fought the Swobbies easily. Brutus grabbed Karone and Trakeena and started shocking them. Scorpina jumped off of Zedd's shoulder and into Brutus. He let the two rangers go, but hit Scorpina with a big copper club with spikes. He opened his mouth and fire came out burning Zedd and Taylor. Brutus: "Now for the man with all the new powers." Villimax ran at Brutus. He was ready to strike, but he fell down. Villimax: "What's happening?" Trakeena went to pick him up. Trakeena: "Are you alright?" Villimax: "Yes. I'm fine." He tired to use Galaxia's power on Brutus, but when he tried to call it, his chest started to burn. Villimax: "What in the galaxy is this?" He tired to run at Brutus again, but just fell. Taylor: "What happened to him?" Galaxia teleproted in. She walked toward the rangers, laughing. Galaxia: "Do you like my little present?" Villimax: "What did you do to me?" Galaxia: "Well, that power was enough for you to finish off Mutiny. But it took a lot of your own energy as well. After a while, that energy will mean you final destruction." Villimax: "I trusted you." Galaxia: "To bad." She teleported away. Karone: "Don't worry. We can handle this guy." Velossa was on a cliff beside them. Velossa: "Come on! You don't need to do this anymore." Brutus: "She's right. I'll just let Galaxia's power take its full effect. He teleproted away. Karone and Taylor picked Villimax up and help him back to the ship.
    They sat Villimax down in a chair in the control room. Villimax: "We've got to find a way to stop her power." Zedd: "Right, before its to late." Karone went into the fortress's datebase. Karone: "There's nothing in here about that." Trakeena: "It was her secret weapon. Nobody has probably heard about it." Villimax groaned in pain. Scorpina: "What's wrong?" Villimax: "Its that burning again. Plus I'm getting weaker by the minute." Zedd: "We can't just stand here and watch the man die!" Karone: "Lets go out and try to find someone who might have the cure." Taylor: "Honey, its not really a spell." Karone: "We have to do something." Trakeena: "Its worth a try. Lets go."
    Galaxia: "Brutus, want to go again?" Brutus: "Oh yea!" He gave Velossa a high five and ran out the door. Velossa: "He's so excited about going into battle." Galaxia: "We've fought these guys for a year and we've only let him fight like twice. Can you blame him?" Velossa: "No. I'd go crazy if I only fought twice in a year!"
    Amy came into the room holding Sarah. Villimax layed there, totally still. Amy: "How could that whitch do this to you?" Villimax: "Whitch? Are you sure you pronounced that right?" Suddenly, he looked down at his feet. Villimax: "Say, Amy, I used to have feet, didn't I?" Amy: "Oh my God!" Villimax: "Galaxia's power. It drained so much of mine that I can't even hold myself together." Amy: "What can I do?" Villimax: "Nothing. The others won't get back in time." Amy: "I have to do something!" Villimax: "I know when its my time." Amy: "Well so do I and this isn't it!" There was only half of him left now. Galaxia teleported in. Amy: "Get out here!" Galaxia: "Oh go change a diaper." Galaxia pushed her out of the way. Galaxia: "Well Black Ranger, how does it feel to know that your life will be over in a matter of seconds?" Villimax: "I'll see you in Hell, Galaxia." Galaxia: "Probably. But that's not my problem right now. Good bye forever." She almost walked away, but turned back to him. Galaxia: "Oh, don't worry about missing your friends. They will be joining you soon enough." She stood there just long enough to see the last part of him disappear. The rangers ran in just as Galaxia was teleporting out. Trakeena: "What did she want?" Amy: "Guys, you won't believe this." Taylor: "Where's Villimax." Amy: "He died. He didn't have enough energy to keep going." Scorpina: "Did you do anything to help him?" Amy: "I didn't know what to do." Zedd: "So you just stood there while our friend died? That was real da*n smart!" Amy: "I'm sorry! There was nothing I could do!" Trakeena: "You should have tried harder." Karone: "Come on. She couldn't have stopped Galaxia's power." Trakeena: "Karone, you're my best friend, but you do this all the time. You are too nice to people. She just stood there while we lost Villimax! I'm sorry, but I just can't let that go!" Karone: "But..." Trakeena: "No, Karone. I'm right. You know I'm right." Taylor: "I know you hate being mean to people. Heck, you're the most good hearted out of all of us and I love you for that. But Trakeena's right." Karone: "Ok. Look, it looks like I'm out voted here. I'm sorry I have to do this, but I can't let you stay here." Amy: "If that's how you all really feel, I'll go." Scorpina had a tear running down her face. Scorpina: "You should have helped him." Amy handed Sarah to Taylor and walked out the door.
    Galaxia: "That worked out better than I thought! Now they won't be near full strength! Villimax is dead and now one of them has to take care of that kid! Man, I so good I scare myself!" Velossa: "Way to go! You did something only one other person in histroy has done!" Galaxia: "Who?" Velossa: "The original Psycho Pink killed Kendrix." Galaxia: "Yea, but that didn't last. I have done the impossible." Brutus: "See what you can do without Mutiny?" Galaxia: "Oh I know. He was just dead weight." Velossa opened her mouth to comment. Galaxia: "I know what's coming. Its a fat joke, right?" Velossa: "Of course."
    Karone: "So who is staying with Sarah?" Taylor: "Well it can't be you. Without you, we'd loose for sure!" Trakeena: "I'm not doing it." Karone: "Zedd's not doing it." Zedd: "Why isn't Zedd doing it?" Karone: "You tried to get her drunk one night." Zedd: "She was crying. So I thought one beer never hurt anybody." Karone: "Zedd please. Don't get into it. I really think we sould have let Amy stay." Trakeena sighed. Trakeena: "If she didn't save Villimax, what are the odds that she'd save Sarah? You could have lost you daughter too." Karone thought about that. Karone: "Ok. I agree." Taylor: "What if we divide up the time someone has to sit out of a battle? Just each one of use take a turn." Zedd: "Sounds fair." Karone walked over and took the beer out of his hand. Karone: "Don't even think about it." Scorpina: "I have a feeling we might not make it through this. We're down to four rangers that can fight at a time." Zedd: "We'd better hope Galaxia screws up or we're all dead."