The Final Feud-Part 1

    Galaxia: "Velossa, Brutus, its time." Brutus: "Time for what, my queen?" Galaxia: "Time for my final plot against the rangers. They will be defeated today, no matter what." Velossa: "Where do we start?" Galaxia: "Bring me Ms. Fairweather!" Velossa: "Right." She left the room.
    She found Ms. Fairweather out doing an expariment. Ms. Fairweather: "Now if this air sample has the right type of chemical components, I might be able to track the demons when they teleport."  She looked down at the machine and noticed it was blinking. Ms. Fairweather: "Oh no." Velossa appeared behind her. Ms. Fairweather turned quickly. Ms. Fairweather: "Vypra!" Velossa: "Try again. I'm Velossa, Vypra's sister. We met once, remember?" Ms. Fairweather: "I can see the family resemblence. What do you want?" Velossa: "You are going to be part of Queen Galaxia's master plan." Ms. Fairweather: "I don't think so!" She pulled out a morpher. Ms. Fairweather: "Lightspeed Rescue!" She transformed into the Demon Hunter. Velossa: "This should be fun. Swobbies, get her!" Ms. Fairweather did a backflip and kick a Swobbie in the jaw. The she did a torndao kick to another. She flipped one over her shoulder and punched it in the stomach. Velossa: "I see you're become a warrior." Ms. Fairweather: "I'm not going anywhere with you." Velossa: "That's what you think!" Velossa shot 4 laser blasts at her. The she ran at the Demon Hunter, punched her twice, then kicked her to the ground. She picked her up by her coat collar. She then threw her to 2 Swobbies. Velossa: "Lets go." They teleported away.
    Galaxia: "Good, you got her." Ms. Fairweather stood in front of Galaxia's throne. Ms. Fairweather: "What do you need me for?" Galaxia: "I've thought this battle plan through in great detail. The rangers won't survive. First I need you to build me a zord." Ms. Fairweather: "I wouldn't help you if you were the last pirate bi*ch on the face of the universe!" Galaxia: "Who said you had a choice? Once I have the zord, I'll use it to destroy the Psycho Megazord. Without it, the rangers have no place to run." Velossa: "Don't explain your plan to her." Galaxia: "Oh I'm just going over the part she's envolved in." She turned back to the scientist. Galaxia: "Now go! Get to work!" The Swobbies led her out the door.
    It was 10:00 at night. Taylor whispered something in Zedd's ear. Zedd: "You lucky dog!" Taylor: "Oh I know. She's waiting in my room right now!" Zedd: "How much sucking up did you have to do?" Taylor: "We're not like that. We're in love." Zedd: "You see, I wouldn't know what that feels like." Taylor ran off. He went into his room. Karone was laying in his bed. Karone: "What took you so long?" Taylor: "I had to make Zedd jelious first." She laughed. There were candles and flowers everwhere. A pink box of candy on the bed. Karone: "This is so sweet! You really went all out!" Taylor: "It was no trouble at all. I'd do anything for the woman I love." Karone: "Come here." Taylor: "I just love the way you said that!" He got into bed. Then, to his great disappointment, the door opened and Trakeena popped her head in. Trakeena: "I'm so sorry!" Taylor and Karone at the same time: "What the he*l do you want?" Trakeena: "Its Galaxia! She's got this big robot on Onyx. Its destroying everything in sight. Come on!" Karone: "Looks like our romantic evening will have to wait." They ran out the door.
    The ran to Onyx and saw Galaxia's new zord. It beautiful shiny black armor. It had a silver hook on its arm and laser guns in the shoulder pads. The had without the hook had a blade sticking out of a box in its wrist. Scorpina: "That thing is scary looking!" Villimax: "Who made that thing. Galaxia isn't smart enough to do that." Galaxia on top of a building: "Hey, I am too! Oh who am I kidding? I didn't even believe it myself. Ms. Fairweather completed this lovely zord. And now it will mean your destruction." She jumped inside the cocpit. Karone: "If Ms. Fairweather made it, we're in trouble!" Galaxia: "Go ahead, call out you Psycho Megazord. Lets see what that piece of junk can do!" Rangers: "Psycho Megazord power, now!" Once the zord had formed, Galaxia fired on it with her lasers. Then jumped and kicked it. The rangers tried to punch it, but evil zord grabbed the Megazords arm with its hook and started digging into it. The rangers broke free, but were cut with the blade on the zords wrist. Galaxia: "Man I'm loving this!" She punched the Megazord 6 times. Sparks flew. Zedd: "Psycho Megazord Saber, online!" He tried to strike Galaxia's zord, but it grabbed the saber out of the Megazord's hand. Galaxia: "I've always wanted to use one of these. Psycho Saber, power up!" It flashed with power as Galaxia struck the Psycho Megazord with the saber. It fell over. The saber damaged it greatly. Galaxia's zord broke the saber over its leg and threw the pieces off into the distance. Galaxia: "You're going down!" Galaxia stomped on the fallen Megazord. Voice in the Megazord: "Loosing power." Trakeena: "Great! Just great!" Galaxia: "Ha ha ha ha ha!" She stabbed the zord with the blade twice, then cut it with the hook. They got back on their feet. They tried to punch her zord, but it grabbed the arm and tore it off! Zedd: "Needless to say, we are having problems!" Galaxia pulled the blade back and with all her strength pushed the release button. The blade cut the head off of the zord. It fell to the ground. Taylor: "Come on. We've got to get out of here." They went running out. Galaxia: "Now Velossa!" Velossa slammed on a button on the control panel in the ship. A big laser beam came down from space and hit the zord destroying it. Galaxia: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I love being me!" The zord flew off.
    Karone took her helmet off and went running towards the fortress's remains. Karone: "NO!" Trakeena held her back. The Karone remembered Sarah. She broke free from Trakeena and went searching through the broken parts. After a while, she didn't find her. She fell to her knees and started to cry. Karone: "Why did she have to do this? Sarah!!!!" She put her face in her hands. Taylor put his hand on her shoulder. Taylor: "I'm so sorry, Karone. Taylor looked up and saw something moving in the remains. Taylor: "Karone!" He pulled her over there. It was Amy burried under a pile of metal. They helped her up and found that she had guarded Sarah against the falling metal and flames. Amy was badly injurred, but Sarah was fine. Karone picked her up and hugged her. Karone wipped a tear drop from her cheek. Karone: "Thank you Amy. You don't know how much this means to me." Amy: "Glad to do it." Villimax: "What are we going to do now? We have no place to go." Scorpina: "Galaxia will be back. We can't just stand here." They all looked to Karone for leadership. After all, she had been through to series finales. Karone: "I'll think of something. I refuse to let Galaxia win."
    Galaxia came back to her ship very pleased with herslef. Velossa ran up and hugged her. Velossa: "That was great!" Galaxia: "Thanks. It was a lot of fun too!" Ms. Fairweather: "How could I do that?" Brutus: "You know, you had your choice. You either did it or we killed you." Ms. Fairweather: "That's a good point." Galaxia: "Since you made my zord, I don't need you anymore." Ms. Fairweather: "What are you going to do?" Galaxia pointed to the wall that had always been in darkness. She snapped her fingers and a light came on over there. A big portal was in the wall. Galaxia: "You see that? No one knows where that leads. Nobody's ever been stupid enough to go see. But now I think I'll through you into it just for the he*l of it." 2 Swobbies grabbed her and pulled her to the portal. Ms. Fairweather: "No! Please don't!" Galaxia: "Do it." They pushed her in. She screamed for the longest time. Then suddenly she just stopped. Velossa: "Well that takes care of her." Galaxia: "Now for part 2 of my plan. She smiled and pulled Velossa and Brutus close to her. She whispered the plan to them.