The Final Feud-Part 3

    Galaxia was watching her Swobbies destroy Onyx. She, Velossa, and Brutus were drinking beer and laughing about all the horror. Velossa: "Did you see that poor sap with the knife in his back?" Galaxia put her arm around her. Galaxia: "Oh I know. I had tears in my eyes...from laughing so hard! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Brutus: "What about that woman crying because you killed her husband?" Velossa: "Just go buy another on ya old bi*ch!" Galaxia: "But seriously, for a while I didn't think we'd get this far. I mean all those times the rangers defeated us." Brutus: "They may have won the battles, but we won the war!" Voice from behind them: "I don't think so." Galaxia: "That's not funny, Velossa." Velossa: "It wasn't me." They all turned to find Taylor. Galaxia: "Well my son, come to congratulate me on my fine victory?" Taylor: "No. I've come to put an end to you rein of terror." The three villains laughed hysterically. Velossa: "No, no. Really why are you here?" Taylor: "Come on Galaxia. Think you're so hot? Take me on." Galaxia: "I'm in such a great mood, I think I'll let Brutus do it." Brutus: "Thank you." He ran at the ranger, but Taylor flipped out of his way. He jumped and kicked Brutus back. Galaxia: "How is he doing that?" Velossa: "He must be stronger when he's mad." Taylor ran for a door off in the corner. Velossa: "Stop him!"
    Taylor: "God this really is a pirate ship. It smells like rotting fish back here!" He kept running until he found a room that had weapons in it. Taylor: "This might be useful." He read the label on a bottle. Taylor: "Black death. What in the world? Must be Hexuba's." He poured that stuff on a gold sword that he found. Just then he heard a loud banging on the door. Within a matter of seconds, Brutus had broken down the door and was ready to fight. Taylor jumped over a table. Brutus ran right into it. Taylor: "This is my chance." He held the sword over the fallen warrior and stabbed him. Big black bugs appeared and started eating him. He was gone quickly. So were the bugs. Taylor: "I'm glad Galaxia never used this stuff!"
    Karone: "How do you think he's doing?" Trakeena: "I don't know." Karone: "I'm really worried about him." Trakeena: "I can tell. He's a big boy. He can take care of himself. And who knows, he might just get the guts to kill his mother." Karone: "Its not weather he will or not that worries me, its weather he can or not." Trakeena: "I heard of people getting great power in a time like this." Karone: "That would be a miracle. We're all to evil for that to ever happen." Trakeena: "I don't know. Maybe."
    Taylor ran back into the throne room where Velossa was. Velossa shot a laser at him. Velossa: "You're not getting out of her alive, Silver Ranger!" Taylor: "We'll see." He flipped and landed right in front of her. She spun around and tried to kick him, but he ducked. She flipped him over her shoulder. He landed on his feet, turned quickly and punched her. They continued to fight wildly. Taylor noticed that they were getting close to the portal on the side of the room. Taylor: "Its my only chance." Velossa pulled out her sword and cut him four times. Galaxia ran in. Galaxia: "Kill him!" Velossa back handed him. Velossa: "What do you think I'm doing?" The fought and got close to the portal again. Taylor kicked her into it. Velossa: "No!" She grabbed the side of the machine. Galaxia pushed Taylor out of the way and grabbed Velossa's hand. Velossa: "Pull, da*n it!" Galaxia: "I'm trying! The force is too strong!" Taylor kicked Galaxia. She let go of Velossa's hand and watched her best friend be sucked into an unknown world. Galaxia: "Velossa!" Taylor took a pipe he found laying on the floor and busted the machine. Galaxia: "What are you, crazy?" The machine exploded. But it sent energy out into space. Galaxia: "You have no idea where those portals are going to end up!" Taylor: "At this point, I don't care." Galaxia: "Well son, its just you and me." Taylor: "That's right." Galaxia: "I know what you're asking yourself. Can I kill my own mother? Well what do you think? I don't think you have the balls to kill me." Taylor: "That's where you're wrong. For a year you have put my friends through Hell. I've had it! You have a heart of stone and a mind of pure evil. You deserve to go to Hell." Taylor came up and tried to hit her, but pushed him up against the wall. Galaxia: "I brought you into this world and I can take you right back out." She slammed his head against the wall. She picked him up and threw him across the room. She pointed at him. White electricity came out of her finger and shocked him.
    Karone: "Guys, I have a bad feeling. I don't know if Taylor is going to get through that." Zedd: "How do you know?" Karone: "I don't know. I just have this weird feeling that he's in trouble." Villimax: "Let him be. He told you to stay. You need to respect his wishes." Karone: "Ok. God I hope he lives!"
    Galaxia shot at him again. He jumped out of the way. The blast hit the rug and caught it on fire. The two of them kept fighting. Galaxia threw Taylor threw a glass door that was in the wall. It led into her room. He was now bloody with cuts all over. Meanwhile the fire was spreading. Getting stronger by the minute. Taylor: "Is this what you want?" He pointed to the burning mess in her ship." Galaxia: "This ship is a small price to pay for your death!" Galaxia pulled out her knife. She picked her son up and held the knife in front of him. Galaxia: "Good bye, forever!" When she tried to stab him, he kicked the knife away. She turned and saw it on the floor. Taylor jumped over her with all his strength to get it. He kicked her up against the wall. Galaxia: "Do it. What's the hold up? Won't do it will you?" With range in his eyes he held the knife over his head and stabbed her. Galaxia fell to the ground, blood dripping from the wound. Galaxia: "You think you've won? Well you haven't. There will be another villain and then another. And the day they all fail, I'll be back. And then it will mean the final destruction of you and everything you hold dear." She closed her eyes. Her body disappeared. Taylor stood there for a minute thinking about what she said. Could she really come back for him? Then he noticed the fire. Taylor: "I've got to get out of here!" He didn't have time. The fire had spread to the controls. The ship was going to crash.
    The rangers heard a big explosion outside. They ran out to see what it was. Karone: "Galaxia's ship. But where's Taylor?" Then she saw him get up. Bloody and burned. She ran to hug him. Karone: "You did it!" He faced the millions of Swobbies. Taylor: "Your queen is dead!" They looked puzzled for a minute. Like they didn't know what to do. Then they just disappeared the same as she had. Karone: "What happened?" Taylor: "That's not important. I learned something up there. I saw my life flash before my eyes. I realized I'm not going to live forever." Karone: "What are you saying?" Taylor: "However much time I have left, I want to spend it with you by my side." He got down on one knee. Karone: "Oh my god." Taylor: "Karone, will you marry me?" She put her hands over her mouth to stop from screaming. With tears in her eyes, she threw her arms around him. Karone: "Oh Taylor, of course I'll marry you!" They kissed for the longest time. The other rangers shot the blasts into the sky to make fireworks. It was a really nice scene. Taylor held Karone's hand. Suddenly a ring appeared. Karone: "Its beautiful!" Taylor: "Not one bit as beautiful as its owner." They kissed again. They didn't see the hurt or dead people on the ground, the flaming ship, or the bloody weapons everywhere. All they cared was that they had each other.