Welcome to Stregna

    Angry screams could be heard across an empty evil world. Cyann: "No way! I refuse to sit here while you go out and destroy everything. I can help you!" Darcon: "No means no." Cyann: "Why can't I destroy something? Do you think I'm to weak? Is that it?" Darcon: "No, its just..." Cyann: "Save it! I'm sick of you and your da*n rules! My whole life you never let me have any fun! Well I've had all I can take. I'm leaving!" Darcon: "You're not going anywhere." Cyann: "Try to stop me!" He grabbed her arm. Darcon: "No daughter of mine is going to talk to me like that." Cyann turned around and punched him as hard as she could. He fell back into his throne. Cyann: "Good bye." Darcon just sat there. He didn't know what to say.
    Back in our world, the demons plotted to destroy the rangers. Olympius: "They've defeated us time and time again! How much more can we take?" Vypra: "We've tried everything. Queen Bansheera is getting really upset with us." Bansheera: "I have come to warn you. There is a strange energy in the air. I'm not sure what it is, but watch out." Olympius: "Thanks for the warning, mother." She left right after that. A portal opened behind Vypra. The force of the portal was strong enough to pull her in. Olympius just looked at it in shock. Olympius: "What on Earth?" He thought it over. Then decided to go after her. After he jumped through, the portal closed. Loki saw him go through. Loki: "Olympius? Vypra? Hello. Where'd they go?"
    Vypra and Olympius were laying on the ground. Vypra: "Were are we?" Olympius: "I have no idea." They saw a multi-colored sky with stars. The ground was covered with this stuff that looked like blue sand. Vypra: "Are we dreaming?" Olympius: "No. We never went to sleep." Vypra: "Hello! Is anyone here?" Olympius picked up some of the sand. Olympius: "This is so weird!" Vypra: "The sky is beautiful." Olympius: "We've got to find that portal." Vypra: "We fell out of the sky right up there." They saw no trace of a portal ever being there. Olympius found a green rock like thing and threw it where the portal was. It came back down to the ground. Olympius: "Nothing." Vypra: "We're screwed."
    Velossa: "Galaxia!" She looked around and saw the multi-colored sky. Only she wasn't on the ground, but a big green mountain. Velossa: "Where am I?" She heard a noise behind her. A noise she knew very well. High heals tapping on the rock. She turned fast. Velossa: "Hey you, stop!" Cyann: "What?" Velossa ran up to her. Velossa: "Where the he*l am I?" Cyann: "You don't know?" Velossa: "If I knew, I wouldn't have asked." Cyann: "This is Stregna. The lost world." Velossa: "What?" Cyann: "You're not from around here are you?" Velossa: "No. I'm from the Milky Way galaxy." Cyann: "Oh. How did you get way out here?" Velossa: "Could you just tell me what here is?" Cyann: "This is a world far away from your galaxy. Its ruled by my a*s hole of a father, Darcon." Velossa: "Who are you?" Cyann: "I'm Princess Cyann. And you are?" Velossa: "Velossa. Is there any way for me to get hom?" Cyann: "Not that I know of. You're to far away." Velossa: "Perfect! What am I suppossed to do now?" Cyann: "I don't know." Cyann started to walk away. Velossa: "Wait. Where are you headed?" Cyann: "I want to start my own empire. My dad is too controling." Velossa thought about something. Velossa to herself: "I've got nothing to loose." Velossa: "You need a warrior?" Cyann: "Yea. That would be great! I'll show my dad I'm not a little girl." Velossa shook Cyann's hand.
    Ecliptor: "Thanks for letting me stay here, Divatox. I don't have a house anymore since Galaxia blew up the fortress." Divatox: "No problem. I'm glad to have some company. My warriors are dead now." Ecliptor: "You can call those idiots warriors?" Divatox: "No, not really." A portal opened above them, transporting the two of them to Stregna. Ecliptor: "What in the world?" Divatox: "I think I drank to much again." Ecliptor: "This time its not just you." They saw a building up ahead. Ecliptor: "What is that?" Divatox: "I hope you're not asking me." They ran up to the door. Ecliptor knocked. The door opened and the stepped inside. It was a high-tec lab. Divatox: "I wonder if this place has a soda machine." Ecliptor: "Is anybody in here?" A figure was in the shadows. It stepped out. Divatox's mouth dropped open. Divatox: "You're that broad from Lightspeed." Ms. Fairweather: "Ok. I guess that would be me." Ecliptor: "Where are we?" Ms. Fairweather: "This is Stregna. Its a world ruled by King Darcon." Divatox: "How did you get here?" Ms. Fairweather: "A couple of Swobbies pushed me into a portal. I ended up here. I looked around and found this lab. It didn't work at first, but I got it going again." Ecliptor: "Can we get hom?" Ms. Fairweather: "I haven't found a way to predict those portal things yet. But I have noticed there are five other life forms out there somewhere. I don't know if they're Darcon's warriors or somebody that's stuck here like us.
    Vypra and Olympius were walking around looking for some sign of life. Vypra: "What if we don't find anyone. It will be just like we're stuck in the tumb again!" Olympius: "Don't worry, we'll get out of here." Vypra: "Before I look as old as I actually am?" Olympius: "How old are you anyway?" Vypra: "Just keep walking." Olympius: "Look over there!" They saw a man in a black jacket and a red shirt." They started running towards him. They caught up with him after a few seconds. Vypra: "Can you tell us where we are? We really need to find our way home." Man: "You'll never get out of here. No one ever does." Olympius: "Who are you?" Man: "That's not important." Vypra: "Can't you tell us anything?" Man: "Ok. Watch out for Kind Darcon. He hates truspassors." Vypra: "Darcon?" Man: "The ruler of this place. He's killed everyone who ever came here."
    Velossa: "Where are we going to go?" Cyann: "My father doesn't know if, but I've secretly been learning magic. I'd like to try something." Velossa: "Knock yourself out." Cyann held her hand out. A blue fog came raising off her it. She blew it out into the air. Within a minute, it formed a big ship. Cyann: "It worked!" Velossa: "Lets see what's inside." It had panels everywhere and one big viewing screen on the wall. There was a door off to the side of the big screen. There was a throne in the corner on the opposite side of the room. Cyann sat down. Cyann: "I can make something pretty nice when I put my mind to it." An alarm went off. A picture of Vypra and Olympius came on the screen. Cyann: "Who are they?" Velossa: "Oh you have got to be kidding me! That's my God da*n sister and her boss." Cyann: "Well as a little thank you for coming here, I'll send some warriors to kill them." Velossa: "You thought you never see me again, sis. Well you're wrong. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
To Be Continued.....