Welcome to Stregna-Part 2

    Ms. Fairweather sent Ecliptor and Divatox to look for the other life forms. Divatox: "I don't think these guys are going to be friendly." Ecliptor: "Wait. Look! He pointed to the two demons and the mysterious man with them. The ran over to them. Ecliptor: "Who are you?" Vypra: "We are demons of Queen Bansheera. I'm Vypra and this is Olympius." Divatox: "Did you get stuck here too?' Olympius: "Yes. We are trying to get this guy to tell us something, but he's not going to." Divatox: "We found a place to go. You know that woman from Lightspeed? She has a base here." Vypra: "You think I'm going to stay with her?" Ecliptor: "Its eather that or stay out her and get killed." Olympius: "Ok. Lets just go." They were walking off when Vypra turned back around. Vypra: "Hey you! Aren't you coming?" Man: "No. I don't need your help." Vypra: "Are you crazy? You can't live out here alone?" She pulled him along with them.
    Cyann: "So all of those lost fools found each other." She typed something on the control panel and ten pink warrior walked out of the door. They had weird faces and yellow designs on the chests. They had white boots and gloves. Cyann: "Come on. Lets introduce our selves." Cyann and the warriors teleported off.
    They came up on the base, but were blasted down by sparks. Cyann appeared inbetween four pink warriors. Cyann: "I thought I'd come and introduce myself. I am Princess Cyann. But lets skip the small talk. Quads, attack!" Divatox: "Oh crap." Vypra was the first to run into battle. She kicked one, dropped down to her hands and tripped another. Flipped back to her feet and cut two with her sword. Vypra: "Come on! These guys are easy!" Divatox was surrounded. She pushed on down, but was kicked to the ground by another. Ecliptor blasted the three standing and went to stand in front of her. Olympius: "What's with her?" Ecliptor: "She's not much of a fighter." She saw one coming up behind Olympius. She thought she'd blast it, but hit the demon instead. Olympius: "Lord! I'm not working for Cyann!" Divatox: "Sorry." The man was a good fighter. He did several back flipps and kicked one. It fell into some others. He pulled out a pipe and started hitting them with it. Olympius took a more direct approach. Punching the untill his fist hurt! Cyann was getting very mad. She shot a laser blast at Ecliptor, sending him flying. Cyann: "You won't get out of this place alive!" She made a monster to join the fight.
    Ms. Fairweather to was watching the battle from her lab. She hit the teleport button. The five of them were inside the lab. Ms. Fairweather: "I can see now that I have to use my secret weapon." Divatox: "You sent us out there with nothing when you had a secret weapon!" Ms. Fairweather got a box off the table behind her. Ms. Fairweather: "Vypra, come forward." She held out a silver morpher with pink lights. Ms. Fairweather: "You will be the new Psycho Pink." Vypra: "You want us to become Power Rangers?" Ms. Fairweather: "Its the only way. If not, Cyann and Darcon will kill us all." Vypra took the morpher. Ms. Fairweather: "Olympius, you are Psycho Red. Ecliptor, you are Psycho Green. Divatox: "You are Psycho Blue." She looked at the man. Ms. Fairweather: "Sir, what's you name?" Man: "Seth. But I don't know what makes you think I want to be a ranger." Ms. Fairweather: "Either this or die. You have your choice." Seth: "Ok. Fine." Ms. Fairweather: "Seth, you will be Psycho Yellow. Now rangers, go show Cyann what you're made of!" Vypra stepped forward. Vypra: "Psycho Blast!"'
    Vypra: "You won't get rid of us that easily, Cyann!" Cyann: "Psycho Rangers?" Ecliptor: "That's right!" Vypra jumped and kicked the monster. She flipped over it and kicked it in the back. Vypra: "This is great!" Ecliptor punched it twice making green sparks. Divatox made shot blue fire at the monster. Divatox: "Viva-la-diva baby!" Seth jumped into the air and started spinning. He hit the monster while spinning with great force. Olympius ran at him and flipped him over his shoulder. He stepped on the monster when it landed on the ground. The rangers all joined hands and shot out a fire blast that destroyed the monster. Cyann: "I'll be back rangers. You're days are numbered." She teleported away. Divatox: "Yes!" They went back to the lab.
    Cyann: "I can't believe they beat me!" Velossa: "They're Psycho Rangers. Get used to it. I fought another team of Psychos last year. They were such pains in my a*s!" Cyann: "We have to find a way to get rid of them."
    Ms. Fairweather: "You guys did great!" Divatox: "Yea that's fine. Where are we going to stay?" Ms. Fairweather led them into a another room. Ms. Fairweather: "This is the living room. The kitchen is through there. Your bed rooms are that way. You'll have to double up though." Vypra: "Diva." Seth: "I'll stay alone, thanks." Ecliptor: "Ok. Demon boy, lets go get set up." Olympius: "Demon boy? Very funny."
    Later, they were around the table talking. Ecliptor: "Well I spent most of my life working in Dark Spector's united allience. I raised Astronema. I was sent to Hell last year to pay for my crimes." Vypra: "Oh, did you see this guy with horns and drool coming out of his mouth?" Ecliptor: "Yes. He was an odd little man." Vypra: "Before I was caught in the tumb, he kept trying to get me to go out with him." Ecliptor: "How did you get out of it?" Vypra: "I bought this book." Ecliptor: "A million ways to blow off a looser. So he stopped after you used some of these?" Vypra handed him another book. Ecliptor: "A million more way to blow off a looser. For the man that just won't go back to the sewer. Ha ha." Olympius: "How about you, Divatox. What is your past like?" Divatox: "Well I went around the galaxy doing the pirate thing for a while. Then I met the Turbo Rangers. Fought them for a year. Then I got into it with Ecliptor's daughter. In the end, Zordon tried to make me good again. That didn't last very long." Olympius: "I haven't had much of a life yet. I was just Bansheera's baby untill a few weeks ago. Diabolico died and I got his star power." They noticed that Seth was still in his room. Divatox: "What's up with the yellow guy?" Vypra: "I don't know. But I don't think he likes us." Ecliptor: "What did we ever do to him?" Olympius: "Nothing. We just have to get him used to excepting help from us. He's lived on his own for a while I would guess." Ms. Fairweather came in the room. Ms. Fairweather: "I would like to congratulate you all on a fine job today. I know you will make a fine team of rangers." Divatox: "I don't know. I don't like admitting this, but I can't fight." Vypra: "If you want, I could teach you." Divatox: "How good are you?" Olympius: "Vypra is the strongest, most skilled warrior I have." Divatox: "Ok. Sounds like fun." Vypra and Divatox shook hands.