Blue in Training

    It was early in the morning (Earth Time) when Vypra woke up. Vypra: "Is she going to sleep all day?" She shook Divatox to wake her up. Divatox: "We'd better be getting robbed or blown up or someone is getting hurt." Vypra: "Get up, Diva. Today's the day." Divatox sat up. Divatox: "Huh?" Vypra: "The day I teach you to fight. Now come on." Divatox: "Ok. Fine." Ms. Fairweather came in holding a cup of coffee. Ms. Fairweather: "Is she going?" Vypra: "Yea." She turns to Divatox. Vypra: "You're not a morning person, are you?" Divatox got up and took the coffee from Ms. Fairweather. Ms. Fairweather: "Hey!" Divatox: "Oh, I'm sorry. Did you want that?" She chugged it, then gave the empty cup back to her. Ms. Fairweather to Vypra: "I feel sorry for you."
    Meanwhile on Cyann's ship, they got an unexpected visitor. Cyann: "Let him on." A warrior in black armor. He came in and kneeled in front of Cyann. Cyann: "Why the he*l are you here, Boron?" Boron: "Please hear me out. You dad didn't send me. He doesn't even know I'm gone." Cyann: "Fine. What do you want?" Boron: "I heard what happened between you two the other night." Cyann: "So?" Boron: "I think you're right. The king should let you fight more." Cyann: "Glad I have you support, now get out." Boron: "I want to work for you." Cyann turned back around quickly. Cyann: "Say what?" Boron: "For years I've watched you grow up, princess. I realize that you will be a far greater ruler than you father. I want to help you gain his throne." Cyann: "But who will I get the throne?" Boron: "He said he's going to test you. If you can impress him in some way, he'll pass the job down to you." Velossa stepped in. Velossa: "If you kill the Psycho Rangers, that's bound to impress the old bast*rd." Cyann: "You're right." Cyann: "Ok. You can stay here."
    Vypra and Divatox went out to the beach to practice. Vypra: "Lets see what you can do. Hit me." Divatox punched Vypra in the stomach. Vypra didn't even move. Vypra: "I can see we need to build your strength." Divatox: "I'm plenty strong!" She tried to to a spinning kick, but landed flat on her back. Vypra was trying so hard not to laugh. Vypra: "See that rock over there? Go pick that up." Divatox tried, but couldn't. Vypra: "Come on!" She tried again. Still it didn't move. Vypra: "Ok. Run around this beach." Divatox: "No problem." Vypra: "Let me finish. Run around this beach....100 times." Divatox: "What have you been smoking?" Vypra: "Do it!" Divatox started running. Vypra sat down on the unmoved rock to watch.
    About an hour later, Vypra went looking for her. She was laying on the ground, breathing hard. Vypra kicked her. Vypra: "Do you want to be a warrior or not?" Divatox: "Yes." Vypra: "I can't hear you!" Divatox: "Yes!" Vypra: "I can't hear you!" Divatox: "YES!!!!" Vypra: "Ok. I heard you that time. Get up! Come at me!" Divatox ran towards her. Vypra punched her. They kept this up for hours. Divatox: "I'm getting a little sick of this." Vypra: "You got to be getting tougher." They were out there untill later at night. Divatox got up off the ground. She had fury in her eyes. She punched Vypra as hard as she could. Vypra fell down. Vypra: "He*l's bells, you actually did it!"
    Velossa appeared behind them. Velossa: "Hello Vypra." Vypra: "What are you doing here?" Velossa: "I'm here for the same reason I always am. To kill you." Vypra: "Diva, this is your ultimate test. You won't take us down, sister!" Divatox: "Psycho Blast!" Velossa: "Nice suit." She blasted Vypra. Velossa: Quads, get the Blue Ranger!" Divatox did a back flip. She kicked one. It flipped over her leg. She kicked another one making it bend over. Then she punched it in the head. Vypra and Velossa were in a sword fight. Vypra blasted pink fire at Velossa. Boron came down to help Velossa. Velossa kicked Vypra in the head, then turned and saw Boron. Velossa: "Leave! She's my sister. She's my problem." Vypra: "No. Don't send him away. I like a challenge." Velossa: "You think you're all tough because you're the Pink Ranger? We'll just see how long that lasts." Boron: "Let me take the Blue one." Velossa: "Fine, just leave me alone." Velossa: "Mom and Dad always like you best!" Vypra: "There's a reason for that." Velossa jumped and kicked her down. Vypra: "For one thing, I wasn't the one that killed them!" Velossa: "That was the only way I ever got any attention!" Boron charged Divatox. She jumped on his back, rolled off, and kicked him in the butt. He held his weapon out trying to cut her. She jumped on the weapon and did a back flip kicking him in the face and landing on the ground. Velossa had Vypra pinned down. Vypra managed to throw her off.
    Ms. Fairweather looked at the monitor. Ms. Fairweather: "Rangers!" They came running into the lab. Ecliptor: "Yes?" Ms. Fairweather: "Vypra and Divatox need you!" The three rangers: "Psycho Blast!"
    Seth kicked Velossa in the back. He helped Vypra up. Vypra: "Thanks." He didn't respond. Ecliptor and Olympius took on Boron. Seth blasted Velossa with a strange beam of energy. Vypra noticed that it wasn't yellow. Vypra to herself: "He has powers! Interesting." Velossa backed up a little. Started to turn like she was leaving, then quickly turned back and blasted them both. Boron: "I wasn't the king's lead warrior for nothing." Olympius tried to surprise him, but Boron was to quick for him. Ecliptor: "Cyber shadow!" Nothing happened. Ecliptor: "What's going on here?" Cyann walk up. Cyann: "I love a good battle." Ecliptor: "What happened to my powers?" Cyann: "All powers from your former world are gone. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Divatox: "Let me guess, that was your doing." Cyann: "No. Actually my dad did that the day he became king. He didn't want any outsiders to overthrow him." Olympius: "He's a real prize." Cyann: "Yea he's a real piece of crap alright." Vypra and Seth ran over to the others to regroup. Velossa and Boron joined Cyann. Ms. Fairweather started talking inside Divatox's helmet. Ms. Fairweather: "I'm sending you a new weapon. It should be able to send those guys away." Divatox held out her hands. Two blades appeared. They were at a 90 degree angle. She pulled them apart. Cyann: "You're got to be joking." Divatox jumped into the air. The blades were a bright blue color now. She hit Velossa with one and Boron with the other. Then landed back on the ground. Velossa: "Come on my queen. I know when we've lost." They teleported away.
    Back in her father's palace, Darcon noticed that Boron was gone. Darcon: "I know exactly where he's gone. If he wants to waste his time trying to help my daughter, I'll let him. But be warned my warrior, when Cyann is gone, you'll come crawling back to me."
    Olympius: "Our powers don't work here. I can't believe this!" Vypra: "You know what I noticed today? Seth's powers work. He shot a blast the wasn't yellow. So it couln't have been something that came with the suit." Ecliptor: "What are you getting at?" Vypra: "He might not be stuck here after all. If his powers work here, he would have to have been born here." Divatox: "So?" Vypra: "So, he can help us understand this place." They looked over at him. He didn't even look up. Ecliptor: "He won't help us. His heart is so cold." Divatox: "What for? What could have happened to him to do this?" Olympius: "Do we really want to know?" Vypra: "I do." Ecliptor: "I you want to know what's going on in his head, you'll have to gain his friendship first. That won't be easy." Divatox: "I know a way." Vypra: "Keep you shirt on, Diva." Divatox: "It always worked before!" Olympius: "If we don't start acting like a team, Cyann is going to kill us. I guess we have to try to be his friends." Vypra: "I'll break the ice later." Seth got up and left the room. Divatox: "Ya think he heard us?" Vypra: "Probably." Ecliptor: "It will take time, but we have to get through to him. We're doomed if we don't.