The Loner

    Vypra: "I don't know if I can, Olympius! He's just so cold!" Olympius: "You said it yourself, its the only way. You're the only one of us that can do it." Vypra: "What makes you say that?" Olympius: "Look in a mirror. You're beautiful! He's bound to talk to you!" Vypra took a deep breath and went to the window next to Seth. After a moment, she broke the silence. Vypra: "Hi." He said nothing. Vypra: "Nice night isn't it?" He looked at her, but still said nothing. Vypra: "How about that Cyann? Some witch, huh?" Vypra walked back over to Olympius. Vypra: "That worked like a charm." Divatox came in from the kitchen. Divatox: "What's up?" Vypra: "I can't get anything out of that guy!" Divatox: "Step aside." Divatox: "All right look pal, why don't you ever talk to us?" He turned and walked away. Vypra: "Smooth." Divatox: "He's weird. I can't help that." Olympius: "I don't know what to do."
    Seth left the lab. He was walking out by the ocean. The water was a neon pink. Cyann noticed that he was alone. Cyann: "Boron, send the Quads." Boron: "Yes, my princess." The pink warriors surrounded him. He jumped out into the open area and signaled for them to approach. Two ran at him. He jumped on their shoulders, jumped off and landed on two more. He got back to his feet and kicked one down. He noticed that one in front of him had a gun. It pulled the trigger. Seth ducked. The blast hit a Quad that was standing behind him. He got up and saw one running at him from both sides. He did a back flip. The two were standing face to face. He slammed their heads together. They fell to the ground with the rest of them. They all disappeared.
    Cyann: "Unbelievable! Somebody go kill him!" Velossa noticed something. Velossa: "Wait. Look at that." Cyann turned to the monitor and saw gold and silver armored robots coming at Seth. Cyann: "Darcon!" Velossa: "Why would he go after the Yellow Ranger?" Cyann: "Seth has escaped us for years. He just wants him dead." Boron: "You can't let him do that. Then you won't have credit for destroying an entire ranger team." Cyann: "Right. Quads, come on!"
    Darcon appeared with his warriors. Seth: "You again." Darcon: "You didn't think you get rid of me, did you?" Cyann shot her father down. Darcon: "What the...?" He saw his daughter. Darcon: "You?" Cyann: "He's mine." Darcon: "You aren't strong enough. Don't waste your time." Cyann picked her father up by his neck and punched him. Cyann: "Not strong enough? That's a joke." Darcon: Fine. You want your chance at being the queen? If you can capture a ranger within the next three mounths, I will step down and give you the throne." Cyann: "Its about time you see things my way." Darcon: "But if you can't, you come back to my palace and things go back to the way they were." This was a big risk, but she didn't want to pass it up. Cyann: "Deal." Darcon and his warriors disappeared. Cyann turned to Seth. Cyann: "Do me a favor and chain yourself up." Seth: "Are you nuts?" Cyann: "Its a joke. Lighten up." She blasted him. Seth: "Don't make me hurt you!" Cyann: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Maybe you do have a sense of humor." She pulled out a knife. Its blade was silver and the rest were swirls of light blue and gold. She cut him across his face. Velossa watched this. Velossa: "She's a pretty mean person." Boron: "Yes she is." Velossa: "I like that in a leader." Cyann's eyes turned blue. Two laser beams came out of her eyes and hit him. She jumped and kicked him in the chest. Cyann: "I've been wanting to try this new move. Tell me what you think." Seth: "I don't like it already." Cyann: "I'm hurt. Oh no. I'm sorry, that's you." Her knife grew into a sword. She stuck it into the ground. Blue lightening came out of the sky and struck Seth. He laid on the ground, not moving." Cyann: "That was cool!"
    Ecliptor: "Look, he needs us." Ms. Fairweather: "Go help him." All rangers: "Psycho Blast!" The rangers ran in front of Cyann. Olympius: "Get out of here!" Ecliptor: "You can't fight us all." Cyann: "Maybe not, but he can." A big monster appeared. It was brown and hairy. It didn't speak, only growled. Cyann: "Have fun." She teleported away. Divatox ran at the monster, but it kicked her away. Vypra saw Seth hurt on the ground. She went over to help him up. Seth: "I don't need your help." Vypra: "Yes you do!" She saw her friends getting their butts kicked. Ecliptor went over to them. Ecliptor: "Why don't we work as a team for once?" Vypra: "Right!" Ecliptor and Divatox joined hands and blasted the monster from one side. Vypra and Olympius did the same from the other side. Seth got up enough strength to jump from in front of the monster and knock it backwards.
    Cyann: "I don't think so. She saw her pet sitting in the corner. It was a gift from someone she had long forgotten. She went and picked it up. Cyann: "You know what to do." It floated out of her hands and went down to the battle field. It bit the fallen monster making it grow. Olympius: "What are we going to do now?" Suddenly, they were teleported back to the lab. Ms. Fairweather: "I just finished these." She led them into a big room. There were five huge zords inside. Ms. Fairweather: "Keep in mind, I haven't had time to test them yet." Divatox: "What are they?" Ms. Fairweather: "These are your new Mera Psycho zords. Their power comes from a rare energy called Mera." Vypra: "Great! Lets go test these things out." Ms. Fairweather: "One more thing, you have to work together." She glared at Seth. Ms. Fairweather: "They can easily be destroyed when you fight alone. But joined, they should hold great power."
    They ran back into battle. Rangers: "Mera Psycho zord power, now!" Vypra: "Mera Tiger Psycho Zord!" Olympius: "Mera Dragon Psycho Zord!" Divatox: "Mera Shark Psycho Zord!" Ecliptor: "Mera Falcon Psycho Zord!" Seth: "Mera Wolf Psycho Zord!" They jumped into the cockpits. Seth sent the wolf in after the monster. It kicked it away. Olympius: "Remember, they're useless alone. We have to work as a team." Vypra: "Mera Psycho Megazord!" It formed a big powerful looking robot. Cyann: "What the he*l is that?" Velossa: "They have zords now." Velossa handed her boss a blind fold. Velossa: "You won't want to watch this." The Megazord punched the monster ten times making sparks fly. Then it picked the monster up and threw it. Divatox: "This thing rocks!" Ecliptor: "Lets finish this guy off." They waited for Seth to use the saber. He didn't move. Olympius got up and pushed a button on the panel in front of Seth. Olympius: "Mere Psycho Megazord Saber!" They stuck the monster three times. It fell over and blew up.
    Cyann: "Sh*t!" Velossa: "You can't take one loss very seriously. They'll do that so many times before we're done, you'll be able to see it coming." Cyann: "What have I gotten myself into?" Velossa: "You wouldn't believe the pain Galaxia and I went through!" Cyann: "On second thought, don't tell me. I don't freak'n want to know!" She left the room. Velossa: "This lady has a lot to learn."
    Seth stood alone at the window. Ms. Fairweather came over to him. Ms. Fairweather: "What was your problem today?" Seth: "What do you mean?" Ms. Fairweather: "You know exactly what I mean. You were so out of it you didn't even use the saber on time. You could have gotten them killed!" Seth: "Sorry, lady." Ms. Fairweather: "Sorry doesn't cut it! Either you start acting like you're a part of this team or you're off of it! Got me?" She stormed away. Vypra put her arm around Seth. Vypra: "I know Ms. F. came off kind of hard on you, but in a way she's right. Why won't you help us?" Seth: "I don't want to talk about it." He left and headed for his room. Vypra followed him. Vypra: "I'm not letting you off this time. You're going to answer me." She pushed him onto the bed and stood in front of him. Vypra: "Now spill it." Seth: "Look, the way I see it, asking for help is a sign of weakness. Nobody in my family ever asked for help." Vypra was silent for a minute. Vypra: "Where's your family now?" Seth: "They're dead. Every last one of them. Cyann's cold blooded father took them from me." Vypra: "Doesn't that tell you anything?" Seth: "When Darcon was about to kill my father, he told me not to help him. He wanted to die with honor. Ever since, I've thought he was right. People should take care of themselves." Vypra: "Your dad was wrong. I don't mind asking for help. Are you calling me weak?" She picked him up off the bed. Seth: "No! No!" Vypra: "Good. We're your friends. We help you. You help us. That's the way it works around here." Seth: "Why are you so bent of being friends?" Vypra: "The others are getting a little sick of the way you're acting, but I like you. Don't push me away. It will be the biggest mistake of your life." She looked at him caringly. Vypra: "Think about." She got up and headed for the door. She turned back and smiled at him, then walked out.