Cyann Undercover

    Divatox: "Its so weird out on this planet. We're the only life forms on it!" Ms. Fairweather: "Actually, we don't know that for sure. We just haven't seen anyone else. If there are others here, they're probably hiding from Darcon and Cyann." Divatox: "There's so much about this place that I'd like to know. Usually I could care less about stuff, but we know so little about Stregna that it's caught my attention." Ms. Fairweather: "That's what makes science fun for me. The mysteries of the universe. There's so much we will never know." They both look out the window thinking about all the wonders of their new world.
    Velossa: "I think we should get to know each other. You seem like a pretty cool person." Cyann: "Thanks." She and Velossa sat down at a table. Cyann: "Well as  you know, my father and I don't get along. We never have." Velossa: "Where's your mom?" Cyann: "I wish I knew. A few months after Darcon claimed the throne, she left. She left me a note though. It said she'd miss me and that she loved me." Velossa: "So why did she leave?" Cyann: "She said dad changed after he became the king. He wasn't the same man she married. I don't know, but I think she's right. She also said that someday she's see me again. That was 17 years ago. I'm still waiting for that day." Velossa: "What's you favorite battle plan?" Cyann: "Well, why don't I show you?" Velossa smiled. Velossa: "Ok." Cyann got up and walked to the center of the room. Her eyes flashed blue. She transformed into a beautiful human woman. Cyann: "Those rangers won't know what hit them." She teleported away.
    Divatox and Ms. Fairweather went out exploring. Divatox: "Thanks for going out here with me, Ms F." Ms. Fairweather: "What are friends for?" They walked out away form the lab. Divatox: "We've never been here before." Ms. Fairweather: "I know. Who knows what we'll find?" They walked a little farther. Divatox: "Did you ever notice how this place is like one big beach? There's water everywhere." Ms. Fairweather: "I know. But when you go up in those mountains, you go so far out that it feels like you should be in the water." Divatox: "This place is really screwed up." Ms. Fairweather: "Hey, what's that?" They saw something in the distance. They walked a little closer. They saw it was a woman standing by the water. Ms. Fairweather: "What do you think? Should we go say hi?" Divatox: "We've got nothing to loose." They approached the strange woman. Divatox: "Hi." She woman turned. She backed off. Ms. Fairweather: "We don't work for Cyann. Don't worry." Woman: "Oh. I've been hiding from her for years. I didn't want to be to careful." Ms. Fairweather: "I'm Ms. Fairweather and this is Divatox." Woman: "I'm Star." Divatox: "Are you sure its safe out here?" Star: "Oh yea! Cyann hasn't found me yet." Ms. Fairweather: "Why don't you come back with us?" Star: "I'll be all right." Divatox: "We insist." Star: "You win." The Quads appeared in front of them. Divatox: "Stay back! We'll handle these guys!" Boron was with them. Boron: "You haven't got a chance, ladies." Divatox: "Psycho Blast!" Ms. Fairweather: "Lightspeed Rescue!" Boron: "Psycho Blue and a giant bug, yea I'm real scared. Get them!" Ms. Fairweather blasted a couple of them. Divatox rolled on the ground, jumped to her feet quickly, and kicked one. She noticed two were ready to fire a blast at her. She flipped out of the way and their blasts hit each other. Ms. Fairweather stood in front of Star. A Quad came up behind them and threw Star to the ground. She cried out acting like she was in pain. Within a few minutes, they defeated the Quads. Divatox helped Star up. Divatox: "Are you all right?" Star: "I guess." She dusted herself off. Ms. Fairweather: "Lets go, before they come back!"
    The other rangers were sitting around talking. Vypra: "How does that thing in the kitchen work? It makes any kind of food you type in!" Ecliptor: "We had one of those on the Fortress. I still don't understand the thing." Seth: "Its called a Synthetron." Vypra: "You understand them?" Seth: "No, I just know the name!" Ms. Fairweather and Divatox came in with their guest. Divatox: "Guys, this is Star." Ms. Fairweather: "We met her out by the water." Olympius: "That doesn't tell us much around here!" Divatox: "She's going to stay with us, so Cyann doesn't get her." Ms. Fairweather: "You'll have to go in the spare room back the hall. I mean, you can't stay with Seth!" Seth: "Hold on just a minute. She can crash in my room if she wants. It would be no trouble at all!" Star: "If its all the same to you, I'll just take the spare." Seth in his head: "Oh dang!"
    Ecliptor: "Are you sure you should just bring in people off the beach? What do you know about her?" Divatox: "Nothing, but she seems harmless." Vypra: "That doesn't mean anything. But you could be right." Divatox: "We couldn't just leave her out there. She'd be dead!" Olympius: "Right. We know how Cyann can be." Seth: "I wonder why I've never seen her before. I've been just about everywhere." Vypra: "I wonder if she is lost or if she was born here." Seth: "She was born here." Vypra: "How do you know?" Seth: "I can feel it. She has the blood of Stregna inside her." Ecliptor: "Why didn't you tell us you can do that?" Seth: "Why would I want to tell you everything? That's not much fun."
    Boron: "They played right into the princess's hands." Velossa: "Right. And now that she's on the inside, she can learn stuff about them." Boron: "With the information she could get there, we could destroy easily." Velossa: "Yea. I'm going to go see what her plan is."
    In Star's room, she stood in front of the mirror. Star: "I did it. This look actually fooled them." Velossa appeared behind her. Star saw her in the mirror. Star: "How do you like my style?" Velossa: "Its very interesting. They don't suspect a thing." Star: "I've already thought about what I'm going to do next." Velossa: "Good. That's what I'm here for. I want to know part 2 of this plan." Star: "You'll just have to wait and see. Now get out of here before someone sees you!" Velossa teleported away. Star: "They're all such fools. I can hardly believe it!"