Ecliptor's Challenge

    Star: "So Ecliptor, you have a daughter?" Ecliptor: "Not really, but I raised Karone. She left me when she found out I lied to her about her brother." Star: "To bad." Ecliptor: "She could have been the most evil woman in the galaxy." Star: "You must be a pretty good fighter, huh?" Ecliptor: "Yes. I've won some battles." Star: "Tell me about one." Ecliptor: "Well, a long time ago, some guy took Karone's ice cream cone. I chased him down the street, punched him and he gave it back." Star: "That was nice of you. You must have been a great dad." Ecliptor: "I just wish I hadn't lied to her." Star: "She forgave you, right?" Ecliptor: "Yes." Vypra walked in. Vypra: "Come on! We're going out to look around." Ecliptor got up. Star: "I'll just stay here if that's all right." Ecliptor: "Ok. Whatever you want." They left, leaving Cyann alone in the lab. Star turned back into Cyann. Cyann: "Now's my chance. I have to dig up everything I can on those rangers." She walked over to Ms. Fairweather's computer. Computer: "Please enter password." Cyann: "Da*n!" She sat there for a minute, then came up with it. Cyann: "Ecliptor's daughter!" She typed Karone. Computer: "Invalid entry." She got up and looked around the room. She found a picture of Ecliptor with Astronema. She flipped it over. 'Ecliptor and Astronema' was written on the back. Cyann: "Astronema!" She typed that into the computer. Computer: "Access granted." Cyann: "Yes!" She typed in Ecliptor's name. It brought up his file. She saw something that said blueprints. She clicked on it. Cyann: "Hell's bells, I hit the jack pot!" She had found the blueprints that told how Ecliptor was made. She printed them. Then she went over and opened the window. Cyann: "Don't want to make it to obvious." She closed out of the database and teleported away.
    Cyann: "Velossa, look at this!" Velossa: "You got Ecliptor's blueprints?" Cyann: "Now we can make our own Ecliptor. One that is just like him, but evil." Boron: "I'll have the Quads start construction right away." Velossa: "You are really good at this spy thing. You didn't forget a thing." Cyann: "I've done it for years. Dad never gave me a chance. So I had to go fight while dressed as someone else. He never knew the difference."
    The rangers and Ms. Fairweather came back. Vypra went to get Star. They were going to create something to eat. Vypra: "Hey Star, you want...." She stopped. Vypra: "Guys, get in here!" Divatox: "She's gone." Seth: "Why would she just leave without telling us?" Olympius: "Who knows. Do you see anything other than the window that's different?" They looked around. Ms. Fairweather: "No. Not a thing." Ecliptor: "Do you think Cyann got her?" Ms. Fairweather: "Its a possibility. But she left on her own. Through the window. What happened after that is hard to tell."
    Boron: "Princess, the Ecliptor project is complete." Cyann: "Good. Bring it in." A red Ecliptor walked up to her. Red Ecliptor: "My name is Cyborg. My mission is to destroy my good form, the Green Psycho Ranger." Cyann: "Go get him. I want to see what you're made of." Velossa: "It looks strong. But is it enough to defeat the original?" Boron: "We put a program in it that will make it twice as strong as its original." Cyann: "Good work."
    An alarm went off in the lab. Ms. Fairweather: "Rangers, its....Ecliptor?" Ecliptor ran to the monitor. Ecliptor: "How could they do that?" Vypra: "We can't worry about that now. If we don't stop it, it will come here. We have to keep it away from the lab at all costs." They ran up to the monster. Cyborg: "Come forward, Green Ranger." Ecliptor: "I don't know what you're thinking, but you'll never beat the real thing." Cyborg held his hand out. Ecliptor floated over to him. Cyborg: "Try to hurt me. I dare you." Ecliptor punched Cyborg. Cyborg: "Ha ha ha ha ha!" Ecliptor: "Psycho Blast!" Ecliptor jumped at Cyborg. He put a shield around himself, making Ecliptor bounce back. Cyborg: "Cyber Shadow!" Eight of him appeared. They all blasted Ecliptor. Vypra picked Ecliptor up. Cyborg: "Quads, take care of his friends." Cyann contacted Cyborg: "I need you to capture Ecliptor. Not destroy him. I have to give him to my father." Cyborg: "As you wish." Ecliptor threw a punch. It didn't phase his copy. Cyborg did the exact same move. Ecliptor fell to the ground. Cyborg picked him up by the neck, looked him straight in the eyes, and blasted him with his eye lasers. A piece of Ecliptor's head flew off. Divatox: "We have to help him!" She tried to run for him, but the Quads stood in her way. Cyborg: "Darcon won't mind if a few pieces are missing." Cyborg dropped Ecliptor. Cyborg signaled for the Quads to take him. The others broke away from the Quads. Vypra: "Let him go!" She jumped and kicked Cyborg. He dropped Ecliptor. Ms. Fairweather teleported in and took ecliptor back to the lab.
    Cyann: "No!" She looked at her pet. He flew out and bit Cyborg. He became a giant. Back at the lab, Ms. Fairweather fixed some damage. Ecliptor got up and started for the door. Ms. Fairweather: "Wait! I'm not done yet. You're still hurt." Ecliptor: "Cyborg is my problem. I have to fight him." He left. Ms. Fairweather: "Oh I hope he knows what he's doing."
    Ecliptor appeared behind the other rangers. Divatox: "What are you doing here?" Ecliptor: "He can't take me out that easily. Mera Psycho Megazord Power!" They jumped into their zords. Ecliptor: "Zord transform now!" Cyborg: "You'll never beat me with that toy!" He cut it with a big sword. Then blasted it with his eye lasers. Olympius: "We need the saber!" Ecliptor: "Mera Psycho Megazord saber!" They had a sword fight for a minute. Then the megazord cut Cyborg's sword in half. Then the rangers' sword did it final blow. Cyborg exploded. Ecliptor fell onto the control panel.
    Ms. Fairweather placed Ecliptor on a table in her lab. Ms. Fairweather: "He's going to take forever to fix." Seth: "If anybody can do it, you can." Ms. Fairweather grabbed a wrench. Ms. Fairweather: "Thanks." Divatox: "We're weak until she finishes him. Cyann can take advantage of us easily."
    Cyann: "Oh Boron, may I talk to you?" Boron: "It wasn't my fault!" Velossa opened the door. Velossa: "Wait you two. He's ok." She pulled Cyborg into the room. Cyborg: "I survived." Cyann: "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now." Cyborg: "I failed once, but it won't happen again." Cyann: "It had better not." Velossa: "The rangers are weak. Let me attack them next. Please!" Cyann: "Ok. You won't fail me." Velossa: "Thank you, my princess." She left the room. Velossa stood outside the ship. She popped her knuckles. Velossa: "Death is right around the corner, dear sister. Beware."