The Ultimate Warrior
(Silver Ranger Mini Series-Part 1)

Brad Hawkins as Taylor

    Velossa: "Come on Brutus! Galaxia said it was important. She might finally have a way to get rid of the rangers." When they entered the throne room, it was very dark. Galaxia stood in the center of the room with white electricity coming out of her hands. She was shooting at a figure in the corner. It was so dark that they couldn't tell what it was. Velossa: "So what's this big plan?" Galaxia: "I have the ultimate warrior." Brutus: "Thank you. You're to kind." Galaxia: "Shut up you pityful excuse for a warrior!" Velossa: "So if its not one of us, who is it?" Galaxia: "Don't get me wrong Velossa, you are a great servent but the only way to defeat a ranger is with a ranger." Velossa: "So you created some ranger out of a Swobbie or something?" Galaxia: "No. This is the real thing. Meet Psycho Silver." The figure stepped out of the darkness. He went over to Galaxia and bowed to her. He kissed her hand. Psycho Silver: "What is my first task?" Galaxia: "I like a man that gets right to the point. Your first task is to show the rangers what you're made of. Go with Velossa and lure them out." The two warrior left. Brutus: "You're sending her with him?" Galaxia: "Yes." Brutus: "But I want a job." Galaxia: "Ok. I have a job for you. Go get me a pack of gum."
    The rangers were walking through a park on Onyx. Zedd: "Its nice to get out of that ship for once." Karone: "We have a simideck but nothing beats the real thing." Trakeena: "Lets go site under that tree." Scorpina: "This is great. I not used to having a nice life. I'm usually getting bossed around." Zedd: "Sorry." Scorpina: "Oh it wasn't your fault. It was mostly Rita." Zedd: "Don't feel bad. She bosses me around too." The Silver Ranger and Velossa appeared. The Silver Ranger blasted the rangers. They were thrown into the air. Monsters on the street ran for their lives. Zedd: "Psycho Blast!" Trakeena: "What do you want now?" Velossa: "I'd like to introduce you to Psycho Silver." Villimax: "Another ranger?" Velossa: "Thats right. And he will be the one who finally destroys you." Karone: "Don't count on it!" Zedd ran towards Psycho Silver. He hit Zedd with his sword. Trakeena went to help Zedd but Psycho Silver kicked her in the stomach. Then the silver ranger ran after the others. He chocke slammed Villimax. He slammed Karone and Scorpina's heads together. Psycho Silver: "Ha ha ha ha ha! You call these guys ranger! Yea right!" Velossa: "Finish them off!" Villimax: "Come on. We have to retreat." Trakeena: "No! We can't let this guy have the satisfaction." She charged him. He took out a sharp sword and cut all over her suit. Sparks flew as Trakeena fell to the ground. Zedd ran over and picked her up. They teleported away.
    When Psycho Silver and Velossa returned to the ship, Galaxia was very happy with them. Galaxia: "You've got them scared. Good work." Velossa: "Yea, and he really made a mess of the Blue Ranger. She came at him and he just went crazy." Galaxia: "Now that's what I like to hear!"
    The rangers sat at a table talking. Trakeena was laying down, hurt. Scorpina: "How are we going to beat another ranger?" Karone: "When I was holding Zordon in 98, he told me about Rita's evil ranger plan. She sent Tommy after the original rangers and he kicked their butts." Scorpina: "I remember that. That's when she called me. I wish she had never done that. I was better off as a rock." Zedd: "Can we focus on the problem at hand. The Green Ranger is gone. Now we have Psycho Silver to deal with." Villimax: "Yea. They're not the same people." Karone: "Every monster has a weakness. We just have to find his." Trakeena came stumbling into the room.
    Galaxia: "Now for part 2 of my plan. Velossa: "We're listening." Galaxia: "So here's what I want you to do. Go to the Dark Fotress and destroy it. That's how the rangers keep getting away from us." Velossa: "Yes. No where to hide." Psycho Silver: "I'll go at once."
    The fortress was over onyx. Psycho Silver stood on a tall building and shot at it. An alarm went off inside the ship. Karone: "Someone's shooting at us!" She ran over to the controls and was ready to shoot back. Karone: "Villimax, fire the satalasers!. They knocked the Silver Ranger off his feet but before he fell, he shot the fortress one more time. This blast hit the main engine. Zedd: "I hate to break it to ya but we're going down." The Silver Ranger teleported onto the fortress right in front of the rangers. He pushed past them and shot the controls and everything else that was around him. Karone: "No!!" She dove at him but he teleported out to fast. The fortress crashed in a field on Onyx.
    Galaxia: "Yes! He got them! Now to move in for the kill."
To Be Continued.....

Next time on Power Rangers Psycho: The rangers get up and find themselves face to face with Psycho Silver, Velossa, and Galaxia. The rangers are in real trouble. Will they be able to get out of it? Find out next time!